Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

The Sun Rises Again

1 Parasyte The Maxim The Sun Also Rises I pierced the heart.
Your human host died instantly.
You'll follow in a matter of minutes.
Accept your fate as one who failed to seize the head.
There's no time to lose.
A direct hit to the heart cannot be repaired in mere minutes.
Yet, if I do nothing, Shinichi's brain will die.
Which means My only option is to merge myself with his heart.
While I seal the hole in his heart, I must maintain his heart function, as well as circulate blood within myself.
She seems to have successfully relocated to her current host's head, but what I am about to embark on is a far riskier venture.
All right, I think I can make this work.
But I cannot expect spontaneous recovery.
I should gradually recruit cells from all over his body to augment the healing of his wound.
At the same time, I will gradually return to his right hand through his blood stream.
What? Izumi-kun's absent again today? Yeah.
Our homeroom teacher tried calling his home, but no one's picking up.
That worries me Want to swing by on our way home? Sure.
Oh, but I don't know his address.
I do.
I went home with Izumi-kun the other day.
What? Hey, hey! Since when are you and Izumi-kun a thing? No! That's not it It's not? Then what is it? It's none of your business, Akiho! Don't butt in! Why not? C'mon! So is Izumi dating Murano? Shut up! C'mon, tell me.
Oh, drop it, Akiho.
Sugar, huh.
The hole's been sealed.
It looks more like it's been fused shut than sewn up.
Migi? Did Migi heal me? S So, it wasn't a dream.
Hello? Oh, we finally got a hold of you.
I'm calling from Sakurazaki Hospital.
Is this where Izumi Kazuyuki-san lives? Yes Did something happen to Dad?! Yes, but he is fine.
He's asleep right now, but his life is not in any danger.
So, when you come to visit, can you bring things like clothes and— I'll come right away! Izumi-kun? Oh, um I just came by because you haven't been at school You'd mentioned that your parents were away traveling, too, so I thought maybe you've been at home sick and alone Dad got hurt on his trip.
What? Then your mom must be stuck dealing with it alone I won't be back at school for a while.
I-Izumi-kun Shinichi-kun! Y-You'll come back, right? I'll kill her! Dad saw her in that form before he ran away.
That's why she looked up our address and came all the way here.
That man has not returned? How did she find our address? In their luggage, or at their hotel? I bet she'll eventually figure out which hospital Dad's in, too.
I have to hurry Hurry Um Excuse me.
Are you okay? You seem really troubled.
Are you from Sakurazaki? Huh? Yeah.
Then you know where Sakurazaki Hospital is, right? Oh, yeah.
I'm familiar with it.
Sakurazaki Hospital So it was on the 18th, at dusk, when your wife was murdered? Yes.
Has Has my wife's body been found? Izumi-san Your wife is alive.
What?! On the 18th, the day you fell into the sea, your wife returned alone to the hotel after 9:00 PM.
That's impossible! She spoke with the front desk staff, saying you had to leave early on urgent business, but that she'd stay one more night.
Then she checked out the next morning.
No That's not possible It was an imposter.
But the staff saw the burn mark on Nobuko-san's right arm, and they're sure that's who they saw.
I believe your deep psychological shock is causing the reality you saw before the fall and the nightmare you had after the fall to become jumbled together.
That was no nightmare.
I know it wasn't! It's here.
Thank you.
Bye! Yes, he's down that way.
Dad! Shinichi D-Da— I'm sorry I made you worry.
M-Mom is It hurts so much I can barely speak from the grief, yet I have no tears Are you okay, Shinichi? Mom's Shinichi About Mom She got caught up in some accident, and we don't know where she is.
What?! Dad Y-You saw, didn't you? Saw what? You mean Yeah I apparently had a nightmare because I hit my head.
A nightmare? That's a lie! I've asked the police to look for her.
I'll need to stay here for a while yet, but it's nothing serious.
What are you saying? How can you say all this, Dad?! Shinichi, did something happen at home? You know something happened! Mom was murdered! By a monster! I said that kind of nonsense on the phone? Sorry! I'm so sorry! I was wrong! What? Does he really think he dreamed it all up? Shinichi, I'm going to be okay.
I want you to take it easy for two or three days, then go back home.
I know it's tough, but hang in there for just a little longer.
If you have any problems, go to your uncle in Chiba— Dad, I need to talk to you about something.
