Party of Five s06e04 Episode Script

Wrestling Demons

1 See, my philosophy to parenting is You don't use Mountain Moe's log cabin anymore, do you? -Hello, thank you, that's my bagel.
Give it back.
-Make me.
You see, my philosophy to parenting is to parent as you would -Owen, please, just -Claudia, do you mind? I'm trying to talk to Victor here.
Yell at Owen.
He just stole my breakfast.
Whether it's what they eat or when they go to bed, or what their limits may or may not be, to what you want them to do for Halloween.
You mean what I don't do.
What you don't do? There's no trick or treating this year.
It's not safe.
All that sharp stuff they been finding in the candy.
Owen, get your own bagel.
Bailey, all you have to do is just, like, check his candy for sharp stuff.
Or there's plenty of fun stuff we can do here at home.
Like what? Uh, like make a haunted house.
I do it all the time.
I have half the props at home.
Haunted house, cool.
-Can we? Can we? -Owen, no.
I'm sorry.
I gotta try to clean this place up for Sarah, okay? My girlfriend's coming back from New York any day now and That could be her now.
Hello? Oh, hi.
Hi, Les.
How are you? -If Sarah clicks in, I gotta get her flight -I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you.
You couldn't hear? Why, did you get a beep? -Claudia -So, we haven't been introduced yet.
-I'm Victor.
- -That's okay.
None of the nannies last more than a couple of days.
Just listen Hey, if Sarah clicks in, tell her she can call me on my cell.
Bailey, leave me alone.
Claudia, did you hear me? Claudia, nod if you heard me.
Go figure.
Claudia? Everybody wants to live Like they wanna live And everybody wants to love Like they wanna love Everybody wants to be Closer to free Closer to free You can't What are you What is wrong with that? It's too much too soon.
I'm establishing a character.
You know, watching somebody slowly undress is far more provocative than seeing them already naked.
Someone wrote that sentence, you know? About their life.
The person standing here.
Hello? Look, I am trying to work here.
Yeah, well Maybe that's what's bothering me.
It's like we're not even here, Just the work is here.
With you and that red pencil drawing these These lines.
Julia, I've got a deadline on this.
Well, that doesn't mean we can't interact like humans, share a pleasantry once in a while, maybe get a hot dog, or I don't know Tell a joke.
A joke.
You wanna share a joke? Sure.
Why not? You know, I don't know any jokes.
Do you? Not really, no.
Owen, has Sarah called yet? Okay.
Um Listen, I'll call back later, okay? Bye.
Will? Hey, Will, man.
-Hey, Bay.
-What are you doing here? When did you get into town? When? Uh, oh, a while.
A few weeks or maybe a month.
A month? Yeah.
I was gonna call as soon as I settled into this job, but it's been so crazy.
Job? What job? What about school? I took a year off.
I mean, I've been wanting to for a while, and then Really? You never said anything about doing that.
And then this guy I know introduces me to Chuck Pullman.
Chuck Pullman, he pretty much owns the Wrestling Federation.
Anyway, Chuck offered me an internship, and I'm Wait a second, you left college to intern for wrestling? There it is.
That exact expression my parents had when I told them.
I didn't mean I just didn't know is all.
-You know? -Look, the truth is I also I wasn't sure that you'd want to hear from me.
Are you kidding me? Will, you're my I mean, we go back, you know? We go back a long way.
You know what? You wanna go grab a cup of coffee? Catch up? Um, actually, I gotta do a pickup at the airport.
Yeah, uh Restaurant stuff.
So, are you staying at your parents' place? Yeah.
Yeah, you should, uh Yeah.
I'll give you a call.
It's good to see you, man.
What're you doing? It's a half hour to the airport.
Hour round trip, right? I got an hour.
See, that paddle bit makes a big difference.
So, try that and see if it works.
Is this your free period, Mr.
Salinger? What are you doing here, Mrs.
Salinger? Well, I've got news.
Okay, maybe not news, but information.
All right.
Bear claws.
See, I've been looking into what we were talking about.
You know, about starting I mean, expanding our family.
Me, too.
"Adoption and you.
Adoption, the best choice.
" This is great, Charlie.
Really, I am so glad that you are so behind this.
I'm excited.
And adoption is great.
But it's not like having our own, right? Well, no, but since that's not gonna happen But what if it could? Fertility medicine has come amazingly far since they first said I couldn't have children, Even when I looked into it later.
