Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

In Cold Blood

1 Wh-What's the deal with this guy? Don't tell me he's a parasite.
No, he's human.
I can tell that, at least.
But Migi He's asleep! Parasyte The Maxim In Cold Blood What's the deal with that guy? He's acting like a completely different person now.
This is who he truly is.
Is he human? Is he?! It's not like It's not like I think I'm all that special.
Why can I tell humans and monsters apart? Well, let me think Maybe it's because I fooled around a lot with humans.
So, basically I'm know more about all the qualities this lifeform possesses than anyone else.
This toy's pretty fragile.
I sure played around But this ability of mine something most animals have, anyway? It's just about telling your own kind apart from others.
When I first found one of them, sure, I was shocked.
It's not every day that you see an alien being walking in a crowd wearing human clothes If I stared at a crowd, I'd be lucky to see two come through in a given hour.
It was weird that no one around me seemed to notice, but that "thing" also didn't seem to give a damn.
I didn't really approach them.
Even I thought it'd be dangerous.
I guess you could call it my animal instinct.
I was kind of looking forward to finding out what these strange beings did, but eh it wasn't all that different from the kinds of things I did.
Oh, wow.
What a mess.
You should clean up after playing with your toys Don't move! Hey! I-It's not what you think! It wasn't me! You've got it all wrong! I'd never He's taking his sweet time.
Hirama-san, we can't drag this out much longer.
Look at Izumi Shinichi.
He kept his cool during our questioning, but even he seems to be afraid this time.
What? What do you mean? Well, he might have potential.
But what caught my eye wasn't anything like that.
It just distracted me, that's all.
What did? I just imagined it, but I thought I saw something not entirely human deep within his eyes.
What?! Idiot.
Don't yell right into my ear.
I told you I just imagined it.
When I took a good long look, there was nothing to it.
So, you will be staying at a hotel for a few more days at least.
We will have someone accompany you any time you want to visit your home, so be sure to contact us first.
Oh, that's really unnecessary No, I insist.
Um, Hirama-san? About the baby If you're referring to one Tamura Reiko was holding in her arms, the baby still needs to undergo testing.
After all, the child was being raised by a parasite.
So what then, once you're sure the baby is normal? Well The child will go into foster care.
Why? Is there a reason why you're so concerned? No.
Well If you were to say you're Tamura Reiko's relative, I'd ask if you'd like to have custody.
What? Just kidding.
Oh Deep within his eyes I have no way of telling.
Shinichi, did you take your bath yet? You go ahead.
All right, thanks.
Who was he? Just thinking back gives me chills, even though I've seen so many man-eating monsters.
Shinichi, it appears that you are not only tired in body, but also tired in spirit.
I met someone really scary while you were asleep.
A human? Yes But I think he was a killer.
I don't know what to think anymore.
There are humans who are unfathomable and terrifying, but that man-eating parasite, Tamura Reiko, saved me.
She healed the hole in my heart.
I still fail to comprehend her behavior.
We and humans are one family.
Conference Room "Legal Analysis of Critical Response" "and Operation Planned to Mitigate Massacre by Parasites.
" Technically, the government has approved this operation, but keep in mind that there are many gray areas.
I'm looking forward to working with you, Inspector Hirama.
I'm only an assistant inspector.
But there's talk that you may even be promoted right to superintendent by the day of the operation.
Surely you're joking.
He's been assigned to command the ground forces during the operation— I'm Yamagishi.
As you have already heard, Hirama-kun will be supporting this operation by overseeing all the support functions, and Yamagishi-kun will oversee the core operation with regard to identifying and eliminating the enemy.
Director-General, the man named Uragami I spoke of previously may be a great asset depending on how we use him.
I believe it'd be best to incorporate him as an integral element in our core strategy.
I appreciate the forethought, but regarding this ability of his I hear he's a mass murderer.
Having such a foreign element working with our tactical forces in an operation may result in mishaps at a critical point.
No, he doesn't need to be a part of the tactical force.
I'd just like him to function as a pair of eyes.
Eyes, I see But we have a sensing system in place for that purpose.
They are not a flock of sheep who can be herded by dogs.
You seem to give their possible humanity too much credit.
This is not intended to be a manhunt, but an extermination of pests.
I have lost contact with Tamura Reiko.
The same goes for Kusano, Hikawa, and Maesawa.
Three mangled bodies were found in a city construction site, and a female thought to be a parasite was shot to death the following day in a park.
Not to mention, all the bodies were retrieved by a specialized agency, the identity of which remains unknown.
Kusano bore animosity toward Tamura Reiko for awhile.
He must have plotted to kill her without our consent and was killed by her instead.
Then the one who was shot dead in the park was Tamura Reiko.
Most likely.
