Party of Five s06e06 Episode Script

Too Close

1 Okay, this paragraph, the language kind of suggests that you don't know how you feel about-- God, what is taking them so long? It's almost 8:00.
Don't they have lives to get home to? Well, you know the rule Never go home before your boss.
Okay, can't you just give them a gold star and send them home? Julia, why don't you come over here and help? No.
No, I can't, because if I come over there, I will smell you, and you smell really good right now, and then I'll realize how long it's been since You know, since this morning I'm closing the blinds.
-No, you are not going to close those blinds.
-Evan, come on.
Nia is gone, it's only Jeffrey, And I'm closing them really slowly.
Julia listen, listen, if you close up those blinds, you might as well just put up a sign that says, "Editor doing it.
" Okay, fine.
But for argument's sake, so what? I mean, uh, what if they knew? What if we told them? No, you don't want to do that, trust me.
Why not? -Want me to tell you what happens? -Mm-hmm.
When you enter a room, all talking will stop because all talking will now be about us.
"Hi" to anyone in this office will have the following subtext, "So, you're, uh, sleeping with Evan? Oh, what's that like?" -Really? -Yeah.
And five minutes after it gets around this office, it gets around the entire town.
Is that the first thing that you want the publishing world to say about you? "Oh, is it, Julia who? Oh, right, she's the one who's shtupping Stilman.
" No, I guess not.
Is Jeffrey the last one here? Mm-hmm.
Well, he's gone now.
Everybody wants to live Like they wanna live And everybody wants to love Like they wanna love Everybody wants to be Closer to free Closer to free And Liberty Island offers the New York sightseers a famous glimpse of the statue -Hey.
-What are we watching? -Nothing.
Do you want to talk about it? Will, if you're here like yesterday, I've heard the speech.
You can save it.
No, this speech is different.
I'm not just gonna snap out of it, all right? My girlfriend left me.
The person that I've been with off and on, for almost four years.
Okay, okay, stop right there.
See, you've got it all backwards.
You dumped her.
She's the one who took off, Will.
What difference does it make who made it official? Bailey, man, everything.
You wrote the letter.
You took control of your life.
You said you're done being trapped in a bad situation.
I wouldn't have done that if I thought we had a chance.
You gotta give yourself more credit.
You made yourself free.
Take pleasure in that.
You did it yourself, man.
Be proud.
Be proud? One, two, three, four, five, five follicles, All better than 18 millimeters.
Are those them, the little balls? Is that you or the monitor? Oh.
Hmm It's a 9-1-1.
There's a pay phone outside.
So, I know that it's usually eight or ten, but for me, five's not bad, right? For you, five is good.
But remember, we may not be able to get all of them.
-Let's see how the retrieval goes.
So now I go off the pergonal, and, this is what, the HCG? Exactly.
You ready there? Yeah.
So stop by Lydia and confirm the retrieval in 36 hours.
You'll need anesthesia, so have someone drive you home.
-Who was it? -Some pharmacist.
Caught one of my students shoplifting.
He's been trying her mother for hours.
He doesn't want to call the police, So she gave him my telephone number.
Well, you'd better go.
She's probably terrified.
Myra, what the hell did you need with a 12-pack of condoms? Water balloons.
I drop them from the top of Coitus Tower to splatter the kids making out in the park.
What'd you think I want them for? You think I need them for sex? Is that what you think? It's possible.
I mean, why not? Come on, don't lie.
I know how I come off.
I'm about as appealing as spinal meningitis.
I'm like the fantasy equivalent of burning tar.
Look, if you're trying to guilt me into not calling your mom, it's not gonna work, okay? I don't care if you call my mom.
My mom doesn't care if you call my mom.
Good luck trying to find her, because she's never home.
Then you'll give me her number at work.
Nice to walk to art without me.
I waited at your locker.
Oh, sorry.
I was running a little late.
I think my entire midterm's overexposed.
I nearly blinded my dog last night.
Hey, Derek.
Almost done with your photography project? Uh, mind your own business, Alexa.
-Did Derek show you his project yet? -Mm-mm.
"Images of song.
" An incredibly inventive shot of a rose on a keyboard and 8 candids of you in orchestra.