You mean with Paul? Like with laparoscopic procedures? To fix the damage from my endometriosis? Those operations are much more successful now.
-Really, I -The problem with that is the risks of ectopic pregnancy go fairly high.
But, lucky for us, there's IVF.
You know, where they take the egg out and they mix it with the sperm And then they put the egg back in.
And my odds for that get much better.
-They do? -Well, yeah! They used to be practically nil, but now there's a 1-in-10 shot at least, Which basically means that invitro is the way to go.
Don't you think? Think? I think, uh I mean it's just a lot 'Cause 'Cause if we could actually have our own Charlie We'd have to try, right? Yeah.
I guess so.
I am so I am so glad that you feel the same way, Because 'Cause, I, um, I called a specialist, and he had a cancellation.
Um, at 3:00 today.
So, do you think that you you could make it? -Today? -Mmm-hmm.
Well, uh Sure.
Okay, good.
"Another Friday night bash, hosted by Grant's Prom Queen.
Only the elite, chic, and slender were allowed entrance.
" Oh, what? I was supposed to invite the entire school? "And speaking of chic, if the girl spent half as much time in the library as she does in the mall, maybe she'd make more of herself than the Country Club greeter she's destined to be.
" What? Oh, that is so unfair.
I study all the time.
But to quote the prom queen herself, "A good life is a good-looking life.
" Wow.
I mean, I said that, but to be funny.
Some people just don't know what's a joke and what's not.
Well, he's saying I'm completely superficial.
Well, maybe you should skip the mall this weekend.
Just to prove him wrong.
Oh, so now I have to stop being me just to make him happy? This is so I don't think anything would make this guy happy.
Uh, hi.
Um, whowho are you? What, are you the new nanny? I'm Griffin.
I, uh, rent the shed for my business.
Good luck.
Victor! Claudia called for her messages.
-So I asked her, and she said yes.
And Julia already said she didn't care, so that means we can have the haunted house.
And Bailey said what, do I recall? No But, see, we're all brothers and sisters, So we have majority rules.
That's how we decide important stuff.
And it's 3 against one, I swear.
Well No one loves a haunted house more than I do.
But we do this, we have to be willing to live with the consequences.
-The what? -Consequences.
You throw a coconut up, it comes down on your head.
You throw a party, it comes down on your head.
-There won't be consequences.
I swear.
Let's do it.
Yes! All right! Oh! Excuse me! -Ah, there you are! -God, I wish you'd stop missing class, Julia! I'm spending way too much time denying rumors about you.
Evan wouldn't let me out.
He kept slicing and dicing.
Wait a second.
What rumors? What do you think? Julia got this book deal on her back, and her book ain't the only thing Evan Stilman wants between covers.
What? You're kidding me.
That is so You're kidding me.
Why would they say that? You're not too bright, are you? Iz, the guy is twice my age, and I work for the man.
Yeah, the rumor mill knows that, honey, but they don't care.
Why not? Well, 'cause you two, you're such a cliche.
You're so obvious.
Evan and me.
How? Briefly? You've both got looks.
You've both got brains.
You've got matching Joneses for books.
Did I mention looks? Iz, it is so not happening.
Evan has, like, less than no interest in me.
And I have I I basically feel the same.
That's fine.
I was just passing on the information.
He drives me nuts, to tell you the truth.
I mean, he just works and works and works, and I sit there and I'm completely invisible.
-I mean if he would stop ripping on my work for 15 seconds, or so much as smile at me, then That does not prove I'm interested in him.
I said nothing.
Did I say something? I mean at first, I was just running errands.
You know, fetching coffee and stuff.
Then they put me in charge of stocking the dressing rooms.
Including the ring girls.
The ring girls.
You know the girls that walk around the ring holding up the score cards, wearing those little thongy things? Oh, those ring girls.
You know, I'm going to call home one more time to see if Sarah left a message yet.
There he is.
Hi, I'm Will, your driver.
And this is my friend Bailey.
Bailey, this is Mr.
How are you? Walnut Creek.
Did he just say, "Walnut Creek"? Hi.
Excuse me, Mr.
-Um, but did you say -Walnut Creek.
849 Creekside Drive.
Take the 68 to the Ignacio exit.
But, see, I'm supposed to take you to the city, where you're supposed to meet with publicity and sign some pictures.
