Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Crime and Punishment

1 Huh? One died.
Parasyte The Maxim We did it! Crime and Punishment We took one down Retrieve the body.
Switch the route.
Yes, sir! They are not life forms.
They are machines operated by demons.
To stop a machine, we need only destroy the "motor.
" The key factor in ensuring the destruction of the heart is not the penetrating power of each round, but the force of each shot's overall spread.
What we need are shotguns loaded with shells containing 16 8mm lead shots.
What was that sound? Wasn't it gunshots? No way.
Hey, what's going on, huh? Please keep your voices down, everyone! The rooftop shooter is just firing warning shots to intimidate us.
We're still fine! Just in case, we'll wait a few minutes to assess the situation before resuming evacuations.
Damn humans They're pretty efficient.
Well, what now? We'll now resume evacuations.
None here.
None here, either.
What's going on? This can't be right.
Are they onto us? Captain.
The murdered P.
's notes mentioned something relevant, although they were rather vague Telepathy? Yes, I remember reading about that.
We should take all necessary precautionary measures.
I'll send Uragami in.
Please use him.
But that man is One moment, please.
What is it? Well, it's Hirokawa.
There are civilians in the second floor conference room? That's right.
We had a town meeting planned today.
They probably didn't hear the announcement.
There's no need for concern.
We've sent men to verify whether anyone's still there.
No, if they see your armed men, I'm sure they'll be frightened.
It'll invite further chaos.
He's right.
We'll go up to the second floor and escort them here.
They're making their move.
Don't let them leave the building.
Stall them.
Yes, sir! Sorry about that.
Bring over that psychic killer of yours.
Hey, c'mon.
Uncuff me.
What am I supposed to do if anything happens? I won't run.
Besides, how am I supposed to make a run for it with all these cops around? All right, fine.
Hey, Migi.
We should help, too.
We can tell them apart.
Please cooperate.
How dare you point guns at civilians?! Um I want to evacuate.
Huh? Right I see.
So it's this vehicle.
Wait! They're all on top of each other.
How am I supposed to tell who's what? Please stay in line.
Walk in single file, please.
What's the matter? They're all lined up! One, two Wait, stop! No, no.
That one's human.
Oh, boy.
He's a goner.
How How could you Please stay back! Huh? Please get back in line! W-Wait U-Um Shoot him now! Kill him! Huh? Shit! Our equipment got hit by friendly fire! The sensing system's down! Quiet, everyone! Please calm down! Calm down! Shit! Don't shoot! Wait! Where are you going?! Forget it, let them go! Everybody down! Hands behind your head! You have five seconds! Now! Don't stand up, no matter what! Stand without permission and we'll shoot to kill! Hey, wait a minute! Who're you to tell us— Hmph.
A human.
M-My God There are several parasites in this city hall.
We are going to neutralize them.
Listen up! If you believe yourselves to be human, do exactly as we say! Isn't there anything we can do? Anything?! We will now expand our hunting grounds.
Kisaragi Squad, you'll take this area.
If you see anyone suspicious, shoot to kill.
Yes, sir! Surviving members of the Mutsuki and Satsuki Squads will join my Shingetsu Squad to clean up the rest of the building.
The killer will come with me.
Huh? I'm counting on you to ID the monsters.
Look who's talking.
Right? Is it justifiable self-defense? Or Is it obstruction of justice? This is an emergency, so Huh? What're you going on about? Hands behind your head! Stop! Why aren't you trying to escape? You should be able to get through the cordon easily enough.
The same goes for you.
I intend to watch how the enemy fights for a while longer first.
What about you? Good question.
I feel there's no real point in running at this point.
Oh? Well, I'll just do what I want.
I know.
So, where is Hirokawa? The Uzuki Squad made contact with Hirokawa's group while en route to the city council wing.
We lost them in the connecting corridor on the second floor.
We'll split up here.
Shingetsu Squad, go to the main wing.
Mutsuki and Satsuki Squads, go to the council wing.
Yes, sir! Killer, you'll accompany the joint team formed by the Mutsuki and Satsuki Squads.
The name's Uragami.
You're a killer, too.
But that means you won't be able to ID the enemy Don't worry.
I'm starting to get the hang of telling the monsters apart.
Uzuki Squad located.
Looks like they made contact with Hirokawa's group, and then got wiped out.
Ugh, yuck.
They're both human.
What the hell are you guys doing in a crisis like this?! Sorry! Ignorance is bliss.
But if I hadn't been here, they'd be full of holes by now.
Oh, thank God.
Please help me.
What? But How did you know? He wasn't in the first floor entrance hall.
Huh? In any case, just shoot anyone you find.
Humans had the upper hand from the start.
The assault troops' objective was never the protection of civilian lives It was the elimination of the enemy.
By making that strategic priority explicit, we prevented a panic.
And while several human lives were sacrificed, we were able to methodically eradicate the parasites.
We are fragile.
We are merely a life form that cannot survive on its own.
So don't bully us.
Hey, wait.
I'm practically in the lead here.
What'd be the point of having you at the rear? Stop! W-Wait.
I'm not one of them! Shoot.
H-Hey! What's the holdup? C'mon! Where are you even aiming? Go! After him! So they're using large shotgun rounds to destroy the body.
Seems to be pretty effective.
What about him? He looks the type.
Fine, fine.
Man, what a drag.
Just shoot everyone already.
I don't care.
Hey! Uragami! Where do you think you're going? Follow me.
We'll have more room this way.
Uragami! Bastard! So running was your plan all along! Y-You saw him, didn't you?! Did he look human to you guys? What?! Oh, only this many? I'll give you two minutes.
Fire! Why won't he fall? H-He's not bleeding at all! What's that sound? It's coming from inside him! You sure gave me a lot.
It can't be Shotgun pellets? His arm! Oh, one's still alive.
I see.
It's thanks to their body armor.
In situations like this, does one say, "insolent fool"? I'll give you another thirty seconds to wrap things up.
What? It appears the Mutsuki and Satsuki joint team has been wiped out.
Send the Yayoi Squad to the council wing.
Let's get you back there, Uragami! You've got to be shitting me.
That's enough.
Hello, everyone.
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