Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

Freezing Point

1 If I recall correctly, your host is physically in its late teens, yes? Yeah, that sounds about right.
Then I believe I'll ask you to do this.
I'd like you to keep a close eye on the boy and observe without killing him.
Is there any point to that? Yes.
He poses some danger to us, but he is also a valuable asset in determining our future as a species.
Izumi Shinichi, huh Parasyte The Maxim Freezing Point Yo.
Mitsuo! Kana.
You going to see him again? "Him"? The guy trying to pretend he's a hero.
Let me through.
I'm going home.
What's with you, Kana? You're hurting me.
Let go.
Don't tell me you're actually into him.
That's none of your business.
Kamijo, look.
Mitsuo? Hey, you bum.
Are you back to nab another girl? Is he here? "He"? That poser called Izumi or whatever.
What gives you the right to Hey, there he is.
Hey, Izumi! Mitsuo wants a word with you! Oh, you again.
Who the hell are you? Here again? Can you keep it brief? I have to meet up with someone.
Did you bang Kana? Huh? Oh, Kana's that girl— Don't play dumb, you bastard! You've got it all wrong.
I haven't even seen her recently, and I was away on a trip before that.
A trip? Anyway, there's your answer.
Screw that! Don't.
It's not going to go like it did last time.
Why, you Hey, are you okay? Izumi-kun! I heard about what's going on from Kamijo-kun at the school gate.
It's fine.
Nothing's going on.
I'll leave your shoe here.
Hey, want to stop in here? I'm starving.
Izumi-kun, did something happen on your trip? Huh? You're so different now.
I was just using my dad's injury as an excuse to ditch school for a bit.
Izumi-kun You are Izumi Shinichi-kun, right? Well, I wonder about that.
Oh, c'mon.
I'm me, of course.
And you're Murano Satomi-san, right? Yup! Oh! I can sense it He's coming closer! Why do I know that? Soon, he'll come up those stairs See, I knew it! I'm home.
Oh, Shinichi.
Hungry? I ate something.
What about you? I'm not hungry.
Try to go easy on the drinking.
You should eat something, too.
Yeah I looked it up online, and they recommend hiring a housekeeper in this kind of situation.
In what kind of situation? Well, like When your mom— When someone who used to handle your meals suddenly isn't around anymore How can you even think of Never mind.
If you think hiring a housekeeper is a good idea, go ahead.
I wonder if something's wrong with my heart.
Like what? I can't cry anymore.
Oh, that's all? I feel like I've lost something.
Something that's an important part of being human.
That's senseless.
Since Migi's cells scattered throughout my body, my senses have become very acute.
My hearing is one example.
If I focus Oh, my! Hashimoto-san's son? Yes! Isn't that shocking?! Moving on to traffic information Metro Expressway 4 is currently experiencing a 10-kilometer traffic jam due to an accident Pigs! accident accident accident accident Pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs, pigs! What's wrong? Oh, nothing! I just heard something Izumi-kun? Sorry, can you go on ahead without me? It's calling Calling for help.
Can we save him? Its internal organs are mush.
They're irreparable.
It'll die within ten minutes.
Sorry We can't help you.
But this is better than dying in a noisy place like that, right? Izumi-kun This guy's about to die.
I was kind of scared.
Huh? I thought that you'd changed.
I mean, you used to be a bit more nervous before.
But that's what I found kind of cute about you.
It made me feel safe.
But since the trip, I thought you had become kind of cold.
I guess I was just imagining it, though.
You're being so kind now.
It's dead.
What? Its heart's stopped beating.
Let's go.
We're already late, though.
I-Izumi-kun?! Huh? How could you?! I can't believe you did that! You threw the puppy in the garbage! Oh, do you think the janitor will be mad? That's not what I'm talking about! The puppy! The poor puppy! Poor? But it's dead.
But But that's not It's dead.
A dead dog isn't a dog anymore.
It's a dog-shaped lump of meat.
You're different.
Murano You are different! The Izumi-kun I knew wouldn't He wouldn't Murano?! "Different"? Have I changed? Migi.
Migi! What? You've been listening, right? I apparently said something strange to her.
What did I say wrong? You said nothing wrong Not from my perspective, anyway.
But you are quite different from the way you used to be.
"A dog-shaped lump of meat" That's something I'd be more likely to say.
I see.
Thanks, Migi.
The dog's body will break down and become nutrients that will be absorbed by this tree.
If I'd done this in the first place, Murano wouldn't hate me now.
I guess I won't get anywhere today.
I should give her space and talk to her later.
One of my kind is here.
What?! Don't tell me, Tamiya Ryoko's back? No, this one seems like a different individual.
It can't be Uda-san and Parasite, right? Is it here to kill me? I don't sense any hostility.
