Paranormal Survivor (2015) s04e06 Episode Script

Horrifying History

I was scared to death.
It wasn't a person.
You are about to see real people I knew this had to be a ghost.
reliving horrifying paranormal encounters for the first time.
[Screaming] When history comes back to haunt us It smelt like death.
I felt somebody shove me.
Get out! I buried this for nearly 30 years.
be prepared to be afraid.
Paranormal Survivor: Underground Railroad.
Interview with Maureen Hennelly.
Take One.
We bought this house in June of 2012.
It was in complete total disrepair.
They were actually thinking about knocking it down.
We actually fell in love with it.
We knew the structure itself was very sound.
And my husband knew he could renovate it by himself.
From what we understand, it was abandoned for about 5 years, and empty.
I had a feeling that there was something not quite right with the home.
Local people were tellin' us about objects and people moving around and lights showing up in the house while it was vacant.
We just always referred to it as the local haunted house.
Despite the warnings, Maureen and Mark we excited to own a home with so much history.
We noticed a trap door in the floor.
[Maureen] What? You're not gonna believe it.
Come on, look at this.
The trap door would soon reveal a shocking secret.
Stairs are steep, so be careful.
This is amazing.
Look at this.
I don't know what it is.
Come on down.
Come on in.
Oh, my God.
We could look out towards the back wall of the home, towards the backyard, and we could see where there was an opening.
So, we kind of surmised that it was probably a hiding place or a tunnel that had an entrance somewhere in the backyard that was sealed up.
You could probably fit maybe about six people down there.
After researching the home a little bit more, I was able to find out that this house was part of the Underground Railroad.
The Underground Railroad was a network of secret routes and safe houses used by slaves to escape into freedom.
This house has been used to harbour slaves and protect them during the evening while they moved north.
But I can't say it really bothered me.
I just thought it was history and I thought it was very exciting.
Eager to renovate the home, Mark put in long hours in the evening getting it ready for his family.
I used to see things be in different places from one place to the next.
And I knew I didn't leave it there.
Things were getting moved.
I thought maybe I was losing my mind but things were definitely moving in different places than I left them.
When somebody decides to renovate their home or change things, the energy that has be absorbed over the years from an entity or an evil death, a traumatic event, that absorption comes to life.
It awakens the spirit.
[Ringing] I would hear a bell ringing.
Like a servant's bell.
Not a telephone but the old servant's bell ringing.
Patrick? Marie? I thought maybe I was just hearing things and hallucinating.
But I would hear it throughout the evening, and not just one evening.
It went on maybe once or twice a week I would hear it.
I heard women's voices and it sounded like they were in the next room.
They were having a normal conversation.
They weren't upset, they weren't arguing.
They were just having a conversation.
But I couldn't understand what they were talking about.
But once I left the room, they stopped.
I went back in, continued working and they would start talking again.
Mark wasn't the only one who would experience strange activity.
Soon, it was Mark's teenage son Patrick.
One day, Patrick forgot his key.
So, my son tried the front door.
He tried the kitchen door.
Both were locked.
He walked around back, he tried the back door in the foyer.
That was locked.
And he came back around to the front door, and then he noticed it was open.
It was just locked five minutes ago.
He came back and it was wide open.
Like any teenager, he didn't think much of it and he walked into the house.
And then Patrick went into the main bathroom in the hallway upstairs and he shut the door.
Now, my husband had taken all the doorknobs off all the doors while he was doing all the renovations.
And for some reason, the door locked and he couldn't get out.
Patrick heard people literally walking around having conversations with each other.
[Indistinct conversations] Let me out! I think it was probably a half hour to 45 minutes later, I showed up and he must have heard me.
[Patrick] Dad! [Banging] [Patrick] Dad! Patrick!? [Patrick] I'm locked in the bathroom! I walked up the stairs and I let him out.
What's up? And he asked me how long I'd been here.
