Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e10 Episode Script

What Mad Universe

1 Where is he?! Hey, you okay? Did you just wake up? Tachikawa Where are you going? Izumi, where do you think you're going? Parasyte The Maxim You shouldn't move.
What Mad Universe It'll only hurt more if you do.
Paint Thinner Hey, look.
Hey, are you okay?! What is this?! Shit! I morphed without thinking, and some of it got inside me.
There was something up there, wasn't there? Yeah.
Let's check it out! That sound came from the Fine Arts room.
He's on the move.
To where? Something's not right.
Is this really Shimada? His thoughts are disjointed Or, rather, completely incoherent.
Hey, what was that sound? I think there's something in the Fine Arts room.
"Something"? All right, I'll go take a look.
You guys go back to class.
Aw, no way.
Come on, Sir.
I must I must restore my human appearance I can't The cells on the surface are My body is maintaining attack formation How can I restore my human appearance? Wait, "attack"? I can't contact my cells due to interference from the dead cells.
I have to unify my thoughts first.
Huh? What? What am I doing? Hey, what's going on? What's that you're wearing on top of your head? Oh.
What's wrong? He just killed about three of something.
O-Over there! O-O-Over there! What is he talking about? C-C-Call the police! O-Okay! Where is he, Migi? Wait.
Shimada's signal is scattered to the extreme.
He's moving quickly toward your classroom.
What?! I can't get through here.
Combat will be impossible in these circumstances.
For now, let's evacuate with the others.
Didn't something like this happen before? You mean Killer A? What now? Obviously it's Killer B.
What are you doing?! Go! Now! Go! Hurry! Is Sasaki okay? He looks more dangerous than whatever's going on.
Students are to go home immediately once you confirm that everyone in your class is here! But what about our belongings? Get them tomorrow, okay? Oh, Vice Principal.
None of the Class 3-3 students are here.
What?! That's Murano's class.
Aren't the police here yet?! Now that you mention it, they are rather late.
Migi, what is Shimada's position? Are we going to fight him, then? I'm more worried about Murano's class right now! Shinichi! It's Class 3-3! I don't see her.
Don't tell me Murano Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
Was that our last conversation? No way.
I can't accept that.
Shimada's on the third floor.
Calm down, Shinichi! Shinichi, control your breathing! What have I What have I been doing all this time?! I'm breaking.
My heart's breaking It's about to split in two.
You're fine.
You should be fine.
I can't I can't do this anymore.
Izumi-kun, you've changed.
Are you made of steel? steel? Have you calmed down? Yeah.
I'm going to protect Murano.
To do that, I will kill him.
Sorry, I mistook you for someone else.
Migi, how far are we from Shimada? About 60 meters.
He's on this floor.
There are two people far away, and three relatively close by.
And one "animal.
" You have excellent hearing.
It's coming from over there.
Are you okay? Are you hurt? Murano It's okay now! It'll be okay.
Wh-Where did you come from? Can you get up? I guess not.
All right, let's go together.
G-Go where? I came from over that way.
Let's go back there.
What?! B-But that's where That's where everyone's dead.
Right now, it's safe.
He's not there.
N-No way! You said you came from over there, right? Are you human? Don't! Come back! He's right there This is his true nature! He said they were looking for ways to coexist with humans, but in the end, all he can think about is killing them! He's coming! It's okay! I'm going to jump one more time! It should be safe here.
I-Izumi-kun, I I know.
Anyone would panic when something this messed up happens.
I'm fine.
Please take care of her.
You'll be safe now.
There's something I have to do.
We can't go in now.
You still want to fight him? We knew what Shimada was, yet we did nothing and left him alone.
I think we're partly responsible for this.
I guess I'm saying We're responsible for ending it.
You're saying peculiar things again.
Let the police handle this.
Under the circumstances, they will win.
Don't move! This is the police! Damn it! You monster! They're shooting at him.
He won't die from a few small rounds.
They'll need to decapitate him or destroy his heart.
Still, if injured enough, he will eventually succumb.
He's heading to the roof? All right.
But don't approach him carelessly.
Migi, do you think Shimada is at fault? "Fault"? That is for humans to decide with their arbitrary metrics.
I think we should finish this.
How? With this.
