Paranormal Witness (2011) s05e06 Episode Script

The Mothman Curse

1 [haunting music] This guy told us that back in the '60s there had been this winged entity.
I suddenly began just getting this very strange feeling.
Is anyone there? [suspenseful music] How was I supposed to protect us against something I don't even know what it is? [wings flapping] [metal clattering] Could it throw, like, a knife? [birds cawing] Run! I'm done.
This is the end.
" What we thought couldn't get worse just got worse.
[screams] [ominous tones] [soft dramatic music] Listen to this: "Whether your passion is history, folklore, or the great outdoors" Krystle and I both worked at a gaming store.
It was your stereotypical love at first sight.
"Come visit.
A unique heritage and a warm welcome await you.
" We both loved to travel, and just kind of taking day trips and discovering new places.
We had a weekend off, and we decided to, uh, go to a little town called Point Pleasant.
Where history and rivers meet.
[bell ringing] Oh.
Right across from the hotel, there was a small shop called The Point [eerie music] And they sold souvenirs and Native American trinkets.
Jeff, look at this.
Looks real.
[monkey chatter] [shrieks and laughs] [exhales] The wall was was just plastered with newspaper clippings and pictures.
What really grabbed our attention was this really horrible tragedy that happened in Point Pleasant in the '60s.
It was the collapse of the Silver Bridge.
[dramatic music] [murmuring] - Can I help you? - [gasps] Sorry.
What happened here? Oh, now, that is a weird story.
[suspenseful music] The, uh, store owner told us that roughly a year before the bridge collapsed, there had been this winged entity that had shown up in Point Pleasant.
Everybody was seeing this thing.
It made the headlines.
This journalist here gave it a name.
He called it the Mothman.
A lot of people, when they saw the Mothman, felt this instant fear and dread, like something awful was about to happen.
[dramatic music] People began to see this creature as a harbinger of doom or an angel of death.
What are these? Well, those are bunkers.
They used to store munitions there during World War II.
There's pictures of these concrete igloos covered with grass and shrubs.
That's where The Mothman was first seen in the '60s.
It was his domain.
Can you get to the bunkers now? Oh, sure, it's a nature reserve.
You should go see it.
Shall we? So, uh, he drew us, you know, a little map.
Told us how to get there.
[eerie music] There you go.
Really simple.
We decided to just hop in the car and go check it out.
Oh, hey, guys.
If you really wanna creep yourself out As we were leaving, the guy told us to, uh, try some recordings in the bunker.
Recordings? People have recorded some strange noises.
People sometimes capture these disembodied voices on tape.
Especially when you ask questions.
Really? It wasn't really something we were interested in.
We we pretty much discounted it.
Just, you know, part of the whole folklore of the area.
Thanks anyway.
So, I mean, it was in the back of our minds, but we decided to go ahead and take off.
[bell rings] This must be it.
[eerie music] It's kind of spooky as soon as you get there.
It was almost like you were expecting something to jump out at you.
[wind blowing] - [screams and giggles] - [grunts] Stop it.
You scared? - No.
- Ah, come on.
Of course not.
[birds cawing and chirping] After about, you know, five, ten minutes, we got to this little clearing All you could see was just this huge steel door that we realized was the first bunker.
[hinges creaking] [water dripping] [echoing] Wow.
As soon as we stepped in, I mean, it wa it was just a complete transition.
Just the whole whole atmosphere in itself was just strange.
[cell phone beeps] And then I remembered what the guy at the store had told me about the recordings, so I thought, you know, "Hey, what could it hurt.
" [cell phone beeps] I went ahead and hit record, and asked a couple of questions.
Is anyone there? Is anyone listening? Is there anything you want to tell us? What is your name? As Jeff was asking the questions, I suddenly began just getting this very strange feeling.
Hello? Jeff.
Can you hear me? We're waiting.
Jeff, this is enough.
Hello? [chuckles] [wings flutter] What was that? Jeff, I don't like it here.
So, I said, "Come on, Jeff" Let's go.
Maybe a bird.
[hinges creaking] We really just chalked this feeling, uh, down to it being a strange environment.
Didn't really think much past that.
[hinges creaking] Oh, hey, let's listen to this.
We decided to go ahead and just, you know, for the fun of it, listen to the recordings that we had done in the bunker.
[cell phone beeps] We're only going to be here a few more minutes.
Cool sound effects.
Maybe you'd like to make a noise.
Even say a word.
Suddenly we heard a voice.
I'm gonna play that again.
