Paranormal Survivor (2015) s04e05 Episode Script

Animal Nightmares

I was scared to death.
It wasn't a person.
You are about to see real people I knew this had to be a ghost.
reliving horrifying paranormal encounters for the first time.
[Screaming] I've seen things I just can't explain.
When the spirit world and the animal world collide.
It scared the living hell out of me.
This is how we're gonna die.
I buried this for nearly 30 years.
Be prepared to be afraid.
Paranormal Survivor: Nadine's Trailer Park Terror.
Take One.
We moved into the trailer park in April of 1991.
We moved an awful lot when my husband was in the military.
The trailer park was nice.
It was affordable.
It was clean.
The people were military, much like our family, and we fit in well.
The trailer would be the family's home until housing could be arranged on the nearby military base.
Usually, when you're waiting for government housing on post it can take up to 27 months.
So, we thought about maybe two years we'd have to live in the trailer park.
I was very young at the time when we moved into the trailer park.
I remember being at the end of the row, the big field, the trees.
I played outside during the day.
At night, we mostly were inside.
[Nadine] If you look out the window, you would see a big field.
And then there was a wooded treeline.
The treeline, I never liked it.
It just seemed off to me.
I just never liked the woods.
It just always felt cold.
It just kind of, I don't know.
It made me feel eerie.
I do remember the forest.
It was something that I generally avoided.
The unnerving sensations would soon become all too real.
Shane and I, we'd go outside and play ball.
You know, normal kid stuff.
This one particular day, we went out and the neighbour's dog was lying there.
And at first, I thought it was sleeping, but the dog was dead.
The dog we found had actually belonged to one of our neighbours.
But they were never home.
We decided that we were gonna bury the dog next to the woods because we didn't feel it was right to just leave the dog there.
[John] I buried the dog across the field from our trailer, along the woodline.
I dug a hole about two-feet deep thinking that'd be enough to thwart most small creatures from digging it up.
[Nadine] We were outside and Shane was playing.
I had noticed that there was something odd about the woods.
I had gone up and the hole was empty.
The dog was gone.
After we had buried the dog and it had been dug up, you would see something at the edge of the woods.
You would see these glowing, red eyes.
Like, blood red eyes.
It appeared to be some type of animal or creature, maybe eight feet tall.
This thing was staring right at you.
You could just feel it boring down on you.
Like it was watching you all the time.
It was terrifying.
I will never forget those eyes.
Spirits like to intimidate.
Spirits like to show themselves and scare the living.
Not all spiritual entities are humanoid figures.
Most of the time, entities can morph into different shapes, different forms, different creature-like animals.
And they can wreak havoc on your life.
It got to the point where each night Nadine would see the red eyes hovering in the distance, and she was convinced they were the eyes of someone or something.
Don't move.
Which only heightened her protective instincts.
I would never let my kid out of my sight.
You would go to take out the garbage or go out to go to the car, I always had to know where he was because I was afraid.
I didn't know what it was.
I was afraid if I took my eyes off of him something would happen.
Shane! Shane! Shane! She was more protective of me.
She liked to keep me close by within earshot, within sight.
But Nadine's fears would not go unfounded as the terror kept escalating.
I'm pretty much a skeptic.
I kind of thought maybe Nadine was embellishing a little bit on what she saw.
So, my first impression was, okay, her imagination is getting away from her.
It was about two or three weeks after Nadine had first seen it that she was able to show it to me and pinpoint the eyes in the woods.
I was expecting something low to the ground, some sort of canine.
Perhaps a wolf.
Until it moved and you could see the mass of it.
I had gotten my riffle and started loading it.
I was expecting something that could be explained away.
And I had no explanation for this.
[Growling] When Nadine Smith and her family moved into a trailer park, they were unaware that their home was not as tranquil as it seemed.
But not long after, a strange being began haunting them.
And I had no explanation for this.
[Growling] Whatever this was, animal, beast, you could hear like growling and grunting and just these awful noises.
I had my riffle and started crossing the field.
[Growling] I got out there and it was gone.
Could find no evidence whatsoever.
As the unexplained sightings kept intensifying, Nadine went in search for answers.
I decided to ask some of the neighbours about it and I got the oddest reactions.
I just wanted to ask if you knew much about the wildlife around here.
You ever seen anything bigger? When I went to ask one neighbour, she refused to speak to me.
Um, no.
She just closed her door.
And she wouldn't talk to me after that.
I noticed that one of my neighbours had actually moved.
And it appeared as though they'd actually moved in the middle of the night.
