Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e18 Episode Script

More Than Human

1 It's the way you look I can't stand the way you look.
You look so Calm down, Shinichi.
We're in trouble if you're short of breath when we have to fight.
I know.
I would have liked to have discussed many things with you both, but I have a bad feeling about this, so I won't drag this out.
I've killed 38 so far.
Mainly as food, but I believe my numbers are on the low end among my kind.
I could supplement the lack with normal food humans eat.
In other words, parasites can survive without eating humans.
I have also done much research on humans.
What are we parasites to humans, and what are humans to us? My conclusion is this: we are two halves of the same whole.
We and humans are one family.
We are the children of the human race.
What?! What are you talking about?! Cut the crap! That's fine.
I expect this to be difficult for you to comprehend, given human emotions.
However, we are fragile.
We are merely a life form that cannot survive on its own.
So don't bully us.
"Bully"?! Look who's talking! Hmm You two are very rare beings.
That is why I wanted you to know my thoughts.
While I'm at it, a word of advice.
About Gotou, the man who recently pursued you Don't fight him.
If it had been Gotou instead of Miki from the beginning, you would be dead by now.
He is indeed one of our "fragile" kind that I created through experimentation, but he is invincible.
You're contradicting yourself.
She's laughing! And regarding the other one, the mayor, Hirokawa Izumi Shinichi? I think that's the detective, Hirama.
Wait, so are they all cops?! At a glance, they look like a nondescript mother holding a baby, and a boy who had found a parasite's victim, but had been ruled out as a suspect.
Even if we'd seen them separately here immediately following a murder, I would not have felt this much conviction.
Izumi Shinichi There's something more to him.
And this is her The parasite, Tamura Reiko! Parasyte The Maxim More than Human The baby's clothes have some of my blood on them Wait! Don't come any closer! Tamura-san You are Tamur a Reiko-san, correct? No.
You killed the man named Kuramori just now! I don't know what you're talking about.
I'll ask someone else.
Ikeda-kun! Why are you here? We've met before.
You remember me, don't you? If you are the same person I met back then, you should be able to say my name.
Who am I, Ikeda-kun? Did you forget my name, Hirama-san? It seems that one's human.
So, you seem very calm, Tamura-san.
I think you're mistaking me for someone else.
At this distance, even this should be able to find its mark.
This isn't funny! You people are all crazy! I would be deeply sorry if I were wrong, but I'm afraid I have no choice.
I can't risk getting any closer.
Everyone keep your eyes peeled when I fire this shot! I'll take full responsibility! Please stop! What are you doing?! H-Hirama-san.
Well done You were correct.
Fire! Fire! Stop! The baby is human! Izumi Shinichi, stay back! Shinichi! Get back! But No way No way.
It can't be.
You're not involved, right, Izumi-kun? There's no way Izumi-kun is there! No way! I've had enough! I'm done! What's the matter? Why won't she retaliate? She's coming toward us! She must have something in mind! Get back, Shinichi! Run away! Shinichi Wait, Shinichi.
I can't have you run away right now.
How can I How can I speak to your humanity? Shinichi Mom Don't be duped, Shinichi! It's a trap! Remember! Remember the hole in your heart! No Stop! Stop fire! Stop! You'll hit the boy! Something's not right.
I've been thinking for a long while.
For what purpose was I born into this world? Whenever I resolved one question, another would arise in its place.
I sought the beginning.
I sought the end.
I've just been walking and walking, thinking all the while.
Perhaps nothing will change, no matter how far I go.
If I'm to stop my journey, that is fine, too.
Even if I were informed that everything has reached its end, I'd just accept it.
But even so, I found an answer to yet another of my questions today.
Shinichi This child.
In the end, I didn't do anything to it.
The child is a normal human being.
Raise the child by human hands, to lead a normal life Okay.
Don't worry.
Thank you.
"Thank you"? I recently imitated a human, laughing out loud in front of a mirror It felt rather pleasant She's dead? She's dead Impossible.
Why? You could've fought if you wanted to.
Fled, even.
Are you sad? Of course Your mom is dead.
Dead Mom is dead Mom Shinichi Are you all right, Shinichi?! Did any oil get on you?! Meet the one who opened that hole again.
