Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e11 Episode Script

The Blue Bird

1 Gosh, I drank way too much! Well, I should get going.
Hey, wait.
What's the hurry? Hey, Katou-san, you're so handsome and dependable.
You've put me on the spot.
You're really my type.
Hey, do you know about this? Oops, sorry.
I didn't mean to pull out three— No way.
You've put me on the spot The hair gave me away.
Help me out.
I don't care for meat that contains alcohol.
Parasyte The Maxim You saved my life.
The Blue Bird I can't believe he did something like that How are Izumi and I similar? I mean, whatever you're sensing might be weird wavelengths given off by dangerous guys like him.
But Izumi? Could he be You shouldn't do that without warning.
If you want to pluck one of my hairs, go ahead.
Really? Then I will.
Satisfied? Ah Wait! Remember how you warned me before about Shimada? Did you know who he was from the start? No, not really.
I guess that makes sense.
You wouldn't know a mass murderer like him.
Why the serious look? This girl's special.
Maybe I should just tell her everything.
But Migi's awake Shinichi, I know what you're thinking, but that female is no ally of mine.
Your name is Kana, right? Huh? Um, yeah.
You said you have some mysterious telepathic ability to sense me, but even if you feel that I'm close, you should stay away.
Why? You might run into a monster.
A monster? Yeah.
Why do you think that? Aren't you a normal human being? Of course I am.
Then if I get that feeling from anyone, I'll just pluck out one of their hairs.
Then I'll know if they're a monster or— No! You can't do that! What's wrong? Sorry.
But seriously, it's too dangerous.
You're worried about me? That kind of makes me happy.
I need to talk to you.
Oh, I just remembered something I have to do.
Sorry, later.
Huh? Oh, you're Hello.
Shinichi, don't talk to that female anymore.
I can't agree to that.
If I leave her be, she'll get herself into danger for sure.
But the way you talk to her gives her all kinds of hints.
I'll be more careful.
I expect nothing less.
Um, I know asking you this out of nowhere might seem weird, but What is it? Don't you think Izumi-kun has changed a lot from before? It's hard for me to compare.
It's not like I see him that often.
I'm talking about when you first met him, compared to now.
Did you guys have a fight? You like him, right? H-He's just different somehow.
It's not noticeable when we're talking, but H-He saved my life, too.
Saved your life? You have dreams like that, too? Huh? Dreams? Uh, I mean I can't see any difference.
In a way, I feel like he was always like that.
He kind of has this ferocity to him.
If you don't get that mopey look off your face, you'll lose him.
Maybe I still have a chance I'll be back in ten.
All right.
But couldn't you have tried to blend in a little? The clothes will get soiled anyway.
You need something? How many of you are inside? You stupid or something? Beat it, before you get yourself hurt! I see.
The yakuza are very belligerent, aren't they? Sometimes you run into people who get the silly idea that the yakuza can't harm civilians because of anti-gang laws! Who are you?! Wh-What?! Who the hell is he? What's the matter? Come at me.
Ah That's one.
You m-monster! Two.
We got him.
Three, huh.
No way I failed to avoid three.
I guess that's about par.
M-Monster Wh-What the hell are you here for? This is an experiment to see how far we can go against a group with guns and edged weapons.
Did something happen? There's a body over there.
His head's been bashed in.
I just heard gunshots, too.
Seriously? Hey, he's running away! After him! Huh? He's gone.
That's weird.
I know he came this way.
Drop it.
We wouldn't want to get drawn into a gang war.
Should we at least call the cops? I'm sure someone already has.
What is it? Oh, it's just that you look very different from before.
A massacre at a yakuza office They say there were 22 casualties, which includes everyone who was at the office.
A lot of scary things are happening one after another.
Yeah Was it a parasite? No, they shouldn't kill like this for reasons other than feeding.
Just In 22 Gang Members Dead The Metropolitan Police just held an emergency press conference.