And we noticed that was happening a lot.
The neighbours kind of came and went.
Some freaked out by whatever this creature was.
I started asking questions.
I started asking why they left.
Why was everyone leaving so quickly? And I was told, each one of them had left because something had happened to them.
Where a dog or a wolf or something had tried to attack them, tried to get into their mobile home.
And I saw those red eyes inside a vacant locked trailer staring at me.
I realised it was actually watching me.
It was real and it was not going to go away.
I was now scared.
I didn't know what I was dealing with.
Was it a ghost? Was it a demon? I didn't know.
And the terror continued as Shane began to have horrible nightmares.
Mom! It was getting to be pretty common that Shane would wake up at night at least two to three times a week.
Bad dream again? I did have recurring nightmares.
Every time it was the same.
Shane would wake up in the middle of the night screaming.
He would be panicked.
We would tell him it was just a nightmare.
In the beginning, she would just say that they were nightmares and that I should just try to get back to sleep.
I'm right here if you need me.
But Shane's parents would soon find out how overpowering his nightmares had become.
We got called by the school principal about pictures that he had been drawing in art class.
And they were all the same picture.
It was a big thing with red eyes and he drew teeth on them.
And the teeth had blood dripping off of them.
It was really disturbing.
I drew it repeatedly, over and over again.
It was a big deal to me.
One night, I was having this nightmare.
I saw a big black form outside my window.
[Screaming] I was scared.
I was legitimately scared.
Mom! Dad! We ran into his room.
What? What? He was just looking at the window.
[Screaming] [John] Whoa! Whoa! I saw those same red eyes.
It had black and brown hair or fur.
It was like an upright-walking wolf.
I legitimately felt like we were being stocked.
I felt like it was coming for us.
Get out, get out, get out.
And it scared me to death.
[Growling] With more questions than answers, Nadine was determined to get to the root of the mystery.
We went to the library and they told us there was a legend of skinwalkers.
And I had never heard of a skinwalker before.
A skinwalker is a type of creature that was once human.
They can assume the forms of animals, like foxes or wolves.
Skinwalkers are considered very dangerous.
They have evil intentions.
They are connected to illness, bad luck, and even death.
When Nadine told me it could be a skinwalker, I did not dismiss that theory.
Because in my life, I've seen things that you just can't explain.
We found out there was quite a bit of research behind it but we had no idea how to protect ourselves.
With John away for work, Nadine refused to be left alone in the trailer and asked friends to keep her company at night.
I asked my friend if she could come down.
[Growling] [Nadine] What was that? And we heard these noises outside.
You hear that? Yeah! Like, growling and low guttural types of noises.
[Growling] And we went to the door and we both looked out.
And up at the edge of the woods, it was standing there looking at us.
Head to toe, upright-walking, black wolf with red eyes.
[Screaming] Nadine Smith and her family were being terrorised by a vicious beast.
And the horror became all too real when Nadine was attacked in her own home.
[Screaming] It was really angry.
And it wanted in.
[Screaming] The trailer started to shake.
I don't know how you make a 14 x 80 mobile home move.
Whatever this was, it was literally shaking the whole place.
[Screaming] Oh, my God! My friend started panicking, and she said, "We need to call the police.
" And I thought, "What are the police gonna do?" [Screaming] We were standing there and the door just flew open.
We thought, "This is how we're gonna die.
" [Growling] [Screaming] And we both looked out and there was nothing.
It was gone.
There was nothing there.
We were terrified.
We knew that there was no way to get out of this except to leave.
After the trailer was attacked, I was more concerned with the safety of my family.
How far would a creature go, or how far is this going to go? Terrified of what might happen next, Nadine and John decided to move out as fast as they could.
We were going, "We have to go, we have to go, we have to go.
" I mean, we were all panicked.
Come on, come on.
Hurry! We left stuff in the house.
We just wanted out so badly, we left stuff and we never went back.
Even the day we left, I saw the eyes in the woods.
There it was.
I loaded 'em all in the truck and hit the road.
Never looked back.
I still don't like to be out near the woods at night, anywhere.
It changed me forever.
[Growling] Spirits can take on many forms, including those of animals.
And sometimes, they manifest in the physical world with truly horrifying consequences.
[crew] Paranormal Survivor: Creepy Crawlers.
Interview with Maray.
Take One.
[Maray] It was a beautiful three-storey house.
When you walked in, it was very open and spacious.
We had come from a small two-bedroom apartment.
Me and three kids and my new boyfriend.
Moving day was very exciting and we all unpacked the same day.