I haven't seen my wife in a week.
Now move it! Will.
Will! I can't go to Walnut Creek! Well, what am I supposed to do? -Tell him! -I told him! Tell him again! You tell him.
I have to drive.
You know, it sounds like you've got some people waiting for you.
And the truth is I kinda have to get back to town, too.
So, hey.
I got an idea.
Why don't you call your wife, have her meet us in the city.
That way everybody's happy.
I want to surprise her.
You got a problem with that Bailey? Nope.
No problem.
Look at him.
What is he doing? He's just seeing if she's home.
There's something called a doorbell.
Well What are we sneaking around the back like this for? Well, see, things are a little dicey with him and his wife.
Since the whole Monstra thing.
-Monstra? -Yeah, Monstra is a female wrestler who's putting the moves on Mr.
Now, Isis caught them on Monday Night Massacre, and Isis? Isis is Mrs.
She thinks Mr.
Mayhem has a thing for Monstra.
And is any of this actually real? Hey, Mr.
Mayhem met his wife in the ring.
I mean, what is realer than that, huh? I mean, look at him.
He misses her.
Listen, hey.
Can we check in with our home planet here, for a second? I am currently stranded with you.
No cell phone, no pay phone to call a cab, while someone named Mayhem works out his issues with Isis and Monstra.
Look, couldn't you maybe just roll with this thing, Bailey? I have rolled with it, Will, all the way past a staff meeting, inventory, and past any possible chance to connect with Sarah.
You know, if you If you would just cut yourself loose every once in a while, huh? Maybe take a vacation from this middle-aged Bailey thing Middle-aged What? What are Listen I'm sorry that I'm not all jiggy to be running around with you on your teenage thrill ride, okay? Okay.
You, Bailey.
I'm gonna hoist you up to that balcony.
What? She turned off the phone, changed all the locks, it's the only way in.
I'm not goin' up there.
No way.
Forget it! I won't.
You okay, Bailey? Yeah.
I'm just great.
And the dog says, "Yeah.
I can do the same thing, too, as the bird.
" Oh, hey, you look like you're contemplating escape.
What? Uh, no.
I was No.
Well, so you just missed my joke.
Yes, yes.
I told a joke.
Can you believe it? Hmm? Uh, listen.
Before we start, I was, uh I was thinking about what you said.
And you might have been right.
So I thought, um Well, tell me, are you busy tonight? I'm sorry.
Busy tonight? 'Cause it's true.
We've been all about work around here.
-And maybe that's wrong.
-Wrong? Yeah.
I've got these tickets for this Halloween fundraiser ball tonight, and it's a costume thing, and I know it's the last minute We have this whole chapter to do, don't we? Yeah, sure, but this is a chance to kick back a little bit.
You know, and drink champagne, maybe dance, eat some oysters You know what, that sounds really nice.
It does.
But I I don't know.
Are you sure? Oh, yeah.
Because otherwise these babies are going to go to waste.
And my date, she wants to have a quiet dinner instead.
So -Date? -Mmm-hmm.
Oh, you, uh, you have a date? Yeah.
Who is not a part of the whole book world and has no use for these events.
But you do.
So I thought, starving writer, free food Come on.
You can take a date.
Hmm? Okay.
Um I guess.
-Thank you.
-Good choice.
Lex says she's coming to your place tonight Some haunted-house thing.
Hey, you could go as Houdini, Master of illusions.
Look, I know the website bugs you.
Oh, forget about me.
She's your girlfriend, Cameron.
I mean, if you have a problem with how much she shops or whatever, tell her.
I tried, okay? But forget it.
She has some obsession with how she looks.
She's a girl, Cameron.
Wake up.
You're a girl, and you're not like that.
I'm not your girlfriend.
Alexa is.
And I think she deserves better than getting anonymous life advice over the Internet.
I'm trying to do something for her.
So do it in person.
You're such Oh! You're this Cameron, you're this original person, and she has no idea.
I mean, if you could just be yourself with her Now, that's how you do something for her.
It wouldn't hurt you any either.
Little life advice for you, papo Always cultivate friends In the theater.
And wait till you see the costume I found for you.
This is the best haunted house there ever was.
All right, where do you want it? Oh, my God.
Hey, watch the wall.
How'd you get Bailey onboard for this? Isn't he on some kind of cleaning kick? Yeah, but, see, Owen said it was okay.
