Paranoid (2016) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

My mother's a chronic liar.
Not everything in Alec's life is about you.
You don't know him.
Why did he choose Jacob Appley? What do you mean? I just know I'd like to come and talk to you about Jacob.
He was my mother's psychiatrist and her lover.
I sent you messages.
What are you doing here? All I know is that Angela Benton she she knew something.
MICHAEL: He drowns in his own pool.
Let's let our friends in Dusseldorf dig around Ruben Locana.
Aren't you curious about why I'm a Quaker? BOBBY: The taxi dropped him at the airport at 4:15.
He was on the 6:50 flight.
Look at you, up and at it.
Out of here and in your bed by tonight.
I remembered something about Ruben calling a woman.
Marquita Olivo.
How often did Angela go to the post office, Mr Benton? The package was picked up five minutes ago.
The hoodie man has it.
He's got the pages.
He's burning the papers! Antipsychotics.
Are you psychotic, Bobby? It's made it all clear to me.
I am gonna get him.
I've decided to inflict Bobby on an unsuspecting Dusseldorf because we need to find the man in the hoodie.
He got what he wanted, the pages, now he's flown back to Dusseldorf.
If anyone can wake Detective Felber from her slumbers, I suspect Bobby can.
Now, given that he burnt those pages, our German suspect is possibly the only person who knows what was on them.
I say "possibly", and I hope you're all listening to this because there may be two more pages out there.
Angela's father handed them to a man passing himself off as one of us.
Nina has christened him "the Ghost Detective".
Now, I know there's some of you who would rather I didn't do this, but I'm going to go to the press with this fella's photofit.
We need to find him because he may be our only chance of finding out what it was that Angela was typing.
(PHONE RINGS) NINA: Alec, where are you? Michael's doing a press conference.
He's going after the Ghost Detective.
What? Oh, no, no, no, he can't do that.
Look, Nina, I'm just I've arranged to meet him.
He got in contact, OK? But he didn't show.
He must have seen it.
He must know we're coming after him.
Alec, you can't keep flying off on your own like this.
Get back here.
He had to do it, didn't he? I'm gonna tell him.
Alec, please.
Michael's not bearing up too well.
How come you didn't tell me you were gonna meet the Ghost Detective? I thought I'd get the pages.
It was just one meeting and it was done.
I didn't wanna mess it up.
He's jumpy.
Who can blame him? So, have you spoken to him to arrange a meeting? No, I just got a message.
Yeah, like the other messages, but just to me saying he wants to meet up.
I think it's cos he saw me at the hospital.
He trusts me.
I see that.
Can we just agree something? No more secrets.
I'm sorry.
Well, you know what? Because of what Michael's done, we're just gonna have to find the Ghost Detective first.
(SCOFFS) And how do we do that? Do you know what I think? Somewhere in that magic mind of yours, you know how to find him.
What do you mean? You sort of fixate on this bloke.
I think buried away in there, there's something you know.
Trust me, you know.
His name He called himself Detective Galen.
Why choose that name? It's gonna mean something.
We called him the Ghost Detective, we shouldn't have done that.
He called himself Detective Galen.
Ancient Greek.
The top man at the beginnings of medicine.
A doctor? Or an anaesthetist or a nurse.
We'll call the hospitals.
I'm doing parkrun on Saturday, Alec, it's a lot of laughs, you should try it.
Yeah, I've always wanted to do it.
Alec, we should go to the hospital, see who it is.
Hi there, Linda.
Nice to meet you, Bobby.
You were taller on Skype.
Yeah, yeah, pleased to meet you, Linda.
Do we have the DNA results on the hoodie man or the bald bloke? How very English.
Come on, Bobby.
Not this one, Bobby.
(HORNS HONKING) Welcome to Dusseldorf.
Don't let her fix you up with any blind dates while you're here.
She can't bear a man being single.
I have a gift for matchmaking.
Bobby, you like tartiflette? I make the best tartiflette with smoked bacon.