I said, "I just came in.
" And he goes, "Well, I heard footsteps walking around while I was locked in here.
" And Mark was like, "I don't understand why the door wouldn't open for you.
" And Pat's like, "It wouldn't open until you opened it.
" Eventually, the activity in the house was so intense that it became dangerous.
We were having lights malfunctioning.
Went to step down the first couple stairs and I felt somebody shove me.
[Screaming] Soon after moving into their historic home, Maureen Hennelly and her family began to experience disturbing paranormal activity.
Let me out! Which quickly escalated into violence.
Went to step down the first couple stairs and I felt somebody shove me.
[Screaming] And I went flying down the stairs.
I'd never experienced anything like that before.
I feel like I was very lucky that I was not more seriously injured.
Somebody pushed me.
It was pretty upsetting.
And at that point, I was like, "Okay, we may have a problem here with this house.
" I reached out to the Pennsylvania Paranormal Association.
Paranormal investigator Mark Keyes and psychic medium Virginia Centrillo agreed to help.
When I arrived at Maureen and Mark's home, as soon as I walked in, I was greeted by a couple.
They had period clothing on and they met me right in the hallway just before you go towards the stairs.
I started to realise they were husband and wife.
They wanted to be known.
As I approached the stairs, I felt I was going to be pushed.
And she was trying to keep me away from the stairs, this spirit.
So, I looked at the owner, Maureen, and I said, did someone push you down the stairs? And she said, "Oh, yes.
Yes, they did.
" She let me know that the female spirit guarded the center hallway stairs and that she was the one who pushed me down the stairs.
She pushed Maureen down the stairs trying to show Maureen who's boss.
She ruled the roost with an iron fist.
"This is my home.
What are you doing here? Why are you talking it apart? Why are you breaking things down?" Can you show me the rest of the house? The husband and her were keeping some sort of secret.
And she was the caretaker of what was going on in that home, as far as their secret.
It was a secret that would only be revealed when they headed through the hidden trap door.
I picked up movement, a lot of movement.
And I was hearing talking, like whispering.
We had a motion light that kept going on and off.
So, where one of the motion lights were, Mark was touched.
Something just touched me.
There were actually two slaves in the basement.
They were hiding.
It was like an Underground Railroad that was the secret.
Both homeowners, they were protecting the two spirits, protecting these slaves.
At this point, they knew my intent was not to harm at all.
They finally allowed me to go and find these two young ladies.
When the spirits of the husband and wife allowed me to speak with the girls, they were very frightened, very scared, very cold.
We sat down and we did a little circle.
They needed love.
I was used as a channeler at that moment to place love around them.
Show them love.
Show them care.
Show them warmth.
And we asked each one of them to come forward, so they'd become lighter and go into the light.
And as we were talking to them, you could feel their energy shift.
With the slave spirits gone, Virginia was sure that the homeowner spirits would soon follow.
After the investigation, the activity in the home dropped off dramatically.
The atmosphere just seemed more open, lighter is the only way I can describe it.
Nothing physical has happened to me or anyone else in the family and I'm not concerned that anything will.
Before we had the investigation, I was probably a big skeptic and I really didn't believe in the paranormal.
But experiencing what I went through, I am no longer a skeptic.
I believe.
I believe.
Every building has its own unique history.
But sometimes a haunted past can rear its head with truly horrifying consequences.
Paranormal Survivor: Jailhouse Shock.
Interview with Sandy Boyd.
Take one.
The Lake County Jail officially closed in 1973.
After its closure, the jail was turned into a historical museum.
Sometime in 2008, I came in for a regular tour and I fell in love with the building.
And I started volunteering after that and I ended up doing tours myself.
Originally, in 1882, it was built with 10 cells.
The jail once housed dangerous criminals from one of Al Capone's most feared hitman to notorious depression-era gangster John Dillinger.
Sandy sometimes got the feeling that some of the old inmates were still in their cells.
