Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e16 Episode Script

Happy Family

1 Private Investigation Agency Teito Private Investigation Agency As for the P.
himself I'll take care of him.
What about the human with the parasite in his arm? Miki's supposed to go tomorrow.
Youko! Yumi! Parasyte The Maxim Happy Family You know what I think? Your combat style must be unique.
That's why others of my kind were done in so easily.
It's hard to comprehend that even with the human brain intact, you're actually stronger.
Based on our analysis of the body in our dining area, it doesn't seem like victory was immediate, either.
Oh, I guess it wasn't the right moment to laugh.
So, how do you usually do it? Can you tell me how you fight? What's with him? He talks up a storm and he's creepy as hell.
Stay on guard.
I'm sure he's trying to get a feel for us.
No matter how expressive he may seem, keep in mind that it is totally alien from human emotions.
I see.
You always confer while you fight.
Is that effective? You have excellent speed and motion detection.
I think it'll be a bit difficult to bring your body back intact.
There are too many blades.
Why not produce more of your own? It's not that simple.
They have to be of a certain size at minimum.
He's pretty slow.
You might be faster than him, but it's not as if you have a lot of stamina.
Right I've been running all day.
I think we're in deep trouble.
I am also exhausted.
The fight was short, but intense.
So we're a tired duo.
But we've managed to put some distance between us and him.
He's a new type of enemy, three on one body.
What about his legs? His legs? You said during the last fight that the human part is their weakness.
If we can manage to strike his legs Hmm What? Is it not possible? It bothers me that I can't get a good sense of where his parasites are distributed.
Why not? There are three of them.
It has to be the head and both arms.
It should be, but somehow We messed up.
He's caught up to us.
He tripped again.
"Again"? Man, you really like to run.
This is getting really tiresome.
Let's just forget about leaving bodies intact.
We don't have a choice.
We'll have to gamble.
Let's aim for the legs, as you suggested.
I'll block the next attack that comes from the right.
You'll have to dodge the attack coming from the left barehanded while holding your ground.
You're asking the impossible.
Oh? Impossible.
I win! What? What was that? A mid-air collision.
Between his own tentacles, no less.
What? I'm getting a clearer picture of his true nature now.
True nature? Yes.
I was certainly taken aback at first, but it may be more for show than anything else.
I hope so.
First, the parasites encompass an area greater than his head and two arms.
The leg I managed to attack earlier wasn't human.
No way! In any case, I am certain that the head is still the control center.
I don't sense independent thought in his arms' movements.
Here he comes.
I don't care how many times I have to run! I found a good location.
Go into those woods! His control center leaves something to be desired.
His bodily movements lack coordination.
That's why he trips and lets his tentacles collide in mid-air.
Above all, why do you think his head does not morph and join in the offensive? You're right The head has its hands full coordinating the arms and other parasitic components.
So, if the head were to morph, he would fall into chaos.
There's nothing to fear.
In the end, there is only one enemy.
All right, we'll fight here.
Rather than aiming for the legs or torso, go for the head.
Decapitation is the most certain strategy.
But how do we We can do it! At my signal, make a beeline for him at top speed! What? Trust me.
I finally caught up with you guys.
Don't move! Using the trees as a shield, dodge his attacks by moving right and left, and up and down, while maintaining a constant distance.
If we continue to evade by moving in a straight line, he'll become familiar with our movement and predict our next move.
That's when we spring our surprise.
Now! From his perspective, the hunted, moving in a straight line, is now suddenly the hunter, rushing toward him as a point.
What was parallel will have become perpendicular, and horizontal, vertical.
To someone who already struggles to utilize his striking tentacles, he won't gain his bearings in time to attack us.
What?! We did it! What's wrong? You can You can do that? Time to swap leads.
Come back, Miki.
Well, this is embarrassing.
That goes without saying.
You should stay a right hand, Miki.
It wasn't three of them.
What?! Look.
He is now completely one.
In an instant, he assumed control over his entire body and became a single lifeform.
However, before that happened, their consciousness split into five.
In other words, there are five total parasites on that body! F-Five?! When the other one was the "head," I felt there were three because he was unable to unify them into one.
You are correct.
Only Miki and I can serve as the control, and only I can unify everyone.
Migi Yeah, now is not the time to gawk in awe.
It appears we have traveled quite a ways while I was asleep.
I've seen you before.
You're His movements are totally different now! Not even monkeys can move like that! Being in the woods is now working to our disadvantage! He's quite fast For a human.
Excuse me! Shit.
We're getting on.
Shit! No way! He's even capable of that? What the I I'm going 60 kph.
Is that a monster?! Migi It's not my fault.
I had no part in this! That douchebag drove off! Hey, are you okay? I feel lethargic.
