Paranormal Witness (2011) s05e05 Episode Script


1 [haunting music] Something seemed a bit odd to me.
[thudding] Thump, thump, thump.
There's nothing here.
Didn't I just turn that light off? Something was coming in my room.
[scary music] [screams] We're not alone.
[screams] What's your name? It spelled out Z O Z - O.
- [screams] Dear God.
This can't be real.
Garry! This is how I die.
[scary music] [men speaking indistinctly] Go, go, go! [helicopter rotors whirring] [screams] There's a saying that war is hell.
I don't necessarily agree with that.
I believe the aftermath of war is what truly is hell.
I was a military police officer deployed over to Baghdad, Iraq.
It was a very dangerous environment that really hindered a lot of us emotionally.
Garry, time to get up! He'll be here in a couple of hours.
[country music playing] Follow my footsteps home [mixer whirring] Me and Garry have a pretty close bond.
He's a very caring person, but at the same time, he's very protective.
Heather's my support system, and she's a very sweet human being and do anything for anybody.
Caitlyn, how you doing? Almost finished, Mom.
I have a daughter, Caitlyn.
She's from a previous relationship.
She's a pretty responsible kid, really helps out a lot.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
I have two younger brothers, Westly and Kevin.
Growing up, we were very close.
Kevin is the youngest of the three.
I idolize Garry because he was always there for me, my oldest brother.
When Garry left the military, I was so happy.
So, guys, how's the food? - Good.
- It's great.
Good? You like it? Nice.
Really good.
[coughs] You okay, buddy? [coughs] Um [coughing] You okay? No.
[coughs] Wes, are you messing with us? No.
[coughs] Heather, get up and hit his back.
[coughing] Pat him on the back.
[laughs] All of you, we got you.
Westly's the prankster.
Sometimes it's hard to keep up with him.
[soft music] Okay, guys.
I have something to tell you.
I got offered a job.
Phenomenal salary.
Great benefits.
But I would have to move to Lawton, Oklahoma.
That's, like, hundreds of miles away.
I told him, "You're not leaving again.
" I'm going with you.
I was working at a dead-end job cooking at Denny's.
I asked if Maybe me and Sabrina could come too.
We thought, "New jobs, new experiences, new state.
" It just sounded like a great idea.
- Yeah.
- Great.
[laughter] Yeah? All right.
Yeah, way to go.
It was gonna be the three amigos again.
[all talking and laughing] men: The three amigos! Why not me? [laughter] I had to start looking for a house that would have the capacity for all of us.
There was a home that just became available.
For some reason, the tenant was canceling his lease.
The house was very affordable, good neighborhood.
[ominous music] I was a little disappointed when I showed up to the location.
It looked as if it was the home that wasn't kept up in the neighborhood.
I had to keep telling myself, "This is the only home available right now.
" There was a gentleman sitting in the doorway.
I asked him - Are you the tenant? - Yeah, yeah.
- How's it going? - Good.
Are you the guy who's looking to rent the place? Yeah, do you mind if I ask why you're breaking the lease? Uh His hand was trembling.
No reason really.
I just It's my time to go.
When I asked him his reasoning why he did not want to live there, he didn't give me a response.
[door closes] And I was thinking to myself, "This is a good fit," that there's plenty of space.
[ominous music] Have a look upstairs? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Knock yourself out, man.
As I made my way upstairs Yeah.
Go for it, man.
I noticed the tenant was staying at the bottom of the staircase.
Something seemed a bit odd to me.
I realized all the lights were on.
Why would every light be on, even in the closet? I thought it was a bit weird.
[scary music] Well, I'm interested in the property.
I'm gonna head over to the realtor's office and start the paperwork.
That's awesome.
He just had this big sigh of relief.
I'm just gonna grab a few things, and wait for me, and I'll have a smoke with you.
[ominous music] [dog barking] Shortly after, he came outside with two trash bags, threw 'em in his vehicle, and just drove off.
I didn't even know what the hell was happening.
I was beginning to get a bit concerned.
I just kept telling myself, "You're running out of time.
This has got to be the place.
" You like the new digs or what? Yeah.
Here you go.
Later that day, I was upstairs in the master bedroom.
[wood creaking] [spooky music] After spending a little over two years in a war zone, I know when someone's behind me.
Kevin? Heather? [scary music] [spooky music] - [screams] - [screams] [laughs] We was all back together.
Sorry, buddy.
[laughs] You know, I thought it was gonna be it's gonna be awesome.
You should've seen your face! [both grunting] [dramatic music on TV] About two weeks after we moved in Chips, anyone? We was in the living room watching TV one night.