-Oh, Owen did, huh? -Mmm-hmm.
He did.
Any ETA on the doctor yet? He's running a little late.
A little.
-Maybe we should reschedule.
-Forget it.
It was a miracle they had a cancellation.
-Alice, is that you? -Nancy.
-Oh, my gosh.
I haven't seen you since -Since Yeah.
Thought that was gonna take.
But, hey, you're going for it again.
-Round 3.
-Round 4 for us.
Of course, it wasn't easy talking Wayne into it.
He says all the stress is affecting his health.
His health? Well, give him the hormone shots.
Yeah, the emotional roller coaster.
Any idea how long it's gonna be? Sorry.
Larry, please, he's all in a twist 'cause our insurance was cut off and we had to take out a second mortgage and I tell you, every time I leave this place, I don't know whether to drive to the poorhouse or the loony bin.
Um, could we maybe wait inside? Why am I so scared here? The woman's my wife.
I've known her forever.
Hey, hey, you love her, man.
You just want this thing to go right.
Where is she? She's normally home from her hair thing by now.
Well, why should anything else go normally today? Hey, if you wanna call a cab, I'll pay for it.
Don't you remember? Isis turned off the phones.
Although why she'd need phones at all with her godlike powers -Honey -What the hell is Honey, it's good to see you.
See? This is it.
Exactly what I was talking about in our last session! I say I need some alone time to figure stuff out, and you don't hear a word! -Look, give me a chance.
-And you even bring backup.
God! This is what I get for sending you to a support group? You know what? No.
I'm not doing this right now.
Come on.
But But Can we -No.
-Can we can we talk? -Get out, Bob.
Now! -But But Honey Can't we just talk? Honey, please -Um, what about us? -Honey You'll just have to wait till he leaves.
I'm not gonna open that door for him.
Okay, you know what, this is insane.
I'm out of here.
I told you he's not coming in.
I don't care what he does.
I'm leaving.
Can't we just talk? Honey I'll kick every butt in that support group if I have to.
- Honey -Okay, look, not to make trouble here, but I wrestled in college, okay, So I'd be careful who you threaten.
Okay, all right, time-out, you guys.
All right, let's just chill.
Sounds like an invitation.
Hey! - Hey, hey, what are you - Let go of me! -No, no, no, let him go.
-Get off of me! Okay That's it.
- Oh! - Nice, Bay! What the hell are you doing? It's called wrestling! - Honey - Get him back in here.
We're talking this out like adults.
Please How come you get to be the belly dancer? I can't be Tippi two years in a row.
Just be thankful I saved the costume.
Hey, I thought your favorite editor wasn't coming tonight.
He's not.
He What's he doing here? I don't know, but my, my, he certainly does fill out that uniform.
I don't understand.
He -Evan.
I thought you had a date.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Well, my cousin backed out at dinner.
Typical of her.
So, uh Anyway, I drummed up another ticket to this thing.
Cousin? Your date was your cousin? -Mmm-hmm.
-We haven't met.
Isabel Santos.
Really enjoy your magazine, especially that series by Houston Albright.
He is one of my favorites.
Well, I'm impressed.
You know, I publish his poems, But I never pretended to understand them.
So, um, any decision on the clearance of those names, the students for the Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Stop right there, because tonight there will be no work.
Tonight it's all about fun.
I love this man.
-To fun.
It's my new religion.
Convert me? On the dance floor maybe? Oh, here.
Hold this.
Thank you.
Come on.
-Charlie, can we -Owen's making a big deal out of this.
He's invited half the city.
You might want to put together a costume.
Can we talk about this? 'Cause you've been quiet for hours.
What's the point? If you wanted to talk about it, you wouldn't have kept all that stuff from me.
I didn't keep anything from you.
You came to the doctor with me.
Which you weren't planning on, I'm guessing, considering you made the appointment in the middle of the day.
Charlie, you're making it sound like I'm trying to pull something here.
Well, that's how I feel.
I mean, you threw all this stuff at me giving me no time to think about it.
I was just I was excited, that's all.
Look You obviously knew how I was gonna take it.
It probably was the same with Paul.
He didn't like what he heard, and that's why you guys ended up trying to adopt instead.
Charlie, it was hard enough to convince Paul to have kids in the first place.
