Party of Five (2020) s01e09 Episode Script


1 Previously on Party of Five Maybe we could, I dunno, collaborate.
I could help with the words if you wrote the music.
You two are on and off and doesn't seem like something you'd want.
Do you have feelings for me? I just need you to know that things can never be romantic between us.
You tried to kill yourself? You're already looking at me differently.
You act like you understand but you don't understand.
Only Mami understands - Have you spoken to Val? - No.
Why? She just said she was gonna call you.
Tell her this afternoon would be a better time.
Okay? I have to go, mi amor.
Bunch of clothes are missing from her drawer and I think she took her backpack.
Ah, she took hers with her.
Well sure.
She needed it to cross the border.
I can't tell if it made it worse telling you what actually happened.
I don't know.
We can talk about it.
Val comes first right now.
Look how brave you were coming all this way.
What happens now? You keep going.
Val needs you.
Beto sleeps like a cartoon character.
Have you noticed? How much longer? You gotta stop asking.
I don't know, Val.
Okay? I'm gonna try and stay up the whole time we're with them.
To like, maximize our time together.
How are we gonna explain to them why we came all of a sudden? I don't want Mami to know about any of the Amanda stuff.
Okay? Here's what we say.
Hmm? It's like, there was some line inside of you that got crossed.
Like a meter, that suddenly went into the red.
And once you got to that place There was no moving backwards or being fine with how things were.
But that's the truth.
That's not a lie.
That's it exactly.
You're back already? Soon as they made the crossing, I turned right around.
What else was I gonna do? Wait for them at the border? Go home? Get some sleep? That is a killer ride there and back in one single day.
How many covers we do tonight? I'm not telling you 'cause you don't need to know.
I mean it, Emilio.
That's it.
You need to get out of here for a few days.
Look, the kids are with your folks.
And I got stuff covered here.
When was the last time you had some time completely to yourself? Exactly.
Sit down.
Imma get you a beer and a plate of taquitos and then you're gonna go home.
And you're gonna spend the next few days in your underwear enjoying The Golf Network.
I don't think you and I have the same idea of a good time, Oscar.
What are you sayin'? I'm old? Go get yourself a beer.
Are you gonna kill me if I only have a 100 dollar bill? It's the end of the night.
I bet we have change.
We're good.
So did you enjoy your, uh nine dollar meal? One glass of sangria.
Nothing on the menu spoke to you? Oh it did.
Only I had six chicken fingers and half a hot dog before I got here.
- How old's your kid? - He's two and a half.
I've gotta stop the whole one for Spencer one for mommy routine or I'm gonna end up weighing 300 pounds.
Yeah, it's a good idea to avoid turning anything food related into a negotiation.
You have kids at home too? Not today.
Well, I'll show you mine if you show me yours? Deal.
Are you real? Oh Oh God, oh God, oh God.
Does it hurt? Huh? What? This? No.
It's just, uh, silly.
Every day in that kitchen.
Things falling off shelves.
Every day I take my life in my hands.
But you're on your way to becoming manager.
Yes? Your mother.
She's the one who's moving up very fast.
She started out two days with this family, the Davises.
And now, she's, uh, full time.
More than full time even.
She's made herself indispensable, right? Ay.
What are we ordering? I've never been so hungry in my whole life.
Uh, I can't pick between the number 6 and the number 14.
Pick 'em both.
You're a growing boy.
Not such a boy anymore Shut up, Val.
What does it mean not a boy? Beto's got a girlfriend.
- Oh - Ella Hey, Beto! Why didn't you tell us? Because it's still in the early stages.
Lots of ups and downs.
But, isn't that how it always is? That's not how it was with Mami and Papi.
Right? Tell us the story of how you guys met.
I love that story.
No, no.
Come on guys.
You don't need to hear that story again.
I wanna know more new stories! Stories about you.
What other secrets have you been keeping from us? Yes, you, Lucia.
Our warrior.
We're so proud of you, mi amor.
The work? It's making you happy? She didn't seem so happy on the way down here.
Shut up, Bey.
I told you to mind your own business! - Hey, hey, hey! - You told about Ella.