They stated that they will release security camera footage of a male suspect seen fleeing the scene.
You didn't hold back at all.
It was good exercise, boss.
Izumi-kun! Thanks for coming.
No problem.
Thanks for the invite.
What are you up for? Let's watch a movie for starters.
Okay! Sadako 2D Blood Will Be Defeated I still have dreams about what happened that day.
Even after I wake up, I can't stop shaking.
Does that ever happen to you, Izumi-kun? Sometimes.
But by the time morning comes, I've forgotten most of it.
That must be nice.
My dreams are so vivid and colorful that I remember them pretty clearly.
My friend once told me this.
He said to think of people like cattle and pigs.
When you do that, you realize that people eat chopped up animals every day, so you shouldn't have anything to be afraid of after that.
That's unusual.
What kind of person is he? Oh, well I don't know about "person," but I wonder if your friend's one reason you've changed.
I don't think so.
Oh, sorry.
You've changed, but it's nothing you need to worry about.
I wonder if it's from back then Maybe Izumi-kun hasn't really come back since he left on that trip.
I-Izumi-kun, remember when your dad got injured while on a trip, and Let's go.
I guess I shouldn't have asked him about it.
So cute! Come here! That must be his mom.
Must be.
Are they strays? I guess not.
She's wearing a collar.
Oh, Izumi-kun? It's a nice day.
It's not even that cold.
You're talking like an old man, Izumi-kun.
Hey, that was mean.
Mommy! Hey, Mommy! Wait for me! Come on, let's go.
Hurry up, now.
Stupid Mommy! Why Why would you say that? I hate you, Mommy! Hey, it's not like It's not like I I hope you die! Come on, let's go.
Izumi-kun? A hole There's a hole A hole? Oh What's wrong? Are you okay? Uh, I had a hard time breathing, all of a sudden Maybe I'm just getting old.
Oh, c'mon.
You're really acting like an old man now.
Sometimes, I feel as though my body's being ripped apart.
But that feeling goes away after a while.
That's when I feel as though some part of Migi's become a part of my heart.
But I still do like her.
I really care about her.
That feeling is mine alone.
When things are going well with me and her, I always wish you would stay asleep, Migi.
See you later.
You're Izumi Shinichi-kun, right? If only If only we'd gotten closer much sooner.
I could believe that you are Izumi-kun without any doubt You stupid girl.
You knew this from the start.
But Why are you going to the trouble of seeing her? I can't ignore her when she says it's the last favor she'll ever ask.
I find this incomprehensible.
Maybe I'm a little early.
Shinichi, I sense my kind.
Not just one, but three No, five? How many are there?! They're that way.
What needs to change is our individual mentality.
Debating global environmental conservation It appears they are aware of our presence, but they aren't taking any action.
I'm suddenly realizing that we're kind of like Kitaro and his dad, from the cartoon.
They are approximately 60 meters away.
Eight of them total.
Two are close to the ground, and six are high up Perhaps on a stand of some sort.
Hirokawa Takeshi Global Nature Consensus: Restore a Productive Coexistence Between Us and Nature! Would you be willing to forego your cars in order to prevent polluting the air? It is difficult in the extreme to consider reversing the progress we have made as a civilization.
However, if we do not, at least in some aspects, The six of them up there They're all parasites?! we are putting Earth itself at risk.
Two below, too.
At this distance, it is difficult to identify them, but we may be able to if we make eye contact.
Did he see us?! But in this crowd He saw us.
Our eyes met, but they do not seem to be very interested in us.
Now that we've seen a rare sight, let's get out of here for now.
A parasite, running for mayor? What are they planning? Oh! Izumi! Wh-Why are you here?! Why? I live in this neighborhood, and I'm the one who asked you to meet me here.
Oh Right.
but it is at the municipal level that Revolutionary environmental issues can be addressed in a practical sense, rather than at the national level.
This isn't good Next time: Kokoro "Kokoro.