When you walk through the building, you do get a creepy feeling.
And I think what it is is that you feel like you're being watched.
You hear footsteps, and at first, you're not sure where they're coming from.
It sounds like hard-soled men's shoes walking across the floor.
And the first thing your imagination wants to do is picture a guard doing his guard walk.
And then at times, you hear cell doors closing.
Jails are very common places to be haunted by spirits because of the fact that there's a lot of negative energy.
There's a lot of depression.
There's a lot of aggression.
There's a lot of anger.
And all of those things manifest in some way.
They manifest in energy and that energy can become trapped in that environment.
At first, Sandy thought the museum could cash in on the creepiness of the jail.
I approached the board to start ghost hunting about a year after I'd been here as a tour guide.
Sandy's son, Randy, also volunteered to help.
I do the paranormal tours during the weekends to help raise the funds for restore the jail.
It was supposed to be fun.
But the more that we started doing it, it was not always, you know, as fun.
Sometimes it was uncomfortable.
You're always on edge inside the jail.
It's like you're constantly in a room where nobody kind of wants you in here.
Sometimes you feel very crowded, other times you feel like eyes are always on you and it's just kind of uneasy to be in here.
There was a time when I was walking away from a group that was doing an investigation of their own.
I was just walking down the hallway, I looked up.
I was scared stiff.
Sandy Boyd and her son worked as tour guides at an old jailhouse museum.
But strange activity plagued the building.
And it didn't take long for the spirits in the prison to make their presence known.
I was walking down the hallway, I looked up.
And there was a shadow that was standing there.
I didn't wanna move.
I was scared stiff wondering what it is.
How is this actually in front of me? What is it gonna do? The shadow was in front of me for about 5 seconds or so and then disappeared.
I saw Randy standing there.
He wasn't moving.
He wasn't making any sound or talking or pointing anything out.
He was just standing there staring.
Are you okay? What's going on? [Gasping] What's going on? By the time that my mom had gotten there, it had already vanished into thin air.
I was no longer able to see it and neither was anybody else.
When I finally got Randy's attention, he looked over at me and then he looked straight back up.
And he said, "I just saw somebody.
" There was something right there.
There's nothing there.
There's nothing there.
Don't worry.
Just come on.
We went and got the voice recorder and we thought if there is somebody there that wants to talk Is there anyone here that wants to talk to us? Anyone? Anyone that wants to speak to us? We just started asking some questions out loud.
Are you male? Are you female? Are you an inmate? Are you a guard? Is there something you need to tell us? Anyone here who wants to speak with us? We played back what we'd recorded.
We listened back to all of our questions.
[spirit] "What's happening?" We heard a man's voice loud and clear.
"What's happening?" [spirit] "What's happening?" You could clearly hear somebody in the background saying, "What's happening?" Sounded confused.
He sounded scared.
It was terrifying to hear a man's voice like that.
It makes you feel as if there's a lot that you don't know about that's going on in a building that you go into everyday.
Despite their encounters, Sandy and Randy continued with their ghost tours.
We had begun doing a haunted house for a fundraiser in the jail.
We'd invested money into, you know, decorating the jail.
Before opening night, Sandy had a few last minute preparations.
Before I started painting, I kind of said out loud, "Guys, I'm just in here.
I'm just gonna paint this and I'm leaving.
" Just gonna finish up painting.
I won't be long and I'll be outta here.
But Sandy's attempts to appease the jail's spirits was to no avail.
All of a sudden, I got that feeling that somebody was in my personal space.
They were a little too close.
I looked around and I didn't see anybody physically there.
And then behind me, I had some metal chairs stacked up against the wall [Clanging] One slammed down to the floor directly behind me.
It wasn't like it had just slid down the wall.
It was thrown to the floor with some force.
When a entity can physically move something, such as throwing an object, it is extremely powerful.
It takes an exorbitant amount of energy for an entity to concentrate its energy and move something.