It's amazing, right? It's true, he's a great cook.
It's the only reason I married him.
OK, let's go.
So, still waiting on the DNA? What is it you English say? "We live in hope.
" As far as we know, the hoodie man is German.
He's come back.
He might have killed both Ruben and Angela.
Sheri said Ruben kept on calling this woman Marquita Olivo all of the time in the days before he died.
You spoke to this Olivo? She had a migraine.
So let's go and see her now.
What did he say? "Interesting".
Does PC Waters know about us? Did you tell her? Who, Megan? No, why would I tell Megan? Why not? It didn't come up.
If he's a doctor, that explains how he got in the hospital to come and see me.
You could bring it up.
You want me to tell Megan that we're seeing each other? She just invited you to parkrun right in front of me.
Can I just say, we're an inch away from finding the Ghost Detective, who right now might be in mortal danger, and you're fretting because Megan invited me to a Saturday morning jog? You're right, I'm talking shit.
I'll stop.
So, about how many people work here, Mindy? 4,586.
And I'm guessing there's also agency staff? Mm-hm.
We spend ã9.
4 million a year on agency staff.
That's a lot of people, innit? With a .
The man we're looking for, he's around 50-ish.
With that age group, er51 to 55 is just over 10% of our staff, and white Brits are 78%, so I guess you're looking at 10% over 78%.
Or is that 78% of 10%? Unless they're the same thing.
(LAUGHS) And 19% are male, so that narrows it down some more.
How about you take a look at the photofit and tell us if you recognise him? To be honest, that could look like a lot of men that age.
There's nothing distinctive, is there? How do you hold all that information in your head, Mindy? It's my job.
You know, 17 operating theatres, 45 staff changing rooms, 1,820 car park spaces, one helipad.
Here's hoping we don't need the helipad.
(LAUGHS) I'm here as well, you know.
In fact, I'm the senior officer.
So, Minty, if you could just acknowledge that I exist, that might help things along.
Er Mindy, this man, he's not wanted for a crime.
The opposite.
He has information we need and that's why we're trying to find him.
I figure if he worked here long enough to walk into wards without sticking out, you'd know his face, right? Probably, yeah.
Oh, and, Minty, I should rethink that bra if I were you.
It's what you might call "a little too eager to please".
(SCOFFS) What're you doing? A note, telling Marquita we'll come back tomorrow.
Why would you do that? Hey.
She wanted to help us in there.
Why did you have to go and stamp all over her like that? She didn't identify him, end of story.
All that stuff about 18% of blokes like to look at my pert little arse.
I mean, come on.
All she wanted was to point her perfectly beckoning 36-Ds at you.
What's the matter with you? What, me? Look, Alec, if I am in the way, I mean, if other women are gonna If you wanna back off Nina, stop.
I betrayed the Ghost Detective, OK? It's doing my head in, I feel sick.
Right now, I'm not feeling romantically inclined.
I just don't need this.
Oh, where are you going? I'm going to apologise to Minty.
Mindy, I just wanna apologise for what I said before, it was totally out of order.
That's OK.
And thank you for that information.
That's all right.
Mindy, what if I said to you, "Forget that photofit we showed you.
Forget that this man is 78% of 10% white male of a certain age profile? What if there was someone, you know, someone who lodges in your mind because they were different, something not right, someone who sticks out?" Well, there was Mr Fairweather.
Because? Well, he does look a bit like the photofit, not much, a bit, but I couldn't really imagine he would do anything wrong.
He wasn't one of those doctors who took advantage, you know, the lusty lusting thing.
So, why was he different? Because he suddenly left.
You know, just "Whoosh" and he was gone.
Years and years to become a surgeon and then all we heard was something bad had happened.
LUCY: Where are you, Bobby? Dusseldorf.
Why are you there? Because I saw him up close the German.
That's why I've come here.
So, would I be right in thinking that the walk has been postponed? Yeah, I meant to call but I was sent out here sort of suddenly.
Bobby, you have to learn to hear when I'm teasing you.
