Party of Five s06e03 Episode Script

Bye, Bye, Love

1 So, not only do I have my own caseload, which is, like, 70 kids on nine different drug therapies-- Guys, we're home! But Dr.
Franklin still hasn't hired an assistant yet.
So guess who gets to do all his paperwork, too.
Daph? Hi.
There a oink Everywhere a oink oink Old MacDonald had a - Hello? - Hello.
Hello, hello, hello Hello, hello, hello.
Old MacDonald had a farm Hey.
You're here.
Charlie, right? Well, we wanted to surprise you.
Well, you did.
I mean, uh-- -You're Kirsten, right? -Right.
Yeah, Daphne's told me all about you.
-Really? -Yeah.
Well, um, she hasn't mentioned anything about you.
Yeah, I know, um, I'm a secret.
Dude, I'm so sorry I'm late.
I'm I'm in trouble.
-Daph-- -Okay, look, before you get mad and start yelling, just I was fired, okay? I know.
Great big honking surprise, but it was it was telemarketing.
It was evil.
But I am looking for another gig, but I can't do that and watch Diana at the same time, so Victor here is helping me out, and he is great.
You guys, he is like the new millennium Mary Poppins, no joke.
-Daphne-- -Almost done.
It's just, um, I, um, uh, completely broke.
My rent is late, my clothes are being held hostage at a fluff-and-fold, and the only money I have is to buy baby food.
So let the yelling begin.
No yelling.
I just I just wish you'd tell us when stuff like this happens.
Oh, thanks, guys.
With a moo moo here And a moo moo there Here a moo, there a moo Everywhere a moo moo Will that do it? Could you make that, uh, two? Old MacDonald had a farm E-I-E-I-O Everybody wants to live Like they wanna live And everybody wants to love Like they wanna love Everybody wants to be Closer to free Closer to free You know, just once I would like to be on time for something.
Not even early, just Claudia, you're walking to school! Thanks.
Just like old times.
Thank you.
Claud, hey! That's my toast.
-Is it for me? Yeah.
May I tell her who's Okay, hang on.
Sarah! Bailey.
You don't have to shout.
Oh, sorry.
It's somebody Mindy, for you.
Oh, God.
You know what? I'll just take it upstairs.
320 Lexington Drive, Menlo Park.
Thank you so much, Mindy.
Who's Mindy from Menlo Park? -Hey.
Hey, um, aren't you late for work? I'm the boss.
I can be late.
Who's Mindy from Menlo Park? Oh, you know, it's a really long story, but, Mindy Zane was my Mom's Robin's, um, best friend from high school.
How did she Well, Julia said that I could find some of my Mom's old high school yearbooks at the library, and one of them had a drama club picture of her and this woman.
So I did some digging and made some phone calls, and she called me back.
Now I'm gonna meet her.
I can't believe you did all of this.
-I had no idea.
-I know.
It's just When Julia started working on her book, you know, it got me thinking that there is so little I actually know about my family.
But, why didn't you tell me any of this? Well, because there wasn't much to tell until now, and also, I remember how you felt when I started looking for my Mom.
Well, I mean I think you ought to be careful -Oh, here it comes.
-No, no, no.
No, I just I want to help.
Okay? How can I help? Listen, I took a look at your second chapter, -and I do have some thoughts.
Okay, this stuff about your parents.
Uh, that confused me a little.
Now you talk a fair amount about your father's temper.
Oh, it's not like he was abusive or anything.
That's not what I was trying to say.
I'm talking about when he got mad and you gave some examples, there's all sorts of stuff about your reactions.
But what about everyone else? Everyone else? Like who? Oh, like your mother.
I was looking for that.
I mean, what did she do when your Dad got mad? Mom? Uh She was great.
She always knew exactly what to do.
She'd tell him a joke or lighten the situation somehow.
He could never stay mad around her.
So you're saying that she enabled the anger? No, no, that's not what I meant.
And it sounds like you took a lesson from her.
No, I was just saying she knew how to handle things when-- Well, listen.
You said that she was great, that you admired your mother.
Now my only point is that you must have wanted to be that way, too.
Ah, it's getting late.
