Payback (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

I just can't believe
it. And it was kids?
- Come on! Come on!
- Oh, God, help us!
I promise you, I will get you answers.
Now, that's more than
the police will do.
- So, he was working for Morris?
- He was working for Morris.
I'm in the process of buying
a piece of real estate.
- No.
- An island, to be precise.
Isle of Eris.
Seems like Jared might have
been planning to start a new life
- with his mistress.
- What?
Let's say you found out that
he was planning to leave you.
Well, that's a pretty
strong indicator of motive.
Until we know where Lexie Noble
fits in the bigger picture,
I don't want Morris to know
we've made the connection.
So I need you to tread very carefully.
- Can you do that for me?
- Yes, sir.
It seems that your
husband, my friend, Jared,
was helping himself to my money.
£28 million in total.
So, how do we get the money back?
You'd basically have to go
through the company registers
of every legal jurisdiction.
There's hundreds of them.
OK. So, what do you need?
Secure browser, encrypted email?
Maybe this will help you concentrate.
Mrs Noble. I'd like to speak to you
regarding your relationship
with Cal Morris.
We might be more comfortable
speaking in the car.
- I'm not getting in your car.
- All right.
Then can I ask you to take
a look at this, please?
What can you tell me about this picture?
Because it looks to me as though
you're accepting payment from Mr Morris.
- Sorry, what is this?
- I just want to talk.
How do I know you're
even a police officer?
I've shown you my ID. My
colleague can confirm
No, you've accosted me in a car park,
and you expect me to
start answering questions?
- You could be anyone.
- Let's just take a breath, shall we?
We're here because I
believe it's safer for you
if no-one knows we're talking.
So, how about I tell you what I
know and then you fill in the gaps?
We know that Jared has
been receiving payments
through a number of shell companies.
You do know it's perfectly legal
to operate through a shell
corporation, don't you?
We also know that those shell companies
ultimately belong to Cal Morris.
And given Mr Morris'
involvement in criminal activity,
then the work Jared has been doing
would be classed as money laundering.
My husband was not a criminal.
You're saying you were
unaware of their relationship?
I'm saying I don't know
what you're talking about.
Yet here you are with Cal Morris.
You must realise the position you're in.
Facilitating money laundering
carries a 13-year custodial sentence.
You are a partner in a firm
that's received several payments.
I haven't worked there full-time
since my daughter was born.
They'll still assume that
you knew what Jared was doing.
They already think you had him killed.
DI Royce has you well
and truly in her sights.
Well, she's wrong.
She's completely wrong.
Maybe so, but she's
got quite a reputation.
She's nothing if not tenacious.
You're an obvious suspect
with motive and opportunity,
and if she sees this
well, it just confirms that
you know the kind of people
that can get that job done.
And why are you telling me this?
'Cos I think you and
I can help each other.
You have access to information
that would be very useful
to my investigation,
and I can intervene on your behalf,
convince the higher powers
that DI Royce is barking
up the wrong tree,
if you help me.
Do you have your phone with you?
I'd like to give you my number.
Put it under Marie, OK?
Anyone asks, it's an old school friend.
There's a garden centre off Ferry Road.
It's a good place to meet. There you go.
So, think about what I've
said, and in the meantime,
say nothing to DI Royce
about your husband or Morris.
I'll be in touch.
Look after yourself.
All right, ladies and gentlemen.
Time is ticking by.
We need progress on Noble's killers.
Do we know any more
about the murder weapon?
Er, yeah, the pathologist confirmed
that Noble's injuries were most
likely caused by a kitchen knife.
So a dagger-shaped
blade with a pointed tip.
But she couldn't be any more specific,
and that's a pretty common design, so
Who's looking into the mistress?
Er, yeah. Erm, not good, ma'am.
So far, I've located a
76-year-old in Kirkcaldy
and a teenager that moved
to Canada a year ago.
Both called Sarah Blaine,
but neither seem likely.
