Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e12 Episode Script


1 That dream again Parasyte The Maxim There's certainly a wide variety of types, isn't there? Kokoro Tamiya Ryoko, the teacher, was already a surprise, but now we have a politician.
He can't possibly get elected without a solid grasp of human psychology.
He won't get elected.
He'll show his true colors soon enough.
Wait Given the town he's in, Tamiya Ryoko may be involved, too.
Then is there a connection between him and Shimada Hideo, as well? You're way too worked up over this That would mean What's his goal? Yes, exactly! Hirokawa Takeshi The first possibility is, by assuming a human identity and studying mankind, he developed a real interest in politics If that is the case, he may actually become a decent mayor.
No way.
The second possibility is, he wants to secure a safe haven and food source for parasites.
You have a point.
Even if they hide the body after they feed, that still results in missing persons.
If they happen to kill a celebrity, there'd be an uproar.
Attaining a position with access to information is more advantageous for preventing such occurrences and securing a food source.
So that's his goal If they organize, they'll become even more dangerous.
That'd put her at risk, too.
But it is at the municipal level that environmental issues can be addressed in a practical sense.
Let's go over there.
That wasn't where we agreed to meet up.
Why were you there? I had a strong feeling that you were there.
I told you not to approach even if you had that sensation.
But it wasn't just you.
I could sense it from the people behind you, too.
I'd say there were four or five of them.
Migi said there were eight, so her ability to sense parasites isn't as strong as theirs.
But this places her in too much danger.
Whoa! What are you thinking about? N-Nothing! It's none of your business what I'm thinking about.
I was just curious.
Hirokawa Takeshi Candidate for Mayoral Election Energize Higashi Fukuyama! Regain the Fruitful Coexistence Between Man and Nature From where I stand, Hirokawa Takeshi Candidate for Mayoral Election Energize Higashi Fukuyama! Regain the Fruitful Coexistence Between Man and Nature I would prefer that you do not become involved any further.
Even if we were to fight them, we would lose.
I didn't come here to fight.
I just want to know how many of them have gathered here.
It's impossible to count their numbers.
An estimate is fine.
Aren't you curious to know how others of your kind have evolved? Well, sure.
Well? It's only when you go looking for them that you can't find them.
Oh, Izumi! Hi.
What's up? I want to ask you something.
Huh? About your "superpower" Have you ever felt that sensation from anyone other than me? Huh? Oh, yeah.
But only sometimes.
When I find them, they sometimes turn out to be a random old dude.
Sorry to sound like a broken record, but I want you to keep your distance even if you feel that "signal.
" But why? Is it because it's coming from those "parasites" that everyone's talking about online? Are you a parasite, too? I I didn't Kana.
Mitsuo! I need to talk to Kana.
Later, then.
Hey, hang on.
Let's continue this later.
I want to have a serious conversation with you.
What?! I'll email you.
You don't need to email.
I can feel you when you're near.
"Feel you"? But you said I'm not the only one who can make you feel that.
"Who can make you feel that"? Kana, you You idiot! You've got it completely wrong! Shinichi What is this "serious conversation" you mentioned earlier? Was seeing that female your real objective today? So what if it was? Over time, my kind has evolved.
But we will never develop what humans call "sympathy.
" I know that.
Then I ask that you do not put me at risk.
If you were to tell her too much I know.
Do you really? I'm assuming you wouldn't want to observe your own right hand slicing someone up.
Is that a threat? Yes.
You really have no sympathy! That's what I just said.
I wonder what his "serious conversation" is about.
There it is again.
It's close.
I don't think it's him, but it could be It's over there.
Just a little farther, from around that corner.
It wasn't him.
Why here? Your email said a place without many people around would be best.
Ow Okay, he's asleep.
I told her everything I knew about parasites.
The one I have just happened to mess up while trying to take over my head, and got my right hand instead.
So he will never attack anyone.
Now everything makes sense, right? I was hoping for something more interesting.
I got my hopes up for nothing.
I know it's not easy to believe, but everything I just told you is the truth.
If it's true, give me proof.
Show me how your right hand can change shape.
Like I said, he's sleeping right now.
Just come out and say it.
You just don't want to see me anymore because you don't want that girl, Satomi or whatever, to get the wrong idea.
That's not it.
I wouldn't tell you such an elaborate lie just for something like that.
"Something like that"? If you don't like me, just tell me already.
Uh, that's not what this is about I have the ability to tell you apart from the rest, you know.
Huh? Just me? Yes.
I can tell you apart, specifically, from the rest of those monsters.
Really? So I won't approach anyone but you.
That solves the problem, doesn't it? W-Well, I guess I'm the only one in the whole world who can do that.
Don't you think that's amazing? I'm sure it's amazing.
Hey, since I told you my secret, I want you to show me your secret someday, too.
What secret? Your right hand.
Otherwise, I don't think I can ever really believe your story.
All right.