Suit yourself.
More for me.
[thudding] Thump, thump, thump.
- That was weird, right? - Yeah.
[thudding] - That's something for sure.
- That's loud.
[thudding] What is that? Loud, heavy footsteps coming from right above us.
[thudding] You know, someone might be trying to break in the house.
Well, it might be Caitlyn.
I don't know.
That was a little too heavy.
You know what, Garry? You need to get up there and check it out.
You're the ex-army guy.
[ominous music] Caitlyn's in her room snoring.
[thudding] And I hear several more footsteps.
[thudding] Like a grown man's footsteps.
I start feeling uncomfortable.
[thudding] [scary music] [eerie music] There was just nobody there.
Maybe my mind's playing tricks on me; I don't know.
[dramatic music] [dog barking] And later that night, Heather and I were getting ready to go to bed.
[eerie music] Didn't I just turn that light off? You must have forgot.
I didn't forget.
So I didn't really know what to think at that point.
I just kind of went back to bed.
[low growling] [heavy breathing] [scary music] [haunting music] .
[scary music] The closet door was partially open, and the light was on.
So I wake Heather up, and I go, "Hey, Heather.
" Check this out.
Did you leave the light on? No.
Are you messing with me? No.
Are you messing with me? No.
Then who did it? [laughter] The next day, Heather asked me to see if Westly or Kevin was upstairs maybe pulling a prank on us.
[laughter] Ooh! Were you guys upstairs messing around with the closet door? No.
Okay, guys, look.
Seriously, were you upstairs freaking me out with the closet door? - No.
- No.
The door opened by itself.
You know, Westly'd be like, "Dude, whatever.
You're just full of it.
" What do you mean it opened by itself? - Well - It's an old house.
There's electrical issues.
I told him, like, it has to be the house.
Either that, or you could be Sleepwalking.
He got really mad.
It's not an electrical issue, and I'm not imagining it.
I'm not daydreaming.
I seen what I seen.
- Whatever, man.
- Nice.
Why don't you see this slam dunk? He seemed to kind of push away a little bit from me, and I was asking him what's wrong.
What's wrong? [wind whooshing] [dramatic music] A few days later, Heather and I, we went to bed.
I have a big meeting tomorrow.
We shut the bedroom door before we laid down, as we always do.
[ominous music] [wood creaking, footsteps thudding] [low growling] [wood creaking] [scary music] [flies buzzing] On Heather's side of the bed, you can feel pressure push the bed down, as if somebody just sat on the bed.
Caitlyn? There's nobody there.
Not a person, nothing.
I've had enough of this crap! I was kind of freaking out a little bit.
Wait here.
It was very distinct.
It caused my body to move.
[tense music] Kevin.
Kevin, were you in our room? No.
What are you-no.
I was hoping to find one of my brothers playing a prank on me.
Westly, wake up! What's going on? Have you been downstairs all night? Of course.
But everyone was in bed.
Garry, just leave us alone.
[eerie music] After checking everything, I got really concerned.
[scary music] Do you see that? What? [thud] Oh, my God.
[thudding] There's a shadow going back and forth.
It didn't make any sense.
[thud] Baby, go check that out.
I am scared.
I don't know what's on the other side of this thing.
[low growling] - [screams] - [screams] [scary music] .
- [screams] - [screams] I don't want to stay here.
Let's get out of here.
I don't want to sleep here tonight.
We have a problem.
I just couldn't sleep in that room again that night.
Walked downstairs and went to sleep on the couch.
[dramatic music] I'll tuck you in.
- Okay, good night.
- Good night.
[low growling] [tense music] Out of nowhere, there was this loud bang, like glass hitting a hard surface.
What was that? [eerie music] How the hell did that happen? I don't know.
How does a glass just magically fly across a room on its own? It's not possible.
We have footsteps, we've got a closet door opening with a light on, and now we've got glasses flying across the room.
It's okay.
We're not alone.
We're sharing this house with something else.
After living in the house for a while, tensions seem to start to rise.
I felt like Garry was overreacting to most things that he was claiming that was happening.
I started getting angry, losing sleep, and the smallest things would upset me.
Do you have to make those noises? [gulps] I can't eat in my own home? Not that loudly.
Just eating in front of him he wouldn't like to hear your jaw moving.
[slurping] Hey! You gonna do these dishes? [rattling] It's just a dish.
He would be like, "Hey, can you go do these dishes?" or something, you know, and yell at me, you know.
It's not just a dish.
It's a mess.
It was just really negative.
You eat like a horse.
You leave your mess everywhere.
How hard is it "Everywhere.
" Stop exaggerating, Garry.