Now that a parasite task force agency has been created, I no longer receive any information.
That means the government is beginning to treat this as a serious issue.
It appears so.
Izumi-kun! Murano.
I'm sorry I made you worry.
It's okay.
Oh, wait.
Here are all the notes I took while you were gone.
I'll return them once I make copies.
Oh, look who's here! So you can come back to school starting today? Huh? Oh.
Listen up! This is your last timed run in high school! Give it all you've got so that you won't have any regrets! Idiot.
He's so over the top.
Izumi! I've always wanted to tell you this.
You're never giving it all you've got! Try, since this is your final chance! If it were only that easy Last time in high school, huh Ready! Set! 10 10.
5 seconds? Wow.
It'd be easy to get it under 10 seconds, too.
Why're you getting changed in the corner like you're hiding something? Huh? Don't be so shy! You're a man! Oh Sorry.
It's fine.
Ow! Idiot.
Hup! We'll be graduating in three months.
A lot of things happened in high school, huh? Way too much.
There were good things, too.
I should study.
Huh? Are you actually going to take university entrance exams? What's that supposed to mean? You know, when I go to uni— Let's go.
We will win! I'm 99.
9 percent certain, but I feel like we're missing one last thing.
I don't know what that is, but there is something missing.
I'd like your help.
Why Why is it always him? Izumi-kun isn't the only one being affected by all this.
Everyone here is trying their best to forget what happened! We were all supposed to be leading perfectly normal lives, like normal high school students.
But just a little step off the track And there's blood everywhere! He seems to be a high school student.
He's the witness I told you about.
I hear you saw Hirama-san and his men put down one of them recently.
Higashifukuyama City Hall Yamagishi Yes.
Outer Riot Police Unit I understand that you are a civilian, but I'd like to hear your opinion as to what weapons might be effective against them.
Higashifukuyama City Hall Yamagishi flamethrowers, for example.
Even against someone who can move that fast? Of course, fire won't be enough.
But I think it'll be effective.
Basically, it'll startle us, and just "us" on the surface.
We have intellect on par with that of humans, and do not fear fire.
But should we suddenly be exposed to fire, there will be a disconnect between our "outer" and "inner" selves.
Hence, we'd be startled.
Goto's body hosts several parasites that are controlled by one mind.
So if that one mind becomes startled, it should unbalance him greatly.
I see A flamethrower? Ah, forgive me.
Well, it may not be a bad idea.
But no matter how many parasites may reside in one body, there is only one heart.
Today is the day.
Huh? What's going on? What's this, a military coup d'etat? Looks like the riot squad, but It can't be.
Sensors ready.
Commence operation.
This is an emergency.
We repeat, this is an emergency.
To everyone in this building, we have very important information.
Please listen carefully.
I am Mizushima, a detective with the Higashi Fukuyama Police Department.
A man armed with a rifle has entered the building and has concealed himself somewhere on the building rooftop.
Mutsuki and Kisaragi squads are to rendezvous in the main entrance hall.
Yayoi squad, cover the annex.
Utsuki squad, cover the second floor and seal all entrances and exits.
Satsuki squad, protect the sensing system.
Minazuki squad, neutralize the "foxes.
" All workers, please move to the entrance hall on the first floor.
Information and Reception They're claiming they're the police? My bet would be that none of them are from the police.
So you're really moving forward with this, humans? We're just getting started.
The foxes will be stripped of their sheep's clothing and lured to the hunting grounds.
The armed suspect is on the north side of the rooftop! We will have you evacuate through his blind spot, but he may notice if large groups evacuate at once.
We'll therefore have you evacuate in groups of seven.
I don't know, okay? I'll have to actually see them in person.
Not through the screen like this.
Anyway, this is impressive.
It's like war.
Am I even going to be needed? Huh? Oh, it's you.
So calling in the cavalry wasn't enough, and you recruited a killer and a minor for help.
You're in quite a bind, huh? Shut up! Keep your mouth shut! Well? Are there any? I'm not sure.
If we can at least identify the deviant with multiple parasites in one body, the one you said you saw "The deviant" And regarding the other one, the mayor, Hirokawa That's right.
Hirokawa is the key.
What was she about to say about him? We're to evacuate in groups of seven.
Mayor, you should go first.
Of course not.
Please prioritize children and elderly, as well as women.
City workers should wait as long as they can.
Here comes the first seven.
HQ to all squads.
Should foxes attempt escape or retaliation when fired upon, engage safeguards immediately.
Roger that.
Removing any non-human material from the sensor image No hits.
Bring the next seven.
No hits in this batch, either.
Migi, you can't tell how many there are? We're a fair distance away, so I can't be precise, but there are quite a few.
There! That one! So the first hit's a woman.
Crime and Punishment Next time: "Crime and Punishment.