Party of Five (2020) s01e10 Episode Script


1 Previously on Party Of Five - You have kids at home too? - Not tonight.
I'll show you mine if you show - me yours? - Deal.
How are we gonna explain to them why we came all of a sudden? I don't want Mami to know about any of the Amanda stuff.
Amanda, I can't.
Because I'm with my family.
Yes, mi amor.
I promise.
I sent all these voice messages and texts and I still haven't heard anything back.
She's playing games with you.
If you don't already know how I feel about you, that's on you, Ella.
I loved you the best way I knew how.
Let me see the rules for this songwriting contest.
I told you, I'm not interested.
Not because we're gonna enter.
It has to be a love song? I've, uh, never actually been in love.
How can you write about something you never felt? You look sad.
Is it a boy? Yes it's a boy.
The way he looked at me made me feel like feel like I just she was just the key that unlocked me like I-I just opened up somehow.
I She? I-I meant he.
I meant he, Mami.
I'm not going to church.
Are you and Mami okay? Your mother is the only woman in this world for me.
It's just that it's a new watch.
And I didn't know how to reach you without turning up because we didn't exchange numbers.
I'd offer you coffee but, uh, I have an early appointment, It's okay.
I got what I came for.
Uh, that came out wrong.
I had a really nice time with you the other night.
- Uh, yeah.
- And thank you for not appropriating my fancy-schmancy watch.
Mm Bye.
- Well, uh, bye.
- Yeah, bye.
Well I, for one, did my homework last night.
Did you? Uh, I didn't sleep with that woman last night.
Look, it's okay if you did.
No, no, no.
But I-I didn't.
I slept with her a couple nights ago.
But not last night.
What difference does it make? Well, I just don't want you to think that after you and I had that moment and Well, that I went out and hooked up.
We're not a couple.
You're allowed to have a private life.
So you need a few more minutes or what? 'Cause I'm ready to get started.
She's never not wanted to go to church.
Is it that she feels guilty? What does she have to feel guilty for? That girl she takes care of.
No, it's not that, my love.
I'd be glad if Amanda was the reason.
I'd be glad if she realized what she's done.
She replaced me.
What? Oh no, Val.
She didn't.
You see, your mother, she's struggling.
She's lost the most important things in her life.
But doesn't she have you? Why can't you go to church? Is it because of me? Because I haven't sinned, I want you to know that I haven't been with anyone ever.
It's not because of you.
It's I-I can't.
I I can't face God after what I've done.
What you've done? I failed you.
You needed me.
Your sister needed me.
Rafa I didn't realize how much you were drifting away.
- Maybe if I had - Then what? I wouldn't be this way? I'm not any way, Mami.
I-I haven't done anything.
Don't say it's your fault when nothing has happened.
Nothing has happened? Everything feels so different.
None of us is who we were before and I didn't stop that from happening.
That was my job.
And now I think it's too late.
It's too late to make things right.
It's not too late.
It's not too late, Mami.
If you're certain it will end No matter how it started And it's just too sad a tale If you know from our first meeting How our stars are charted And you and I are sure to fail Defy logic Ignore the signs Take any sort of anodynes To make our ending seem less certain Make a choice, take a chance Accept my invite to this dance Savor what comes before Our curtain Hey! We haven't got a future Of that there is no doubt For us there is no winning You'll see all the ways That we won't work out There are signs from the beginning Hello.
I'm looking for someone.
His name is Beto Acosta.
I have a picture.
One-one second.
Um Uno segunday? Un segundo.
Oh, I took French.
Make a choice, take a chance Accept my invite to this dance Savor what comes before Our curtain Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
You're workin'? I told you, pal.
'Til the kids come back, you're off the clock.
- I got your take-out, man.
- Thanks.
See? I came back for provisions.
I've been holed up, workin' on some new music.
So you're a solo act now? Actually, no, I've been collaborating with Natalia.
Don't give me that look, alright? It's entirely professional.
I'm serious, man.
I've learned my lesson.
Plus, she's great with Rafa.