[cell phone beeps] Maybe say a word.
This really deep, guttural, raspy, "I'm here.
" [whispers] I'm here.
[suspenseful music] It was one of the creepiest things I've ever heard in my life.
[turn signal clicking] [soft music] When we got home, I felt so much better.
We were four hours away from Point Pleasant, and the voice that we captured.
Our house was small, but you know, quaint, homey.
We we we really liked it.
It was pretty isolated, but it just felt safe.
[ominous tones] Later that day, my phone rang.
[cell phone ringing] I looked at the caller ID, and it said that it was blocked.
Hello? both: Hello? And it was just complete silence.
[cell phone beeps] [exhales] A minute later, it rang again.
[cell phone ringing] [suspenseful music] Same blocked number.
[cell phone beeps] Hello? Nothing.
[cell phone beeps] [cell phone ringing] But then it rang a third time.
[cell phone beeps] Hello? Hello? [static crackling, cell phone beeping] But this time there's beeping.
Hello? [static crackling, cell phone beeping] [cell phone beeps] I was thinking, "This is getting kind of weird, "but maybe it's just, like, "a fax machine or something like that calling my phone.
" [eerie music] [upbeat music on radio] We decided to go for dinner that night.
We just needed to go out and just relax.
I went to the bathroom to fix my makeup, and as I grabbed the doorknob [sizzles] [yelps] It was just burning hot.
Jeff? The doorknob burned my hand.
First thing I thought was, "There's a fire on the other side of the door.
" [eerie music] [soft dramatic music] Smoke? Nothing.
There was no fire.
No shorted wires.
It di it didn't make sense.
[eerie music] Jeff Look.
[whispers] I'm here.
[haunting music] I saw these huge, long-fingered handprints.
The fingers were far larger than any human's hand could ever be.
Neither of us could believe what we were seeing.
[suspenseful music] When we touched it, it was just, like, this really strange substance.
It was, like, ashy, almost soot-like.
You gotta be tricking me, right? "- I thought," This is a joke.
You've gotta be messing with me.
" Seriously, it's not me.
I just saw this, just right now.
- Krystle, come on.
- Jeff! She was emphatic to the point where it developed into an argument.
- It's your makeup, right? - You think I could do this? - It's your eye shadow! - Hey, it's not me.
Once I ruled out it being a joke, any other possibility that I'm left with is it's pretty terrifying.
Someone must be in this house.
I-I had to get to the bottom of it.
[indistinct whispering] [whispering ends] [eerie music] We decided to just leave the house.
Distance ourself from the situation.
We thought we'd be able to clear our heads and maybe think of a rational reason for this to have happened.
We we both agreed, "Let's just look things over again.
" We're gonna work this out.
We walk up the walkway, everything's as it should be.
[high-pitched shriek] [screen door shuts] Suddenly, there's this piercing shriek.
It was unlike anything I'd ever heard.
My heart just stopped.
I just didn't want to go in that house.
I thought there was somebody in there messing with me.
You know, they're scaring Krystle.
I-I'm gonna go in and put a stop to it.
- I'm going inside.
- No, don't go in.
- I have to.
- Krystle wants to leave.
No, we gotta get out of here.
"We don't know what this is" - Jeff, Jeff - "Let's go.
" I'm going inside.
Be careful.
[door opens] I hit the lights, there's nothing.
[suspenseful music] [door closes] [wings fluttering] What could make this noise? What what possibly could this be? I was just scared, period.
Something really strange was happening.
[door clicks] - It's just me.
- [sighs] You scared me.
Come here.
It's okay.
[sighs] [door closes] Anyone there? No.
Power's back on.
We're only going to be here a few more minutes.
Maybe you'd like to make a noise? Even say a word? [whispers] I'm here.
[soft dramatic music] Then we capture this voice and now this loud shrieking and handprints.
I had started wondering if the two were connected.
[eerie music] [car engine droning] I was on my way home from work one night, 9:30, 10:00, pretty late.
The things that had been happening were obviously in the back of my mind.
[car engine sputtering] [car engine stalls] All of a sudden, I lost power in the vehicle.
[engine grinds] [engine grinds] I was just dead in the road.
I don't know what to do.
I don't have cell service.
I can't call anybody.
I'm just in the middle of nowhere really.
[wings fluttering] [suspenseful music] I started to feel uneasy.
There there's something wrong.
I don't know what it is, but some something's definitely amiss.
I was sitting at home waiting for Jeff to come home from work and [cell phone ringing] My phone rang.