OK. Erm, PC Naylor,
did you run those background
checks on Lexie Noble?
Yes, ma'am, but I haven't heard
back from all the agencies yet.
OK. All right, everyone. Back to work.
- Ma'am?
- DI Royce.
So, there's no sign of any
insignia or gang colours
on Noble's attackers.
Do you have anything that will
help you identify the boys?
- Nothing so far.
- Hm. That is frustrating.
OK, well, you'll let me know as
soon as you get something, yeah?
- I want to be kept across this.
- Of course, ma'am.
Right, do you have the footage
from the two cameras on
Frensham Road, around 8:10?
So, on the morning Jared was murdered,
Lexie Noble was meant to
be going to the gym, yeah?
Yeah. Well, that's what she said.
OK, well, we see her here,
possibly on the way to the gym,
but once she makes
this turn, we lose her.
- Parked up to spy on the au pair.
- Hm.
Right round the corner
from where Jared is stabbed.
Maybe she just wanted to make sure
her husband was in the right
place at the right time.
I wanna talk to her again.
Didn't Guthrie say that we should
Yeah, well, this isn't
Guthrie's investigation,
and I think that woman's lying to us.
Hello? Mrs Noble, this is DI Jean Royce.
Could you come down
to the station, please?
There's some more
questions we need to ask.
Really? What about?
You may want to bring your solicitor.
- You OK?
- MIT are pulling in Lexie Noble.
Thought you said they were backing off.
Yeah, I thought they were.
We're just trying to understand
a few things, Mrs Noble.
You said you parked in a side
street to watch out for your au pair.
Yeah, that's right.
So, is that something
you do often, then?
Spying on people?
- No, of course not.
- For heaven's sake.
Because it suggests
- you've got quite a suspicious nature.
- Sorry. Sorry to interrupt,
but have you actually made any progress
in investigating my husband's murder?
Because there were four boys
in the middle of the
street in broad daylight.
How can you not have
identified any of them?
We're working on it.
We're also working to identify the woman
your husband may have
been sleeping with, but
what I find interesting is,
you didn't ask me about her.
- Why would I?
- Why indeed.
Especially if you
already know who she is.
Jared wasn't having an affair.
Oh, come on, Mrs Noble.
He bought two tickets
to Miami with this woman.
We know he was leaving you.
I don't care what you think you know.
I knew my husband.
He was loving, and caring, and generous.
He would never have
done anything to hurt me,
and he would never,
ever have left his kids.
Except, he has now, hasn't he?
Because someone decided to end his life
and leave those children
without a father.
So who was it?
I asked you before
about Jared's clients.
What is Royce playing at?
This is not what we agreed.
Is there anyone your
husband was working with
who struck you as a bit off?
I told her she could only ask
questions about the murder,
- not Morris.
- Let's just see how it plays out.
Someone you only met briefly?
No, like I said, it's
just a normal client list.
No-one you'd class as dangerous?
No, absolutely not.
Stevie. Stevie.
Billy tells me that you've been
mouthing off about Jared Noble,
saying you know who had him killed.
Those were your words.
That's what you said.
- And now you claim you know nothing.
- Please, Mr Morris
And it's really pissing me off.
You have to believe me.
It was just big talk.
A few too many bevvies.
I don't know anything.
That's the thing, no-one knows anything.
But it wasn't anyone
local, I'd swear to it.
There's too much respect.
The Morris name, man,
you didnae mess with that.
I tell you, in the old days,
no-one wouldnae touch one of your men.
I blame all these new chancers,
young guys thinking they
can wreck your business.
No sense of history, d'you ken?
You got any names in particular, Stevie?
Don't have one. I don't.
- Who are the boys that stabbed him?
- I don't know.
I don't.
Back to work, Billy.
Oh, don't give me
attitude. Get in there.
Come on, then, son. Let's go.
Ready Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
All right, Stevie, last
chance. Give me a name.
Don't have one. I don't, I swear.