That's how excited we were.
It wasn't long that we were in the house when I started to hear things like scratching noises.
[Banging] [Scratching] I heard scratching on the wall behind my bed.
[Scratching] At first, I thought it was just mice or squirrels or something.
That's when I started to think, "Well, that wall behind me is concrete.
It can't be critters.
" The scratching sounded like somebody's nails coming down but in short scrapes.
[Scratching] The scratches were not an animal.
It was something else.
So, what is the scratching and where is it coming from? The menacing scratching wasn't the only strange phenomena.
Maray's boyfriend would soon experience the paranormal for himself.
Matt worked from home.
He set up his office in this basement.
And he would be down there most of the time.
But the more he was down there, the more he changed.
At first, the changes were so small, I didn't even notice.
[Maray] Then his behaviour started to change where he became aggressive.
Why is there no coffee in this house? Is there no more coffee? Girls, go play upstairs, okay? [Maray] He was very nasty.
Before moving into the home, Matt was a very outgoing, kind, helpful person, which is one of the reasons I was attracted to him.
But he was changing.
He became bitter, angry, selfish.
Come on, what is wrong with you? I'd known this man since we were teenagers.
I've never ever seen him behave like that ever.
I thought Matt was having some kind of breakdown.
And I just thought maybe being with a single mother of three kids was too much.
You know, I don't know if I can take this anymore.
When I would confront Matt, I would say, "Why would you do this? What is it about me that you hate?" Why do you hate me so much? And that's when I saw his eyes were black, solid black.
Maray's beautiful home was not as perfect as she first thought.
Not long after moving in, strange scratching noises had begun to haunt her.
And soon after, her boyfriend's behaviour was becoming increasingly disturbing.
His eyes were black, solid black.
He was possessed by something.
Get away from me! Get away from me! If a person's eyes have turned completely black, it's because their soul has been possessed.
They've been possessed completely.
It is very dangerous.
The person ceases to exist and the demonic possesses their mind, their body, their soul.
It's not kind.
Get away from me! His rage and his violence, I was absolutely concerned about the safety of the children.
That's when I said, "You have to leave.
" Get out! Get out of this house now! He packed up and left immediately.
He didn't even say good-bye.
Get out! The house itself now had an aura of just negativity.
It just had negativity in the air.
You could feel it, you could breathe it.
It just was there.
It wasn't long until the negativity in the house manifested itself into something much more disturbing.
Eden said at first she wasn't sure what was happening and she just kind of was waking up hearing noises.
And then as she started to wake up more, she felt a presence in her room.
[Screaming] I woke up to her screaming, a bloodcurdling scream.
[Screaming] Eden completely lost it.
She was hysterical.
She was terrified.
[Screaming] Mama! [Maray] I bolted to her room.
She was shivering, crying, hysterically.
And I said, "Eden, what's wrong?" And she said, "Something's in my room.
" It's okay, there's nothing there.
Eden was very afraid, very afraid.
She didn't know what it was.
So, I just said, "Eden, we're gonna do what my mom taught me to do when I got scared.
We're gonna say, "Go away.
" And we yelled it.
Get out, ghost! Try and go to sleep, okay? I wanted to just make her feel empowered.
Like she could not be scared anymore.
But it wasn't just Eden who was tormented at night.
About a week later, I was woken up again [Screaming] by a bloodcurdling scream, but this time it was Elysium.
[Screaming] Mom! What's wrong? She said, "I saw a white woman.
She was right there in my face.
" And she was terrified.
Elysium refused to go back to sleep in her room.
She was petrified.
I was very concerned.
It made me feel powerless.
Like I couldn't protect her properly.
I didn't know what was happening.
I didn't know if it was gonna happen again.
I was concerned that my kids are now being attacked by this negative energy.
And I didn't know what to do at that point.
The apparitions were spine chilling enough.
But the worst was soon to come.
I was working nights as a security guard, and I had a friend babysitting for me.
I came home one morning, everything seemed normal.
Everything seemed fine.
Everyone in the house was still asleep.
What is that? The dog was just walking around the house.
And he was wagging his tail, holding onto this teddy bear.
And I knew it wasn't his.
It was one of the kids', so I took it.
Let go.
And I said, "That's not yours.
" And I put it up on the counter.
It was about two hours later I was woken up by my oldest child.
Mom! Mom! And she was frantically trying to wake me up.
Wake up! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up.
Wake up.
It's an emergency.
What? There's an emergency downstairs.
What? Stay here, okay? I went to go downstairs and that's when I got pushed from the top of the stairs.