They're trying to get your attention.
They're trying to either warn you to be careful or warn you to get out.
It's not always evil but they are trying to get your attention.
I happened to kind of turn.
There was a man just standing there.
Get out! [Screaming] Afraid of what might happen next, Sandy and her son Randy reached out for professional help.
Sandy called us in 2015 for us to come in here and search and see if there's paranormal activity that Sandy was stating that was happening in here.
I brung my cousin, Dan Marshall and my wife Brandy Rush.
My wife is a medium.
She can see the entities.
It helps us with our evidence.
They talk to her.
When Brandon's team came in, we concentrated on areas we felt the most energy.
So, there's a long tunnel in the jail, and it's actually just to connect the 1908 addition to the 1928 addition.
Upon entering into the tunnel, it was real dark, eerie.
Just a real creepy feeling.
Brandy was getting a lot of strong feelings.
I'm feeling James.
He's angry.
She mentioned the name James.
And we knew the name James.
And I was actually kind of surprised that she had picked up on that name so quickly.
We had an inmate here, his name was James "Fur" Sammons, and he was Al Capone's right-hand man.
He had gone on a lot of hits for Capone.
He was not a nice man in any way.
You're not welcome here.
He came towards her very negative.
"You need to go, get out.
" I feel like there's spirits all around you.
It felt like people touching you.
I felt a cold hand grab my arm real tight.
You guys feel that? At that time, I turned around to ask my cousin, "Did you grab me?" He says, "No.
" [Sandy] At that point, we had decided to investigate a different part of the jail and we headed up the stairs to the third floor where there's a federal cell block.
The third floor housed the jail's worst criminals in the toughest conditions.
Solitary confinement.
While we were there, we had our K2 meters on.
With Brandy having sensitivities to energy, she again felt something that was more aggressive and maybe a little more negative than she was used to.
Are you okay? [Sandy] My fear for Brandy was that she had made this connection with James, a hitman for Al Capone, when she had first came in.
And because of her stature and that she's a little on the smaller side, I was afraid that James had targeted her.
Get out of here! [Screaming] When jailhouse museum tour guide Sandy Boyd was tormented by a ghostly apparition, she called in paranormal investigators.
Now, they were being attacked by the spirits of previous prisoners.
Get out of here! He came towards her breathing down her neck.
My wife had felt like somebody had pinched her in the back.
Started feeling kind of warm back there.
Lift up her shirt She had a scratch, but it was weird kind of scratch.
It was shaped like a cross.
She felt it was James, said for us to leave.
And Brandon's wife wasn't the only one to experience disturbing paranormal activity.
My cousin, Dan, he started feeling like he was real hot, sweaty, dizzy, like he was gonna throw up.
I almost had to hold him 'cause he was gonna fall down.
We gotta go.
We gotta.
The team may have been finished with the investigation, but the spirit was not finished with them.
When I started walking down the gun range on the second floor, I walked up on a six foot shadow.
It darted around the other corner.
My cousin, Dan, seen it running at him.
Ah! Dan! Dan, you all right, man? He was really scared because it came running towards him and went right through his body.
And that's when he started screaming and I came running over there.
He says, "I feel real hot in my back.
Something's going on," you know? I lift up his shirt You see a bright scratch all the way down from his neck halfway down his back.
Ah, let's go.
Come on.
Due to the violent attacks, Brandon put an end to the investigation.
Seeing my wife and my cousin being attacked in this investigation was very shocking.
It was very scary for them being attacked 'cause you don't know.
You just don't know what you're getting into.
The attacks had a profound effect on Sandy.
But rather than have the historical spirits removed, she switched up her approach.
We've changed the way that we interact with ghosts.
We have a lot of "pleases" and "thank yous.
" We became more personable.
A lot more courteous, thank you, please.
Treating them like they're actual people.
Thank you.
Rest in peace.