I just felt a sense of dread as soon as I saw that it was a blocked number.
Hello? Hello? [unintelligible voices] And there was just these garbled voices.
I just wanted Jeff to come home so badly.
[engine grinds] [engine grinds] [engine turning over] About ten minutes later, I tried again, it fires right up.
It was just like nothing was ever wrong.
Everything was normal.
[eerie music] A couple miles up the road, I see what looks to be a hitchhiker.
It's really desolate.
He he's never gonna get picked up.
[heart beating] As I get closer, I realize this guy's wearing this long robe.
[tires squeal] I had no idea what was going on.
[haunting music] I'd never seen anybody move that quickly.
[dramatic music] I was so freaked out, I just put my foot down.
[gurgling] [cell phone ringing] [ominous music] It was Jeff, thankfully.
[eerie music] He just sounded terrified.
Are you sure it wasn't just, like, a person? A hitchhiker? It wasn't a hitchhiker.
It couldn't have been.
It was too fast.
I've seen animals that move like that, but not people.
It was just horrible.
You're supposed to feel safe and secure at home, and instead, it just it just felt like you were imprisoned.
[ominous tones] And I thought I heard something.
[eerie music] [bed creaking] [ominous tones] [suspenseful music] I see this silhouette back and forth.
[ominous flourish] What's going on? There was something here in this room.
I thought he was dreaming.
Maybe he just saw a shadow of something.
Did I fabricate this in my mind? It was standing right here! Did I see it as I thought I did? Was it actually there? [eerie music] [cabinet squeaks] [cabinet squeaks] [cabinet squeaks] When I heard that sound, I knew that it was the cabinet opening.
I've heard it a million times.
[suspenseful music] [eerie music] The cabinet has a little lip on the edge.
There was just no way that the glass could have fell off on its own.
It was like something was trying to make sure we knew that it was right there with us in our home.
[soft music] After the glass came out of the cabinet and just shattered everywhere, things got really quiet for a week or two.
I thought, "Hey, maybe this is over now.
Maybe whatever is happening is done.
" We looked back and and wondered if we had worked ourselves up.
You know, the power of suggestion.
Maybe the shelf had come loose and the glass just busted.
Maybe the guy by the road was a hitchhiker.
Maybe what I'd seen in the bedroom was just a figment of my imagination.
[ominous tones] [clattering] [eerie music] [metal tinkling] [glass shatters] What the hell? [clatters] Our spoons are in the kitchen where they belong.
I have no idea how one gets from the kitchen to the bedroom bent at a 90 degree angle.
[clattering] [suspenseful music] [clattering continues] Now things are being thrown, objects are being moved.
It just went to a whole nother level.
If it can do this to spoons, what else could it do? Could it throw, like, a knife? [clattering] It totally unnerved me.
How was I supposed to protect us against something I don't even know what it is? Let alone how to fight back.
[eerie music] We, at this point, realized, whatever is continuing to plague us started in Point Pleasant.
We didn't even want to admit to each other that it could be Mothman 'cause it just sounded silly.
I mean, Mothman, but, uh, we didn't know what else it could be.
351,000 results.
We had to do something before it escalated even further.
We researched as much as we could online, we we we read as many books as we could find.
When we'd read about all of the experiences the other eyewitnesses had encountered, we we were blown away at how at how remarkably similar they were to ours.
[suspenseful music] [high-pitch shriek] We weren't by ourselves.
This this had happened before.
People had made it through these types of situations, so there was still hope for us.
We started to connect the dots.
Could something have followed us home from the TNT Area? Could that be where this nightmare began? [dramatic music] Listen to this.
Faye Dewitt, it says that she was attacked by the Mothman in 1966.
She reported it to the police.
This thing was tangible.
I couldn't believe what I was really seeing.
I just know it was real.
All of a sudden, this thing was running right beside the car.
[suspenseful music] I was hitting my brother's leg telling him to hurry.
"Hurry up.
Get us out of here.
" It just followed right along with us like it was no problem whatsoever.
So my brother did a hard turn into the TNT loading dock.
We were trapped so he slammed on his brakes.
And in the blink of an eye, that thing jumped right on the hood of our car.
We were sitting there frozen.
We were afraid if we made the least move That it'll come through the windshield or something.
How do you know it wasn't just a man? Because it had wings.
It jumped off the car, run maybe ten feet Opened up the biggest wings Like you had never seen.
It just flew into the dark.
You're sure about this, are you? I know what I saw.
