Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e09 Episode Script

Beyond Good and Evil

1 What? Mitsuo? What's with him? Hey, don't! Shut up! It's none of your business who I choose to fight.
Shimada-kun? I would rather avoid causing trouble, so I went easy on you.
But should you come looking for a fight again for no good reason I'll end you.
Parasyte The Maxim Test Results Beyond Good and Evil Yes! Izumi-kun? You're Izumi Shinichi-kun, right? Huh? Oh, um Oh, sorry.
I mistook you for someone else.
Oh, no, I am Izumi.
Um, what's your name? Murano.
Murano Satomi.
We were assigned to the same room for the entrance exam.
Oh, right Sorry.
I was so tense, I didn't notice anything going on that day.
See you in April.
I hope we'll be in the same class! Y-Yeah.
His right hand's signal is weak again.
Why? Is he asleep? If I send a strong signal with no warning, he should react reflexively Especially if I radiate hostility! He's way too dense.
Hide's a real hottie, huh? Huh? Oh, I don't really Don't try to hide it.
I know you drew his face.
What?! You snooped?! He's so cool.
I've never seen a guy as hot as him.
I wonder if he's had plastic surgery.
What if his face is fake? Nah, no way.
Hey, draw his face for me sometime, too.
I'll be waiting! Fake? Why can't we go public? Our greatest fear is triggering widespread panic due to lack of credible information.
When people stop trusting each other, it'll lead to discrimination and fear, then scaremongering and mass hysteria That's my son, Shinichi.
Hello, nice to meet you.
In any event, we do not yet possess the means to distinguish them from normal humans.
There is nothing to be gained by going public now.
We are truly sorry about your wife.
However, if we may be blunt, the current situation is akin to "just" having a few thousand or fewer "savage beasts" roaming around Japan.
So, how is the sketch this time? Yes, it was just like this.
I see.
So it can morph into anything.
Literally, anything's possible.
It appears there are quite a few rumors going around.
So it seems.
But we could have foreseen this.
If we continue mindless predation like insects, we will be hunted down and eradicated.
What weak and imperfect life forms we are.
You're probably the only one who's given it so much thought.
I only have one question.
What is the purpose of our existence? The answer is simple.
Man has become toxic to Earth, and there was a need for a neutralizer.
So I am nurturing a toxin within me.
Did your visitors leave? "Savage beasts," huh? I've decided to tell at least you the truth.
Yes, it's about Mom.
I just listened without saying anything.
I nodded as Dad spoke, without telling him a thing about my right hand.
At the end, Dad finally told me outright for the first time that Mom was dead.
Today we're asking Professor Big Mouth Everyone Gush a Nosebleed for his expert opinion on when to brush your tee— Hey, I'm talking here! You think this is lion dance time? Uh-oh, he passed out again.
Ew, what's this? Gross.
D-Don't look at that! This is for an ongoing investigation! Oh, so that's your suspect? O-Of course not! This is a monster! Anyway, did you need something? Yeah I wanted you to take a look at this.
Is he a friend of yours? It's good work.
You have talent.
So, does anything about him strike you as odd? Like, maybe his personality or his way of thinking You draw faces for a living, so you can tell, right? You've got to be kidding.
Not when this is all I've got to go on.
I see.
He's alone again today.
Is he waiting for someone? Or is he watching someone? Hey! Heads up! Uh Are you okay? Yeah.
A A fake face I really have to patch things up with Murano today.
Murano! About the other day, that was Well, it wasn't anything serious.
She was just messing with me.
So Shinichi.
What, Migi? Now's not a good time.
I'm sensing hostility in Shimada.
I believe I said I'd end you, but if you insist.
Let's go somewhere away from prying eyes.
He has four to six targets, most likely all human.
It will be a massacre.
Izumi-kun? If you want to intervene, I can give you their location.
What do you want to do? What choice do I have?! Izumi-kun?! This guy's being way too accommodating.
Maybe he doesn't get the situation he's in.
You guys don't get to touch him.
He's mine.
You can all come at me at once.
Someone who's something of a pest is on his way here.
If we're going to do this, it should be soon.
It's over that wall.
Izumi? He must have jumped more than three meters high.
Did his right hand help him? That can't be Shimada! You've finally shown what you really are! What I really am? Do you want to fight me here, then? I didn't seek out this situation.
I'm the victim here.
Isn't that right? Go.
I'll take care of the rest.
I see.
I'll leave you to it, then.
Hey, wait! You're gonna run? You think you're so hot.
You think you saved your friend's ass? Friend? You guys don't know anything.
Just go home.
And never go after that guy again.
I'm talking to you.
You're the leader here, aren't you? How'd he know? He's never met Yano-san before.
I like the look in your eyes.
You shouldn't mouth off when you don't know shit.
If talking won't resolve matters, maybe inflicting some pain will.
Let's go! Yano-san? We'll lose.
We'll lose if we try to fight him.
Murano Um, here.
What do you want? Just wondering what ended up happening to them.
That's none of your business anymore.
Did you use your hand? I bet you beat all of them up.
I didn't do any of that! Go.
Just go! You're hurting me.
Did something happen between you and Shimada-kun? He's really messed up! He might look harmless, but he's a shit-faced asshole! Izumi-kun You're not being yourself, Izumi-kun.
That's not how you talk.
It's not normal.
Not normal? How? I don't know how to put it, but the Izumi-kun I know isn't someone who says things like that.
To me, it looks like you're trying too hard.
I'm not trying too hard.
That's not true.
You're a completely different person now.
You've changed.
I may have changed, but I'm not trying hard at it.
Why are you different, then? Who can change like that without trying at it?! Are you really Izumi-kun? Shut up! Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
It's because of the hole in my chest.
It could also be characterized as a hole in your back.
From my perspective, you have become stronger.
Perhaps not so much as a person, but more as a life form.
You stay calm, no matter what happens.
You quickly recover from dips in your mood.
And your thought processes are quite logical.
In a way, it's no wonder people think you've changed.
You're just saying whatever sounds good.
But this mental toughness works to your advantage.
Are you trying to make me feel better or something? Maybe? If necessary, I'll think of other ways make you feel better for later.
Well, that's sure nice of you.
I saw it with my own eyes.
East Fukuyama Station He changed clothes.
Where's he going? His face changed?! He can change his face? He can become someone else? That's impossible! It's almost as if No way It can't be! Haruki? What is it, Yuko? Why are you still in your uniform? I want to ask you something.
We don't actually know what they are.
Some think they're aliens; others, mutants, or bio-weapons But it's true that their faces can change? Yeah, that's what witnesses say.
They also speak human language and eat people.
Try to be careful if you're walking around at night alone.
Though relative to the population of the entire human race, their numbers are few, so I doubt you'll ever run into them.
R-Right, of course If only we could catch one of them alive.
Eating people? Shimada-kun is doing that? I really should tell Haruki But if I happen to be wrong I know.
I should talk to Shimada-kun first.
Fine Arts These would be way too obvious.
This should work.
What'd you want to talk to me about? I'm pretty sure you've never even noticed me before, but I've thought of you as a really cool guy.
I was always watching you.
So, well I saw you.
I don't want to think that you're different from the rest of us, but if you are what some rumors claim If you are something that kills and eats human beings If I am? If If you are, I want you to go home without saying a word and never come back here again.
I don't want you to kill anyone anymore! Did you tell anyone about this? Hey Do you really kill people? You see? Colloquial and classical Japanese are different.
You have to get a feel for the verbs.
Not good.
Not good at all.
Sh-Shimada kun That idiot! Next time: What Mad Universe "What Mad Universe.