Try to assume that I'm not telling you off unless I'm telling you off.
Lucy, erwhen I get back erm are we .
me and you I'm a bit old for this, but are we What do you reckon? SeeI keep seeing your face.
It's a lovely face.
When you get back we'll go for that walk and see what that tells us.
I've got to go.
(CHUCKLES) I read about you being a witness to the killing, so it's been on my mind to see if you're OK.
Jacob Appley was one of my clients, such a shock to the whole town.
You're talking like Jacob Appley did it.
He didn't do it.
Er No, I didn't mean that.
Poor man.
Why do you want to know if I'm OK, Chris? I hear you're doing really well.
A Quaker? "There is that of God in everyone.
" It's an intriguing concept.
A Quaker.
If you're gonna be a bastard, Chris, at least be an honest bastard.
Lucy, try to see what's in front of you.
I heard you had a disturbing experience and given your history, I wanted to reach out to you.
Oh, you drop in a mention of my history.
You did that so deftly.
So now we know why you're here.
You're seeing that policeman.
What's he called? Day? You know perfectly well what he's called.
Please stop pretending that this is a normal conversation.
How do you know I'm seeing Bobby? Is it a casual thing? Because with your new life, Quakerism, I thought the promiscuous encounters were behind you.
It's not casual, oh.
Well, I mean, he seems like a decent He's a little on the anxiety disorder spectrum but erm (SCOFFS) Does he know about your past? Have you told him? Oh, he doesn't know.
Does he tell you what's going on with the investigation? No.
Why are you asking me that? You were there when Angela was killed and that's what brought you and Detective Day together.
He must confide in you.
What he's doing in Dusseldorf, for instance.
You want me to tell you what Bobby Tell you about the investigation? Or you can find out.
Why? Why does this matter to you? It's best you don't worry about me or my reasons.
It's best you concern yourself with what's the right thing for you to do .
under these circumstances.
Do you get that? Mr Fairweather? Hello.
Hello? Mr Fairweather? He's gone.
(CHILDREN PLAYING) How's the migraine, Marquita? This is Detective Bobby Day from England.
We are hoping you can help us.
ErRuben called you lots of times in the days before he died.
Why did you hide from us, Marquita? I was gonna come in to see you.
Adne, will you please take Ledley over to the swing? Come on.
Marquita, do you know why Ruben was trying to get hold of you? He wanted to see Ledley.
I only told Adne last night who the father of Ledley is.
I just needed a day or so to do that.
It must've been about the same time.
Angela - when she had her baby.
Did you know about her that she was having a child, too? You didn't speak to Ruben at all? No, I He hadn't seen his son for over a year, and then he calls, like, 20 times.
I wasn't gonna speak to him.
20 times? That feels desperate.
Did he sound desperate? He left messages, yes? When I heard about Ruben's death, I went back, I listened to the messages.
Maybe it was me he sounded scared.
Do you still have them? No, I was too ashamed to keep them.
Ruben was scared.
He wanted to see his son and I didn't even call him back.
How did Ruben meet Angela? (LAUGHS) What's funny? It's not funny, just so Ruben.
Mummy, Mummy I told him he had to do something about his drinking, his drugs.
I told him he had to see someone about that.
Angela was Ruben's doctor? Morning.
Ready? Steffan Fairweather.
Cardiovascular surgeon.
He resigned two-and-a-half years ago.
Just like that.
He retired aged 45.
Which is unheard of cos most surgeons are hitting the big money by then.
His wife is wheelchair-bound but we don't know the story there yet, so Hm.
MEGAN: Sir? You know that picture we saw of the Ghost Detective on TV? You mean the e-fit? Yeah.
Well, we've had loads of calls.
Glad to hear it.
But this one bloke said he saw a man up on the clifftops with a woman in a wheelchair.
You know what, Megan? I've underestimated you.
MICHAEL: And find where he's put the pages! (SHUDDERS) Oh.
I'm sorry, I can't.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's a pity she erased those messages.