You know, and I don't wanna mess that up by messing around.
So, you're not her type, huh? I can't tell, man.
Ah, Mr.
Um, I dropped by your house, but there was no answer.
You must have just missed me.
We received a report your sister Valentina was apprehended by border authorities two days ago.
Trying to cross into Mexico.
Apprehended? That makes it sound so much worse than it was.
Well, the report indicates she ran away from home.
No, no, look.
Her and I got into a little argument.
- And yeah - I'd like to speak to her.
Uh, well, she's with my parents right now.
- In Mexico.
- Unaccompanied? Of course not.
Beto and Lucia are with her.
Rafa too You expect them back when? Soon? In the next couple of days.
Uh, we just haven't booked their return ticket yet.
Well, perhaps you better.
Hey, sorry to bother you.
Um, there's just something wrong with our TV.
Yeah televisor es malo.
And it just keeps cutting in and out.
It's like And we're just trying to watch a movie.
Ella? What are you Well, well you turned off your phone.
Remember? And I had to make sure that you were okay.
That that we were okay.
Because that was a pretty horrible goodbye.
And, yes, I was trying to punish you when I should have been happy for you.
That you finally get to see your parents.
You came all this way just to say that? It felt like something I needed to prove to you.
That's I mean Okay So, uh, if we're good then I'll see you back at home.
Whoa, whoa, wait.
That's that's really it? Just gonna turn around and take another 12 hour bus ride back to Los Angeles? Wow.
So we're gonna be 100 percent honest with each other from now on, right? It's not as much of a wow as you think.
For a couple of hundred bucks, you can get a direct flight from LAX.
But I so would have been willing to take a bus.
That totally counts.
I missed you.
The last flight back leaves in 90 minutes, so Um What if you got a room tonight? And left in the morning? We're all watching a movie together, but I'm sure I can sneak away at some point.
Well, definitely it's not the TV set.
Well the sign outside says free cable so they should give us a discount.
Well, maybe we should call it a night, chiquita.
But Mami promised me a movie.
Yeah, let's not give up so quickly.
I'm sure Beto will find someone to fix it.
Do you really need to see the Wizard of Oz for the 1000th time? Besides, it's getting late.
Probably is Beto from the lobby.
Yes? No, it's me, Papi.
I tried your cell.
Eh, it's Emilio.
There's no Wi-Fi in the rooms.
And no TV! We were hoping to have a movie night, but So far it's not working out.
What about you? What are you doing tonight? I went ahead and booked their bus tickets back.
For the day after tomorrow.
No, so soon.
- What's so soon? - The day after tomorrow.
I was hoping for more days than that.
At least until the weekend.
Honestly, I don't know how much more school they can miss.
Why does Emilio get to say how long we can stay? Mi amor, he's worried about your school.
Tell him I can easily make up any work I'm missing.
Mi amor, are you absolutely sure they can't have an extra day? The guy at the front desk said that, um, it's definitely a cable issue.
And it happens a lot.
Hopefully they have the system up by tomorrow morning but no point in waiting to see if it fixes itself, so I thought that guy didn't speak English.
How'd you get all that? Oh, well, mostly hand gestures.
So I guess we should call it a night, huh? - Mm-hmm.
- What'd I miss? Emilio booked us tickets back home.
- For when? - Day after tomorrow.
- Couldn't you talk to the school? - Why? Mi amor, no.
Where are you going? We can still find something fun to do.
I'm going to bed.
Well then, I'm gonna get some air.
No, but Then, Imma go for a walk.
The kids are comin' home? Already? It never occurred to me that I should have cleared the trip with social services.
Now our case worker says he has to make another report.
And there can be truancy issues with the kids and who knows? Maybe the fight at the fundraiser's gonna come up.
Why would it? No one filed any charges.
Doesn't matter, Oscar.
There's an incident report.
Now this guy says that I have to attend a parenting class because I have to demonstrate a willingness to work on my shortcomings.
A parenting class.
I had two days to myself.
Two days where I didn't have to worry about them.
