Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e17 Episode Script

The Adventure of the Dying Detective

1 Good evening, Tamura-san.
It seems it's more difficult to conceal than I'd thought.
Yes, the strongest signal we are capable of emanating is our intent to kill Or just hostility.
Why didn't you run, then? I was curious.
I let it get the better of me.
Are there any others who support this decision? It is just us three.
Neither Hirokawa nor Gotou are aware.
I see.
What is your reasoning? My intuition.
You will pose a great threat to us all in the future.
I see.
You're like A.
"A"? We parasites behave and think in ways that are very logical and clearcut.
I had thought it would be easy enough for us to create a united organization, but it appears I was wrong.
However, it makes me happy to realize that parasites, myself included, have come to possess individual differences of this magnitude, or should I say, individuality.
In fact, I am quite moved by your decision to lynch me.
Well, this is farewell, then.
Did you truly believe you could beat me if there were three of you? Don't let her get away! Kill her! Parasyte The Maxim The Adventure of the Dying Detective My body's muscle strength exceeds yours.
Even in single combat, I would win.
Ignorance is bliss.
Not fast enough! You can keep that.
Why'd she split in two? I'll go after her! Tamura has entered his body? You okay? Yeah.
There she is.
That's her.
Huh? Why're you putting pebbles in your bag? To protect myself from perverts.
Sorry, we mistook you for someone else.
We saw this lady who only had half her head, and you're dressed the same as she was, so we just thought Half her head? Huh, that's weird.
But my head's empty! She's beyond reason.
Tamura is no longer capable of rational thought.
Besides, I doubt half a parasite can maintain her bodily functions.
What she's doing is suicide.
Is this how Tamura Reiko, the one known for her intellect, will meet her end? My legs My lower body! What are you doing?! It's not me! It's not me! One of us died? I see.
You can survive if you burrow inside.
But can you really take over when there's only half of you? Can you really win against me in that damaged body? Stop! It's my body! Don't! Stop! Who's speaking? Is it Hikawa? Or is it Tamura? Please stop! I'm on your side! If that's true, why are you approaching me? Shit! I've lost control of everything below my neck! Give it up! Die along with that fragment of Tamura Reiko! I'm on your side! How dare you How dare you? How dare you?! How dare you?! This is your strategy? The body you tried to take over is in shreds! Come out! How long do you intend to hide in there? When did you Given that our human bodies are our weakness, you should strike them down in a single blow without making a show of it.
Even if our human bodies are destroyed, parasite cells continue to survive for a certain length of time and emit signals, as you are now experiencing firsthand.
The strongest signals we emit are animosity and our intent to kill.
It is an important means of distinguishing whether a parasite we cannot see but can detect is friend or foe.
However, you decimated Hikawa's body despite her being an ally, and consequently spread fragments of flesh emanating animosity around you.
That's right.
Those fragments acted as camouflage and masked my signal as I approached you.
Impossible Even that was part of your plan? Where have we come from? Where are we going? Have you ever thought of such things, like a human might? Goodbye, Kusano-san.
Cannibalism, then It's unlocked.
To Mother- Come to Hikari Park 1 tomorrow at 5 PM -Detective Sherlock Holmes You're more formidable than I'd thought, Detective.
Huh? He left? He's not staying at your hotel? Dad?! Why are you at home?! He hasn't been here.
Why are you there?! Good morning.
Are you there to kill him?! I have no time for that.
I wanted to contact you regarding a personal matter.
Do you know where Hikari Park 1 is? I'd like you to be there today at 5:20 PM.
What are you talking about?! There's something I'd like to give you, because you're someone who's halfway between human and parasite.
A mother, huh? Who are you?! Ryoko.
Where is Ryoko?! No one's home again.
I wonder what's going on.
Y-You're Izumi-san, right? Um, where's Shinichi-kun? He's not here.
Oh, um Are you his mother? No.
Do I look that old to you? Oh, no.
Would you please tell me what happened? Isn't Shinichi-kun involved in something really dangerous? Something really dangerous? I mean I can tell something's going on, at least.
Izumi-kun never says anything, but I see you're worried about him.
I'm envious Huh? Don't worry.
He's much tougher than he looks.
He'll come back soon, perfectly fine.
When is "soon"? I've seen her somewhere before I wonder where Izumi-kun's gone off to.
I can't believe his nerve.
He has no idea how worried we are.
He'll come back soon.
It might even be today.
You'll come back, right? He'll come back! Hey.
It's going to be okay.
Don't worry.
He'll come back.
I'm sure of it! What's wrong? Sorry! Go on without me! I think this is where Kana-san lived.
I wonder if Kana-san knew the things about Izumi-kun that I don't know.
Hey, wait! Ugh! Damn it, she's so quick on her feet! Hey! Don't do that! A young girl like you shouldn't say such things so loud! Oh To Mother- Come to Hikari Park 1 tomorrow at 5 PM -Detective Sherlock Holmes What's this? Oh, there, there, there.
Peek-a-boo! You're good with babies.
My wife was the breadwinner for a time.
I did a lot of babysitting.
There, there, there.
Peek-a-boo! I got here too early.
Then walk around.
I'd like to check out the terrain.
All right.
Hikari Park 1 So even a cold-blooded monster values her own child.
I have been researching humans.
I can somewhat understand your irrational behavior.
Oh? That's good to hear.
But you still can't understand! You don't know what it means to be human What it means to be a parent! The enormity of the happiness you've created for yourself in your life! The crushing weight of grief when you've lost everything! None of you know! Even if I killed this baby right here and now, you wouldn't grieve.
You'd just think, "Oh, okay.
" Am I wrong? Besides, this is not your baby.
It is a human baby.
What is this? I've never sensed such a signal coming from one of my kind.
It is Tamura Reiko, but What is this emotion? You'll never understand.
You just can't.
But if you could at least experience one iota of the grief I've felt I-It was just a joke As if a human could kill a human baby Who knew that a monster like you would What a surprise I'm surprised, myself.
Tamura Reiko is on the move.
She's headed for the opposite corner.
So she's coming this way.
Seriously, what am I doing, coming all the way out here? There's Th-There's a man over there! Kuramori! Kuramori! Hey, hang in there! Oh, Detective Are they here?! Are they up there?! Go! If you identify one on sight, don't hesitate! Yes, sir! It was Tamura Reiko, wasn't it?! Is she the only one here?! Does Hirokawa not know?! She's wearing white Holding a baby The baby's clothes have some of my blood on them Got it! We won't let her get away! Tell me one more thing! The "partner" you spoke of in your report Who is it?! Is he human?! Tell me his name! He's a human being Like me he had a small family It was taken away from him He suffered pain Please! Tell me his name! Youko Yumi I'm sorry.
I'll be with you soon.
Kuramori-san?! Stay with me, Kuramori-san! I'm glad I didn't kill the baby Hey! Kuramori-san! Kuramori! You did well.
You may even become a hero after all this is over! I will avenge your death, Detective! Understood! White clothes and a baby What's your name?! Answer me, now! I pray Hirokawa's group has no idea what we're up to! We cannot let Tamura Reiko get away! We have to finish her now! Next time: More than Human "More than Human.