Paranoid (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

ALEC: Nina, meet my mother.
What a precious evening this is.
My mother's a chronic liar.
Before you get too involved, there's something you should know.
When he was 17, he tried to kill himself.
Do you want to stay with me tonight? I would like that.
MICHAEL: We get a card, telling us to look into Angela's past.
I think the Ghost Detective is trying to help us.
Let's let our friends in Dusseldorf dig around Ruben Locana.
Maybe he did come to bed.
LINDA: If he came to bed, then how did he end up in the pool? It can't be a coincidence, both Angela and her ex dying in the same week.
Did Detective Galen ask anything else? He said, could he just take the papers? What was it she typed? Her father said it was medical stuff.
They found the weapon.
Kitchen knife belonging to a set owned by Jacob Appley.
Don't tell anyone what is on this DVD.
ALEC: This man killed Angela Benton.
You have to find this man.
If he wasn't local, he would need somewhere to stay.
What do we do? Let's see where he's going.
The Ghost Detective, he tried to tell us that.
He was right.
Stop this.
Talk to me.
What brought you down here? What were you and Alec doing here? The man we were following rented a barge.
Moored on the Weaver, up by Alvechurch.
Armed police.
So, the owner just told me that you and Alec were looking for some German bloke who rented this place.
Is that right? Name of Gunter Lam.
Is that right? Huh? This is about the Angela Benton killing, isn't it? I found something, so I asked Alec to help me look.
The man we found rented out this barge.
Why wouldn't you call it in? Jacob Appley didn't kill Angela.
This bloke, he broke into Eric Benton's house.
He made it look like Jacob Appley killed Angela.
Why didn't you tell me? Have you listened to yourself lately, boss? "Leave it alone, you're wrong.
" "Job done, move on.
" You had a suspect who came in under budget.
You're upset.
Your mate might have died.
All kinds of hell has happened to you, otherwise, Bobby, I would have you for that comment.
Budgets, Bobby, are handy things for grousers like you to make jibes about.
But for me, they are a nail in my brain! Looks like he's cleared this out pretty sharpish, Bobby.
Yeah, he lives sparsely.
It looks like he was ready to move.
That stuff shows us he's a health fanatic.
Yeah, he looks after himself.
He's a real beast.
(REPORTERS CLAMOURING) REPORTER: Any comments to make on the playground murder? We've got roadblocks on Hough Lane and the A533.
An "all ports" has gone out, Manchester and Liverpool airports, Crewe station and Liverpool ferries.
Get hold of the Bundeskriminalamt.
What's her name? Felber.
Linda Felber.
See what she can tell us about Gunter Lam.
If he's German.
If there's a Gunter Lam, which is highly unlikely.
Bobby has gone somewhere I do not like.
Keep an eye on him for me, will you? (ECG BEEPING) I should never have let you go up there.
(SIGHS) Who the hell is he? I thought you were dead.
It's made it all clear to me.
I am gonna get him.
I was hoping I'd find you here.
I just wanted to know you were OK.
I have been listening to what you've been saying.
I wanna believe in this "Quaker, Disney, cuddle each other" stuff.
Bobby, don't, please.
You know what, Lucy? It is right to be angry about the way things are.
It is right to want justice.
You're upset.
I don't want to debate this with you, OK? Let me take you home.
This bloke killed two people.
He tried to kill my mate.
Do you think I'm gonna let him walk free? The man who threw Alec in kills people.
What's that? This is what took us to the barge.
Someone gave it to us.
We think it's the man wearing the hoodie in a play park.
Who gave it to you? Better get back, mate.
(INAUDIBLE) Gunter Lam? Ja, bitte.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) So, our German friend is now the number-one suspect for the murders of Angela Benton and Jacob Appley.
We got it wrong, so I'll have to make that up to the families.
Detective Felber is telling us that the Gunter Lam whose papers were used to enter the country has an impressive vegetable stall in Carlsplatz Market.
Last night, he was watching Fortuna Dusseldorf getting trounced four-nil at home with his two sons.
He's short, fat and struggles to get out of bed, so not favourite to be the hoodie man.
What did you describe him as, Bobby? A beast.
He dressed as Jacob Appley, he knew what he was doing.
Here's a question for you.
What's the likes of him doing in the back of beyond? And why did he wanna kill a local GP in a kiddie park? Well, Alec kept saying it - the typewriter and the pages.
We need to know what Angela typed on those pages, so How is our hero? What happened? Who are you? It's me.
I sent you messages.
What are you doing here? I shouldn't have sent those cards, you have to leave me out of this.
Wait, who who was that man who attacked me? I don't know.