Brandon and his team questioned us if they could help us.
If there was anything that we would want them to do with us or for us.
And we kind of made a decision at the time that it's not up to us to do something about it.
Whatever's going on in this building has been going on long before we got here and will probably go on long after we leave.
Home is supposed to be a haven, a safe place.
But sometimes a house can hold such dark secrets that just living there becomes a matter of life and death.
Paranormal Survivor, Season Four.
Interview with Lore Whiteside.
Take one.
I was really attracted by the house because of how big it was.
It was old.
I was excited to get moved in.
Thought it was gonna be a good adventure.
I was happy.
But Lore's opinion about her new home quickly began to change.
I started feeling like someone was watching me pretty much as soon as I moved in.
It always felt like you were never alone.
And no matter what room of the house you went to, you were just always being watched.
Soon, Lore's uneasiness became more than just a feeling.
[Thumping] I started hearing the unexplained noises right away.
I could be sitting in the living room by myself, nobody else with me, and I would start hearing thumps on the walls.
And they weren't just light little taps.
I mean, they would shake my pictures type of thumps.
[Thumping] [Scraping] A couple times when I'd hear the scraping in the walls it'd almost sound like nails on a chalkboard.
[Screaming] They were very high-pitched.
They would, you know, give you goose bumps.
[Slamming] One day, literally every single door in that house was slammed shut.
[Screaming] It shook the whole house.
Literally, the whole house shook.
And it was loud, like deafening loud.
The troubling activity didn't stop there.
First time I'd seen a shadow that was kind of like a human shape, I was unpacking.
I was starting to put all my knick-knacks out.
And I seen it out of the corner of my eye.
I looked and it's like, "Okay, well, there's nothing there.
" But then it came back around another corner to where it was right in front of me.
I was terrified.
Lore Whiteside's historic home was not as perfect as she first thought.
Paranormal activity kept escalating, signaling the presence of a dark entity.
It was right in front of me.
I was terrified.
The shadow was probably about six feet tall.
And it kind of just stood there and then it just walked away.
And when it walked away, it walked into a wall that went to nowhere.
Lore searched for an explanation for what was going on in her house.
When I moved in, the neighbours were kind of shocked that I was living there.
And I'd asked them why and they said, "Well, there was a suicide on this property.
" One of the previous owners husband shot themselves.
Concerned the rumoured suicide was behind the supernatural activity, Lore decided to look into the home's past.
The house was built in the early 1800s.
And when it was built it was originally built to be a funeral home.
It was a funeral home for multiple years.
I thought that maybe it's just one of the spirits from when it was a funeral home still there.
Because there was a lot of death in that house.
If a home used to be a funeral home, there's a very good chance that there's a spirit still within the home.
Spirits will attend their funeral.
And sometimes they just might decide that this is where they wish to stay.
Finding everything out about the house made me feel really uneasy.
'Cause if I had known that it had been a funeral home before, I would've never moved in.
Knowing the house's history didn't stop the activity, however.
In fact, things just escalated.
I had gone to bed and I woke up 'cause I had gotten really, really cold.
And when I woke up there was above me a solid black mass just hovering there.
It was just there.
There was no features.
It was just a solid-- You couldn't see through it.
Almost like a blanket.
Just black mass hanging above me.
It eventually just disappeared when I seen it after a couple minutes.
I was just like frozen in place.
I did not fall back to sleep.
I didn't sleep in my bed for a couple weeks.
That wasn't the end of Lore's troubles.
First time I found scratches on me was in the first two or three weeks that I moved in there.
I'd feel something burning and that's when I'd look and I'd have claw marks.
Three scratches from seven to eight inches long.
I would find them on the side, like where my ribs are, on my legs, thighs.
I mean, just places that you don't just bump into and say, "Okay, well, I must have just bumped into something.
" No.
Me getting scratched started becoming almost a daily or nightly thing.
It didn't just happen at night, it happened during the day.