-Of me? -Mm-hmm.
You're kidding.
The boy is full-on spoony, Claud.
I'm thinking a double date is in order? Is that Isn't that Cameron's jacket? He left it in my locker yesterday with this long letter, all apologetic.
So you guys are You're back together? Hey, look! It came out.
I took this with a timer first period.
Isn't he the cutest? Wait a minute.
You're leaving already? It's 8:30, Evan.
So? So, everyone thinks I'm at the library writing.
-Well, can't you be writing until, like, 11:00 or 12:00? -No.
'Cause Claudia came by Tuesday night at the library looking for me, and I wasn't there.
She wanted to see my new school, and she couldn't find me.
Well, you could tell her that you're working with Isabel.
Well, then I would have to let Isabel in on the secret, and that's pretty much like putting it on CNN.
There is a solution, but you're not gonna like it.
And what's that? We could tell my family.
Um -Your family.
Yeah, I'm nervous about telling them, too.
I mean, they're, they're bound to get on my case about the age thing.
But I don't know, the more I think about it, I mean I'm happy about this, I'm happy about us.
So it might be nice to share it with them.
Then you should tell them.
Or Or, um we could tell them together.
-Together? -Yeah.
Yeah, we have dinner sometimes.
The next one's tomorrow night.
You could meet the gang, put names to faces.
-Unless you're too nervous.
No, no.
That'd be good.
Come in, come in.
Don't hover.
You're making me nervous.
I'm on hold.
Who are you again? Charlie salinger.
I, uh I teach Myra at Grant.
So what do I owe the pleasure, Mr.
Salinger who teaches my daughter at Grant? Well, um I left a couple of messages here.
And one at your home.
I just, uh I just wanted to talk about this whole shoplifting thing.
Well, it's not like I never did it myself.
Me, though, I never got caught.
It's just I just wanted to say that that I know you're a single parent, Ms.
Wringler, and so am I.
Or I was until recently.
So I know how hard it can be to hold down a job and raise a child.
But Myra says that that you're not at home very often.
And-- Mr.
Salinger, you got any idea what it takes to run a janitorial business? No, I don't.
And I'm sure you're doing-- This company, of which I am the boss, services nine office buildings and 71 private homes.
I started this business in 1986 in a closet after Myra's dad died.
I have been working for the last 13 years very hard to put food on the table and clothes on her back, so you got no right to be judging me.
Ma'am, I'm not judging you.
-I just think-- -Myra is a very feisty, smart, independent girl.
She's been taking care of herself since she was seven years old.
Well, that might be the problem.
Because 7-year-olds are not okay on their own, and neither are 16-year-olds.
There's no problem here, Mr.
There is no problem.
This is Sylvia.
Your carpet? They actually say stuff like "Be happy.
This is great, man.
This is like a whole new beginning.
" People forget that you can't make the pain disappear by the way you look at it.
And then there's all this stuff about how how I'm free now.
Like this is supposed to be some kind of gift-- To be all alone.
Well I'm not saying it feels good, but maybe it is a blessing.
What? It's just not necessarily great to be needing a person like that.
Like what? Look, you've heard all this, Bailey.
Depending on someone too hard is, uh just one crutch instead of another.
So, what, you're gonna tell me now that AA says you shouldn't fall in love? -That love's just like another addiction? -No, of course not.
Because, I'll be honest with you, John, she was like a crutch.
I mean I stayed sober for her more than anyone.
And there were a lot of nights where I wanted to use where she was the reason that I didn't.
Her alone.
So how does it feel to be free? I'll tell you.
It feels like Frankly, it feels like I want a drink.
I heard your photography project turned out well.
I hear you're good.
And I, on the other hand, have to redo my entire midterm.
My bulldog turned into bright white light, and, you know, two Two Eyes.
Always keep the lens cap on.
You don't want to scratch it.
Hey, I'm having a party at my house on Friday night.
Why don't you come? Okay.
It's It's great.
--Daph, could you get that? I can't find the aspirin.
You've reached the Salinger residence.
Please leave a message for Kirsten or Charlie or both of us.
So what do they do now that the eggs are out, just add sperm? Mr.
Salinger, it's Myra, and I really need to talk to you.