I thought Daph would be here by now.
Daphne? But isn't it Victor today? Well, she didn't have any job interviews lined up, so -What? -Nothing.
I just I just wonder if it's a good idea to give her money like that.
What was I supposed to do? Find her a job.
That's what she needs, right? Maybe at school with you, or what about at the restaurant? I already asked.
Both places, and there's nothing.
-What about you? -Me? Yeah, didn't you say that Dr.
Franklin was looking for an assistant? My Dr.
Franklin? His assistant Daphne? Sure.
It's a job.
Why not? Um, well, I don't know, I just Why not? Hey.
Uh, Claudia, where have you been since second period? I need my S.
vocab partner.
Oh, my god.
Is everyone sitting? Okay, if you guys thought last week's was bad, wait till you hear what that internut posted this week.
-Derek printed it up.
-Yeah, this site is way harsh.
"Now let's talk about the kids who want us to talk about them.
You know who I mean.
The cool crowd.
The beautiful people.
And that includes Rhiannon Marcus, who, after a summer in the city of angels, clearly deserves her new nickname, 'daddy's little implants.
'" You think that's funny? No, I'm sorry, Rhi.
Not funny at all.
-But how did he know? -Alexa! Well, what about me? Am I in there? Nah.
You're still safe.
How do you know? She's fresh blood.
Isn't even on the guy's radar yet.
Who says this guy is a guy? Well, whoever he is, the only way to deal with him is just ignore him.
"And who's Alexa Spence trying to impress? Volunteering to be a big sister? As if she could help the poor by doing their color charts.
" Excuse me? Who am I impressing? Why-- I told no one about that.
Except every college recruiter you've met.
This worm is gonna pay.
Myra? Myra! One sec.
My furniture project.
Myra, this isn't What is it? It's a bed of nails.
Myra, wait a minute.
Myra! Look, I know this isn't your favorite place to be, but I asked to take a look at your transcript, and the D-plus you're getting from me is the best grade you've got.
And a zero on this is gonna bring you down to an F.
What's your point? Well, just If you don't want to be held back, I'm kind of the best friend you've got here.
Now, whatever you need.
If you want a little extra time to make a real effort on this-- Look, no offense, but last thing I need is advice from the guy who grew up to be the shop teacher, okay? Claud, do you remember the time that mom showed us how to make cookies? And after they started baking, we fought for the bowl to eat all the extra cookie dough? Mm, I don't know.
And we dropped the bowl, and it smashed into a million pieces.
Oh, man.
That time.
-Oh, Dad, he-- -Right.
He went ballistic.
Totally freaked.
What makes you think of that? You remember what Mom did? She made us run up to him and say that we were sorry and tell him we loved him and hug him.
She did? Yeah.
And it worked like a charm.
Like it always did.
Kind of smart, I guess, huh? You think? I don't know.
'Cause his temper never changed.
It never got any better.
And all of that time, I never heard her say "stop".
Just stop being angry.
Julia, what are you doing? Nothing.
Owen is sitting right over there, listening to everything you're saying.
-What am I saying? -That his parents were fighting all the time.
That Mom What, what are you saying? That Mom never backed us up? Never stood up against horrible, angry dad? Bailey, come on, no.
I'm just I'm taking a look at the family, and it seems like Mom and Dad-- Okay, you know what? I don't want to hear it.
Whatever you're trashing them for for your book or whatever Just leave us out of it.
Claudia doesn't want to hear it, do you? -I mean, not really.
And neither do I, and neither does Owen.
Hey, bud, let's finish upstairs, okay? She was a wild girl, your Mom.
I remember once, she got arrested for skinny dipping in a fountain in Central Park.
The arresting officer asked her out.
That's how it was.
I mean, she had guys lined up around the block.
So, there were a lot of men.
Oh, no.
I didn't mean to say that she was She's not-- No, no.
That's okay.
You know, I want to know everything about her.
She was a beautiful woman, Sarah.
And a really good actress.
She was irresistible.
Leading men, stage managers God, I think there was even an usher who proposed.
Oh, she sent me a playbill from her first real show.
And I think it's in here.
Here it is.