The idea of even taking the smallest risk to do it-- The smallest risk? Kirsten You'd probably have to go off your antidepressants And, on top of that, take hormones that What did those women say? Put you on some sort of emotional roller coaster? That is not a small risk, Kirsten, okay, not for you.
But you know what, Charlie? They're my risks to take.
It's my body and my emotional state, and if I am okay with all of this Really? That's what you're saying? You're okay with all this? Yes! Yes, I am.
Okay Let's forget that there's two of us here.
Let's forget that these are the kind of decisions that we should be making together.
But If you're so okay with all of this, I mean, why did you feel like you had to gloss over all that stuff? Why'd you Why'd you feel like you had to avoid the truth? Bailey! Bailey, wait, wait! Hold on.
Man, that was That was awesome.
That was two hours of my life spent trying to convince a couple of actors that they're actually playing parts.
But, you, you were amazing.
I mean, you might have saved their marriage.
And plus, you took down Isis.
You know what? You really gotta let that go, Will.
It's pathetic, okay? Are you telling me there was no part of that that was fun for you? Fun? Are you You gotta be I just spent an entire day completely out of control.
Will, I mean, I have a life, okay? I have people that depend on me, And maybe that's That's sad to you or Or middle-aged or whatever, But you know what? If this is my option Some pointless detour with a steroidal nutjob Then you know what? I will take my boring existence anytime.
You gonna eat that or just poke holes in it? -What are you doing, Isabel? -What am I What are you doing with Evan? Mmm.
Whatever I can, darling.
Yeah, well, please don't.
Why not? Why not? Why not? Because Because I work with the man, And seeing you dance with him like that makes me feel very You know I don't know.
And Are you my friend or aren't you? Okay, look, I can see how me hitting on Evan might bug you.
Thank you.
But I don't care.
-What? -It's just too dry out there, Julia.
As far as decent guys go, it's a desert, so if you're just a little bit awkward with this, I'm sorry.
I can't pass up an oasis like him.
I'd die of thirst.
Unless you're saying you want him yourself.
Me Want him? -Evan? No.
This is not I'm not -Oh Look, see that chick over there who just dumped her drink on him? She's making her move.
One of us has to counter.
Now, you're in first position.
That's only fair.
You found him first.
Are you moving? 'Cause if you're not, I am.
Here I go, then.
Okay, wait.
I'm moving, all right? I think.
I guess.
I'm I I'm moving.
Excuse us.
- -You have no new messages.
Hey, uh, look I know you didn't want this, and I know it's insane, And yes, I got a little carried away.
That happens to me sometimes.
But, uh, Owen and I had some stuff to work out, and Anyway, uh Don't blame Owen for any of this.
Uh, it was all my decision.
I asked him if he thought you would mind the party, and he said yes, but I went ahead anyway, so it's all my fault.
I take all the blame.
Isn't that right, Owen? That's how it happened? Well, um No.
Not really.
Not really? Would you like to tell Bailey another version? Um No.
Not really.
Well, I bet he'd like to tell you a few things About consequences, for instance.
I don't get it.
Why didn't she call? Who? Sarah? How could she not have called all day? She did.
She left a message.
I think.
Did you rewind the tape? Hey.
Alexa, where's your costume? He broke up with me.
-What? -Cameron.
He said that He said I don't I don't even know what he said.
-What happened? -I don't know.
We were just hanging out, and then All of a sudden, he says that That he can't talk to me and that he just wants to be himself for once and And all this other stuff, and it's It's like it wasn't even him.
I mean What happened to us, Claudia? What happened? -Hey.
What are you doing out here? Just Thinking.
It's just I know that I would be happy with any baby we shared.
I know that.
But I have this dream, this fantasy Where we have a baby who has your eyes and my nose, your laugh And cries like me.
Well, it's just a dream.
The reality Is Remember when I was sick? 'Cause the funny thing is I mostly don't.
I know you do.
I know that in some ways that it was harder on you than it was on me.
And I know that I can dream about all kinds of things But that's what's real.
Okay Thank you.
Thank you very much.
You're very sweet, but I'm gonna go out here.
Oh, what the hell.
-Ow, ow, ow! -Whoa, whoa! Whoa, Julia, what are you Whoa, did I did I do No, no, no, it's okay.
Listen, um, I came over here to, uh, I don't know exactly how to -Let me Let me look.
-No, no, it's fine.
Listen, um This is crazy.
What am I thinking? Let me just see.
Maybe these could be broken here.
