Parasyte: The Maxim (2014) s01e21 Episode Script

Sex and Spirit

1 Hello, everyone.
Yayoi Squad has made contact with Hirokawa.
Do not let him get away.
Eliminate him.
Parasyte The Maxim Sex and Spirit Well, don't just stand around.
Take a seat.
You could say your victory in this incident is assured.
When it comes to killing, nothing on Earth can match the human race.
However, the tools you currently hold should be put to different use, for a purpose far greater.
They should be used to protect the balance of the biosphere.
That should be your intended mission: in a word, culling.
All of humanity will realize soon enough that human numbers must be reduced immediately.
That the crime of pollution is far greater than the crime of manslaughter.
And that our existence is of such great importance that you will even come to protect us.
You should place greater value on your predators.
And these particular predators fit perfectly into the beautiful hierarchy of nature! They fit right above humans! This will restore the balance at last.
Hirokawa Someone on Earth had a sudden thought.
"Life must be protected.
" Just who do you think you are? You monster! Hmph.
This is why I can never like humans.
If defiance is your final answer, don't pretend otherwise at the start.
Environmental conservation measures are all skewed in favor of benefiting the human race! Why do you refuse to acknowledge that? Prioritize the prosperity of all life over that of the human race! That is what would make you the superior species! You fools claim justice is on your side! But what greater justice is there than this? We inhabit humans and take on the role of maintaining the balance of all life.
In comparison, humans are the true parasitic vermin infesting this planet! Or should I say Parasitic beasts? Parasitic beasts Fire! What's the matter? This is a human.
What? Hirokawa An inscrutable man until the very end.
Tamura Reiko was greatly intrigued by this human and made many plans on his account, but they are all finished now.
He must have appeared unusual in your eyes, as well For a human.
What could've What could've happened here? Like I said, it's that guy we just saw.
He has incredible power.
Even firearms are useless against him.
What is it? Hirokawa has been neutralized, but a new parasite seems to have appeared.
We will rendezvous with the Minazuki Squad and head for the council wing.
U-Uragami You bastard Man, my arm's all numb.
I prefer knives.
Oh, wow, it blew his hand right off.
Of course this is how things would end, Detective.
Either way, I was on death row, wasn't I? I'm gonna get out of here! If that monster is as good as I think he is, he's sure to break the cordon.
Come to think of it, Tamura Reiko often asked for what purpose we have come into existence.
It's of no concern to me now, but I have realized one thing: I live only to fight.
Shinichi, let's go home.
There's no point in staying here any longer.
We have fulfilled our purpose.
You don't know that for sure.
We still have to figure out whether Gotou can be defeated.
It doesn't matter.
The humans have won.
If they want to, they can use cannons, missiles, napalm balms, you name it.
What we might want to do as individuals no longer has any significance at this stage.
You're acting weird, Migi.
Fire! How's he moving like that? Fight smarter.
Humans are supposed to be the most intelligent beings on the planet, aren't they? He's dodging gunfire! I don't just dodge.
I can use a shield, too.
D-Don't shoot Fire.
They're as good as dead.
Shit, that agility of his Being indoors limits our firing options, and we risk friendly fire.
We need to be somewhere more open.
To the roof.
The roof, now! One more round.
D-Didn't that round finish him? Don't let your guard down.
We will exercise due caution and engage the enemy on the roof.
He can navigate walls and ceilings as well as any floor.
Indoor combat tactics are useless against him.
This is his lair And we are right in the thick of it.
How ironic that we have lost our advantage in a man-made structure.
All right, scatter to both sides! We'll engage him here! What are you talking about? Impossible You're the only one left.
I cleared out the men behind you.
Or perhaps saying I "scattered them" would be more appropriate.
How do you even work? Don't tell me that your body's also That's right.
But I have not armored my entire body.
There are gaps.
I was somewhat careless in this fight, given your sheer firepower.
Even if I harden my cells, deflecting gunshots head-on is not without risk.
That's why I deflect them at an angle, like this.
Y-You dare mock me?! Also, though I dodge gunfire, it is not that I can move faster than a bullet.
I predict the direction of fire based on the opponent's eye and hand movements.
What was that sound? I think it came from the roof.
Wh-Who the hell are you? I'm what you see.
I'm just a wild organism.
An organism? And what are humans, then? Organisms A flamethrower, huh Maybe that isn't such a bad idea Hey, something just fell out of the sky.
Ow What's wrong? I told you so.
Oh, you again.
Gotou I see.
So you were also involved.
It was a large battle, to be sure.
It seems all the others have been killed.
And you were a part of it.
The job is not yet finished.
Killing you should bring me closure.
That's right.
I should kill you.
Then I will move forward.
"Forward"? Not bad aim, if you were going for the heart.
Let's finish this later.
There is too much interference, and I am rather tired today.
H-He flew! I-Izumi-kun, what exactly are you? I don't know! I have no idea! Wait! We suffered heavy casualties.
The majority were men under Yamagishi's command.
And all it took was one monster to turn the tables on us.
Can you truly claim you knew nothing about this? You're hiding something again, aren't you? I don't know! I had no idea that a single one of them could be so powerful! A head! Someone's head just fell from the sky! Shinichi.
Shinichi, that was quite a nightmare.
How do you know what I dreamed about? It's just a feeling.
Will Gotou come for us? He most definitely will, and soon.
I sensed his resolve.
So I guess we're going to die.
We can't give up that easily.
We should get help.
Uda, for example.
We can't drag them into something like this.
Humans, then.
We'll pit military forces against him again.
How?! Even if we do pull that off, a lot of people will die again.
And we'll be the ones responsible for their deaths! I couldn't care less.
Migi You never change, Migi.
Dad, I might have to say goodbye soon.
Mom, I might be able to see you again soon.
Hey, why don't we run somewhere far away? Not even Gotou is so obsessed with us that he'd follow us all over Japan, is he? Migi Are you asleep? Oh, I forgot to go to school.
Heh, school Wait, he's asleep? Migi?! Huh? If he attacks now If he attacks now Hey! Apologize.
Wow, he's scared shitless.
Say it on your knees.
I'm very sorry.
I apologized, didn't I?! I said "sorry"! I apologized! I apologized, okay?! Izumi-kun.
Oh, did you skip school today? Yeah.
I did.
I'm a cheat, you know.
I'm a loser.
What's wrong? You're acting weird.
Hey Stop You're hurting me.
Please let go.
Stop! Izumi-kun Your idea to run far away may not be a bad one, Shinichi.
Oh, you were awake? Far away, huh? And I'm so close to graduating.
Huh? Have your senses become dull? Hello.
How'd you know I'd be here? You like parks, Izumi-kun.
I can tell because I like them, too.
Sorry about earlier.
I didn't mean to frighten you.
You're a strange guy, Izumi-kun.
I sometimes don't think I know you at all.
Don't you think it's cold out here? Come over to my place.
Let's talk.
No one else is home today.
When you feel your life's on the line, your true nature surfaces.
I'm so pathetic.
All I can think about is how I don't want to die.
I want to live.
I want to keep on living.
I've called Migi cold-blooded a lot, but I don't have any right to say that.
In the end, I'm trampling over those around me in order to live.
Shinichi-kun You're really pretty amazing.
We've gone through a lot together, so even if something horrible happens again, we'll be okay.
We can't lose.
Satomi, I like you a lot.
I love you.
Izumi-kun, you always drop quiet bombshells like that at the end.
I'm going to live.
No matter what it takes! Quiescence and Awakening Next time: "Quiescence and Awakening.