-She played Roxanne.
And opposite her, the guy What was his name? Oh, um, William Lanford.
She said he was wonderful, and that they were wonderful together.
Wait! Wait, what is this? She she signed it.
"Mindy, it feels like everything in my life is about to change.
" What do you think she means? I think that program was the last contact I had with her.
We lost touch after that.
But you knew her, so so, what do you think she meant? Was she talking about her career? It was 20 years ago, Sarah.
Maybe she was talking about you.
Thanks for taking time out of your day.
Well That was such a joke.
-Oh, Daphne, I'm sorry.
-I know.
What am I gonna do now? Don't worry.
We'll we'll think of something.
We'll do something.
Yeah, we better, because Dr.
Franklin wants me to start, like, today.
-He does? -Yeah.
-You're Dr.
Franklin's new assistant? -Yeah.
He didn't seem to care about your utter lack of professional experience? Yeah, he did.
That's why I lied.
You lied? Well, how else was I gonna get the job, Kirsten? -You lied.
-And you're gonna have to teach me, like, everything, because the only thing I know how to do is make long-distance phone calls and steal office supplies.
-You lied.
We covered that.
Now show me.
What is it that we actually do here? All right, gentlemen, that's it.
Good practice.
Good practice! -Hey.
What are you doing here? Okay, the thing is, I read that web page again.
It says that Rudy Baylor's a closet nerd who's so good at Math he tested out of trig.
And the only guy who plays basketball with Rudy and takes Mr.
Baum's trig class is Well, you.
So? So you knew all that stuff about Lex and Rhiannon and Rudy.
-I don't follow.
-No, neither do I, 'cause I feel like the story that should be online is whatever the heck they did to you.
'Cause it must have been something.
I gotta get going.
But you know what I can't figure out? You're trashing your friends because you think that they do anything to feel better about themselves, but, I mean, isn't that just what you're doing? Hey.
Julia, right? I'm Isabelle.
How's it going? Listen, before you speak, I just have to say I'm sorry.
I have been a total bitch.
Ever since you transferred in, all I could think was please, she has the publishing contract I deserve, just let her die, but how unoriginal, you know? When everyone in class already hates you? Oh, so just You look really sad, and if talking might help Oh.
All right, well, um, my editor keeps telling me I'm not being honest if I don't blame my parents in some way for what happened to me.
My siblings, they hear this, and they're like, "How can you do that?" And the truth is I feel the same way.
But how else can you explain who you are without at least looking at your parents first? Yeah.
You think I came out of the womb this way? Hey, you wanna get some coffee.
Hey, I'm looking for you.
That is your new furniture project.
-A guillotine? -Yeah.
Something about it just screamed out Myra.
Look, Mr.
Salinger, let's be honest.
You don't know me enough to actually care, and I'm not in the mood to be some teacher's good deed for the day.
So what's the problem, Myra? You bored? 'Cause what if I told you that I'm bored, too? What if I said that I'll die if I have to see one more pine branch footstool? Oh, the "I'm just another outsider like you" trick? Be careful.
You might have to pierce your tongue to prove it to me.
Have I told you the secret to high school? The reason why it's such a nightmare? It's so kids'll work really, really hard to leave, 'cause you know what happens to the ones who don't? They turn into me.
Is that what you want? To have to teach shop to put food on your table? To spend the rest of your life making speeches like this? Okay.
Patient's name, Kathleen O'neill.
Except that, um, the last name has to go first, and the middle initial goes here, not here.
And it needs to be in block print.
It's just a couple of the doctor's pet peeves.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't I finish these up, and then we can go over them later? -How's that sound? -Fantastic, Kirsten.
She's almost got it.
Hey, muffin-head.
Here, let me help you.
The square shape goes in the square hole.
Like that.
Good! Hey, Daph.
Maybe it's better if she figures it out for herself.
Oh, right.
Yeah, 'cause otherwise, how will she learn? Right, Kirsten? Right.
Thank you, Victor.
You're gonna ruin your eyes.
Hey, listen to this.
"I for your joy would gladly lay mine down, though you were never to know it.
Too fair the night, that I should speak thus, that you should hear me.