All I know is that Angela Benton she she knew something.
What have you found out? Why wouldn't you come forward and talk to us? No, I can't, I You have to know that I (BREATHES HEAVILY) Two people killed, and you almost the same.
And you're the police.
You have to You have to find out Just Just tell us what you know.
All I know is Angela .
she knew something.
You You took some pages, OK? You You have those pages.
Why don't you give them to us? I will.
I will.
I I I'm thinking.
I'm thinking.
I'm trying to think what what's best for I have to think what keeps me safe.
Then tell us what's in them.
OK? (DOOR OPENS) Hello, darling.
Are you OK? How is he, doctor? Well, your son has experienced what we call a contrecoup brain trauma.
Although, in his case, it's not as awful as it sounds.
It's basically what you might call an internal brain shake.
But he's gonna be OK? He seems to be making an encouraging recovery.
Although, of course, when someone's been in the water that long we have to keep an eye out for signs of pneumonia.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
We're very fortunate to be in such adept hands.
Why do you do this to your mother, eh? (SIGHS) (UNZIPPING) (TRICKLING) (ZIPPING UP) Taxi dropped him at the airport at 4:15, he was on the 6:50 flight to Jersey.
He used Croatian papers in the name of Dusan Biazev.
So we call Jersey.
Flight time - 1 hour, 20.
He could be on a boat or another plane by now.
He's gone.
He's running rings around us.
Yeah, we've never seen this kind of class before.
How do we find him? We stop fannying around and we man up a bit.
Interesting how the sexist language comes out when the heat is on.
Yeah, as if it matters.
Oh, you're in a blimmin' mood.
I had to watch that bastard come at us.
I watched him toss Alec in the air.
My mate was dead and I bottled it.
I cried like a baby, I hid like a frightened rat.
I'm done with all that.
(SIGHS) One thing.
One thing only - we get him.
Sit down.
Why? What you doing? We're running around.
We have to think.
Sit down.
We have to hand him over to Fraulein Felber.
"Hands across the water.
" We have to go after what we can - the pages.
You can go after bits of paper, I want him.
He stayed here, Bobby, after he killed Angela.
He only jumped cos you found him.
So, he was still looking.
That tells me there's more pages out there and we have to find them.
Look, this whole thing is about words typed onto paper.
A woman so scared she didn't even own a computer.
A young mother who knew that just typing those words put her life in danger and she still did it.
We have to come back to that, Bobby.
We owe that woman.
And Jacob Appley.
The pages, the pages, the pages.
Yeah, all right.
And, Bob, one last thing.
Drop the sexist shit or I'll knee you in the balls.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, I believe you.
Some more.
A little bit more, darling.
There we go.
Goodnight, my love.
I know it's late, sorry.
Look, we're trying to find out if Detective Wayfield, yeah.
Your website says Dr Benton worked in Dusseldorf, but it doesn't say what she was doing out there.
Locum? Yeah, I know what locum is.
Thank you.
Hi, mister.
(CHUCKLES) Look at you, up and at it.
Well, I'm setting myself little targets.
Out of here and in your bed by tonight.
Glad you got your priorities right.
Nina .
I've gotta get out of here.
Look, I've gotta get back to work.
Alec .
your mother told Michael she's getting a lawyer.
She wants to say that what happened was caused by his negligence.
(SCOFFS) I'm lying in hospital and she sees this as a chance to possess me.
And she said something about the press.
Michael wants you to talk to her.
I never know whether I'm gonna crumble or slit her throat.
Can I suggest you don't crumble? (CHUCKLES) Yeah.
You want me to? Do you want me to do it? Really? You'd do that for me? You know the creature from that film Alien? Don't worry, you're looking at Sigourney Weaver.
It's good to see Alec on the mend.
Yes, well, as soon as he's able, I'll have him transferred to a more suitable hospital.
I understand you're considering speaking to a lawyer.
What makes you believe it's appropriate for you to broach such a thing with me? Alec asked me to.
I find that very difficult to believe.
He loves his work.
Don't ruin it for him.
Well, I'm not sure I see what there is to love.
The man Alec was after on that boat lift, he might have killed a young mother.
Now, that's worth something.
Why would a son risk his life doing a job that he does just to spite his mother? Not everything on this planet is about you, Mrs Wayfield.
Not everything in Alec's life is about you.
If you could just stop thinking about yourself for five minutes (SIGHS) You'd like that, wouldn't you? A slap from a police officer in public? You'd take that to your lawyer with a cherry on top.
Do you know, I've not one jot of pity for you? None.
But I will give you some advice for free.