Fine. Go ahead.
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I'm sorry, I just think it's disgusting.
The idea they're
treating you as a suspect?
I mean, freezing your bank
account, for God's sake.
- Is that really necessary?
- This is how the police operate.
They pursue the line
of least resistance.
It's a lot easier for them
to go after a grieving widow
than to actually track
down the real killer.
Don't they need to
come up with a motive?
Oh, they think they have one.
Apparently, they think
Jared was having an affair.
- That's ridiculous.
- I know.
But they've got restaurant receipts.
- What?
- Nothing.
No, it's rubbish.
It's just
Suzi Lawrence said she saw
Jared having lunch with a woman
a couple of times in the Grassmarket.
Well, she'll have just
been a client, won't she?
That's what we said.
- When was this?
- Couple of months ago.
You know what Suzi's like. People
just love spreading rumours.
They see a man laughing
with some young blonde
- and immediately jump to conclusions.
- Oh
They just assume the worst.
I wish I hadn't mentioned it.
Honestly, it's fine.
He's already agreed. The
whole thing's a done deal.
- I know.
- So what's he doing meeting
with the bloody locals, then?
It won't be a problem.
Too right it won't be, 'cos
we have an agreement here.
- Look, look
- Yeah, we know.
No, no, no. Well, I've bought it.
We'll sort it. We'll sort it.
Does he think I don't
know what he's up to? Huh?
This lord, or laird, or whatever
the hell he calls himself,
he accepted my offer. He
cannae just change his mind.
He's saying he's no longer
bound by the agreement
because the funds weren't transferred.
He agreed to extend the bloody deadline.
He did. Trouble is, it's given
the island community group
time to put in their own bid.
Are you telling me that a
bunch of geriatric crofters
have managed to pull £2.5
million out their arses?
No. There's no way they'll
be able to match your offer.
So what's the problem?
He wants to be seen to be
doing right by the community.
Giving the residents a chance to
try and put together the funding.
But don't worry
the lawyers are on it.
- They'll talk him round.
- Oh, they'd better.
Here. Looks like you could use one.
Place next door does a good macchiato.
Oh, thanks.
You found my money?
Er, not yet.
I'm gonna trace it by finding
the duplicate companies.
But, erm, not every jurisdiction
has an online database,
and the ones that do
are sometimes incomplete.
I haven't started yet
because you told me to wait
for additional security measures.
There's a VPN on there already,
but you'll need to plug this
in every time you use it.
It'll keep the search history private.
OK. Erm, I'm also gonna
need an email address with
- Oh, my God.
- Jesus Christ, woman.
Oh, no, I'm sorry.
All over the place today.
- It's OK, I can still I can still read it.
- Leave it.
Leave it! He can print
you out a new one.
It's not one of the
statements from the bank.
We've got digital copies
of the fake ones, too.
All conveniently accessed through
the portal your husband set up.
Jared told me it was
a new piece of software
where I could look at all
my accounts in one place.
Looks real, doesn't it?
Take off £28 million and it would be.
Is this fake?
Complete and utter bollocks.
Convincing, though.
We couldn't see the cash was missing.
Jared could never have created this.
He just He was
useless with computers.
That's why you should
let me talk to Kaz,
get him to decrypt it, track
the IP, find the source.
Of course, that's exactly what we need,
one of your druggy hacker
pals poking around my accounts.
You got any other great ideas?
So, if it wasn't Jared, what, then?
He had someone working with him?
I don't know, I just know that
he couldn't have created this.
Was there some kind of
geeky tech guy in the office
that could do this kind of thing?
No, not really. We use
an external company,
and we just call someone
in if there's a problem.
What external company?
I don't know, but there'll
be records in the office.
- I can check.
- Good. You drive her.
He's giving everyone a hard time today.
How come? Has something gone wrong?
He doesn't like it when
he can't get what he wants.
- Here, you'll be needing these.
- Thanks.
Get your stuff together.
We're nearly there.