" It's from Cyrano.
Every night he would look into her eyes, and she would look into his.
Your Mom and that that William guy? William Lanford.
I mean, how could they say these words to each other night after night and not fall in love? Oh, come on, Sarah.
They were acting.
Robin told Mindy they were wonderful together.
Okay, but that still doesn't mean-- And I was born a little more than nine months after the play opened.
What? Production started February '78 and ended in May.
This man could be my father, Bailey.
I mean, it's possible.
I did an Internet search, and it came up William Lanford studio, Columbus Avenue.
He's still there, Bailey.
In New York.
Did you get a phone number? Instead of calling, I thought I'd go.
To New York? Well, it's a lot harder to slam a door in somebody's face than to just slam down a telephone.
You're actually considering flying all the way to New York? I'm not considering it, Bailey.
I already bought the ticket.
What's all this? I'm just looking at pictures, trying to jog my memory.
"Elbow crooked, pulling her head to him.
His hand on her arm, his hand on her neck--" Bailey.
What does that mean, Jule? What point are you making there? I'm just trying to figure stuff out.
Are you saying that he liked to control her? -Is that right? -I'm writing what I see.
So that's the big angle here for this book.
That Dad was like Ned, and Mom was like you, and that's why you got abused.
What if it is? What if that's a part of it? Julia, you are putting all of these what-ifs into a book.
You're making Mom and Dad out to be these villains to thousands of strangers.
No one is a villain, Bailey.
That is the point! -Not Mom, not Dad, not even Ned.
-You know what I think? Julia, you know what I think? I think this is a really nice way for you to let yourself off the hook.
I think it's really nice way for you to make it okay that you're blaming everyone else for this but yourself.
I am just trying I am trying really hard to make sense of all of this.
So fine then, Julia, make sense of it.
Just don't pile it all on Mom and Dad, okay? And maybe you should stop digging around in the past for all your answers and start looking for the ones that are right in front of you.
So, how heavy am I supposed to make this thing? How heavy? Yeah, the part that chops off their heads.
The blade how heavy? I don't know.
Heavy enough to cut the tips off your old man's cigars? If I had an old man.
Or if I started smoking cigars.
Just you and your Mom, huh? Most of the time it's just me.
So, you want to show me how to use this thing, or should I just cut my thumb off? All right, let me in there.
Okay, according to the Saunders review, the Ivys won't even let us on campus unless we have three synonyms for words like, uh, Iscariot.
Apostate, quisling oh, and here's an appropriate one, traitor.
What? What's wrong? I've always thought one of the hardest things was knowing who your real friends are.
Did something happen? A little girl-talk at the gym goes a long way, huh, Claudia? All the way to your website.
Oh, I can't wait to see how you use the rest of the stuff I told you.
Okay, wait, you guys.
Why why would I do this? Nobody started trashing us till we hung out with you.
I mean, who else knows all this stuff about us? -It wasn't me.
-Well, who was it, then? And why would they do this? I really have no idea.
Oh, here we go.
Okay, it's your turn.
I'll be right back.
Are you, um are you taking off? Uh Well, I guess you you could say that.
I just quit.
You quit? Look, I am sorry, I am, I'm sorry, but I can't I can't do this.
Daphne, you're doing fine, which, frankly, I wasn't even sure that you could.
Kirsten, I'm working my ass off! -And you're making it! -No, I am hating it! I am not the kind of person that can do the same thing every day, and call that "living.
" I can't I can't be I can't be like Like me? Like me, you mean? No, I didn't say that.
Daphne This is the way the world works, okay? You don't just get to do what you want.
You do what you have to.
Look, Kirsten, it doesn't have to be-- You think that I want to be doing exactly this for the rest of my life? 'Cause I don't.
You can quit this job, Daphne, but next time, be careful.
Because by the time you figure out what you do want to do with your resume, they might not hire you.
Classifieds? What are you looking for, chapter three? Trying to find an apartment.
I thought you were living at home.
Well, I was going to find my own place, and then I thought I'd stay at home, and now I don't know.
Families Can't live with them, can't dispose of their limbs without drawing attention.
But it's not just my family.