Guess I don't even get that, huh? Disappointing how? I feel terrible even saying it.
It's like we're all acting.
As if everything is the way it was before, and it's not.
Something's just off somehow.
How long are you here for? Day after tomorrow.
Emilio got the tickets.
I wish you could stay.
There's no way you can stay, is there? I mean, what are you missing at home? Just the sound of my parents raging at each other.
They're so busy fighting over custody that I bet neither of them noticed I was even gone.
Then stay? Do you really think that this is a good time for me to meet your mom and dad? Probably not.
Unless Do they have to know? What if we just stay here and then you sneak away whenever you're able.
Would be like we're on our own little island.
Let's make a fort then.
Auscensio Lucia! How long do we have? Well as long as we come back with diapers, I think we're cool.
So this is Mexico, huh? I was imagining a little more Burros? Yeah, me too.
Haven't seen one.
Not one.
Are you planning a quinceañera for Val? We didn't have one for Luce.
She says that quinces are sexist rituals and that wearing dresses make her feel claustrophobic.
Hoping Val feels the same way or else me and Emilio are gonna have to learn to waltz.
Let's check it out.
Really? Look, wedding gowns.
Can't really see you in that many sequins.
Doesn't everyone look back at their wedding pictures and think, "Oh my God, WTF?" So why not like lean into wearing something freaky to begin with.
So you're saying I should go with the top hat? Definitely.
My parents actually looked like themselves in their wedding picture.
- Picture? Just one? - That's all they got.
My dad carries it in his wallet all creased and banged up.
My mom was, God, so young.
How young? You know, our age basically.
Seems way too young to be so sure about something that important.
Maybe she wasn't sure.
Maybe She was doing what felt right in the moment and then those moments started adding up until she couldn't remember a time she wasn't certain.
I think deciding who you're gonna marry is basically just picking someone you feel good about jumping off a cliff with.
I mean, there's a reason they call it taking the plunge.
Hey, isn't it bad luck to see the bride before the ceremony? I don't believe in bad luck.
Oh You maybe wanna help with the sunscreen? Do you want to tell me how your passport ended up in a dumpster in the parking lot? Huh? One of the housekeepers found it.
We couldn't send you back without your passport.
You'd have to stay with us while we apply for a replacement.
Is that what you were thinking? The day after tomorrow is not enough time.
I'm mad at Mami.
And there's not enough time to get over that before I have to get on that bus.
What good was this visit if I have to go back feeling just as bad as I was when I got here? Why do I have to go back at all, Papi? You know why, Valentina.
Because if we stay any longer, we're gonna get in trouble in the country that's made the worst kind of trouble for us.
That said we don't belong together.
Well, no one in Mexico is saying that.
We could be together.
If not all of us, then Rafa and me.
Maybe not forever, but for now.
Why can't we, Papi? The truth is, I knew.
Even before my daughter got in the car, that I that I shouldn't be behind the wheel after that many beers.
So We're supposed to say what we hope to work on in here? Mm-hmm.
I guess, uh I guess it's the shame.
Thank you, Fred.
Who wants to go next? Well, Mary Pat.
I grew up with parents who spoke to me the way I wound up speaking to my son.
That's what I have to face.
The fact that I didn't do anything to break the cycle.
Until now.
Thank you.
Bitter divorce.
Kids got caught in the crossfire.
My ex and I are trying to figure out a way not to tear each other down in front of 'em or I guess at all.
Which, ain't easy.
So Thank you.
Who hasn't shared yet? Emilio.
Um I really don't know what to say.
It is hard at first, man.
But once you let yourself acknowledge what the primary obstacle is, to being the parent your child deserves I'm sorry, my primary obstacle? Yeah.
Is that I'm never gonna be the parent my child deserves.
You know why? Because I'm not her parent.
Okay? I'm her brother.
And good for you guys.
Really, I mean it.
For looking at yourselves and trying to understand exactly where you went wrong.
But I mean, I'm sitting here thinking to myself What the hell did I do? Where did I go wrong besides not understanding that I was always, always gonna fall short in this job.