Ah, thank you for joining
us. Please, take a seat.
OK. So, I've been fully
briefed by DCI Guthrie.
He's made me aware that Organised Crime
are in the midst of
an ongoing operation.
Cal Morris and Lexie Noble.
Routine surveillance on
Morris' house picked it up,
and it appears to confirm our suspicions
that she is, in fact, working for him.
Therefore, DCI Guthrie is asking
that we exercise extreme caution.
I know, but both Noble and
Morris are people of interest
in a murder investigation. We
need you to keep your distance.
At least for just now.
And this, erm, theory of yours
that Noble was the wronged wife
that you keep on pushing.
Is that going anywhere?
We're still following up on
hotel and restaurant charges.
We've also got a waitress
who recalls seeing Jared
with a fair-haired woman.
Was it a romantic dinner?
No, actually, it was a lunch.
So, she could just be a client.
It's a possibility, but we
won't know until we find her.
Well, I suggest you
should be focusing on
- the boys who attacked him.
- I don't think DI Royce needs
either of us to tell
her how to do her job.
No, of course. As long as she stays away
from Lexie Noble's
connection to Cal Morris,
we won't have a problem.
Think we can manage that, don't you?
Yes, ma'am.
I just have a couple of questions.
About IT support?
Well, yeah, basically.
'Cos it's not really my area.
I usually just call someone.
OK, I just was wondering if
we still use the same company.
We've used several.
They're all hopeless.
OK, but did Jared ever
deal with them personally?
- Like, the IT guys?
- Erm, no, I don't think so.
Usually just gave me his laptop
and then asked me to ring someone.
Right, sure.
I could give you the
number, if you like.
I'll warn you, though, they'll
take forever to ring you back.
Actually, though, erm
I've been going through Jared's diary
and there's a couple of lunch meetings
where he hasn't put the client name.
It's a place in the Grassmarket.
Would Katie have the record of those?
No, I don't think so.
He never really told
us who he lunched with.
- OK.
- Is there a problem?
No, no, it's just, erm
- just a mystery, that's all.
- OK.
Sir, erm, I've just seen an
article about the island sale.
Yeah, I'm way ahead of you.
But if the laird accepts the
community group's offer
We're screwed.
I am aware, which is why I'm
accelerating our timeframe.
Are you going to meet her?
That's my intention, yeah.
Er, well, erm, should I be there?
No, I don't think so.
I can explain the documentation we need.
I will record the meeting and you
can listen in to what she says.
But I'm meeting a covert source.
My covert source. It's
not a bloody ride-along.
- Are you new?
- No. No, of course, OK.
So take a look at this other bid
and see if we can pull it apart.
I feel for you, Mrs Noble, I really do.
You have found yourself
in a bad situation,
and I'm sure you're just
trying to hold it all together
for the sake of your kids.
So I wanna help you.
But in order to do that,
I need to offer my bosses
something in return.
I know. Well, what?
Well, we just need you to
act as our eyes and ears.
Pass on any information
that may come your way.
What kind of information?
Well, there is this, for starters.
We know Cal Morris is
trying to buy that island,
and we think Jared was helping him.
Is that why Morris approached you?
You help me, Lexie, I'll help you.
He He asked me to
help with a transaction,
but I didn't I didn't
even know who he was then.
- I
- OK. Good.
Well, I'm very interested
in linking Morris
to the purchase of this island.
According to this, he's
not buying it any more,
the residents are.
Well, if he doesn't,
we'll need to think again.
But Mr Morris usually finds
a way to get what he wants.
And in this instance,
well, it would help our
investigation if he did.
So, ideally, I need you to get
me copies of paperwork, emails
I can't No, no, no. I can't do that.
They watch me all the time.
I can't take anything in or
out. I can't even have my phone.
You don't understand,
this man has threatened
the life of my little girl.
- If he finds out
- It won't be for long.
You cooperate with us,
I can guarantee you will
be in a stronger position.