No, they're Broken, you said? -Yeah, yeah, maybe.
-What's going on? You know something? We had a little accident.
I'm gonna take Julia to the emergency room.
Come on.
-Well, anything I can do? -Well, it might take a little while.
So why don't you call her house? Make sure that they don't worry.
Mind the birds, people.
God, there are all these wild, surreal things going on, and all these new people.
And I would have called sooner, but it's been sort of insane, you know? But But not in a bad way.
In kind of a good way, really.
I mean, you'd probably hate it, but Anyway, I'm sorry that I keep missing you, I'll call later, okay? I love you.
I'm sorry that I keep missing you.
I'll call later, okay? I love you.
missing you, I'll call later, okay? I love you.
-Bite it.
-Owen, bite into it.
-Okay, yeah.
Bite into it.
Hello? Jule? Speak up, we're having a party here.
You're where? Are you sure you're okay? You're sure.
All right, all right.
Well, I'll bring the insurance forms over.
Okay, all right.
I'll see you in a little bit.
-Did you get it? Finally? -Yes! -Bailey? -Hey.
Uh, I'm really sorry about all this.
It was just kind of an elaborate way to make a point to Owen -And looks like he got it, though.
Yeah? -Yeah.
He's a great kid.
But tricky sometimes, but smart.
Anyway, I'll throw everyone out and get things under control You know what? Why don't you maybe hold off? Everyone's having fun, and And the truth is, I think maybe things are a little too under control around here as is.
I'm sorry? It's Halloween.
People should go a little crazy.
I'd join you, actually, But all I have for a costume is this stupid tie.
Look at those.
How many 21-year-olds own that many ties? Well, I'm not sure, but, um I hate ties.
You know that? Well, I'm not too crazy about ties, either.
Big surprise.
But, um This little number ain't so bad.
How's it -What did you do? -You mean? I know what you did.
Why? I mean, you couldn't just Just talk to her, tell her what's going on? I mean, she's in there crying her eyes out, Cameron, trying to figure out what happened.
Why would you do this? Why? -Hey.
You know what, Charlie, I I can do this.
-You sure? -Yeah.
Go home.
I've got a ride.
All right.
You want me to take that stuff? -Would you? -Yeah.
Oh, sorry.
Hey, I'm glad you're okay.
Oh, thank you.
I'll see you later? -Yeah.
So, how's the patient? -Oh, uh, no problem.
I'm fine.
It's just a sprain.
-Yeah? Well, yeah, it looks like they did a decent job.
You waited? -Yeah.
-Excuse me.
I need Dr.
Lew down in the ER.
I I saw your family back there.
I decided that I would, uh, make sure you're okay.
You were worried? -Well, sure.
So, maybe it's not such a crazy idea.
What? I, um Wait, this is -Oh, oh! -No.
Oh, wow, I am so Oh, no, no, no, no, no, You know, the It's been a crazy night, And you're full of all these pain pills, and, uh You know, I look so much younger in this light.
I am so sorry.
No, don't worry about it.
It's Halloween, and it's hard to tell what's real and what's not.
Right? Bailey? You've changed.
You have a minute? Yeah.
What's going on? Uh, I don't know.
It's like The thing that I do the best, the thing that I spend, like, half of my life doing, is fighting off chaos.
At work, at home, I'm like constantly holding it off.
But maybe that's wrong.
Because everyone else, everyone else isis is into that stuff.
Everyone else enjoys it.
You and Sarah, with this trip she's taking, and your job.
And I get so down on you guys for that stuff, but, God I think maybe I got it all backwards.
You know? This whole stupid thing.
It's my whole life, and it scares me.
It scares me, because it feels like Like I'm losing people.
You're not losing anybody here.
So what do I do, Will? I mean, I I don't know.
Well, if I were you First of all I'd stay away from pink, 'Cause it's really not your color.
-Is Julia okay? Yeah, she's fine.
It was just a minor sprain.
Was Owen mad that I left early? No, no, he's fine.
You know I, uh, I realized tonight that, um, I come from a really big family.
You just realized that? No, not exactly, but I forget sometimes, you know, Just how lucky I am.
-Charlie -I was just thinking.
I don't want Diana to miss out on that because I was afraid.
-Look, don't do this to me if -I'm not.
I'm not.
If having a baby like this is what you want, and you're ready for the risks, I'm ready, too.
I want us to try.