And I hit every step on the way down.
Whoa! Whoa! My friend had run over to see if I was okay.
What happened? I was pushed from behind.
I was hurtin'.
And then that's when my friend said, "You need to come and look at this.
" There's something you gotta see.
So, he pointed to the kitchen.
What is that? And when I looked at the counter, the entire counter was moving.
And as I got closer, I realised what was causing the movement.
The entire surface of the counter was covered in millions of maggots.
Maray and her daughters were constantly being terrorised by an evil spirit.
And after being violently pushed down the stairs, Maray would make a chilling discovery.
The entire surface of the counter was covered in millions of maggots.
I'm talking squirming maggots.
There was no rotten smell but there was definitely a sound.
You could hear them squirming and moving on top of each other.
I couldn't believe was I was seeing.
The appearance of insects or maggots or flies or cockroaches, anything like that, can be very paranormal in nature.
They're the manifestation of an infestation of some kind.
Usually demonic or malevolent in nature.
As I got even closer, I started to look for the source of the maggots.
I lifted up that teddy bear.
Oh, ew! My God.
And underneath was a pile of maggots coming out of the teddy bear.
It was then that I realised that that teddy bear had come from Elysium's room.
And then, all of a sudden, all of it started to make sense.
I believe that my boyfriend had been possessed by this presence.
I believe that my children had been attacked by this presence.
[Screaming] And I believe it was now trying to physically manifest itself to scare me enough to leave.
It was mad.
And if it can just create these maggots to appear within a two hour span, then what else can it do? Fearing for her family's safety, Maray had reached her limit.
After that incident, I didn't wanna be in the home anymore.
The beauty of the home didn't matter anymore.
I would have lived in a cardboard box because I just wanted to get out and not have these types of things happening to me and my kids.
We packed up and we got out of there immediately.
After moving out, the paranormal activity stopped.
Life for the family returned to normal and Maray and Matt got back together.
After, she made a frightening discovery.
It wasn't until when we moved I learned that the woman who used to live in that house had died in that house.
And so it all made sense to me then.
The white lady used to be the owner of that house.
The white lady was angry with me 'cause I was taking over her home.
Her energy was attached and she just didn't want us there.
And me being the female of the house, the head female, her anger was toward me.
So, she went through the people I love to get at me.
Paranormal beings can be violent and harm the living.
Sometimes it's the terrifying result of the animal world and the spirit world colliding.
[crew] Paranormal Survivor: Hound from Hell.
Interview with Melanie.
Take one.
When I first move into the house, it was very quiet.
It was a warm house.
It was beautiful.
Everything was perfect.
It was just me and my dog Sophie.
At the time I was dating a man.
He didn't live with me yet.
But our plan for the future was that he will come and move in in the house.
Because of my work as an instructor I had to go away a few times a year.
Honey, I'm home! I had to put the dog in the kennel.
You guys are back.
I have a surprise for you.
I'll be right back.
There was one dog in one of the enclosures, I was really drawn to her.
I don't know why I was so obsessed with her.
Surprise! But I just felt she didn't belong there and that she was my dog.
What? When I brought Brook home, I had no idea what I was getting into.
No, she's ours.
Come on.
What at first seemed like a welcome addition to the home would turn into a nightmare.
Brook? When I first brought Brook home, she had no interest in interacting with anybody.
She will go hide, either on my bed or the couch, and she will just stay there.
Brook? She would be scared and she won't come out.
There you are! It's okay.
She will shake, be afraid all the time.
There's nothing wrong.
Come on.
A few times, she will just lay on my bed and start growling.
Brook just stared at the closet, just growl, growl.
What's wrong? I don't know what she was seeing.
What was making her so afraid? Pets may start to act very strangely if there's paranormal activity in the home they might start to look in a certain corner of the room that there's nothing there.
They may start barking, they may start growling and there's nothing there.
Spirits will try to get the attention of the pets in the home in order to get the attention of the humans, because it's easier for them to connect.
[Melanie] Brook never stopped barking at the closet.
I figured that Brook was scared because it's a new environment.
She was scared to be in my house.
The strange feeling in the house soon escalated into something far more sinister.
As we're laying down in bed, I had that eerie feeling that something was just looking at me.
That something was just staring down at me.
As I looked up, I see the creature.
And it was just looking down at me.
I froze, then I screamed for Todd.
Todd! Todd! I told him, "Look up, are you seeing what I'm seeing? Ah! It looked like some kind of gargoyle.
Like a demon.
Ah! And we're both seeing it.