-My mom is really mad about the condoms -Who's that? and she'll be home soon, so You want me to get that? -No, not now.
-If you could call me tonight anytime before midnight.
I don't want to talk to her right this second.
I really just don't know what to say to her and I wish I Charlie, you should talk to her.
Talk to her.
And I'll be up really late, So I really, really need to talk to you.
Myra? Yeah, uh, listen, It's not a very good time right now.
How about, um, how about tomorrow at school? You can come by the shop.
Myra? Myra, no.
Listen, I'm saying that it's not a very good time right now.
Joe, I'm not saying that she's making some huge mistake.
It's just, well, it's a lot of years.
So, what, then you think love matters less than the dates on your driver's license? Not if the difference is, like, months or years.
But, I mean, decades? Sorry, Jule.
Listen, take it from somebody who married a woman plenty younger than me.
And before you say it, our breaking up had absolutely nothing to do with years.
Are you okay? -Oh, I'm fine.
How about Bailey? I mean, he dated somebody older than him.
Was that a big problem for you, the age thing? Bailey? What? I'm sorry.
I should try him again.
Can I borrow your phone? When you went out with, um Excuse me, But west bay plumbing just called about that ladies' room sink situation.
Should somebody talk to them? -Sounds like a good idea, yeah.
Wait a second.
Why did Joe just Joe's my new manager.
He just started.
I thought you knew that.
I Really? -Mm-hmm.
Well, then why is victor watching Owen if you're not working? Um, I thought that I would go out tonight.
You know, with Will or whatever.
Just another half hour, he said, and the meeting will be over.
So, um, let's order desert.
Um, you know what? We should get this guy to bed.
That's a good idea.
I gotta get moving anyway.
And I got homework out the wazoo.
Victor, can you take him home for me? -I'll be home soon, all right? -Yeah.
No worries.
I got him.
I'll see you guys.
-Okay, bye, Jule.
- Get something for you? - What? Oh.
Uh, no.
I was just Uh, I was Yeah.
Sorry to bother you.
I'm officer Hagle.
Found her in a park on a swing holding this.
She said she lost her key, couldn't reach her mother.
Says her father lives here.
-Hi, Daddy.
-Oh, no.
-No, I'm not her father.
-They're friends.
I'm her teacher.
I'll take her back to the precinct till she sleeps it off.
-No, no, no.
That's okay.
-No, really.
-That's okay.
She can stay here tonight.
- Come on in, Myra.
- Come in.
Come on.
Thank you.
-Good night.
-Easy there.
-You got her? -Yeah.
You're a real sweetheart, Mr.
Was that not what you wanted? What? Oh, no.
It's fine.
Could I have my usual? Watch.
He'll act like he doesn't know me.
I'm sorry.
Your usual? How can you not know my usual? I come in here every Wednesday night.
-Today is not Wednesday.
-Oh In that case, I'll just have what he's having.
-Straight up.
-Unblended scotch? So was that mean of me? I've never been in here before.
I take it that's not your first.
No, it's my first.
Well, then Bottoms up.
Okay, if you can't even lift the glass, I'm guessing somebody died, you lost your job, or the love of your life just took a hike.
-What? -I'm rooting for number three.
You know, so we can bond.
Someone left you? You planning on drinking that scotch? -Do you want it? -Yeah, don't mind if I do.
So what is the official position on yours? Do we hate her, or is no one to blame? -The last one.
I hate when that happens.
So, the same thing with you? No.
No, no, no, no, no.
No, mine is the "hate him" version.
Much rather talk about yours.
Would you mind? How's your hangover? Mr.
Salinger never mentioned you.
No? You want some breakfast? We got, um, corn flakes, Raisin bran.
You're very pretty.
I can see why he married you.
Call the precinct.
No, I don't know the name of the officer, Mrs.
Wringler, but she was drunk.
It was on her breath.
She woke up at 4:00 this morning and threw up.
Do you mind if I use your bathroom? My stomach's kinda messed up.
Oh, no.
Go right ahead.
Her mom said to send her to school.
On the muni.
But she she doesn't even have a change of clothes, and she's sick.
I tried to tell her.
Here we are, spending thousands of dollars, sacrificing so much.
