Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e05 Episode Script

The Stranger

1 We've come pretty far.
Have we? Are you busy tomorrow? Not really Then let's go a little farther.
There's a spot with a great view of the city lights.
What's this belt for? C'mon.
Don't tell me this is your first time in a car.
Hey, what are you doing? My organs are in shambles This body will die.
What about the man? I see.
So that's what the belt is for.
I have no choice but to relocate to this man's body.
I should go for his head.
Male or female, controlling his body shouldn't be that different.
Sever the head, fuse, and regenerate.
I must complete it all in an instant.
What's the matter? Move.
Move Parasyte The Maxim The Stranger Ugh, crap! I'm running late! Why didn't you wake me up? You slept in because your body wanted more sleep.
Sleep is beneficial.
Yeah, yeah.
Your well-being is my well-being.
Although it's minimal, you're no longer pure.
I wonder what she meant by that.
My physical body is linked to your brain through your nerves and bodily fluids.
That may be the reason.
Huh? What I mean is that your brain may be undergoing changes, as well.
Tamiya Ryoko realized that, and detected something "inhuman" about you.
"Inhuman"? Except for my right hand, I'm human, aren't I? I'm not so sure.
In particular, it would not be surprising if you've changed at the psychological level.
Going to sleep.
Hey, hang on! No longer pure? Interesting I won't kill you, after all.
No, I am a normal human being.
Something's Something's changed.
You know, you've changed recently.
No, I haven't! I have no desire to kill and eat people! Hey, stand up! What's the matter? Huh? Nagai! Quit it! Who the hell are you? He's my classmate.
Izumi That's your reason? I don't know the whole story, but isn't this going too far? You awake now, Four-Eyes? Want another one? Don't.
I'm starting to pity him.
We just want to talk to your buddy here.
One of the most incomprehensible elements of the human psyche is altruism: doing something for someone else, even at a cost to yourself.
I just cannot fathom it.
The human psyche? Hey, stand up.
That's right! Humans are different from parasites! I I said, "stop!" If you're going to fight him, you should do it fair and square.
Are you being serious? Y-Yeah.
I might regret this now.
Don't you think that's enough? Not yet.
I hate posers like him.
Shit I forgot to warn Migi in advance.
That's enough! It's pathetic, beating up someone so weak.
Looks like you get to live.
Why'd you butt in when you're too weak to fight? Who are you? Hey, let's go, Kana.
You okay, Nagai? Are you stupid or something? Yeah, I think that was pretty stupid myself.
But that's what separates us humans from animals.
Hey, what happened to your face? Oh, nothing worth mentioning.
I asked him, too, but he won't tell me.
Wait, were you in a fight? Hey, Izumi.
I heard from Nagai.
You took on Mitsuo's crew? I didn't "take them on.
" They took me out.
I didn't have a chance.
They've been throwing their weight around lately.
Let me know if anything happens.
S-Sure You're So you have a girlfriend.
You still want something with me? Why didn't you run away this morning? Huh? No real reason You defended him just because he was your classmate and you got beat up.
He's not normal, is he? What? That's uncalled for.
Let's go.
Don't be such a poser.
You act all high and mighty, but who knows what you're doing behind our backs? What's her deal? It's nothing.
Kana Stop! Izumi-kun! Murano! Izumi-kun! There you are, poser.
L-Let her go.
I don't think so.
But you can go home.
What? Ow.
Izumi-kun! Go home! Stop acting like a hero! Stop it! You're pathetic Shinichi.
Migi, go back to sleep.
Don't interfere.
That depends on how far this goes.
Don't worry For your reference, I will tell you how strong they are.
If your strength is a 10, he is an 18, the one on her right is a 13, and the two on her left are 14 and 12.
What's your point in telling me this now? Even dogs and cats have the ability to measure their opponents' strength.
Animals avoid fights they cannot win.
So what? Stop! There are times humans can't back down from a fight! That's the difference between us.
Migi, my right hand isn't responsive enough.
Give me full control! What're you muttering about? Why won't he run? Let her go.
If you refuse W-Wait, idiot! "If we refuse," what? You'll run and tell your mommy? Cut it out, Mitsuo.