That's when I knew, oh, my goodness, this is real.
What are you doing in here? I command you to leave! He just stood up and confronted it, like loud.
Get out of here! He said, "In the name of Jesus Christ, you get away from this house!" And the creature just turned away.
From that point on, I was petrified of the creature.
The strange activity in the house took its toll on Melanie's relationship.
So, after everything that happened, me and Todd kind of parted our way.
After Todd left, I realised that Todd was the one keeping the creature at bay.
Because after Todd left sorry it just got really, really bad.
As soon as Todd was out of my life, I knew the presence was in the house.
It was so strong.
Always right behind me and just creeping and following you everywhere you go.
It doesn't matter where I turn or how fast I turn, just follow.
I could hear it yell inside my head.
It was a constant yelling.
Melanie could not escape the ominous feeling of being watched.
At this point, stuff had already been happening for a few weeks.
I knew there was something in the house.
I had that very uncomfortable feeling, especially when you're so vulnerable, naked in the shower.
Just knowing this thing was looking at me in my most vulnerable time As I was thinking, okay, Melanie, just hurry up, get out [Screaming] Melanie Morissette was being haunted by a spirit in her own home.
I knew something was just looking at me.
But the ghostly activity would soon become more brazen and more sinister.
[Screaming] I saw a man in the shower and I screamed.
I was so scared.
But then nothing was there.
Melanie hoped the frightening disturbances would die down.
[Barking] But her hope was in vain.
Brook started growling, obviously, she was getting scared.
[Growling] I could feel the energy changing.
Then it just started grabbing the sheet off my feet and just started pulling.
[Screaming] But he wouldn't let go.
It just kept tugging and dragging the sheets inch my inch off of me.
I was scared.
I was very afraid.
I just kept thinking, why? Like, there's one thing after the other and just, just didn't stop.
The activity became so bad, Melanie feared for her own safety.
As I'm walking to the stairs, something pushed me.
[Screaming] Pushed me so hard that I flew down the stairs.
It scared the living hell out of me.
I was so afraid.
I just cried and I cried.
Like, I felt so Just stop.
Please, stop.
I found myself in a nightmare I just didn't know how to get out of.
I just started yelling, yelling at him.
Leave me alone! "What do you want from me?" "Why me?" Stop! I didn't feel safe.
This has to stop.
Melanie sought help and contacted psychic medium Lori Kinrade.
My main concern was that she felt she was in danger physically.
Pretty much from the moment I went in, the sensation of being watched was there.
But it was more of the sensation of someone who's spying on you.
There was anger to it instantly.
Lori didn't have to wait long to encounter the spirit for herself.
The energy just shifted.
It felt like someone rushing at me.
I became aware of a male in the home.
An older gentlemen just yelling and ranting about his dog.
Stay away from my dog! And he was using profanities.
"Why the bleep do you have my dog?" He was, like, right in my face.
You can just ---- away from my dog.
Using her psychic talents, Lori was able to determine that the spirit was called Mr.
Then everything became just so clear.
Because I knew that Mr.
Smith was Brook's first owner.
That little dog is mine.
Now, I knew who he was.
That was the first light of hope I had in so long.
Because know I knew who I was up against.
All he was focused on what he dog, his dog, that Melanie had recently adopted.
But he kept saying, "My dog.
It's my dog.
" Come on.
Before Mr.
Smith passed, he had made his wife promise that she wouldn't give his dog away that she would take care of it always.
The dog appeared to be his pride and joy.
Oh, you're such a good dog.
Apparently, immediately after he passed, she gave the dog away.
She put it up for adoption.
In his mind, he thought that I took the dog from his wife and I had no rights to have the dog with me.
Smith, I have some bad news for you.
I tried to communicate to the spirit that he had actually passed on.
And that his dog had been put up for adoption.
Melanie adopted your dog.
You don't have to worry anymore.
Then he shifted his anger.
Like, he wasn't mad at me anymore.
Take care of my dog, please.
He seemed to come to peace rather quickly.
It's like the lightbulb went on and he understood.
And he started to calm down.
He was very emotional.
I know he loved that dog very much and I know Brook loved him very much too.
[Lori] Once he has made his peace, he simply disappeared backwards into a beautiful white light, crossing through.
The change in the house was almost immediate.
He's gone.
Thank you.
Everything was just calm.
Thank you.
The house just became the way it was when I first moved in.
But the biggest change came from Brook.
She was not hiding.
She wasn't scared.
Like, it was so wonderful to see.
She was the dog she was meant to be.