No matter how hard I tried.
Because it shouldn't be my job.
My sister has two parents.
Great parents who wanna be taking care of her, but can't.
I'm not the problem.
I am not the problem.
What this country, what they did to my parents, and to their children? That's the problem.
That's never gonna get fixed in here.
Oh What is it? Valentina has something she'd like to ask you.
Go on, mi amor.
I'm sorry.
Okay, it was stupid, and the second I walked out of there Stormed out, is the feedback I got.
You didn't do yourself any favors, Emilio.
Okay, so I'll-I'll go back.
I'll apologize.
You're not welcome back.
They made that very clear to me.
I'll find a different class.
- Emilio - What do you want me to do?! I think now, your best option is to simply let the process play out.
There will be another evaluation of your fitness.
By you? No.
It's gone up the ladder.
To the juvenile dependency court.
Who will determine whether or not any kind of intervention is warranted.
Intervention? I'm sorry, what are we talking about here? That little girl has already lost her parents, okay? And some court's gonna decide because she's upset about that, she might lose me too?! I mean, how is that determined exactly? They'll wanna interview your siblings when they return.
Okay, fine.
Beto and Lucia can talk to them Valentina, too.
Obviously her testimony will carry the most weight.
I don't want that.
You worried about what she'd say? You don't think she'd defend you? No, of course she would.
Then I-I don't understand.
What's the problem? - I can't believe you asked them.
- What did she say? She said she needed to talk it over with Papi.
Which means she's gonna say no.
- How do you know? - You don't say you need to think about something you're gonna say yes to.
You just say yes.
I don't understand what she needs to think about.
Do you? Huevos rancheros, por favor.
You could help convince her.
Tell her that it'd be easier for all of us.
I'm not sure that's true.
Of course it is.
Think about how much easier your lives could be if you didn't have to take care of Rafa and me.
It's not about us, Val.
You have to think about what it means for them.
Uh, I mean, right?! Yeah, they'd have to find a bigger place which is gonna cost more.
And Mami would have to quit her job so she can stay home and take care of you and Rafa.
I guess we all know why you'd find that appealing.
Hey! Both of you guys had parents four years longer than I did.
And Rafa had them for less than a year.
It's only fair that we should get to catch up.
No matter how big the sacrifice you're asking them to make? I don't think they consider being with their children a sacrifice.
Then why didn't Mami say yes right away? Well, listen, you two Lucia doesn't understand because she doesn't need a mother the same way I do.
What does that mean?! Of course I do! No, not to show you how to be.
Because you're not like Mami.
You never have been.
I'm not saying it's your fault.
Maybe something got mixed up in the womb and Beto got all the girl qualities and you got all the boy ones.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
I have boy qualities.
I have plenty of boy qualities.
That is God, a terrible thing to say.
But it's true.
Beto's the one who will snuggle.
Braid my hair.
Buy me a bra.
And you never wanted to play dolls with me.
Or cook.
Or talk about makeup or anything.
So maybe that's why you can't understand why it's so important to me to be with someone who's gonna teach me how to be a woman.
You really think I would deprive Val and Rafa of the opportunities they have at home, because it serves me? Because it might save our marriage.
I don't know, Javi.
I don't know what to believe.
Valentina tried to throw away her passport.
That's how desperate she is.
And she knows, tomorrow she's gonna get on that bus with Lucia and Beto.
And she's doing anything she can to stop it.
How can I ignore what's really behind that small - foolish gesture? - Excuse me.
Can I get the check? They need stability, Javi.
And they have stability with their siblings.
I'm gonna cancel my order.
Huevos rancheros? No, no, no.
It's okay.
I of all this was them learning to count on each other.
To be resourceful.
To be independent.
If we indulge her in the very first visit, what are we teaching her? I only have dollars, is that okay? Excuse me, miss, do you need help? No, thank you, I'm fine.
No thanks, we're good.
Val, how do you say "no housekeeping?" What? What happened? It's going to be okay.
Do you really believe that? It's-it's the best I could come up with on the way here.
