Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e15 Episode Script

Something Wicked This Way Comes

1 They've just parted ways.
Which one should I follow? Okay, got it.
I'll follow the man.
Picking up a woman, huh? Oh, man I'm so dense that I didn't even notice.
Parasyte The Maxim Something Wicked This Way Comes I need your help.
The last thing he said was that he was going into the basement of this building.
But I lacked the courage to go down there myself— That's why we told you that you're in way over your head! Well? Do you sense anything? No.
None of my kind are nearby.
There's no one here.
Something smells awful.
Huh? It can't be No way.
Shinichi, one incoming! 200 meters, 180 meters It's fast.
It's probably in a car.
If we go out now, we'll come face to face by the entrance.
Crap! We've got to hide! It's brought lunch.
What is this place? Never mind that.
Just stand over there, will you? Like this? Yeah, that's great.
What's this about? You're kind of weird.
Don't go out there, Shinichi.
Why is it hiding there? Well, whatever.
So The moment of truth when they eat humans Stop! Wh-What? You're not one of us? Watch out! He's not human! Get away from him! Huh? Hurry! Run, now! Why, you Humans! Listen, Shinichi.
Forget that I'm here.
If we take the time to discuss strategy and whatnot, we'll lose.
You can see his blades' movements, right? Yeah! I-It's incredible.
They're so fast! Just keep dodging his attacks.
Don't try to defeat him barehanded like you did before! And that'll be enough to win? Good.
Your moves aren't bad.
I think I'll win by having the better mount.
Who're you calling a "mount"? My kind's weakness lies below the neck: the human portion.
We'll eventually win, as long as we keep that part protected.
I couldn't save her This is nothing new, though.
I knew what was going on.
I knew, and yet I did nothing for so long.
In any case, we've got trouble.
Given the male's attitude, this must be one of the dining areas coordinated by Hirokawa's group.
That means our actions constitute an act of war against them.
Are you listening, Shinichi? I was wrong.
What? I was wrong to Anyway, we need to get clear of this place as soon as possible.
Kuramori-san, you're not going to stop now, are you? There's a detective I've met before.
I think his name is Hirama.
I'm sure he'll listen to you.
He even suspected me of being one of the monsters.
Hey, don't get any strange ideas.
What's so strange about it? We're about to fight Hirokawa's group.
Do you hear yourself? We may be in an extremely precarious situation right now.
We'll use the footage Kuramori-san recorded as evidence to get the police to search the building from top to bottom.
Don't be ridiculous.
We're in that footage, too.
I can't stand this anymore! Do you want your father to be killed, too? What?! What do you mean by that?! Don't worry.
I was wrong.
Like you all said, I'm in over my head.
I'm a small-timer.
I shouldn't have gotten involved in all this.
I'll destroy all the evidence I've gathered so far.
But why? You saw what happened! Didn't that mean anything to you?! Of course it did! My teeth are still chattering! Anyone who saw that and still thinks they can fight them is crazy! You're no longer a normal human being! Even that fight It was basically two monsters trying to kill each other.
I'm just a weak human being.
I have neither the strength nor the courage to protect myself.
I'm not you, okay? From this day on, I'm going to forget about monsters, Tamura Reiko, and you.
Don't look at me like that.
I have a wife and child.
I know I made a grandiose speech about the good of humanity and all that to you before.
I'm sorry.
Well That's a normal human being for you.
Shut up.
You're no longer a normal human being! He's right.
I'm not normal.
What can I do? What can I do? Shinichi.
I've said this to you many times already, but let's not engage in futile resistance.
Futile? I'm not so sure.
We were able to win today.
That's right! We can win, if it's one-on-one! With my cooperation, you mean.
Yes, I can do this.
I can do anything if I put my mind to it! Looking back One by one Right, I can get them one by one! I won't ask for help from any other human.
I'll do this alone.
Migi would help me for sure, then.
No, I will make him help me! Call it human ego, or whatever you want, but I just want to save as many people as I can! That'd mean a safer world for Murano, too.
Satomi, did you have a fight with Izumi-kun or something? I don't think I've seen you two together lately.
It wasn't really a fight, but I guess we just can't trust each other Huh? He doesn't look like he can't trust you.
I don't get him at all! Wait, Satomi! Uh-oh.
I will protect as many people as I can! The enemy is formidable.
We must deal with him.
Killing him would be a waste, although I couldn't care less about the P.
He is, without a doubt, a dangerous foe.
Why would you defend him? We are not human.
Why are our opinions so incompatible? Tamura-san, I've heard that you are rearing a human child.
Is that affecting your judgment? Isn't it time to dispose of it? I can't do that just yet.
In any event, Izumi Shinichi killed one of us in our dining area.
We clearly cannot let this go.
We should eliminate him.
I suppose it's unavoidable.
However, I would like his body to be brought back intact.
Why? I would like to dissect him.
That was impressive, Gotou-san.
Was it Mozart? Chopin.
Our target is said to be a formidable match.
I do think it should be you who handles him, but If Miki wants to do it, I'll let him.
He just needs more experience.
What is this? Who are you? I've got my hands full.
You're a monster?! Ah So that's how I appear to you.
But look who's talking.
Take a look.
Wh-What a nightmare.
Killing parasites, one by one How will I convince Migi to help me? Maybe the path of least resistance will be to create a situation where we have no other choice but to fight.
What? I'll be late to class.
No time for that.
My kind, incoming.
What? Again?! This is my chance! Okay, let's fight.
Where is it right now? Don't be so eager.
We're the target.
They're coming straight for us with the intent to kill us.
And there are three.
Three?! Fight or flee? You seem to be spoiling for a fight.
If so, this is the ideal location for it.
Don't be ridiculous! I won't do this at the school! Izumi-kun! It's okay.
You'll be safe.
Huh? It's okay! You'll be safe now.
Is he Nishi Fukuyama High School Main Gate Izumi-kun? Stop! I've lost them.
They've put more than 300 meters between us.
It seems they are on foot.
Three coming for us at once? In this scenario, we should think about taking them out one by one, and not all three at once.
One by one Okay, let's give it a try.
No, never mind.
Forget that strategy.
Why? I'm sleepy.
I'll be out for four hours.
Why now?! I can't help it.
It's a physiological phenomenon.
You should just stay on the move In a straight line, when possible.
That's our only option right now.
I'm on my own, for four hours?! I guess I can take a small breather.
Two more hours I think I can manage to shake them off.
A taxi? No way! Oh, keep the change.
Just one? Can't be them, then.
Hello! This place is nice.
No one around, and it's quiet.
He's smiling.
He can't be a parasite, then But you really took off in a panic, huh? And I'd heard that you're a tough one What, what? Hey, isn't your right hand's signal a bit weak? Oh, hey! Wait! It's the first time I've met a parasite who's so expressive! He's slower than I'd expected.
I thought parasites were able to maximize the physical potential of their host.
But maybe the other two are close by! I can't let my guard down! Where are you heading to? Want a ride, sonny? Oh, thank you.
Wait a minute This old man Could the dog be a parasite, too?! No, it's too small.
You sure you want off here? Yes, thank you.
Thank God he wasn't a parasite.
It's been almost four hours now.
I guess they gave up.
Maybe I was wrong Migi Migi! Migi! Huh? Oh, Shinichi.
I'm glad you're okay.
Three! Yeah.
I still don't know where the other two are.
That's not what I mean.
There are three of them in his body! What?! So is it "Migi" because he's on your right hand? That's so simplistic.
You're just like me.
Oh, I'm "Miki.
" (Note: "Miki" means "three trees") This is a surprise.
We've won this fight.
Happy Family Next time: "Happy Family.