Marquita - on her phone.
He was asking for his son.
What are we gonna get from that? Just confirmation.
Bobby, this is Walti.
He's gay.
Linda, come on.
What, you're hiding it now? It's too late for that.
It's good to meet you, Walti.
I found Sheri for you.
Ah, good.
Sheri? Ruben's girlfriend.
If Ruben was scared, Sheri might know what he was afraid of.
But we have to move, she's leaving town.
So, good.
(STUTTERS) There's a reason I'm a Quaker.
Yeah, you said.
You never asked the reason.
What? Are you OK? You sound different.
Where are you? Well, I'm in a station.
We're looking for a woman who can help us.
Can we talk tonight? Yeah.
Yeah, of course.
What is it? I like you, Bobby.
What are you doing, Sheri? I'm going back to America.
On a train? I'm going to Paris to get my things and a job to make some money.
You can't go, Sheri.
I can't stay.
We need you to help us.
If I stay, I'll drink.
Here, Sheri, have some sweets.
Eat them all.
It will stop the rattling for a while.
Listen, Ruben was afraid in the days, maybe weeks, before he died.
You are our best hope of finding out what was spooking him.
Will you help us? What is it, Sheri? Justnot used to kindness.
(SIGHS) I want to tell you something about me.
It'll only take a minute, honest.
Because I was on a Skype call last week waiting to be connected.
AndI saw this face there on the screen .
some scary person andand it was me, and I didn't realise I looked like that.
Why? You look just fine to me, Nina.
Now, let me tell you It's not an accident that I'm doing this job.
When I was 15, I was out with my dad.
And he went down .
and .
he just hit the ground, heart stopped.
And do you know what kept him alive? Chance.
(SCOFFS) There was a doctor there, a cardiac surgeon .
on the forecourt of a car dealership.
I don't really know how to explain it, but .
when I started to believe that my dad was gonna be OK, I .
I decided to become a police officer.
Yeah, I can see how that makes sense.
I get confused around men.
I'm convinced they're gonna leave me, like, you know, right now .
so I kick and bite and scratch.
Hey, but your dad didn't leave you.
I knew you were gonna say that.
You're the strongest man I ever knew.
(CHUCKLES) The Ghost Detective's a doctor, a cardiac surgeon.
I wasn't expecting that.
(LAUGHS) Scared? Ruben scared? Afraid? Afraid of anyone? There was nothing? Nothing.
Just Just this one guy.
That's good, Sheri.
You're doing great.
So what was this guy's name? I was drunk.
But you met him? I was drunk.
But Ruben was scared of this fella? I was pretty drunk, I don't remember anything at all, just where we met him.
How about you tell us one thing you remember from that night, Sheri? The beer was the best.
BOTH: The Altstadt.
He told me to .
wait there in that bar, but I didn't.
Well, I did, but I got restless and I went looking for him.
You came on the street here? He was talking to a man.
What, the man he was scared of? No, they were friends, they were friendly.
But you said he was scared.
We're here because you said that Ruben was scared of this fella.
Isn't that why we're here? Yeah.
So Ruben was afraid? No.
But And this is the bit that isn't clear.
The man wanted Ruben to go with him, but Ruben didn't wanna go.
Go where, Sheri? Go where? In a building, I think.
OK, a building on this street? My head hurts.
His picture's on TV.
He's scared, he can't go home.
He's on the run.
He didn't come up here to admire the view.
He's got to go somewhere.
We'll talk to family, friends, neighbours.
Somebody knows something.
He's got a woman in a wheelchair with him, he's not exactly invisible.
We did this to him.
He's bright, educated.
He sent us those cards.
He started something.
He's got the pages.
Give us the bloody pages! He said to me there's a reason why he's doing this the way he is .
and I see it now, it's his wife.
We can stand here and feel sorry for him, a bit of Freud .
or we can find him.
(PHONE RINGS) This is the place.
This is where Ruben met the man.