Look, they're not going to take her away from you.
Why? Because this country always does the right thing? I'm sorry.
You're trying.
Val never hesitates to tell you when you're full of shit.
You don't think she'll tell off anyone who even suggests you're not doing a good enough job? It's not what she'll say It's the fact that it won't matter.
It didn't matter with my parents.
It won't with me.
You should've seen her on that stand.
Telling the judge what kind of people they were.
How much she loved them.
And needed them.
Ten days later, they were on a bus back to Mexico.
I didn't know that.
She wanted to go to them and I let her.
If that leads to us getting separated, how does she not blame herself losing her family a second time? - Hey.
- Hey.
Papi came back to the room with Rafa and without you.
Said you'd be here.
Yeah, the baby needed a change and And I took an extra minute for myself.
Val told us what she asked you.
You will help her forgive me.
Won't you? And Rafa too, when he's old enough to understand.
It has nothing to do with not wanting to be with them.
It's just Where we are your father and I Where we are now, it's - We're not equip - Together.
Not together.
- Why would you think that? - Mami.
The girl.
The girl who was sitting right there.
Rafa knew her.
Ella flew down yesterday to see me.
I've been spending time with her when I'm not with the family.
She got a room.
I'm sorry if that seems gross or hurtful.
Just that, I don't understand what kind of girl does that.
Won't let her boyfriend spend time alone with his family that he never gets to see.
I'll tell you what kind of girl.
A girl from a broken home.
A girl that saw two people that she loves most in this world not love each other and try hard enough to work it out.
A girl that's beautiful and smart.
And insecure and needy and lost.
'Cause she's always trying to find a home.
She's just lucky she found a guy who grew up with two parents who love each other.
Because Mami, I'm not messed up.
I'm gonna be okay.
Because I had years with you that Val hasn't.
Papi? Come on, little one.
We'll work on it.
I'll teach him.
It's not your job.
If it happens, it happens.
And, uh, if he says it to Emilio It's okay, too.
But I bet, I know what his first word is gonna be.
What was mine? "Sit.
" You'd point, sit! Sit! Even then, I didn't want anyone to leave me.
Mi amor Okay, mi amor.
Yes? Really? Oh, yes Si, si, si, si - Hello? - Emilio? Hey, you.
Whose number is this? Mami and Papi are letting me call from the room.
Splurging, huh? They around? No, it's just me.
They went to go pick up dinner.
Well, I'm glad you called actually, um Wanted to tell you about something that's gonna happen when you get here and I don't want you to worry.
Okay, because I'm not worried.
Not at all.
Actually, I was calling to tell you something.
Can I go first? Okay.
I'm gonna stay, Emilio.
Rafa and I are gonna stay with Mami and Papi.
Here in Mexico.
Hello? Did they ask you to do that? I asked them and they said yes.
Papi, right away.
It took Mami longer.
Normally, you'd think it'd be the other way around, right? Emilio, are you there? Um Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm here.
I just I wasn't ready.
To be away from them, you know.
I tried, but I couldn't do it.
No, yeah.
Of course.
Are you mad? I'm not mad.
I don't want you to think it's because of something you did or didn't do.
Well, maybe that's a little true, isn't it? No.
Don't say that.
It's not your fault.
I know how much you did for us and how much you gave up.
I don't mind.
You should be a father when it's your choice.
And you're gonna be great at it.
I just know in your whole life it's gonna be the thing that you're best at.
But when the time's right.
Now, um What'd you wanna say to me? It was quite a surprise to realize that you were sitting behind us in that diner.
I guess you didn't understand a word that we were saying because we were speaking Spanish.
Uh, she didn't hear a word, Mami.
Not a word.
You didn't need to hide her way, Beto.
You could have said something.
I didn't want you to think less of me for intruding, sir.
I, for one, believe in, how do you say it? Mm A grand gesture.
Papi proposed to Mami by threatening to jump off a bridge if she didn't say yes.
Actually it was a scaffolding.
Like 20 feet high.
I don't know how is that a bridge now.
People in love do crazy things, don't they? Well, case in point.