Evan Stilman.
The guy keeps pushing me and it's driving me crazy.
The way he just sits there, telling me what to think, like what I've written are just words, when this stuff, it actually happened to me.
Well, okay, but you gotta expect him to be kind of frosty, considering.
Considering what? Well, duh, his wife offed herself.
Who wouldn't get cold after something like that? I'm sorry, "offed herself"? Oh, you didn't know that? Hey, you know, I was thinking I should stay someplace nice, in case things don't pan out.
Oh, that's probably stupid, right? Maybe too expensive? What do you think? I think it's your trip, it's up to you.
Okay, thank you.
Well, then don't ask what I think.
You know, it's just five days looking for my dad, Bailey.
That's all it is.
And then what? And then I come back.
And then what? And then what do you mean? Then all your questions are answered? I just want to meet my father.
Bailey, I don't know why you have a problem-- It is natural for you to want to meet him.
I want you to meet him.
It's just Maybe he and your Mom were together at some point, but you know that they weren't together when you were born.
And yet, you're racing across the country to see this guy, like like seeing him is going to answer some desperate question for you.
And you think it's about you.
And us, and the problems that we're having.
I think it is.
But, if I'm wrong If you tell me that it's not, then I will stop, I promise you.
If you tell me that it's not.
What happened? What happened? What happened to what we talked about? About you taking a harder look at your mother.
I don't know, I just I decided it wasn't the story.
Why not? Look, this book is about me, right? About my state of mind.
My state of mind about my Mom is not what you-- Julia, listen, I understand.
All right, she's gone, you don't want to judge her.
But that doesn't mean that you can't be honest.
-Honest? -Mm.
You know what, why don't you tell me what I should be saying, 'cause it seems to me you have a pretty specific idea in your head.
-Julia, I-- -No, I get the feeling that this matters a lot to you.
Like it's personal, somehow.
-Personal? -Yeah.
Like it's something you went through, too.
Like someone did something to you, and there's stuff that you feel about that, like there's someone you want to blame.
You're talking, about my wife? I don't know, am I? You know nothing about her.
You're right, I don't, so I would never presume to tell you how you feel.
I You know, this is completely uncalled for, Julia.
Do you hear me? Listen, Evan, I'm sorry if this upsets you, but-- We'll take this up later.
We're done here.
Claudia, hold on! Okay, look, I know you're angry, and just because I-- No, no, wait.
"And what about Claudia Salinger? Big mouth, big ambitions, big phony.
A desperate climber in discount boots.
Who's she trying to fool? Hello, identity wanted.
Claudia, if you want to fit in somewhere, try K-Mart.
" -What? -I am so sorry.
Why? You didn't write it.
I am such a loser, Claudia.
I should have known it wasn't you.
Can I see this? Mm, Cameron, you're you're in here, too.
Yeah, he, like, eviscerated both of you.
"And here, from the making-us-puke department, it's Cameron Wolcott.
There's something pathetic about a guy who's had everything handed to him but can't feel good about it.
If it's all just too much, then try this.
Return your car, your jet ski, but keep the rich-boy guilt, as our gift.
" Ouch.
Guess he nailed you? I think he was pretty kind.
What are you doing? Just trying to catch up on some of these bills.
I've been putting them off but they don't go away.
I need to feel spontaneous, you know? Find my father, if I can.
Maybe even find out he's a world-famous circus acrobat, and that I've been given a genetic predisposition to do triple somersaults.
All right, that's just an example.
I just need to feel twenty for a few days.
To look at the world like I don't live in a three bedroom house with a grand piano and a view of the bay.
Like I don't have kind-of a husband who goes to work every day and comes home, where I'm waiting.
And that's what this trip is about? Yes.
Everything that you think makes it foolish is kind of the point.
It's like I left my I.
You know, my passport in the middle of New York city, and I have to go and get it and bring it back home, so that the two of us can go anywhere together.
Please? I mean, that's not such a scary thought, is it? No.
Listen, Julia, the reason that I'm here-- If you came here to yell at me, I was way out of line.
I know you're not trying to put all that stuff about your wife in my book.
I'm just I'm really not comfortable blaming my parents, I'm really not.