Can't leave me alone, eh? Bobby, I can't see you any more.
What are you talking about? Take care, Bobby.
Lucy, wait, hold it.
Talk to me.
What's happened? You haven't done anything wrong.
I hope you'll forgive me.
Look (STUTTERS) What do you mean? MICHAEL: Right, come on, folks.
He's out there in his own car.
This fella's not a criminal.
How hard can it be to find him? There's only so many places to run to in this country.
We've got his registration, now let's go and find him.
Chris Crowley.
Dr Crowley.
He was Jacob Appley's psychiatrist.
He came to see me yesterday.
I haven't spoken to him for years, he just turned up.
He's involved in all this.
Jacob, Angela.
What makes you say that, that's he's involved? I don't know.
He knows that I've been seeing Bobby.
He said that I should find out what Bobby's been doing in Dusseldorf.
I should find out and tell him.
Crowley is asking you to find out about our investigation? Let's go back because Can you explain to us, please, why Dr Crowley believes that he can get you to give him information? He was my psychiatrist some time ago.
A psychiatrist knows things, every bit of a person's life.
He's saying he'll use that.
Has Dr Crowley threatened to use something he knows about you? I came here because erm .
of what happened to Angela.
I had to tell you, even though I'm scared of what he might do.
Tell us how Crowley is involved in this, Ms Cannonbury.
I don't know.
All I know is what I've told you.
Talk to him.
I'm asking you to find that out.
We will.
You said he might do something.
What is it Dr Crowley might do? (STUTTERS) There's something There's something .
that I am ashamed of.
What I want to do is hide away .
but I came here.
You were a witness in a crime that Bobby is investigating.
Do you realise now what this might do to his career? What this might do to him? You don't like me because of Bobby.
I didn't choose to meet Bobby like this.
I didn't pursue him, he came to me.
I saw someone who was struggling.
I like Bobby.
He's likeable, I'm not going to apologise for that, but I will leave Bobby alone now.
Find out about Chris Crowley.
SHERI: It was around here Ruben met the man.
Lucy, come on, call me, talk to me.
It was definitely around here.
Sheri, you're sure you saw something? Yeah, definitely, yeah.
I think so.
Alec we can talk to Crowley tomorrow.
We have to find Steffan Fairweather.
Are you coming with me? That's him! That's the man Ruben met.
Stay back, Sheri.
You know him? Drug dealer.
The jump was spectacular, the landing was not so good.
When Angela Benton was killed, there was an effort, quite a professional effort, to make it appear Jacob Appley had done it.
What we're asking, Dr Crowley, is why was Jacob chosen? How can I know the answer to that? You were his doctor for how long? Eight years.
There was a deliberate attempt to make it look like Jacob had some kind of schizophrenic attack.
So he was chosen for that reason.
The killer dressed up like Jacob, so he must have studied Jacob.
I see what you're saying.
So why him? Because erm .
he lives nearby? Sorry, I don't know why you're asking me.
We should look at Jacob's medical history.
Why should that matter if he's the victim? We're not here to tell you why it matters, we're here to tell you what we want.
Did you speak to Lucy Cannonbury about this investigation? I went to see her to see how she was.
Did you ask her to find out about our investigation? Find out? No.
That's bizarre, isn't it? (SCOFFS) Is that what she said? Hello, darling.
Am I interrupting something? Mrs Wayfield, we're just questioning Dr Crowley, so if Would anybody like a drink? No.
No, no drinks.
Why are you doing this? Why are you using my mother like this? Alexander, don't speak like that.
Why now, Mother? Why has he got his hooks into you again now? I want you to leave here right away.
Well, I'm not ready to leave.
Why are you being so excitable? I am a policeman, I'm here on police business.
And I can see what it does to you, it doesn't suit your personality.
I will deal with this, Alec.
Dr Crowley, we're going now.
Look, I'm sorry about this.
If I can help you with Jacob Appley, I will.
Just tell me what it is you want.
I want you to leave my mother alone.