But we will need to keep a distance of at least 300 meters, or Shimada will sense us.
Shimada, this isn't just about you.
There's also Tamiya Ryoko and A.
For what purpose did you all come into existence? Just add my strength to yours.
You know where to aim, right? Of course.
Izumi Nishi Fukuyama High School One Week After Student Massacre A week has now passed since the massacre that resulted in 17 victims.
Circumstances surrounding the identity of the presumed killer, a student with a drug addiction, are suspect.
Police have found his identity to be forged.
Why are the police trying so hard to hide the truth? They should just show Shimada's body.
Even if they did show it, and made it public knowledge that there exist sentient life forms who eat humans, what would that accomplish? Accomplish? Well, there'd be an uproar and calls to capture all the parasites.
How would they catch them? Huh? Humans can't do it alone.
We'll have to cooperate with the police.
I refuse.
Migi I am my own ally.
I am not an ally to the human species.
I know that, but Even if humans find a parasite camouflaged as a human being, it can assume another identity right away.
Humans will not be able to catch them.
That's why we'll chase them down, and Kill them? Shinichi, I do not possess human emotions, Crime and Punishment Crime and Punishment so killing my kind has no psychological effect on me.
But what if you were in my position? Saying this distresses him.
This is what humans are.
Until now, we have been keeping their existence a secret to avoid panic.
However, perhaps it is now time to make it public knowledge.
But going public will only lead to further chaos.
There are rumors that they're trying to weaponize parasites in the U.
Let's go public.
What? And how do you intend to go about it? By public, I don't necessarily mean revealing the parasites' existence, but rather, implicitly suggesting the means of distinguishing between human beings and parasites.
And how will we do that? Wait, we have a way to do that? To tell them apart? I'll let Dr.
Yui explain.
I'll now explain what we've uncovered so far regarding the parasite's physiology.
This parasitic life form has the ability to serve as the human brain; that is, the command center of the entire body, and to push it beyond its physiological limits.
Their cells resemble neurons, but could be characterized as sentient muscle.
"Sentient muscle" However, they are capable of much more.
They can morph in an instant to stretch like rubber or become as hard as steel.
Then, how can such an alien cell type form connections with the human body? That is accomplished by instantaneous fusion between the two cell types.
It's likely made possible by compounds similar to polyethylene glycols, which act on the cell membrane to— Professor, please tell us how to tell them apart first.
What? Ah.
So Although they are sentient muscle, when enough of their cells assemble, they possess intelligence on par with that of humans.
But if there aren't enough, what do you think happens? Physiology of Parasitic Life Form If they cannot secure blood circulation, they shrivel up and die, so they try to fuse with other cells of their kind.
Should they become a fragment about the size of a hair, they may writhe out of survival instinct, but they are too small to possess the necessary intelligence to rejoin their kind.
When you pull out human hair, nothing happens.
But if you pull out hair from a camouflaged parasite, the "hairs" will writhe for several seconds before the cells separate and die.
In other words, pulling out a strand of hair is one way to identify a parasite.
Well done, Professor.
But what if they wear wigs? If you harbor any suspicions, you can try eyebrows, or even nosehairs.
The idea is to isolate a hair-sized mass from the main body.
I see.
If that's the case Now, I do apologize for the intrusion, but before you all leave this room, I ask that you allow me to pull out a strand of your hair.
Although the possibility that one of them is among us is low, it is not zero.
After a time, our school reopened.
Murano Izumi-kun.
Are you doing okay now? Yeah.
I'm sorry I didn't respond to your messages.
It's okay.
Shall we go? Yeah.
How is Tachikawa? Yuko's better, too.
She said she'll come to school today.
I see.
It sounded like she had a hell of a scare.
She's always been a strong person.
Yeah I've been wanting to thank you.
If you hadn't been there It's all in the past.
Let's try to think of other things.
But are you okay? You jumped down from pretty far up.
Yeah, I guess it was an adrenaline rush or something I'm surprised, myself.
I see.
But I really mean it.
Thank you.
Morning! Morning! In the end, the government did not make a public announcement about the parasites' existence.
But a fad began in which people would greet each other by pulling out each other's hair.
The Blue Bird Next time: "The Blue Bird.