It's about Mom and the monster— Shinichi! Please I can't talk about that right now.
Dad He's crying.
So he does know.
He knows Mom's dead.
I wish I could tell him what the monster actually is! Tell him what kind of creature killed Mom! If only Migi was a true ally to humanity! I brought some clothes.
Shinichi, where are you going to stay? I'll stay here.
But you can't get a good night's rest here.
There's supposedly a hotel near the beach, so you should go stay there.
A hospital Wait, Migi's asleep.
Maybe this is my chance to reveal him.
No, now isn't the time! I need his abilities to both find and fight the enemy! It's pathetic, but I have no choice but to rely on him right now! What? Sakurazaki Hotel's that far from here? It's not that far.
It's only about 300 meters away.
300 meters That's right on the edge of Migi's ability to detect the enemy.
It'll be too late if we detect her as she shows up at the hospital.
Inn Namiki 50m down the hill It's right behind the hospital.
This is perfect.
Excuse me.
Will it be just you staying here? Oh, you're Mom! We have a guest! Dad must've seen Mom get killed I'll eventually have to tell him everything I know.
But right now, I have to keep Dad alive and avenge Mom! Um, your meal's ready for you downstairs.
I can easily sense people.
Are the walls that thin, or did my hearing improve? Inn Namiki Shinichi I thought about keeping it to myself, but I decided to tell you.
It's important.
Your feelings towards your family are quite strong.
In comparison, your feelings toward me are not as No, rather, I know you think of me more as a nuisance.
While we are allies, we may also be enemies who belong to two different species.
What's your point? The day I repaired your damaged body, I also underwent change during the process.
Change? I now have a weakness.
A weakness that others of my kind do not have.
For about four hours a day, I fall asleep.
That's it? You've slept before.
It's not the same.
Until now, even if I was asleep, the slightest thing would wake me up.
For example, if you were surprised, if your breathing became uneven, or if one of my kind showed up 300 meters away.
One of your kind That's right.
But now, I'm unable to detect any of that when I'm asleep.
So, should an enemy appear during those four hours, it'd mean the end for us both.
I had to detach from your right arm for a long time in order to repair your heart.
My physiology was slightly altered as a result.
Why didn't you tell me something that important?! It appears you harbor strong animosity toward me now that one of my kind has killed your mother.
It is dangerous to tell an enemy about one's weakness.
That's why I didn't tell you until now.
But I have decided that continuing to keep you in the dark would be even more dangerous.
Do you understand now? I don't think of you as an enemy anymore, Migi.
You saved my life.
That is not entirely precise.
Your life sustains my life, as well.
Namiki Diner Morning! Oh.
Good morning.
Huh? Your color looks better today.
You were more haggard yesterday.
I guess you got a good night's rest.
Sakurazaki Hospital Oh, thanks.
It must've been a while since you last read the paper.
I lost both my tablet and my cell when I fell into the sea.
We'll have to replace them once we get home.
Yeah What's your plan? I'll stay here a while longer and see how things go.
While Migi is in deep sleep, I have to use my own eyes to keep watch.
When possible, I'll have Migi sleep during broad daylight when people are around and the risk of attack is small.
What would be her approach? Migi told me not to fight until he was awake, but I won't have a choice if she suddenly comes at me.
Besides, I could never run away from Mom's killer! Hello.
Hey, uh Makiko-chan, right? You can call me Maki.
Were you sitting here all this time? Are you that worried about your dad? I guess.
It's not like there's much else to do.
I see.
Hey, do you have a girlfriend? Huh? Shinichi! We have company! It's just about 300 meters away, in the direction of the beach.
She's here! Maki-chan! Which road leads to the beach? What? You can just keep going on the road you take to my place— Hey, wait! But if you stay on that road, you'll hit a seawall! Hey! Wait! Wait! He's so fast! Shinichi, I need to confirm.
Confirm what?! Is it acceptable to kill her? Yes! Just thinking about how she's still out loose in the world makes my blood boil! I told you to wait, but you just up and ran off.
To get to the beach, you have to circle around that way— Seriously?! Something just went out of sight at the other end.
That's her! Shinichi, there's another thing I need to tell you.
It's about you.
I've only just become certain of it myself, but— Save it for later! I won't let you get away! I'll make you pay! You'll pay for killing Mom! Don't you move! Dark Night's Passing Next time: "Dark Night's Passing.