Val told! No, I said that he wasn't a boy anymore.
And you said and why is this a secret anyways? It's not like you two aren't constantly making out in public.
- 'Cause that what happened once.
- That's all you do! No, no, no.
Come on, come on.
Javi, let them be.
Please don't Let them be.
I miss this.
All your noises I dreamed of it.
Hmm? It's like a song I haven't heard in so long.
- Hello? - Listen to this.
Half my heart lives in a place I'm from but I've never known One part of me apart from me The other part here but alone Um Who is this? It's your poem.
I think it needed to be a song.
That's not my poem.
A place I'm from but I've never kn I needed a rhyme.
I took some liberties.
I didn't write that, Emilio.
You were the one who proposed we collaborate.
Does that mean I have to do everything you say? Well, that was certainly my hope.
Can you just get here? Please? Ah! Hey, it's Ella.
Leave a message.
Hey! There you are.
Come on.
Shop around with me.
Why is it Val's the only one of you that brought anything to wear? Who are you calling? Your girlfriend? Just wanted to let her know we got in safe and sound.
So she didn't start to worry.
And you and this, uh, girl, you've, uh You're being careful.
You're being careful, right? Yeah.
Emilio already gave me the lecture.
Oh And, um I'd really like to hear yours.
Of course.
Well, um, you see, there comes a time in every man's life when you find the right girl One part of me apart from me The other part here but alone Well, I don't hate it.
Well, that's not very promising.
I'm sorry.
It just sounds very different than what I heard in my head.
Why don't we write something from scratch? That way it's both of ours from the very beginning.
We need to set some parameters.
That's the way the guys and I used to do it.
Let me see the rules for this song writing contest.
I told you, I'm not interested.
Not because we're gonna enter but they have very concrete requirements.
Never mind.
What? What?! It has to be a love song? If you can't write a good love song then you shouldn't be a songwriter.
It's a little hostile, don't you think? Mami, are you watching? - Uh-huh.
I'm watching! - Are you watching? Okay! Your sister wants my eyes on her every second.
But you, I don't know, I I have the feeling you don't want me to look at you very closely.
Am I right about that? I'm fine.
You don't talk about school anymore.
Or your friends.
Hey, I miss the gossip.
School's school.
I don't like being there very much.
But that's always been your joy.
Unless this work as an activist you're doing it replaced it? Um, I don't know if I'm gonna keep that up.
What's going on, baby? Ah? You look sad.
Is it a boy? Okay Yes.
It's a boy.
I thought he was someone I But he wasn't interested.
And I embarrassed myself.
A boy from school? Someone older? Mami, are you watching? Uh, really bend your knees this time and push off.
Hmm? Are you watching? Everything sounds like a greeting card.
- You know what would help? - Hmm? If we were in love.
Not with each other.
Like, I mean, like, with other people.
I, uh never actually been in love.
- Never? - Nope.
I mean, I thought I was in the moment.
But, uh Yeah, I guess looking back it it was something else.
How can you write about something you never felt? How do you even know what love is? Because I've seen my parents.
Mami and Papi said we're leaving for dinner in five minutes.
You almost done in there? Almost.
My brother and father bought me panties.
Oh, how gross is that.
Maybe you should have gone shopping with them instead of sulking around Mami.
Whatever is going on with you and Matthew, could you not - Me and Matthew? - Honestly.
I don't get it.
- I thought you were friends.
- We are friends.
So who broke whose heart? Mami said that you were seeing a boy, not from school, so I figured Stand on the edge of the bathtub and stick one hand out the window, - you get one bar of reception.
- I thought you were gonna shower? I send all these voice messages and texts and I still haven't heard anything back.
- She's playing games with you.
- I don't think so.
I think if I had a damn Wi-Fi connection in this place If she wanted to reach you, she could.
She's punishing you for choosing to be with your family.
Yeah, that needs to be sorted out.
But, um you think if I use a clothes hanger in one hand, and if I turned it God! Could you please be here now?! Both of you! All you're doing is moping around or obsessing over your girlfriend who you'll see in a few days anyways.