I'm not exaggerating.
- You are! - This is my house.
I'm asking you to put your dishes in the sink and clean up after yourself, like an adult.
Garry, I'm so sick of you, man.
You're always on my case! Caitlyn, come here.
I'm I'm speechless.
I don't know how this happened.
That was the first time I'd ever seen anything like that.
I got the goose bumps.
Do you believe me now? [dramatic music] Maybe he is telling the truth, but I didn't want to believe it.
It was just all so new to me.
[ominous music] [thudding] [thudding] We were all downstairs, so it didn't make sense.
Let's all go up together.
[thud] [tense music] We search every room up there closets, bathrooms, everything.
There's nothing here.
What? Guys, check this out.
- What happened? - I don't know, sweetie.
I don't know.
All the drawers, all the cabinets, everything were wide open.
How the hell did this just happen? This is just too weird.
There was no more shrugging it off.
There is something in this house.
There's so much on my mind that I decided I just want to get a shower.
[ominous music] Boom boom boom, coming from the ceiling.
[low growling] [booming thud] Garry? [booming thud] What was that? I don't know.
[booming thuds] It's right above us.
[screams] I just had this burning sensation on my back.
[whimpers] Hey, take a look.
And right across the middle of it You can see three claw marks.
Garry, you've got claw marks down your back.
Come here quick.
Here, look.
Here's a towel.
Come here.
Come on.
I start fearing for my life.
It's getting worse, isn't it? Now something's attacking my older brother.
That's the guy I look up to.
That's my family, you know? I felt guilty for not believing Garry now.
We can't stay in this house.
We have to go.
We can't.
You know that.
We had invested everything we had to pay the deposits to move in.
If we just broke our lease, it would be financially devastating for us.
Good night, guys.
If somebody would have told me that I'd be downstairs sleeping in the living room 'cause I'm just too terrified to sleep in my bedroom, after everything I went through in Iraq, I would tell them they were full of [bleep].
So I'm laying on the bed reading a magazine.
[thudding] Next thing I hear, "thump, thump, thump.
" I'm wondering.
I'm like, "Is that footsteps? Someone coming up the stairs?" [ominous music] I get up.
Don't see anybody in the hallway.
It's got to be the house.
Has to be the house creaking.
Laid back down and went to sleep.
[clock ticking] [wood creaking] I heard a noise in the hallway.
It felt like something was coming in my room.
[eerie music] [scary music] No! No! All of a sudden, you hear this weird scream from upstairs.
- What was that? - I don't know.
I've never been that scared in my life.
I look back over, and it was gone.
And then you hear this "thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump, thump.
" It's Kevin hauling downstairs.
- What's wrong? - [whimpers] Buddy, tell us what happened.
I just seen something.
I don't know what's going on.
I'm trying to shake Kevin.
"Dude, what the heck happened?" His hair was and horns.
Are you sure that's what you saw? Yes, Heather! Kevin's not a "show my emotions on my sleeve" kind of guy, so to see him that scared it just really threw up a red flag.
What happened, man? I came into the living room to find Kevin just, you know, crying with fear.
Something in his room.
He said, "I woke up, and there was" some figure crawling in my room.
" I looked at Garry, and I said We need to go check this out.
[ominous music] [scary music] I don't believe this.
[ominous music] I didn't know what we were gonna find up there.
We went into Kevin's room.
[scary music] [both shout] I just realized I'm chasing a shadow.
Just gonna get some blankets and stuff for Kevin.
I'm gonna try and figure out these lights.
[ominous music] [thudding] I know what footsteps sound like, and those were footsteps.
I need to know, for my own sanity, what is happening.
Who's walking around? [scary music] I see Caitlyn's door slowly shut.
[eerie music] Okay.
Where is it? [soft tapping] Then I hear this little tap sound.
[soft tapping] And then I notice a word on the window.
[ominous music] [ominous music] .
[whispering] "Zozo.
" I kept wiping and then realized that the word was written on the outside of the window.
Pretty impossible, especially since that window was on the second story.
After seeing the world that was on Caitlyn's window, I needed to find out what it meant.
[dramatic music] I found a book called the "Dictionnaire Infernal.
" It was an encyclopedia written in the mid-19th century, kind of a textbook for demons.
[ominous music] And then that's when I saw its name.
It turned out to be a demon.
Come here.
I got to show you something.
It brings ill will.
It brings bad luck.
It brings death.
It brings suicide.
And it has a traumatic impact on your family.
I started to get scared for our safety at that point.
At heart, I am a soldier.
I like to confront issues, resolve them to the best of my abilities.