Meet the person.
It's dead.
Its heart stopped.
A dream so embarrassing, I could never tell anyone They're dead.
They're all dead.
Life Life will return to this tree Shinichi-kun! Y-You'll come back, right? You'll come back, right? We're home.
Welcome back.
What's wrong, Shinichi? I just had a really sad dream Izumi-kun Shinichi-kun Are you back? My tears are Satomi.
How's Izumi-kun? I think he should be able to come back to school soon.
I see.
What happened? He's been absent since the day he just up and went home.
Yeah I'm sure there's a lot going on.
Let's go.
What happened in that park didn't even make the news.
But Izumi-kun came back.
He came back! Okay, you can have lunch in this room.
Waiting Room How was it? Yeah I'm tired.
I think he's a tad too composed for someone his age.
You're right that he's unusually poised in some ways, but there are kids like him.
But I don't think he has that ability the detectives are hoping for.
Not in the same league as that man's, at least.
Ugh So it's only him, after all? Unfortunately.
Dogs, cats Monkeys, bears, birds I don't think there's any point in seeing them.
I never said I could talk with animals.
Just shut up and walk.
So? Who am I seeing today? Humans.
Humans Oh, that's great! It means the true test is coming up soon.
I see.
So you're finally going to believe what I say.
Detective, I'm actually innocent.
Please believe me! No? That wasn't funny? Shut your trap! Get his cuffs.
Yes? Izumi Shinichi-kun, please come with me again.
Okay No matter what they ask me, I will keep Migi's existence hidden.
I should calm myself down, one more time This is the last thing we'll ask of you.
Oh, okay.
Listen, Uragami.
I'm going to have you prove your ability once and for all.
Okay, wait in this room.
When they call your name, please follow instructions.
Okay I'm going to have you meet five people.
First, find the one of your "kind" among them.
Someone with the same ability as you.
You said you'd know if you met one, right? Yeah, that's right! I can tell! I think, anyway.
Second, let us know if one of their kind is among them.
Hey, hey You're saying one of those monsters is a suspect here? Don't tell me they're just gonna troop in here all meek-like! Hey! Is this glass gonna keep me safe?! I'd rather be hung than be eaten by those monsters! It's fine! Don't worry.
It's thick, bullet-proof glass.
And soundproof to boot.
Let's begin.
Fukami-san, please enter.
Hey, Uragami.
Look at him! Fine, fine.
What do you think, Fukami-san? Well He is not a parasite.
He is responding slightly to my telepathy.
He's walled his mind off, but I doubt he has the same ability as me.
He's talking up a good game.
I should explain beforehand that these self-proclaimed "psychics" in the room are probably all frauds.
Even if anyone had this superpo— rather, this highly honed ability at all, it'd probably just be him.
Well, Uragami? A total fraud.
Tell this dweeb I said, "Show me a liar, and I will show you a thief.
" Look who's talking! And he's a serial killer.
Next one, please.
What's wrong, Uragami?! You're cruel, Detective.
You know the kind of life we lead in prison How could you put such a hottie in front of me? Is he actually We should probably stop him.
His focus may drop.
Th-There's no mistake! This man's a parasite! H-Hey, wait, pretty lady What a joke.
Izumi-kun, thank you for waiting.
Please go in.
You can't hear each other, so there's no need to hold back.
What do you think of that man? What I think? I'm not sure You seem to run into parasites often for some reason.
This time, the parasite named Tamura Reiko approached you.
Perhaps you have something that attracts them Or perhaps you have an ability to tell them apart? Calm down If I calm down, it will be fine.
To me, it seems highly likely that you are the partner Kuramori spoke of with his dying breath.
But mentioning Kuramori to you has no effect.
I find it difficult to believe that a normal high school student can keep lying with a straight face, but Inspector, the bastard's asleep! What? Hey, Uragami! Wake up! I guess I used up my energy Huh? Oh, we're still doing this? You have a cute face, baby boy.
If you dressed up as a woman, you might make good spank material.
Hey, Detective Tell him to look me right in the eye.
Yes? In Cold Blood Next time: "In Cold Blood.