When we should be enjoying our parents and letting them enjoy us.
Do not ruin this for me.
I come bearing Chinese food.
You do know Beto's not back yet, right? Well, have you heard from him? Have you not? Um I'm giving him some space.
But I figure you and I are on our own, right? And we've gotta eat.
So - Hi.
- Oh Ha I guess what I'm trying to do is make him realize how unhappy he is without me.
Anything there? Hmm? Giving you space to be unhappy without me.
Giving you space to miss me? - Oh, that's better.
Write that down.
- Miss me.
- Yeah.
- Hmm.
What? We're writing a love song.
Well, feel free to use Beto's and my relationship as inspiration.
It is the classic love conquers all story.
Don't you guys have to be together for more than a few months before you can say with any certainty that your relationship has stood the test of time? What? Am I wrong? I'm sure he's the one for me.
And if he's not sure of it, don't you think the only way he'll realize it is by me not chasing after him? Hey, it's Ella.
Leave a message.
Still not pickin' up, huh? So, I feel like you're testing me.
See how hard you can push me away and keep me coming back.
I'm not great at tests.
I flunk most of 'em.
But, thing is I'm not gonna take this one for you.
'Cause I think I already aced it.
If you don't already know how I feel about you well, you haven't been paying attention.
That's on you, Ella.
Say Papi.
Pa, pa, pa-pi.
I bet you he's gonna say it while we're here, Papi.
Do you guys know what you're having? - I'm not that hungry.
- Me neither.
Um, although everything looks delicious.
My appetite's definitely pickin' up.
Uh, where's the waitress? Shouldn't we wait for Mami? What's taking her so long in the bathroom? I'm gonna check on her.
Can't you order for her, Papi? You always know what she wants.
Do I? Oh honey, don't be so hard on yourself.
It's just a little Spanish test.
No, Amanda.
No, I can't.
Because I'm with my family.
Yes, mi amor.
I promise.
Yes, flash cards.
Yes, I will quiz you 'til you know every single vocabulary word by heart.
Hey, where's everyone? Lucia borrowed your suit and went down to the pool.
Papi and Beto found a soccer ball and Oh no.
No, no.
It took me forever to put him down.
I think he was overly tired.
He doesn't need you to hold his bottle.
Like what you did at dinner.
He likes to hold it himself.
Good to know.
And he doesn't know any Spanish lullabies.
Emilio sings to him "The Harder They Come" when he puts him down.
You know, Jimmy Cliff.
No, but maybe you can teach it to me.
The thing is He doesn't know your smell or the way you hold him or your voice in his ear.
That's how he was when Natalia started putting him to bed.
It takes him a while to adjust to a new person.
Eh, but I'm not a new person.
It's not your fault, Mami.
It's just how it is.
Don't be so hard on yourself.
- Oh, you done? - Yes.
Oh that was the first time this visit you were having real fun.
Thank you.
Ah Ah.
Oh I miss those nights.
You and me take a ball down to the park after dinner.
I'd show off for you.
You didn't do that tonight.
What can I say, I'm rusty.
Ah, hey, Beto.
I taught you to play.
You think I don't know.
You were holding back.
- You let me win.
- Maybe a little.
A little I don't know, you seem so Wanted you to feel good about yourself.
You think I don't? I want you to feel like you're still a dad.
Well But it's dads who let their sons win.
So Maybe we've changed places.
Maybe I'm no one to give you any advice about any girl.
Maybe I could use your wisdom.
Are you and Mami okay? Of course we are.
Your mother is the only woman in this world for me.
Any more kung pao left? Beto left a voicemail.
Or, wait.
It was an hour ago.
How did I miss this? God, it's a long one.
Way too long to just be "Hi, how are you.
" Just listen to it.
I'm scared.
'Cause what if he - I-I don't - Just listen to it.
You know, I'm just gonna listen to it.
I wouldn't be 16 again for anything.
Oh God, you're kidding? I would.
I would love to go back to believing all you need is love.
Lyrics taken.
Well, what's your track record? Hmm? Let's see.
I've had three relationships that lasted about a year.