Let's toast, shall we? Welcome.
What, my love? Uh, nothing.
It's just warm.
You don't like her very much, do you? Ella? She's okay.
Uh, she loves him.
And she needs to be taken care of which is exactly what he's good at doing.
So guess that makes them a perfect match.
She has Beto.
Who's gonna take care of you? I don't need anyone.
I'm gonna be okay.
You know, I've been thinking about that woman.
The one from the organization of yours who you've spoken of with such affection.
Sully? What about her? Sounds like someone who's on your corner.
Someone you can turn to if you're struggling.
Someone who's been in the world more than me.
That can give you advice.
Good idea.
Uh, I'll keep that in mind.
Would you be okay if I went home tonight? Tonight? You wanna leave early? That way I can sleep on the bus.
Otherwise, it's a 12-hour ride back with Beto and Ella.
And she talks a lot.
Like a lot, a lot.
It's just that I don't wanna lose time with you.
I hate it.
It's so little as it is.
Please? As long as you're going home and not running away? Lucia, I'm not a very sophisticated woman.
I know.
I-I I want to be open minded about ce Certain things.
But it's not easy when you've been taught to believe something your whole life.
Please don't explain, Mami.
No, but I want you to know this.
Look at me.
Look at me.
There's nothing you could ever do No way you could ever be No one you could ever love that would make me love you any less.
You will always, always be my child.
Mi Lucia.
Totally ridiculous Oscar calling you.
I would have taken an Uber.
What does he think? You know the kids are gone, all of a sudden I've got a death wish? He doesn't think that.
He's concerned is all.
Do I need to take your keys to make sure you don't go anywhere? Do you need help upstairs? No.
I'll be fine.
In that case What do I do now, Natalia? I would hydrate and take some aspirin.
Oh, you mean that.
Why don't you ask yourself that tomorrow morning? That's my plan.
Out of a job now, remember? Why even get up tomorrow? To open up a restaurant I was running to support kids I don't have? The other kids still need you.
No, not the same way.
What can I do for them they can't already do for themselves? But Rafa and Val You know, I used to complain that the deportation totally derailed my life.
And what if the truth is taking care of those kids actually gave me a life.
Your life is not over, Emilio.
And all the stuff you've learned about yourself this year, it'll change what you do next.
The goals you set for yourself.
The music you write.
I know that something inside of you will tell you what's next for you.
And, uh, what if what I want next is you? Well, okay then.
- Hello? - Lucia.
I need your body.
Wh Sully? No.
It's Allison.
I know it's last minute, but we just got word.
There's a deportation happening tomorrow night at Adelanto West.
Thirty-seven-year-old Salvadorian man who's awaiting a heart transplant.
He won't survive the trip.
We're looking for as many people as possible to literally stand in front of the bus.
Sully asked you to call me? Are you kidding? I'm still on her shit list after serving you all that wine the other night.
Probably best you don't mention that I reached out.
- Won't she be there? - Nope.
She thinks it's too much risk for too little upside.
It's just one guy and there could be arrests.
You know Sully.
Sometimes she's just so cautious.
But caution only gets you so far.
Well, I'm just coming back from this trip.
I'm not sure Lucia, I need you.
You need bodies.
I need people who don't endlessly weigh the pros and cons of every situation.
Who are willing to let their hearts tell them the right thing to do.
Isn't that you? Mm.
Okay well that's just disappointing.
Do you believe in signs? Hmm.
Like, uh, "no cell phone use here.
" They gave us a number.
Who? I entered us in that songwriting competition.
Ugh I told you I didn't wanna do that.
Yeah, well.
I ignored you.
And I sent in a digital file.
And they sent back our audition number.
We're 7263rd.
Don't take this personally, but they're not being incredibly selective.
Haven't you seen those shows? Zillions of people jumping up and down in football stadiums.
Hoping for their big break.
And how do you know we're not the losers that get picked purely for the entertainment value of watching them humiliate themselves? So what if we are? Look I I can't just leave for a week and go to New York.