What should we do? For now, let's meet it in a public place.
Meet an enemy? It may not be our enemy.
Despite reacting to our presence, it's continuing to calmly approach us.
I believe this one may be the Tamiya Ryoko type, as in, the type you can reason with.
Reason with? What do you even mean by that? It's coming.
Izumi-kun, right? Who're you? You're different from how I imagined you'd be.
You seem quite strong.
Why are you at school? What're you here for? Hey, Izumi.
What're you arguing about? I haven't seen you around.
Are you a transfer student? You're interfering.
I'm Shimada Hideo.
I recently settled on that as my name.
I thought I should start off by becoming friends with you— or should I say, the two of you.
What the hell is up with this guy? Oh, I must go.
Izumi-kun, can you show me to Class 3? Class 3? That's Murano's class.
I'm looking forward to gym.
I think it's a joint session between our classes.
Izumi If I went all-out, I'd set a world record.
T-Ten point eight seconds?! It's unusual to transfer schools at this time of year.
Murano Suzuki Tachikawa Yeah, he said he had to move because of his dad's job.
I'm jealous.
I wish I was in the same class as Hide.
"Hide"? Hide for Shimada Hideo.
I thought you liked Izumi-kun.
What? Like you don't.
Huh? Quit teasing me.
But Izumi-kun's with Satomi, right? Huh? Well, um Sports are very good.
The more you play, the better you become at using your body.
Why drag this out? Are you planning to kill me once I let my guard down? You misunderstand me.
Is that what your right hand thinks, as well? Didn't Tamiya Ryoko send you to get rid of me? Tamiya Ryoko? Oh, she has a different name now.
But yes, she's the one who told me about you.
That's not what this is about, though.
I have no intention of harming you, or anyone around you at this school, for that matter.
Actually, I haven't harmed any humans in recent memory.
I subsist on a diet similar to that of humans.
If parasites learned to exist without killing humans, there'd be no problem, right? You expect me to believe you? We're starting to look for a way to coexist with humans in human society.
We wanted the two of you to think about that, given that you're somewhere between humanity and our kind.
The things you say always manage to pique my interest.
Don't they? However, I am only inclined to believe half of what you're saying.
Oh, okay.
Well, I don't desire conflict, either.
Let's call it a day.
Let's go, Shinichi.
Huh? Why now? What's going on? We weren't even done talking.
Shinichi, I'm going to sleep.
You're drowsy again? I'll be out for about four hours.
If he learns of this weakness, who knows what he will do? Izumi-kun I was really shocked when you did that, but most people wouldn't have given that puppy any thought at all.
That's right.
I shouldn't have said that he's cold and unfeeling now.
What should I do? If he's really thinking about coexistence with humans, maybe we can figure out a clever workaround No, how I can trust them? They're merciless! They may be highly intelligent, but emotionally, they're just like insects.
That's right How could I forget? Forget I'll expose them someday! H-Hi About the other day, um I-It's okay.
Talk to you later.
Huh? Um You jerk.
Why'd you have to scare Murano? I have a super power, and it lets me sense my soul mate.
Here he comes Hello.
What can I do for you? Sorry, wrong person.
That's strange.
I thought you were Izumi.
Izumi? What do you mean by that? Huh? When you mistake someone for another person, it's because they look similar in appearance, right? How are Izumi and I similar? Hey, I said "sorry.
" Hey! What are you doing?! That sounds like Let me go! I just want to talk to you for a bit.
You! What do you think you're doing? Help! I just wanted to talk to her.
She seems to be rather perceptive.
If anything happens to anyone I know, I'll kill you first.
You think I'm not capable of doing that? You're a scary one.
Like I said many times, I have no intention of fighting you.
What's with him? His eyes don't look right.
His right hand seemed to have a really weak signal.
Was I imagining it? Izumi, are you sure you aren't actually strong? Huh? Hey, Izumi, can you walk me to the train station? I'm scared that guy might be there.
Oh, sure.
Not again God, this sucks! What's wrong? Telepathy? Yeah.
I can somehow tell when you're close.
I don't know why I got it wrong just now, though.
Well, it's not like I was totally off since you came along right away, I guess.
I don't think that's really a good thing.
Huh? I mean, whatever you're sensing might be weird wavelengths given off by dangerous guys like him.
So you're a dangerous guy, too? S-Sure, I am, too.
So don't go near guys like him anymore.
I guess I'll use this face as bait today.
That female has had a healthy lifestyle.
Her skin has a nice sheen to it, too.
Hey, are you lost? Um, I I can help you if you'd like.
I know.
I'm going to bed.
When did you become so strong? Are you made of steel? Sorry.
I think it came out pretty good.
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