One went nearly for two if you don't count the six times we broke up during it.
It's just so hard to get excited about anyone anymore, because In the back of my mind, I'm always calculating.
How long before love leads me off a cliff and into an emotional abyss? Because, it always always does.
And that's on you, Ella.
I can't spend any more of my time out here trying to reach you.
It's not fair to my family.
So I'm gonna turn off my phone.
And when I get back to Los Angeles and I turn it on, I hope there's a message from you saying you want to pick up where we left off.
But, uh, if there isn't I loved you the best way I knew how.
It's bad.
He's really and I don't and he sai and then I Maybe you wanna finish a sentence? I'm sorry.
I gotta go.
And thanks for dinner.
You brought it! So, what do you think? Hmm? Who breaks whose heart? Oh, you mean them? I think she needs him more than he needs her.
Which will make her more desperate to keep going.
Even if the right thing to do is to walk away.
My experience? It's never equal.
There's always one person who feels it stronger than the other person.
And you're never that person.
You said that, right? You've never been in love.
Maybe that's your parents' fault.
How do you figure? Maybe they set this impossible standard that you can never measure up to.
So you don't try.
Maybe if you ever saw them struggle as a couple.
Gloria! Were you waiting up? I ended up down by the pool talking to a boy.
Oh, good.
You flirted a little? That can help.
No, Mami.
God, it wasn't like that at all.
I'm-I'm sorry.
I'm saying all the wrong things.
How is it possible I know so little about my girls? I didn't know your sister was so angry.
And you.
We nearly talk every day and I know nothing about who this boy is, or how he hurt you, or even what you loved about him.
Why? Is it because you think I I can't help? Maybe I can't.
Maybe mothering is just like a muscle and if you don't use it-it-it It withers away.
It's not that.
Mami it's not you.
Well, um He's someone I met at Dream for Justice.
He has more experience as an activist and he wanted to teach me.
He said I had a unique voice.
And he wanted me to trust it.
To use it.
And when I did The way he looked at me made me feel like I don't know, like-like I just, she was just the key that unlocked me like I-I just opened up somehow.
I "She"? Uh, he.
I-I meant "he.
" I meant he, Mami.
Tomorrow, we each come with five new song ideas.
And we agree to be totally open-minded about everything.
No vetoing.
Don't toss that.
Rafa likes to have fried rice for breakfast.
Oh, habit.
When the rain is blowing in your face And the whole world is on Now this is a love song.
I could offer you a warm embrace To make you feel my love When evening shatters and the stars appear And there is no one left to dry your tears I could hold you for a million years To make you feel my love I know you haven't made your mind up yet But I would never do you wrong I've known it from the moment - I should go.
- It's getting late.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
No doubt in my mind where you belong Maybe we get out a little bit more this afternoon.
And see some of the town.
That sounds fun, doesn't it? What does Valentina want to do, hmm? Why is it her choice? Because she made this visit possible.
And I think it was very important for her.
So she gets to pick.
- I don't care.
- Sure you do.
Um, maybe there's, you know, an amusement park around here or maybe a zoo.
Something fun for Rafa.
I want us all to go to church.
You do? You? Do? Yes.
I think it's important.
At a time like this.
At a time like what, Javi? When we are together as a family.
There's a cathedral in a plaza nearby.
We can take a bus.
Well, that's not super high on my list but if it's important to you guys, sure.
- I'll go.
- I'll go too.
Thank you.
I'm not going to church.
- What? - Why not? You always wanna go to church.
What are you saying? Why don't you all go and say a prayer for me? Okay? Ah? I'll stay here with Rafa.
And we can do something fun when you all get back.
Yes? No! What is it, mi amor? Hey, I was just calling to see how it's going down there.
Uh, can I call you a little later? There's been an accident.
Um Remember Jacinta? The woman I've told you about.
The one who lives above us.
She cut herself cooking.
And-and She's here and it's very deep.
You go take care of that.
Just have you spoken to Val last night or this morning? No, why? She just said she was gonna call you.
Tell her this afternoon will be a better time.
Okay? I really have to go, mi amor.
Javier Gloria, Gloria
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