It's all we want.
And and put her on a bus? So, everyone really missed you last night.
I hope you told them how bad I felt.
You felt pretty bad, huh? Julia, I had no idea that that meeting would go on so long.
Yeah, well, the thing is, most of us live at the house, so you could always stop by anytime if you wanted to meet everyone.
Oh, yeah.
Then I will.
-So, listen, about this-- -I mean we could even pick a night right now.
You want to do that? Um sure.
You know that my schedule's pretty tight.
No, I know.
So why don't you pick a night that works? Yeah, well, that's gonna be tough.
You know, I got a lot of nights-- Evan, why don't you just not waste our time and admit it, -you don't want to meet them.
-Julia, hold on-- Well, then pick a night, and I'll bring them here, so you can't wriggle out of it.
Look, um What do you want me to say? Am I sure about meeting your family? No.
Would I like to wait until we've been together longer? Why not? Would I meet them tomorrow if it would make you happy? Of course.
So, would that make you happy, Julia? How can I make you happy? This is the big idea? You guys dragged me all the way down here for this? -No.
It's for what's inside.
-A strip club? What? It's getting you out of the house, man.
It's human interaction.
Human interaction? Staring at a bunch of naked strangers who don't want to be touched or talked to? Okay, maybe it's not interaction with them, -but it is with us.
-You know what? While you guys discuss this, I'm just gonna go, you know, check the place out.
Interaction with you.
"Hey, man, wonder what she looks like naked.
" "Well, pretty much like that.
" God.
You make it sound totally cheap and empty.
- Oh, could I get a beer, please? - Yeah, right away.
-Daphne! -Griffin! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here? -What are you doing here? -What does it look like I'm doing here? -Wow.
-Griffin, you cannot tell anybody that you saw me here, okay? Swear on your life.
-It's okay.
-Swear on your mother.
-It's okay.
I mean it, Griffin.
Come on.
Fine, I won't tell anybody, but you'd better get outta here because Bailey and Will are right behind me.
What? Where? They were out on the sidewalk when I came in.
Damn it.
Damn it.
Why did you guys have to Not one word.
Will, what is the matter? I said you should go on in.
-Why is that-- -The last couple of weeks, you know what my life has been? Bailey watch.
Calling you, hanging out, hearing you mope about Sarah.
And you know what? Hey, it's my pleasure.
Okay? You needed a friend.
But check this out, Bay You are not the only one here with a problem.
-Look, Will-- -'Cause my parents, they basically laid down the law.
Okay? And the deal is, if I want to keep living rent free, I damn well better quit the wrestling internship.
"Damn well better", my dad's new favorite words.
And I know, you're like them.
You think this whole wresting thing is a big joke.
But I actually like this job, Bay.
Okay? And I don't wanna lose it.
So this may be dumb and gross and pathetic, but, you know, I sure could stand a little distraction right now.
Great party, Derek.
Yeah, it'd be better if this moron would miss.
Yeah! All right.
All right.
We're back.
I'll coach you, okay? Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Would you turn it down, please? She's concentrating.
Look at the object ball.
Visualize the shot, all right? Wait.
Yeah! We did it.
We won.
We are awesome.
You want to go somewhere where the music's not so loud? Sure.
Lead the way.
Oh Yeah! Yeah! So that's it, then, Will? Your dad actually said quit your job or move out? No discussion? -Will? -What? What? I'm asking you about your parents.
What about your mom? Where is she on this? Is she with your dad? Will? Buddy? All right.
You guys are having plenty of fun without me, so I'm gonna get going, all right? Yeah, okay.
Call me later.
-You got it.
-See ya.
-Where's Bailey? -What? I don't know.
Charlie? Yeah? So, what did they say? Three pre-embryo cells dividing.
Ohh! Kirsten.
-And three! -Yeah! Here, look, look.
They gave me a picture.
Tomorrow at 4:00, they're gonna implant them.
You're gonna be there, right? Are you kidding me? Look at all of them waiting to meet their mom.
Myra, you scared me.
I need you to call Ms.
Grey and tell her I'm fine, tell her what you said was wrong.
Um I'm gonna leave you guys alone.