K-Kana Just what do you think you're doing? Kamijo Nagai The majority attacking the minority.
They make better animals than you, Shinichi.
We're gonna pay you back in full for what you did.
You think you've won just because you've got more people? Stupid hick! Shut your damn mouth! Damn.
These sex organs are structured very differently from female ones.
I can't control them very well What's the matter? I can't move It's rejecting me? Damn.
I can't even use a body of the opposite sex now.
It needs to be a woman.
Leaving the city was a mistake.
I need to find another woman and relocate again.
You don't have to do this.
It's not like I can't walk.
It's okay.
I'll walk you home.
I'm really sorry.
It's nothing you need to apologize for, Murano.
Ow! Huh? Your right hand isn't even scratched.
See? Even though your left hand's all roughed up You're right.
Hey, do you think I'm weird? What? Am I not normal? Yeah, you're not normal at all.
How? You're cool.
I don't think normal people would go that far for someone else.
Is that a compliment? Of course.
You're the only one I know who'd go that far, even knowing you can't win.
I see.
I'm glad.
My parents aren't here today.
Do you want to stay over? Nah, I'm gonna go home.
How disappointing.
I thought I would get to see human intercourse.
Go back to sleep.
Who're you talking to? You followed me home? I just came to apologize.
It's fine, then.
Oh? So we're all good, then.
At least, you and I are good.
Um Okay.
I'm beat.
You should be wary of that woman.
Though weak, it appears she has the ability to sense wavelengths that only we parasites can.
But she's human, right? Murano is also quite perceptive, but that woman is on another level entirely.
You should stay as far away from her as you can.
Okay What a beautiful sunset.
Yeah, this was worth rushing over in a taxi.
I'd like to bring Shinichi here someday.
He's never far from your mind, is he? Nobuko What? Your diet seems unbalanced.
It's not like you can tell how it tastes.
Your mother made nutritionally balanced meals.
I can eat like that again tomorrow.
It's from a public phone.
Shinichi? Dad.
Y-Your mom Huh? What about Mom? N Nobuko's In any case, I'm going to the police, and I'll get that monster Dad! Dad?! "Monster"? It can't be Was Mom Shinichi, what's wrong? Dad Mom Where are you? Where is that? We'll just decide our next stop as we go along.
It'll be so relaxing to be carefree like that.
Dad Where's Mom? That monster She's not a monster! She's Mom! Shinichi Mom! He hasn't called again since.
If I only knew where they were Shinichi, you must rest.
" That's what Dad said on the phone.
That can only mean you guys.
Wait, Shinichi.
One of my kind has appeared.
It is coming this way.
This is all your fault.
I was against the trip in the first place, but because you said it'd be fine I did not say it'd be fine.
I said that in terms of probability, somewhere less populated— Shut up! I should've told them when you took over my right hand! I understand that you have many things you'd like to say to me, but right now, please stay focused on the battle before you.
No, you can just be mentally prepared.
I will kill it in one strike before it can ascertain whether we are friend or foe.
I can't face it unarmed.
I'm full of hate right now.
Hate for those damn monsters! It's stopped moving.
It's already at the front door.
It unlocked the door? Mom Mom? That man has not returned? Mom Shinichi, no.
It is not her! Welcome back.
Hey, that's weird.
Mom? What is going on here? Why have you taken over his hand? It took your mother's head.
What? My right hand? Oh, this I should've told you about him earlier, but you know.
I mean, this would've really freaked you out, right? Shinichi, she is not— Shut up! So that man must have died.
No, I need to go back and confirm one more time.
Shinichi, your knife is in my way.
Move it away! I mean, it's not natural to have a talking right hand.
Right, Mom? The right hand, huh? How unfortunate.
Unable to take his head, you are now under human control.
Mom! I'll tell you everything I've been hiding from you, so please stop kidding around.
Shinichi, snap out of it.
Your mother is no longer— Shut up! Shut up! You're the monster! Shin— Keep talking and I'll chop you right off! Mom Mom You remember, right? That scar on your hand Seeing it always makes me feel guilty and makes me want to apologize to you.
Mo— Shinichi! M om The Sun Rises Again Next time: "The Sun Rises Again.