We knew then that we needed to go back to Point Pleasant.
Back to the bunker where we captured the voice.
We just wanted to go and confront it to tell it, "You need to stop.
You need to leave us alone.
'" We needed to communicate with whatever this is to make it all go away.
[birds cawing] It was the last place we wanted to go.
We knew what resided here.
We knew what what it was capable of.
[suspenseful music] The closer we got to the bunker, the more apprehensive I felt.
It was just overwhelming feeling of dread.
[hinges creaking] [eerie music] I can't go in.
You stay here.
My throat was tightening up.
My chest felt tight.
What do you want from us? Everything starts to come rushing back.
Everything that it did to make me feel helpless.
You need to stop.
Leave us alone.
I was so scared.
Whatever this was, it was so strong, and he was standing there taunting it.
[suspenseful music] This is over! All of a sudden, I felt like the air was just completely closing in on me.
Don't ever leave! It was just the most oppressive thing I've ever felt in my life.
I just knew that something was gonna happen.
- [gasps] - I fly backwards a good six or seven feet.
He only said one word Run! [haunting music] Run! [breathing heavily] [suspenseful music] It just felt like whatever was in there was coming after us.
[high-pitched shriek] [grunts] My foot caught something - [high-pitched shriek] - And I was just thinking, "That's it.
I'm done.
This is the end.
" [breathing heavily] Thank God it's you.
Are you okay? - Yes, let's go.
- Get up, come on.
both: Let's go.
[engine revving] We we still had our hopes up that this was the turning point.
That we could now regain control of our lives.
[eerie music] The following night, I was waiting for Jeff to come home from work.
I was kind of anxious for him to hurry up 'cause I didn't really like being by myself at that point.
I decided to just jump in the shower.
I was just washing my hair [suspenseful music] I see a hand up against the shower curtain.
Jeff? I didn't know you were back already.
Okay, very funny.
You wanna come in? [eerie music] There's no one there.
Jeff? Jeff, are you home? [suspenseful music] Jeff? [screams] [whimpers] Just knowing that I had a thin layer of plastic between my hand and whatever this thing is, it was so terrifying.
[eerie music] [bird caws] [upbeat music on car stereo] I was driving home along highway 219, listening to the radio.
I'm afraid [wings fluttering] In the midnight hour [wings fluttering] [eerie music] As we round this bend [tires squeal] [suspenseful music] I see this thing.
[high-pitch shriek] It was like seeing the devil himself.
Once it disappeared into the tree line, I just take off.
[gears grinding] [engine revs] I was in total shock.
I just saw this thing that every sane individual would tell you doesn't exist.
[soft dramatic music] What we thought couldn't get worse just got worse.
[eerie music] [cell phone ringing] [suspenseful music] My phone rings I answered it.
Hello? [static] [whispers] I'm going to eat your light.
"I'm going to eat your light.
" [ominous music] It was that voice, but so much more intense.
- Jeff? - It just felt like pure evil.
Jeff? Jeff? It's now gotten to where it's threatening us and it was just very unsettling and scary.
[breathing heavily] All I could do was just try to push it out of my head and try to not even think about it.
[hinges creaking] Something just whizzed right past my face.
[suspenseful music] This goopy, sticky substance.
I have no idea what it was.
Jeff? Jeff? Let me out, Jeff! Jeff! Jeff! What's going on? I don't know, there's something coming at me.
All of a sudden, I just felt this whack, and it hit me right square in the back.
Jeff? What's going on? Jeff? I don't unde- where's this coming from? - I have no idea! What? [screams] - Stop! - Out of nowhere, whack, whack, whack.
I just panicked.
- Jeff! - The scariest thing was not knowing where it was coming from.
[haunting music] - I don't care what this is.
- [grunting] [screams] [crying] [suspenseful music] I can't! Jeff! She was literally at a breaking point.
I can I'm standing right there completely helpless.
I I'm unable to protect her or stop whatever this is.
[sobbing] [soft dramatic music] The the stuff was everywhere.
It was just made me sick to my stomach.
There's no ruptured pipes.
Windows closed and locked.
There was no explanation.
We gotta move out of here.
[somber music] We decided to move home.
We just wanted to put everything behind us.
I was really sad.
It was our first home.
There's so many memories there.
It felt like this thing had came in our home and succeeded in scaring us out.
Before we left, we actually said out loud Whatever you are, stay here.
Don't follow us.
"You have no control over us anymore.
" You cannot come.
[clatters] [suspenseful music]