Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Dark Night's Passing

1 Don't move! It's not her? It wasn't her But this one's a monster, too, right?! H-Hang on a second! What is it, Migi? He still has his human brain.
What?! Huh, now this is pretty unusual.
Just the hand, huh? Whoa! H-How is that a human brain?! N-No, he's right! It's really— It's the real deal, see? It's true, Shinichi.
His brain is intact.
From the lower half of his face to the front of his neck, and perhaps down to his chest is where That's right.
So we're in the same boat! Parasyte The Maxim Dark Night's Passing A year after I got married, my wife ran off.
She didn't say why, but I think she got sick of my easygoing, indecisive personality But I didn't have the guts to actually kill myself.
It's beautiful A s-snake?! Go away! Shoo! Shoo! And then I'll finish.
Your right hand should have some recollection of this, too.
At first, "take over the brain" is our only goal, so I was working my way toward the brain.
But What's going on? The host is not breathing.
This body will soon die.
Forget taking his brain I'm about to die with him.
I merged with his body as it approached a near-death state, and I see.
So, yeah, that's how I Let me talk, too When I give you control over my upper body, I can't be as dynamic when I talk! Shut up! But this sure was a surprise.
When this guy suddenly said one of his own kind was coming closer, I wasn't sure what kind of monster I'd see.
But it was a relief to see you.
Man, I didn't know there were others like me! So, tell me.
What's the story behind your right hand? Yeah, tell us.
But before I do that, can we go somewhere else? I'm Izumi Shinichi.
This is Migi.
It's just that we need to stay close to a certain location.
Oh, I'm Uda Mamoru.
You can just call him Parasite.
Yeah, Parasite's just fine.
He's gone.
Where'd he go? That's horrible.
It's too cruel! And that's why you've stayed near this hospital all this time It must be so hard on you.
I don't think I could bear it.
Right Why does this guy cry so much? I really don't get humans.
I sometimes feel the same way.
Migi has a very proper way of speaking, doesn't he? Huh? Oh I think it's probably because he's read so many books.
I learned human speech from TV.
He loves watching movies, see, and he's always crying over them.
Crying's pretty unique to humans, huh? Just be quiet for a second! I work at a hotel in the next town over.
I'll let you know the moment this "enemy" of yours shows up.
Let us help you! I mean, you're the first person like me I've ever met! He really does cry a lot But I'm also glad.
I didn't know there were others like me That I had allies! Shinichi Shinichi! What do you want at this time of night? It's important.
I thought about telling you during the day, but since Uda and his parasite showed up, I missed my chance.
Remember what happened, Shinichi.
You ran at the speed of an Olympic athlete, and leapt more than three meters high.
What? You didn't realize it? Then allow me to explain.
First, about my own body This requires practice, you know.
If I just split in two, each of us is capable of thought and speech.
But if I split into fragments that are too small, our intelligence is diminished to the point that we will become incapable of thought, much less rejoining the others.
We'd shrivel up and die in no time.
Whoa So, when I split into multiple selves, I issue a mental directive in advance A mantra, if you will.
"Come back together as one.
" O-Okay, I see.
However, there are places where even the smallest of my fragments can survive.
Somewhere with a constant flow of fresh blood Namely, anywhere within your body.
My Wait, Migi, you— That's right.
The Migi who's talking to you right now only accounts for about 70 percent of my original self.
When I closed the hole in your heart, I issued a directive to return to your right hand via your bloodstream.
But your restored heart was much stronger than I'd expected, so my fragments scattered throughout your body.
They have become so small that I can no longer communicate with them.
What the And here I thought nothing could possibly surprise me anymore.
If you didn't exhibit any physiological changes, I was going to keep quiet about it.
Yes? You said throughout my body.
Does that include my brain? I don't know.
But the fragments are not conscious, and I doubt they would bother to infiltrate capillaries.
Do you have some concern? No, it's nothing major.
I may just be imagining it.
At that time, I felt like my heart would burst from all the emotions welling up inside me, but I still couldn't cry.
It was the same earlier today, too.
Uda-san cried like a baby when he met someone like him for the first time, but I Crying's pretty unique to humans, huh? The hole in my heart, huh? Maki-chan.