I could be sitting there and look down and you could actually see the scratches appearing.
I started going into an extreme depression with the scratches.
I was getting to the point where I didn't even wanna be seen in public because I looked like someone was literally beating me up on a daily basis.
I just couldn't handle it no more.
To help her, Lore called in paranormal investigators Eric McGill and Shawn Gilmore.
She was at her wits end.
She had had so many experiences by this time.
Shawn is an empath, and Shawn's initial impression was that he felt a presence, a very strong presence.
Shawn stated that when he came in he immediately felt like a weight was on his shoulders.
The air was just thick and very, very, very oppressive.
[Eric] For the investigation, we brought out six to eight static cameras.
They set up cameras everywhere.
Had all kinds of equipment set up in places.
Eric and Shawn decided to start at the heart of the activity, Lore's bedroom.
As I was watching the K2 meter go off and what seemed to be responding to us intelligently, it was pretty surprising.
But all of a sudden, the K2 meter just stopped getting any readings.
It just went to a zero again.
We walked back downstairs to check our cameras and then we heard and felt a loud crash.
I like to describe it similar to somebody dropped a bowling ball from about chest level.
The floor bounced underneath of our feet.
The whole house just shook.
The windows rattled, the whole nine yards.
When Shawn and I felt and heard the loud noise, we immediately started going towards the room where we thought that sound originated.
Before I entered the threshold, I felt a strong static charge and a very cold chill.
And I just froze.
Ah! Eric! Eric? We found that our camera had been shut off all on its own.
This kind of interaction was kind of like a wakeup call for us.
It reminded us that we didn't introduce ourselves to the presence before we started the investigation.
Before beginning an investigation, it's really important to introduce yourself to the spirits in the home.
Because you wanna make sure that they are not intimidated by your presence.
And they can really be upset that you're there.
So, you wanna make sure that you tell them that you're not there to hurt them and you certainly aren't there to provoke them.
We sincerely apologise for intruding on your space.
We mean you no harm.
Let's go back downstairs.
By the end of the investigation, I still hadn't reached any conclusions or anything like that.
We were pretty much relying on going home, filing through all the footage and seeing what we captured.
But initially, my assumption was that there was just a strong presence there that wanted to communicate.
They explained to me that they had a lot of stuff to go through and that it could be a few weeks before I hear anything.
After the investigation, the activity did change and it changed to the worse.
[Gasping] One night when I was bed, I woke up to being suffocated and choked by something that was not human.
It was extremely solid black mass.
It smelt like death.
I really thought I was gonna die at that point.
Lore Whiteside had been the victim of terrifying paranormal activity in her home.
[Screaming] But even after calling in experts to help out, the evil entity continues to attack her.
I was being physically assaulted by something that was not human.
It was extremely solid black mass.
It smelt like death.
I remember trying to scream for help.
Nothing would come out.
It was choking me.
I couldn't breathe.
When I realised I wasn't able to even get out of its grasp, I was terrified.
I really thought I was gonna die at that point.
It ended when I seen a white light.
It was like a flash of white light.
I don't know where the white light came from, but once that white light just flashed, it just was gone.
I don't know where it went but it was gone.
The attack made me feel violated.
It made me feel filthy, disgusted.
I took a shower and literally tried to rub my skin off 'cause I felt that dirty.
After I got attacked like this is when I decided I could not live in this home any longer.
And I packed up and I was out of the home within a week, I left.
I left property behind that I refuse to even go back and touch.
Even though the investigation results proved inconclusive, Lore finally found peace as she settled into a new home.
Since I moved, I am safe.
I can't be 100% certain if the escalation in activity was a direct result of our investigation.
When dealing with the paranormal, anything is possible because we're dealing with the unknown.
I believe if I had decided to stay there it would've killed me.
I strongly believe in my heart, whatever is there, it would have killed me.
If I could forget that house ever existed, that would make me a happy person.