If you carry on with this lawyer bullshit, you will lose your son.
Is that what you want? You think that you know my son? You don't know him.
What do you mean? You'll have to find that out for yourself.
I have to do this.
Tell me again.
(LAUGHS) "With a cherry on top.
" (BOTH LAUGH) "With a cherry on top.
" (LAUGHS) I'm not gonna bullshit you any more, Alec.
(BREATHES DEEPLY) I wanna be with you.
I saw the Ghost Detective.
I met him.
He came to the hospital to see me.
I'm sorry for biting at you.
There's a lot of stuff going on.
I get it.
I can forgive most things, but if you ever call me "Disney" again, then (CHUCKLES) We're trying to locate some pages that we think Angela might have carried around with her.
Oh, you're here on police business? Yeah, yeah.
I should've said.
No, it's OK.
When she came to the park, did she ever have any papers on her? Ermshe sometimes had a bag.
What, a large bag, a document bag? Ermjust a bag.
(EXHALES) Are you OK? Yeah, yeah.
No, I feel a bit dizzy, like I might be sick, you know? What pills did your doctor put you on? Antipsychotics? Erare you psychotic, Bobby? Are you a doctor, Lucy? They're called antipsychotics for a reason, but they dish them out like sweeties now.
Mix this stuff up with your other medication and who knows what can happen? They don't.
Why do you think you know better than the medical profession? Size ten.
I took a punt.
The present isn't really the boots, it's the walk.
It's what you see on the walk.
It's what it does to you when you We have to find these papers because they can tell us what this is all about.
You just never stop, do you? (CHUCKLES) So, what did he look like? He was just as the witnesses who met him described him.
Thin, about 5'10", maybe, and his eyes were kind of intense.
Why are you asking me that? It's not possible, Alec.
I mean, how did he get into ICU? He was dressed as a doctor.
(SCOFFS) Alec! What, so he got himself a false ID.
Where? From Tesco's at 1:00 in the morning? Alec, that hospital was crawling with armed police.
He's not the Invisible Man.
What, are you saying it didn't happen? You were quaffed full of drugs.
What, you think I dreamed it? Look at you, you're still not right.
Look, he was there.
OK, he's scared.
He needs us to try If he was so frightened, why would he risk going into the hospital? Come on, please.
Why take that chance? It doesn't add up.
It makes no sense.
(SCREAMS) Alec! No! (THUDS) Are you OK, Bobby? Oh, shit.
I thought I was.
Are you OK? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm I'm OK.
Well, we're both OK, that's good.
You seem like you're just getting on with it.
I was uh checking out Angela Benton.
Her time in Dusseldorf, she worked as a locum, so I was trying to figure out if that tells us anything.
And does it? Not yet.
(SIGHS) I'm I'm kind of dreading going in there.
I see him, all the time in my head, the man in the hoodie.
I just keep telling myself it'll all be all right when we get him.
Yeah, I can see that.
I have to believe that, otherwise Look, Bobby, I don't blame you for what happened.
Thanks, but I do.
The biggest cop, the cop that'll get you, is the cop in your head.
You want my insurance details? (SCOFFS) Yeah, I suppose I should.
Welcome back, Alec.
Nice to see you.
You OK, mate? Are you OK, Mr Day? Me? Yeah, yeah.
Look, I need to talk to you about Dr Benton.
Oh, it's so strange what's on the news.
Every patient who comes in is asking, we don't know what to say.
Did she ever have a document bag or some typed pages? Ermdid she ever ask you No, she was quite private.
She was What was she, Dr Parcival? She could be quite difficult.
No, that's not true.
ErmI mean, she and I didn't get on, so I'm not somebody she would confide in.
Difficult in what way? I don't like to speak ill of the Just tell me.
Some of her patients would come to me.
They found her unsympathetic sometimes.
I thought everybody loved her.
Yes, but she could be quite hard sometimes.
If somebody was overweight, she'd tell them to eat less, or if they had high blood pressure, she'd say to them, "Exercise.
" They felt like she blamed them.
What happened there? Oh, we had a break-in last night.
They think they can get drugs.
I feel disloyal saying those things about Angela.
MICHAEL: Yeah, I understand that.
Yeah, I know, yeah.
I'll get back to you.
OK, thank you.
(SIGHS) For once, I want you to listen to me, yeah? No smarts.
Let's just nail where we're at here.
The German has gone back to Germany, we know that.
Yeah? We don't even know his name, let alone prints, DNA, any of those basic things.
"Man in a hoodie", it's not exactly top policing.
Let's face it, we lost him.
Boss Look, what did I say about three seconds ago, Alec? I talk, you listen.