We want to see Jacob's medical records and if we have to get a court order, we will.
No, there is no need.
I will supply them, of course I will.
Tomorrow you'll present yourself for questioning under police caution.
You can't treat this man this way.
My son has his own personal reasons for behaving like this.
It's unfair.
You think Chris is taking advantage of me? No.
I'm exploiting his kindness.
I turned up here uninvited, I played on his sympathy.
I know what I am and I know what you think of me, but do not blame him.
Bairam, is it OK with you if we speak in English? Because we have a nice English detective with us.
It's him there.
Bobby Day.
And you know how the English are about language, everybody has to learn theirs.
Bairam, how is your foot? Are you taking the piss? So your English is pretty good.
Bairam, you knew Ruben Locana.
Ruben? No.
Locana? Mm-mm.
I don't know this person.
Not me.
You never met him? Never spoke to him? No.
Not at all.
Are you OK? Talk to me.
Alec, we'll get Crowley.
I don't know what he's got to do with this, but he's skin-creep guilty of something.
Are you there? I don't want her there with him.
She can look after herself.
I found pictures of my mother when I was young.
You mean Pictures? Yeah.
That's heavy.
Are you saying he took those pictures? I don't know.
Tomorrow, we will get him.
OK? Hey! Alec! (TYRES SQUEAL) It's a website called Buff.
It provides local advertisements, forums for jobs, or housing, things for sale, and lots of personal ads.
You mean sex? Oh, I mean sex.
People say where they are and what they're up for.
You seem to know a lot about this site, Walti.
I bought a gazebo.
Not all gay men are promiscuous, you know.
So, ermthis site, you found something? Ruben had a page on here.
You had three boyfriends at one time.
That's not promiscuous, that's unfaithful.
One of them was almost an ex and one of them was non-sexual.
So what's on this page? I remember that gazebo, it fell down when you had a barbeque.
Walti? Ermyeah.
This site has friends.
Now, I looked at Ruben's friends.
Bairam Kocak.
It's so beautiful that criminals go on the Internet.
It's like they want to help us find them.
I've printed up some pages on Ruben's profile.
So, come on.
Go, Bobby, come on.
This is you.
This is Ruben Locana.
Not so good for me, huh? Not so good for you.
Immunitat, ja? Speak in English.
Immunity from what? From prosecution.
Why should we do that? If I tell you something that Hey, I won't be the man in a good light.
You are already the man not in a good light, Bairam.
Immunitat, ja? Ruben Locana was killed.
You haven't come here to have a cup of tea and give us a few tip-offs.
Bobby, you are not allowed to ask questions.
Yes, he's not allowed to ask questions.
Ruben was a top-end medic.
Why would he buy drugs from a grubby lump of piss like you? Bobby, you have no Zustandigkeit? Jurisdiction.
Yes, he has no jurisdiction.
And no questions from the English.
Listen, you drug-dealing loser tosspot No jurisdiction.
No jurisdiction! (SPEAKS GERMAN) But he is right, Bairam.
Look at me.
See that in my eyes? That's what the truth looks like.
I will try to get you immunity.
So, tell me.
You think that I'm Ruben's dealer, huh? Ruben was my dealer, OK? Go on.
Ruben could get all kinds of medicines.
Hard-on pills.
Diet pills.
Drugs to make you sleep, make you wake.
It's a big business.
This is why Ruben is in his pool, dead.
(PHONE RINGS) Alec, where are you? A neighbour just told us that Fairweather borrowed her caravan sometimes.
It's in a field by Welsh Lane, up towards Winsford Flashes.
(CLATTERING) Hey! What are you doing? Hey! Hey, I'm the police.
I'm the police! Ah! What are you doing? (GASPS) Oh, sh Oh, God! Let me out! (COUGHING) (BOTH COUGH) Get out of sight.
He's still out there.
(COUGHS) (GUNSHOT) I told you! I told you all! Stay away! You'll bring them to me.
Look what you've done.
I've lost everything.
No-one is safe now.