I wanted to ask it to get out of the house, you know, just go somewhere else.
I found out it's heavily affiliated with Ouija boards.
I realize that the Ouija board was the most effective tool to communicate with them.
What are we gonna do? I'm gonna find a way to get rid of this thing.
We had to do something.
We were getting desperate.
So that evening, we made a Ouija board.
In the name of Jesus Christ, we ask for your protection from evil.
Let nothing but light, goodness, and love surround us this day.
Let's do this.
[sighs] We all put one finger apiece on a shot glass.
[tense music] Is anybody there? The first couple of minutes, nothing happened.
What was that? And then a really cold breeze hit the room.
[scary music] The glass started to move.
I looked around the table, and I was like Who's doing this? It's not me.
Kevin? Nope.
It started going "Yes, no, yes, no," back and forth, back and forth.
I was so shocked.
My heart was pounding.
What do you want? Garry started to ask questions "Who are you?" Why are you here? "Can you leave?" What's your name? The glass started to move, and it spelled out Z O Z O.
And it just kept doing it.
It just kept going back and forth.
There's obviously got to be something here.
We're not alone.
- I asked - What do you want? And it spelled out quickly K-I-L-L.
"- And that was a shock.
I was like, "Kill? Kill why? Kill who?" And it started to spell out G G-A-R-R-Y.
[ominous music] Oh, my God, Garry.
We have to stop.
I'm like, "That is enough.
" [thudding] [thudding] We hear footsteps, like something was pacing around us.
[thudding] I was in shock.
I was scared.
[thudding] Garry, what is that? I don't know.
That's enough! This is over! That was it for me.
I didn't want anything else to do with that board.
The fear that it brought to everybody, we just we needed to get rid of the Ouija board.
[ominous music] [indistinct chatter] For about a solid week, there was nothing.
[indistinct chatter] The tension had reduced drastically.
Everyone's getting sleep.
Everything's back to the way it was when we was young.
[laughter] [ominous music] [dog barking] Well, how does it feel to get beaten in 21 again? Yeah.
You're hilarious, brother.
[laughs] [women chatting] [thudding] Out of nowhere, you just start hearing heavy stomping.
It was so loud.
[thudding] Now I ain't scared, man.
I'm mad.
[thudding] [thudding] I don't believe this.
[thudding] Let's go see.
We're gonna call it out.
We're gonna find out what it's made of.
Garry, Wes, and me go upstairs to investigate.
[sighs] Yeah.
[thudding] My heart was pounding.
This is it.
Finally it's gonna show itself.
[dramatic music] We peeked in Garry's room.
[scary music] Dear God.
This can't be real.
[whispering] Look at the mirror.
Something was moving back and forth.
A big, black demonic figure.
I felt like I was gonna have a heart attack.
[whispering] What are you guys looking at? I can't see anything.
That's when Westly said Look in the mirror.
And I just see this big, huge shadow form.
And his response was Oh, my God.
What the hell is that? And that damn thing slowly turned its head and started charging towards us.
[roars] [ominous music] .
[whispering] Look at the mirror.
[growling] [roars] We was running for our life.
- It's coming! It's coming! - We got to go.
What's wrong? All of a sudden, the boys come charging down the steps.
[all talking at once] Very upset, worked up and scared.
We got to get the hell out of here! Calm down for a second! Everyone is freaking out, man.
To hell with this [bleep].
I snapped.
I was ready to fight.
"I said," Come down them damn stairs! I'm not scared anymore! And at that point, you hear [thudding] Boom boom, coming down the stairs.
Guys, we got to get out of here.
I'm like, "Whatever that is, it sounds massive.
" [thudding] Jeez.
Open the door! Guys, it's stuck.
It won't open! [thudding] Okay, it's gonna be okay.
You just stay right there, okay? Mommy's gonna be right back.
[thudding] My heart's just pounding, and we got nowhere to run.
[thudding] And it hit that bottom step, and you can hear this real nasty growling sound.
- Garry! - Garry! - Get back, Garry! - Get back, Garry! [growling] [thudding] I couldn't believe my eyes.
I couldn't breathe.
[scary music] This is how I die.
Garry! Get out of here! [roars] [eerie music] It looked like a shimmering cloud of broken glass.
[somber music] I turned back and looked at them.
They looked at me.
I said We're going.
We moved very shortly after that.
The house changed everybody.
We all went our separate ways, and none of us got along very well.
What happened in that house was the worst experience I've ever been through.
It pulled us apart, me and my brothers.
The places that we cleared overseas in Iraq felt safer than sleeping in that bedroom.
As long as I'm alive, I will never step foot on that property or go back to that home.
[soft music]