So, I want some clarity about what we're after here and I want you lot to listen.
It's freaking my head out that a hired killer comes here to Woodmere, you know, Trumpton, yeah, right under our rustic noses.
We have to keep asking ourselves why this is.
Yeah, we lost him.
Yeah, hands up, that stinks, but I want you to notice something.
He stayed after he killed Angela.
I don't imagine he was enjoying the views.
He hung around because those pages mattered to him.
So we have to make them matter to us, like bright lights stapled on our foreheads, because if we find those pages, we beat him, we win.
We get our hands on the very thing he wants.
Angela hid those pages somewhere.
Yes, and so? Why didn't you tell Michael that the Ghost Detective came to see you in hospital? He came to see you? Look, he told me not to.
What, you spoke to him? Alec Michael is under horrific pressure.
He's really feeling it.
This job has turned into a mess for him.
Who do you owe your loyalty to? A man who sends us notes, or our boss, who has to answer to the families? Well, you have to give him a chance.
You still don't believe me, do you? But I want to.
You want to? You two used to give each other a ribbing, but now .
this feels personal.
What are you saying? I'm not saying you're involved, you're not that sort of woman.
What kind of a woman is that? You know, chasing younger men.
Shit, I'm sorry.
I've got a mouth with no brakes.
You know what? I want you to come with me.
Mother, when you came to see me in the hospital, there was a doctor.
He was in the room.
Tell Nina what he looked like.
A doctor? Yeah, he was talking to me.
Tell Nina.
I don't remember a doctor being there.
Yes, you do.
You spoke to him, you said, "We are very fortunate to be in such adept hands.
" No, I think you're mistaken, darling.
There was no doctor, sweetheart.
You have to tell her, OK? This is important.
It's really important.
No, the room was empty.
Don't do this.
Why do you always have to do this? I need you, Mum.
OK, just just tell the truth.
Tell Nina what you saw, that's all.
I saw nothing.
I saw no-one.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry I doubted you, Alec.
LINDA: You asked me to look into locums.
The surgeries all got locums from the same staff agency - Medizinische Losungen.
Angela Benton was signed to this agency.
Talk to them, Linda.
Find out what surgeries they sent her to.
We have to look at them all because we have to think that's what she was typing about.
MAN ON PHONE: Linda, Sheri's here.
ErI have to go.
(CHUCKLES) What are you doing here? Alec, I wanted to reassure you.
Don't worry about your mother, she reached out to me.
I don't want you here with her.
I understand your concerns but she needs someone, and this is my way of putting things right with both of you.
It's shocking what happened to Angela Benton and to poor Jacob.
Do you know what I kept thinking when I was in hospital? Why did he choose Jacob Appley? What do you mean? I don't know what I mean, Dr Crowley.
I just know I'd like to come and talk to you about Jacob.
Of course, of course.
What was that about? Nothing.
Hey, come on.
I'm your Sigourney Weaver.
So, he was my mother's psychiatrist.
He was my mother's lover.
He was my mother's psychiatrist and her lover.
But That is pretty electric.
You should have declared.
I know.
Michael asked you to interview the bloke, you should have said you had history.
Shit! (SIGHS) That's heavy.
"Neither a borrower nor a lender be.
" What's that supposed to mean? I don't know, it's the only Shakespeare I could think of.
(BOTH LAUGH) I'm a drunk.
I think I already knew that, Sheri.
I didn't.
When you told me Ruben was dead, the first thought that came into my head was, "I need a drink.
" I've been feeling so sorry for myself .
for years.
When you were asking me questions, I just kept wishing you would leave me alone because I wanted to run away to a bar, or a man.
Sheri, maybe don't have a drink today.
Hm? You think you can do that? Or a man.
You needed my help.
I couldn't even see that.
Detective Felber, I remembered something about Ruben calling a woman .
trying to speak to this woman.
What was her name? Marquita Olivo.
What did you see? ErmI saw a face, a man.
The security light was working and then it wasn't.
I looked out of the window and I saw him.
And what'd he look like? ErmI only got a glance.
We'll get you to do a photo fit, so try and hold in your mind what you saw.
Shape, height, all that.
Lucy, when Angela came here .
did you ever leave her alone? I mean, did she ever go off anywhere? You know, the garden, anywhere, on her own? What are you saying? Well, I'm just wondering if she hid those papers here.
You're looking for anything that has been hidden here that could contain pages.
He killed Angela Benton, he killed Jacob Appley.
Why didn't he get out then? His job was done.
Why did he stick around? Why did he break into her father's house after Angela was dead? He hadn't got what he came for - the pages.