Myra You have to understand, what I did Reporting that stuff, it's the law.
And I shouldn't have waited as long as I did.
I'm begging you, just call the principal back and tell her that everything is fine between me and my mom.
-You have to.
-I can't.
And you know what? I shouldn't We shouldn't be talking right now.
I have to take a step back, Myra.
I don't have the time.
I wish that I did, but I -You had the time before.
-I did.
I did.
I know.
-But there's some stuff going on with me now, and-- -You can't just pretend to be somebody's friend and tutor me and get me to tell you my life -and then just drop me! -Myra, I'm your teacher, okay? And if we're friends, it's in the classroom.
You can't You can't just call my home, and you can't stop by here uninvited.
Just call Ms.
Grey, and take back what you said, and I won't bother you anymore.
I can't.
I can't take it back now.
It's out of my hands now.
I'm sorry.
-So, uh, you enjoy that? -What, the music? Yeah.
Yeah, I know it dates me, but, man, when I hear good scat Look, Evan, it's it's not like it doesn't make sense, okay? I mean, you want to wait until we're in this longer.
I get that.
-You get what? -But the problem with that is how that feels.
-Julia-- -I'm not an idiot, Evan.
I have the same issues with us as you do, or anyone else.
You're a lot older than me.
A lot.
And we're working together.
But the thing is, is I got into this for one simple reason, because it feels good.
So, whatever anyone else thinks or says, I don't care.
Okay, good, then.
Unless that person is you.
'Cause if you don't feel good, then how can I? -Julia, hold on.
I feel good.
-No, you don't.
Not really.
'Cause if you have to hide what you're doing or make excuses, if you feel ashamed in any way, then you really don't.
How you doin'? Well, I gotta say, I never thought you'd call.
I just pictured you finding that number and thinking, "That chick? That party girl?" Tracy, come on.
I called you, right? Yeah, but we both know how desperate you are.
You're totally wrong.
Okay? Oh Can I Can I do something? We spent so much time talking about your girlfriend last night that it seemed that'd be the last thing you'd want.
But I just Would it be a horrible thing if I What? Sorry.
I had to do that.
Uh That was -Whatever.
-All right.
Well, you can send me on my way now.
-I got my thrill.
I-- -No, no, no.
Tracy, really.
It was really okay.
Oh, hey.
No, no.
There's a, uh night light.
She's in college, but my mom kept her room exactly the same.
-Oh, look at these dolls.
They're beautiful.
Hey, can we move to the bed? Um I Whoa.
-Derek, you're kind of-- -Shh, shh.
You're kind of hurting my arm.
-Oh, yeah? Sorry.
Wait a second.
What's What's that for? Shh.
Why do you have to talk so much, huh? No, I don't want to do that, Derek.
-Where are you going? -No! Get off me.
Listen-- You're the one that led me in here.
Okay, well, do you hear me? I'm saying no.
Get off of-- Stop.
I'm saying no! Get off of me! Oh, what the hell! -Claudia? -Lex.
-Where are you going? -I gotta go.
What's goin' on? Uh, got an early meeting.
Oh, okay.
So Thanks.
You were It was amazing.
Yeah, it was.
So, um What about later? Should we maybe Oh.
Go ahead when you wake up and order some breakfast.
I'm expensing the room.
Okay? Bye.
-Is she almost ready for me in there? -Yeah.
Come on in.
Listen, Mary Anne, uh, I had a thought.
What if, uh What if Myra worked for her mother? Just a few hours after school? She'd get some spending money, self-esteem, she'd spend some extra time with her mother, -and I think that-- -Charlie.
-I gotta ask you some questions.
-Did Myra ever show you her diary? Her diary? No.
Why? Did she ever discuss her feelings for you? After school or when you were spending extra time with her? Why would she I don't Charlie, where did Myra sleep when she spent the night in your home? On the couch.
Did you have a conversation with her about birth control, or about whether or not you found her attractive? No.
No, I told you, I picked her up at that drugstore, And, uh Where is this going? Are you Are you accusing me of something? I'm not.
But Myra's mother is.
She thinks your relationship with Myra has become The word is "Inappropriate.
" She's suggesting it's sexual, Charlie.
And Myra, she's not denying it.