So, I'm sorry.
No, no, you don't have to be.
You know, I go through the same thing, every day.
I try to make sense out of what she did, and it makes me mad, you know, it makes me blame her for leaving.
But, I mean, how can I not forgive her? I have to.
You know, I miss her.
Which is just to say, Don't be afraid to take a look at the ways that they might have let you down.
Because you're not trying to blame them, you're trying to understand.
And you can be disappointed and still go on loving them, Julia.
Just like you did when they were here.
You're leaving.
Yeah, yeah, I was headed home.
Why, do you, uh do you need something? No.
Well, actually, do you know anything about, like, sine and cosine, and the other one? Tangent? Him.
If you're leaving, though, whatever I can blow it off-- No, no, no.
I mean, I can I can take a look.
When we're done with that, do you speak French? 'Cause, my French homework, like, it's in French, but it's completely Greek to me.
Packing up all your stuff? Yeah, my friend Isabel said I could crash at her place till I find an apartment.
Does Bailey know? Oh, believe me, it won't be a problem when he finds out.
Oh, I don't know.
He is so not into this book I'm writing.
I guess.
Talk to him, Sarah, he'll tell you.
Oh, I know.
But I also know that nobody works harder to keep this family together.
Which is exactly why he wants me gone right now, 'cause this book, which I am going to write no matter what he think.
Why do you think that's true, though? Why do you think he cares about you guys so much? It's because Bailey needs stuff around him that doesn't change.
Which is why he lives in this house still, and let's face it, why he proposed.
And why you should stay.
He really needs you guys around, Julia.
He really needs you around.
Boy, between the two of us, we have about 100 kids.
I mean, with my clinic.
My students.
Her mother.
It feels good, though, actually.
Don't you think? Ask me when my feet stop throbbing.
You know what's weird, though, Charlie? I've spent so much time believing I'd never have kids of my own, I mean.
I've basically just learned to accept that.
Yeah? You know, first with my medical problems, then marrying someone who didn't want kids.
But the truth is, maybe I could.
I don't have to accept that.
-Kirsten, what are you-- -I love all of the kids that we have in our lives, Charlie, I do.
But I've been thinking, and and really it just doesn't compare to the feeling of having our own.
Our own? You mean You mean, like, by adopting? I don't know.
I don't know, but just saying the words now.
The concept of having a baby with you.
I want that.
I want that so badly.
Just the idea of it, Charlie.
Okay, I'm gonna put the milk in now, and if you keep stirring, you'll get all the lumps out, okay? There you go.
Okay, we're headed to the airport.
I'll see you guys in a couple hours, all right? Okay, Bailey, before you go, I might miss you tomorrow, so I just wanted to tell you that I've decided I'm not gonna move.
I'm not gonna find my own place.
Really? Yeah.
I am still gonna write this book, though, and I want you to know that if you think this is easy for me, asking all these questions about Mom and Dad, you're so wrong.
But I also doing this, letting them be something else, it actually makes me feel closer to them.
Like, maybe I know them better.
Like now, they can actually be who they were, not who I want them to be.
Anyway, that's what I wanted to say.
That's all.
I'm glad you're staying, Jule.
I really am.
Now boarding rows 30 through 40 on Flight 425 to New York's Kennedy airport.
That's me.
Uh, I should probably Wait.
I understand why you're going.
-Bailey, you don't have to-- -No, I really do.
But even if I didn't, you want this, and I would never stand in the way of something that you wanted, ever.
You know what, why don't you come with me? The flight's not full.
I can't.
I can't, I've got Owen at home, and the restaurant.
Anyway, you need to take this trip alone.
I mean, that's part of the point, right? Say hello to your father for me.
Hey, hey, no.
Don't you be sad.
You should smile.
You show that to your father.
If there's a heart in the man's chest, you will own it.
Believe me.
This is the final boarding call all rows on Flight 425 to New York's Kennedy airport.
All right.
It's only five days, and I will call you every minute till then.
You find what you're looking for, Sarah.
Whatever it takes.
I'll be right here.
I love you, you know that.
I know it.
I love you, too.
Good bye.