Yeah, he didn't get 'em, he was looking for 'em.
He flew out, picked up another passport and he flew right back in again.
Why? He broke into the medical centre.
He's looking here.
He's still looking for the Angela Benton pages.
He's not done yet.
Marquita? Marquita Olivo? My name is Detective Linda Felber and this is my colleague Detective Merian.
We understand you worked with Ruben Locana? Yes, sort of.
"Sort of" will do.
Ruben's girlfriend said he was trying to get a hold of you the week that he died, but you wouldn't take his calls.
Was he? You were close, huh? Can we just come in? I'm just going to bed.
Before he died, just before, was anything bothering him? Any troubles? Are you saying it wasn't an accident? That's what we're trying to find out.
Can we talk tomorrow? I have migraines, and the only thing I can do is take a pill and go to bed.
Have you tried yoga? Bikram.
Oh, that's too demanding for me.
I do hatha when I manage to get there.
I missed three classes last month.
You sleep well, Marquita.
We talk in the morning.
Yeah? Bye.
(SPEAKING GERMAN) He used a French passport - Patrice Valerie Cousineau.
Bought a ticket just before boarding.
40 minutes after he landed on the flight from Stansted.
A man trying to get away won't turn around and come back again.
He flew into Gatwick and vanished.
Patrice Valerie Cousineau is a non-person who doesn't exist.
It's a race.
Well, he couldn't find them at the surgery because he tried to search Ms Cannonbury's cafe.
He didn't manage to get in there.
We found nothing.
So he's still looking for 'em.
Where will he look next? Let's find out where else Angela went.
Talk to her friends, doctors, her father.
I tell you I'm still in love with my ex, and then I virtually accuse you of lying to me.
It's not a great start, is it? But can we look at my good points? I did do battle with the "Lipstick Alien".
For you.
That's got to be chalked up on the credit side.
I didn't think you were lying, I just thought it was a mistake.
I don't think you're like your mother.
Nina I know, I do go on.
Yeah, you do go on.
There's not a thought passes through your brain that doesn't get spoken, butI like it.
Oh, right.
Nobody's ever liked me going on before, not even my parents.
My mother threatened me with a gagging order once.
I was 13 and I believed she could go to court and stop me from talking.
Well, I'd like to meet them.
(PHONE RINGING) Where does this one go? Does it go there? What about these? Eh? (SIGHS) Did she talk about Dusseldorf? Being a locum out there? Anything upset her, bother her? We think this might be what she was writing about.
Or Ruben? Did she say anything about him? My daughter was pregnant, he had other women.
That's what she told me.
Do you want to read this? No.
Have you been getting some help with Luke? Have you spoke to Victim Support? Yeah, she came out.
She looked 13.
She said it's the grief.
Like I don't know it's grief.
With my nieces and nephews, sometimes it's as simple as distraction works.
What does he like? He keeps wanting me to take him to the lolly shop.
His mum used to take him to the post office to get him lollies.
I got him lollies but he doesn't like them lollies.
They have to be off what he calls the "Lolly Planet".
How often did Angela go to the post office, Mr Benton? Just sometimes, on her day off, when her shift allowed.
Thank you.
That's right, yes, Angela Benton.
She would buy one A4 envelope and one large letter stamp.
Does that help? Did you notice where the envelope was addressed to? She didn't post it here.
Oh, no, no, no, I tell a lie, she did once.
She was in a hurry.
Does that help you? So, did you notice the address? Ermit was a post office box.
That's as much as I can recall.
Does that help? Where would it be, the mail? Where is it held? It depends where she registered.
I mean, it could be Frodsham, Tarporley, Nantwich, Whitchurch, Chester.
Does that help? Thank you.
Thank you.
Nantwich sorting office.
It's in her son's name, Luke Jonathan Benton.
It's Nantwich.
I'm coming now.
NINA: Got it.
Package was picked up five minutes ago.
This way.
We have CCTV footage of a man leaving with it.
The hoodie man has it.
Pause it there.
Could you just play that again? Nina? Bobby? Bobby, he got here before us.
He faked a post office authorisation card and collected the mail.
He's got the pages.
We've got a car make, a silver Subaru Impreza.
Part of the registration is "BT56.
" He'll be driving out of Nantwich, probably heading for the A534.
Where are you? I'm on the A534 now.
BT56, yeah.
I've just seen him.
I saw him.
I'm going after him.
Get him, Bobby.
He's too fast for me.
He's leaving me.
He's stopped.
Don't take him on.
He's burning 'em.
Bobby! He's burning the papers! Bobby.