Oh, you knew I was here? Do I look like a normal human being to you? Huh? S-Sure.
Why? Jeez, what's your deal? You get your answer, and that's it? You don't tell me anything.
Huh? Back on the boat, and now, too You have this terrible look on your face sometimes, like Like you're crying inside! I-It makes me worry about you.
Just forget it! It's Uda-san.
It's here! A parasite! We think it must be your enemy! And she's heading straight here? No, she seems to have noticed us and is coming closer.
We'll do our best to keep her here until you come.
Do you know what you're saying?! If she realizes you still have your human brain, she'll attack, no matter what you tell her! What? She's a hundred meters away.
Hurry! Get out of there! O-Okay! I'll follow the cape and head to the town where you are now! Shinichi, I'm detecting one parasite.
One? That must be Uda-san.
Hurry up! She'll catch up to us! Th-This is the best I can do! Looks like she's able to maximize the potential of the human body.
We don't stand a chance against her.
Let's make a break for it! We can't! Shinichi-kun and Migi will be here soon.
We have to work together to beat her! Then go that way! We'll have a better chance there.
You can sense the other one? No I'm tired You've got to be kidding me! I can't stay awake any longer Wake up, Migi! Are you going to let Uda-san and his parasite die?! At least I can leave you this.
Hey! If you can, run.
Choose your own survival It'll be fine.
If I can join forces with Uda-san and Parasite Hey, the path ends here.
Isn't this bad? No, even if she catches up to us, you and Shinichi can flank her here.
You're the second one I've met whose brain is intact.
But to me, you are just a hindrance.
I will finish you now.
Huh! So this is what the "finished product" that we're supposed to be looks like! Where? Where is she?! I I'm gonna die! You are pathetic.
Compared to my host that has unified with me, the human that you reside in is sluggish.
Yeah, tell me about it.
Not to mention, his breathing's so uneven that even I'm getting tired.
But this chick's attacks follow a pretty simple pattern, as if she's only targeting one spot on our body This fight is over.
Die now.
In cases like yours, when it's unclear how far the parasite's influence reaches, destroying the heart is the most effective approach.
I guessed as much Another one? But something's not right.
The signal's too weak, as if the parasite is asleep.
Why?! I killed you! Was my aim off? No, that's impossible.
How did you survive getting stabbed in the heart? I suppose I should've cut your head off, as well.
This is cruel.
Even the voice is the same.
I won't waste any time killing you! That's right Come! A monster should look like one! I'll kill you, too.
"Too"? Then, is Uda-san His right hand's signal is weak.
It's as though it's hibernating.
If that's true, then what can one lone human possibly accomplish? He evaded my attacks?! No, humans don't have that kind of agility Impossible! I see it! I can see each move she makes! It's totally different from when I fought A! Now I see! When they move, they're morphing at incredible speeds! Inconceivable! Uda-san! He was the only one The only one in the world who could understand! Damn you! How? How can he move so fast? The neck Just aim for the neck up! I'll kill you! Now! Without a moment's delay! I'll kill you! He can't be human! He's not human! Mom! Mom, I'm going to I'm going to hack that monster out of you right now! Shit! Die.
Uda-san! Th-This isn't your mom, of course.
But I don't think you should be the one to finish her.
Why? Why are you also alive? I figured out your pattern of attack.
You always went right for our heart.
So I shifted the positions of our heart and vital organs right before you struck.
Mom It's over.
It's over now Thank you for your hospitality.
Hey, I'll see you to the hospital! Did you finish what you needed to do? Yeah, I did.
Hey, come back to do some sightseeing next time.
No, I don't think I'll ever come back.
No! I mean Just sometime.
It can be a long time from now.
Sakurazaki Hospital Goodbye.
I hope you'll understand when I say Um, how should I put this I just want you to believe me when I say That right until the end No, even now, your mom loves you.
And I love you and Mom, too.
Dad, I want to ask you something.
About your dream Um In the nightmare you had, did Mom, well suffer at all? No, it all happened so fast.
I see.
Shinichi? Nishi Fukuyama Station South Exit It's him.
He's close! Izumi-kun? Izumi-kun! He's back! Izumi-kun! Hey.
Freezing Point Next time: "Freezing Point.