I mean, first, I've got the restaurant.
Oscar will cover for you.
- And then there's the kids - What kids? Beto and Lucia are not kids, Emilio.
They can manage.
I say we drive.
And see the country, and get inspired.
We can sleep in the van.
And we'll be a lot less awkward now given what happened here last night.
Of course nothing is gonna come out of it, Emilio.
We're 7263rd out of 10,000? And we're not that good.
Not yet.
But it's something that'll get you out of the house for a few days.
- Hmm.
- Get out of your head.
And, you know, start thinking what comes next.
I'm home! Emilio, I'm Uh, uh Thought you were coming back tonight? Uh Beto is.
I came back early.
I, like, see you, Natalia.
Uh, yeah.
Say something? Finally.
No? How much longer? Ella and I should head to the bus station in about 10 minutes.
Still time to get one last swim in before you guys have to head out.
Did you say goodbye to Rafa? No, he was napping.
Probably for the best.
Just snot all over him.
I suck at goodbyes.
We've never had to say goodbye to each other.
So maybe we don't.
Maybe we just pretend that you and Rafa are on like a an extended sleep over.
It's gonna be great.
You're gonna have so much fun.
And try not to do just stuff with Mami, okay? Papi missed you too.
Try to spend lots of time together and be a family.
The four of you.
For us.
I could be taller the next time you see me.
What if next time you see me I have pecs like Emilio? I could have boobs.
You may not recognize me.
Hey, I'll always recognize you.
You're my little sister.
I guess, uh It's time to get the show on the road, huh? Quick hug.
No need to get sloppy, right? Scarecrow I think I'll miss you most of all.
What do you think? Do I wash them or burn them? It's no big deal.
You wore the same clothes for four straight days.
You know how many times I've done it? Wash.
So does it feel weird? Mm.
Not yet.
I guess when Beto comes home and Rafa and Val, like don't.
That's when it's gonna feel like everything's different.
You seem different.
What'd you do down there you're not telling me? Did you get a tattoo or something? So this is funny.
My mother got it in her head that you and I had like a thing going.
What made her think that? Because I kinda implied it.
Why? Because it was easier.
Than admitting Is it Never mind.
You'll tell me when you're ready.
Matthew How did you figure out who you were? I guess There came a point in my life when I couldn't be anyone else.
I'm not there yet.
So deep breath.
You're gonna find out.
Do my ears look red to you? They itch.
I don't think that these hoops that we got at that jewelry store are really solid gold.
No duh.
I think you should let yourself off the hook, Beto.
It's a good thing you did making that happen.
- Good for who? - What do you mean? Good For you brother and sister.
You don't maybe wonder if I encouraged it? Even subconsciously? Just to make my life easier? Do I think you did it just for them? No.
I think you did it for your parents, too.
They didn't hold hands once.
I didn't notice it 'til you told me.
They've never had a rough patch before.
That you know of.
I'm not worried.
I've seen what a couple on the verge of splitting up looks like.
You know your father said that you and I remind him of them.
Except he said the roles are reversed and I'm the one who'd be shouting a marriage proposal off the top of a bridge.
A scaffold.
- Hmm - Well He's probably right.
I was thinking What if I look into emancipation? If I can prove that I'm better off without living with either of my parents and that I'm able to take care of myself.
I can petition the court to be on my own.
And how would that work? Where would you live? Have a heart! Have a heart! Have a heart! Have a heart! Have a heart! Have a heart! Make a chain! Everyone, a chain! Lucia! Let's see.
Water, grapes, protein bars.
And an extra phone charger.
Just in case.
Do you want to take the first shift or do you want me to do it? I've had a lot of coffee so I'm good until midnight.
Could you put this in the back, please? - Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
You wanna put it inside the house? No.
I like having it there.
All set? Oh Javi, there's a smell.
Please open a window.
Mi amor, I'm sorry it's We didn't have time to plan.
It was so quick.
This afternoon We'll get a sofa that opens up.
And a crib for Rafa.
We still need a lot to do to make it ours, but we will.
I'm home.

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