It must be from the blood loss earlier.
I don't have enough blood.
Blood? I understand your pain.
But— Is there anyone called Hirama-san here? Hirama? Chief.
You may go.
Kuramori-san, I won't ask you why you know about Inspector Hirama.
You must have some idea about the parasites.
Shinichi, buy some clothes.
We stand out too much.
Then we'll need to eat.
Sure, but I don't ha ve money.
What?! Where'd you get that money?! From the truck earlier.
But I am not human, so don't bring up human laws and morals.
But you're my hand, aren't you? This is what I did in order to preserve my life.
I am a different species from you, but we are in a partnership, which demands mutual respect.
On that premise, the common purpose that binds us is survival.
But isn't that theft? Sure.
Fried Pork Cutlet Set Teriyaki Chicken Set Grilled Pacific Saury Set Moving on, the police have revealed that Kuramori-san's wife and eldest daughter were killed by a sharp, sword-like weapon.
Kuramori? Can it be?! Furthermore, Kuramori-san's office, which handled private investigations, burned down the same night in what is currently believed to have been arson.
Kuramori Family Massacre Possible Revenge Homicide The police intend to question Kuramori-san about the possible connection between these two cases.
They must've decided that he's too dangerous to keep alive.
His family was probably just collateral damage, since their actual target got away.
I have to call Dad Shinichi? Where are you, out so late? Dad, listen closely.
Please get out of the house right now.
What's happened, Shinichi? A lot of things I can't go home for a while.
Why?! Tell me everything from the beginning! Everything? There's no way I can tell him everything! But I have to hurry If I don't Dad, I I've been a good son in general, right? I never really acted out.
I think I'm still a good son, even after Mom died and it's just the two of us.
So I'm not trying to mess around right now, either.
So please, Dad.
Please leave the house right now! A monster is coming! It's the one that killed Mom! And you're safe? Yes.
All right.
I'll leave.
I trust you.
Thank you, Dad.
I am Hirama.
My sincere condolences for your wife and child.
Their bodies are still being examined by the M.
, but I believe what I saw confirms my beliefs.
Please tell me what you think.
Kuramori-san, let's avenge their deaths! Avenge? Yes! Ever since I was a little boy, I had a deep admiration for great detectives Like Sherlock Holmes And after many things happened, I managed to become a private investigator, but Hey, listen You can still become a great detective.
Will I be able to avenge them? Of course! I I have some information But my thoughts are all jumbled together.
Can I get something to write with, and somewhere I can calm down? Of course.
No, this isn't telepathy.
But how many times has it been? It's our sixteenth time meeting in your dreams, though you'll forget all about it again.
But you look nothing like the Migi I know in reality.
You say the same thing every time.
You don't look anything like the Shinichi I know in reality, either.
What, leaving already? I have learned that there is no way for me to communicate with the thirty percent of my cells that have dissipated into your body.
There is no further point in our meeting like this in your dreams.
Besides, we really don't have much time to lose back in reality.
We don't? You'll remember once you wake up.
Migi Huh? What was I about to say? Brr Failure on both fronts?! Inconceivable! It was failure on my part to let you handle dealing with the P.
Killing his family without killing him? You are ignorant of human nature.
The room was dark.
Don't we just need to kill him next? You all underestimate humans.
Individually, they may appear weak, but that is not the case.
What we need to recognize is that humans are a single lifeform comprised of millions of individuals.
Besides their individual brains, humans possess a different "brain" of enormous magnitude.
The moment we act in opposition to that brain, we will lose.
Lose? Are you truly one of us? Something is different.
Something Izumi-kun didn't even show up to school today.
He was acting like something really bad was going on yesterday, too.
Here, take this.
It's the bag Izumi-kun left behind.
You should go take it to him.
Huh? But It'll be a chance to patch things up, too.
If you won't go, I will! Kuramori-san.
We've been had But he's not a suspect.
Why would he run? Kuramori Tamura Reiko A "partner"? Youko, Yumi I will avenge your deaths with my own two hands Tamura Reiko! Tamura Reiko No, she is not one of us! She's dangerous.
She's a threat to our kind! How mysterious.
You are a mystery.
This world is full of mystery.
Why was I Why were we born? Like I thought, he's not home.
Where are you? Hey, are you safe, Izumi-kun? Tamura Reiko, it was you.
You're the one who dragged me into this hell.
Three of them? Their intent seems less than peaceful.
Where is she going? No matter.
While I still have time Good evening, Tamura-san.
It seems it's more difficult to conceal than I'd thought.
Yes, the strongest signal we are capable of emanating is our intent to kill.
That's when we harbor animosity toward another, after all.
The Adventure of the Dying Detective Next time: "The Adventure of the Dying Detective.