Sexual? What like Like what? What did Myra say? So far, just that she's very upset and doesn't want to get into it.
That's I, uh I I don't know what to say.
I mean, I am sitting here in shock.
I, uh What, she said that I've been sexual with her daughter? Yes, she did.
This is All I did was try to help.
And she is obviously a very troubled kid.
I know.
I know.
But you see how it looks.
Come on, Mary Anne, don't Don't tell me you believe that.
Please tell me you don't believe it.
Charlie, it doesn't matter what I believe.
I heard you're not feeling well.
Is there anything you need? You had lunch, Claud? I'm not hungry.
You feel a little warm.
Did you take your temperature yet? You been drinking? No.
Just sick, I guess.
No lecture.
I'll let you sleep.
If you need anything, just holler.
So you got an eyeful the other night, huh? Thank God for dimmers.
I wish that I didn't have to You know that, right? Now, look, Daphne, uh You don't have to explain anything to me.
I've tried really hard to find a regular job that makes sense It's none of my business.
But this job, Griffin, I come home, I count out my cash against minimum wage, And this job pays, Griffin.
It's rent and it's food, -it's more time with Diana.
I can actually buy-- -Okay.
All right.
You can stop.
I'm just I'm not proud.
All right.
You know, first of all, you don't have to say anything to me at all.
I mean, I'm the creepy guy that was in there in the first place, so And second of all, you know, people do what they gotta do.
Who am I to judge? And third I don't know I thought you looked good.
-You did? -Oh, yeah, it's way better than that kinky cop girl.
I mean she couldn't dance to save her life.
Or that other one, the redhead, with the, uh, the silicone job? No.
I, uh Make no mistake, you owned the stage.
Thank you, Griffin.
So, listen, Will, I was thinking-- What, that's all you're gonna give me? I was right in the pocket.
If your parents are still giving you a hard time about, about everything-- Where's my extra game? I paid for 2.
Will, listen, I was thinking Why don't you move in with us? -What? -Into the house.
Me, move in? Really? -Yeah.
-There's room? -If you don't mind the basement, there's plenty.
-Wow! Man, are you sure? I mean, this is, like, totally cool.
You have no idea.
It would be a good thing for me, too, You know? To have people around right now.
This is great, man, 'cause if I had to quit, I would have totally missed the Holy Vengeance tour.
Holy Vengeance Yeah.
It starts tonight.
Five California cities, five days.
If I get on the road by tomorrow-- Wait a minute.
You're taking off? Ah, I got the extra game after all, But they were hoping I'd leave before I noticed.
No such luck, you greedy machine.
Hah? You know, the more I reread this passage, I think, no It should be about lying.
It should be about not-- Julia, can I just, uh, say something about last night? The door's open, Evan.
It might not be a good time.
You're right.
Yeah, Claire, uh, could you book me a table for two at Auberge? Yeah, and have them put flowers there.
No, it's not business.
It's, uh It's for Julia and me.
Lunch reservation for Evan and Julia.
You're probably right about this.
You want to try something different? Yeah, I would.
So that went great.
Your three embryos look beautiful.
How are you feeling? Are you cramping? No.
I'm fine Except for this waiting.
Well, you want to stay calm, so try to relax.
Take deep breaths.
Are you sure that Charlie didn't leave a message? I'm sorry.
Hey, how about something to read? Should I send a nurse in with some magazines? If you could just check the messages again, I'd appreciate it.
So, you call me 11:00 at night, I come down here.
What's up? I don't know.
I was just sitting around doing nothing, and I thought, why not sit around and do nothing with you? So I paged you.
Did I drag you away from anything? No, no.
It's just I never expected you to call, unless you forgot your wallet or something.
Tracy, you really gotta work on that self-esteem.
Yeah, tell it to Franklin.
The man spends his life breaking me down.
Who's Franklin, my husband.
Can I get a stoli and soda, please? Thanks.
I'm sorry.
Did you just say husband? Uh-huh.
Husband? You're married? Bailey, you can't be that surprised.
Why did you think I got us a room? I gave you my pager number, for God's sake.
I mean, what'd you think? I don't know.
Well, that's okay.
Now you know.
So Tell me about your day.