It's a promise, then.
Sure, I promise.
Newcomer Hirokawa Elected to Higashi Fukuyama Mayoral Office He got elected, huh Parasites have now secured a safe haven and a food source.
They're as intelligent as humans, and they'd do anything to protect themselves.
She said she can tell me apart from the rest, but does she really have that kind of power? Impression? Yeah, it's supposed to be a really good movie.
Both Yuko and Akiho bawled their eyes out.
I'd really like to see it, too.
All right.
Tomorrow at ten, then? Sure.
Why can't you sense me? We're linked by fate.
I'm the only one who can sense you.
Does she have a power like that? C'mon, look.
Look at me M-Mitsuo! Don't spook me like that.
What're you doing? What does it matter? This isn't like you.
You're like a stalker.
Aren't you the one acting like a stalker, following me around? He's taken already.
He's not right for you.
And you are?! Give me a break! Quit following me around like a lost puppy.
I don't ever want to see you again! That was harsh.
I didn't know you hated me that much.
Sorry, I went too far.
But I can't help how I feel.
I don't know what to do.
I've decided to tell you.
Huh? I can't risk your turning against me.
But I wouldn't want you to do anything rash while I'm asleep, either.
That female, Kana Her power has grown stronger.
Or, rather, she's begun to emit a signal.
A signal? It's a signal parasites emit that lets us sense each other's location.
I felt hers on our way home from school yesterday.
N-No way! If she sends out a signal like that, they'll find her, and she'll get herself killed! She probably only emits the signal when she's concentrating intensely.
Its range is quite small, as well.
Why didn't you tell me right then?! Never mind.
Thank you for telling me.
Migi, while you were sleeping the other day, I told her everything about the parasites, and about you.
But she wouldn't believe me.
I thought you might've.
Hey, she won't turn against you.
So, because of that I want you to show yourself to her.
It'll be fine! If she tells anyone else, I can just bluff.
If you just maintain your cover as my right hand, she'll just be dismissed as a high school girl talking nonsense.
Okay? You're right.
We should hurry, then.
How about tomorrow? Oh! I have a date with Murano tomorrow.
Shinichi Ka We got here early.
Migi, I hope you still remember your promise from yesterday.
I do.
But we have a problem.
Two of my kind are approaching.
What?! Incoming Call Izumi Shinichi Hello? Sorry, I want to change our meeting place.
Whatever you do, don't go near the train station.
I'll call you back.
Huh? It's those two.
Let's go.
It'll raise their suspicions if we move.
Pretend you're making a call.
I'll show you my power properly this time, for sure.
My power to sense you alone.
No one—not even that girl, Satomi—has that special power.
So you should feel me alone, too.
They acted like we were nothing out of the ordinary.
Incoming Call Izumi Shinichi Why isn't she picking up? There he is! It's no good.
I can't tell her breathing apart from all the other people in this city.
Migi, can't you sense this signal of hers? That's impossible.
Her signal is weak compared to others of my kind, and she may not be sending one out right now.
I'll see him.
I'll see him soon! Izumi! There! You found her? No, I detect a signal from my own kind.
That's useless to us right now Wait, if Kana detects that signal She might approach it.
Which way?! See, Izumi? I can tell you apart from everyone else! A human? I'd thought the signal was too weak to be one of ours, but It's okay! He'll come save me! Izumi! Migi Handle the defense.
The defense? Impressive It's too late.
She's lost too much blood.
No Kana Izu Izumi I knew you'd come here I sensed you.
Hang in there.
I had a dream like this before, too Don't talk.
A dream so embarrassing, I could never tell anyone Kana Shinichi Ka He's the one who found the victim.
He looks calm, for someone who was friends with her.
This is confidential information, but his mother was also killed by a parasite.
What? Not very friendly, is he? He must be tired after all the questioning we put him through.
We even pulled out one of his hairs, just in case.
No wonder he was upset.
We can't afford to be considerate.
The victim was killed by a parasite.
But who killed that parasite? Something tore through the parasite's ribs, gouged out its heart, then slammed it against the wall with enough force to destroy the wall itself.
No human could do that.
There must've been at least one more parasite.
So two or more parasites had a falling out? We have to entertain that possibility.
If only I hadn't promised to see Kana that day, and just went to the movies with Murano, this wouldn't have happened.
You've got it wrong, Shinichi.
This was only a matter of time.
There is no need for you to feel responsible.
How can you say something like that? Wait! Why Why?! Why couldn't you protect Kana?! How can you be so calm?! Are you Are you incapable of shedding even a single tear?! Shinichi! You're not human! That's right! Why do you go down so easily?! If we take this any further, we'll just open a hole in this guy's heart, too.
"Not human"? He's exactly right.
Why am I so calm? Could it be that Could it be that my brain's been taken over without my noticing it? Even though Kana's dead, I can't cry a single tear.
Stop it, Shinichi.
My blood's still red For now.
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