This isn't just about
the murder investigation.
There's also the money laundering.
You help us, and you'll be able
to negotiate a shorter sentence.
There's even a possibility
of immunity from prosecution.
But you can't guarantee
he won't kill me.
If I do this, I'm taking a massive risk.
You need to promise me that you
will protect me and my family.
I'm not talking about
immunity from prosecution.
We are going to need witness protection.
Otherwise, no, forget it.
That's fair enough.
You get us what we need,
help us ensure Morris buys that island,
and we will look after you.
I promise.
So, do we have a deal?
Yeah, OK.
Urgh. How the hell could
you have missed this?
I don't know, sir.
I carried out searches on
both "Lexie" and "Alexandra",
but somehow, it got lost.
All right?
This better be good. I haven't
even had time to shower.
You look fresh as a daisy, ma'am.
Lexie Noble has a record.
- What?
- Somehow, Naylor missed it on the CHS check.
I mean, Lexie was 15 at the time,
so she would have had it
expunged, but even so
What did she do?
She only had her
boyfriend beat up her dad.
- What?
- Yeah.
Gave him a right going over, apparently.
Dad ended up with broken
ribs, multiple stitches.
Lexie was convicted for conspiracy
to commit serious assault.
Look at you, eager beaver.
Listen, I've got to get
this. You head up, yeah?
Hm. OK.
Hey, babe. You missing me already?
What are you doing in here?
- Er, I
- Where's Aaron?
- I'm not sure.
- Sorry, did I did I miss something?
- Did I ask you to come in here?
- No.
- You go where I tell you to go.
- Got it.
I just I've got some information
that might help you buy the island.
So, erm, I've been looking
at the terms and conditions
of the grant that the
community group applied for,
and I think there's been an error.
Erm, basically, their bid relies
on half a million in funding
from the Settlement Initiative.
But that required them to confirm
that every member of the committee
had been resident on the island
for a minimum of 183 days per annum
for the last three years.
And then I found this article,
and it says that two
of the committee members
only returned to the
island 18 months ago,
when they came off the rigs.
So I don't think they
qualify for the grant,
which leaves the path
clear for you to buy it.
- You been up all night doing this?
- Yeah.
- See, it's just there.
- Yeah. Yeah, yeah.
So, is it true?
Is what true?
About what you did to
your father. Is that true?
'Cos, I mean, if it is true, that
oof, that is hard-core. That's
That's cold.
How did you find out about that?
Do you think I got to where I got to
without having some
coppers on the inside?
Please, credit me
with some intelligence.
So, tell me, tell me.
Is it true?
- So, the mother came down in person?
- Aye.
Clearly keen to talk.
Alexandra was
Well, she was always
such a sweet little girl,
you know, so helpful.
- When she got older
- The teenage years.
Her father and I, we tried everything.
But in the end, we just
well, we just couldn't
make her listen to reason.
And that's when she
fell in with that boy.
He was a lot older than she was?
He was 19.
And that's when she started
the drinking and the smoking
and God knows what else.
Her father had put his foot down.
He told her she wasn't
to see him any more,
and that she wasn't going anywhere
till we knew we could trust her.
The very next day,
that boy followed my
husband home from work
and nearly beat him to death.
you believe Lexie was behind it?
I know she was.
She had him wrapped
round her little finger.
He only did what he did
because she told him to.
Lexie, are you in there?
What is it?
Kaz says he can meet us in half an hour.
My tech guy. The big man OK'd it.
He's gonna hack this
banking portal for us.
- Er, right, OK.
- Come on, let's go.
- Kaz, this is Lexie.
- All right? How you doing?
Here, the new design
for the dating website.
You were right, man. We're killing it.
He's a business genius, this guy.
- Er, mate, look, this is the portal we need you to trace.
- Right.
Not bad.
It's a bit clunky
but it gets the job done.
I like to be a bit
more creative, you know?
It's the small touches, fonts,
colours, that kind of thing.
You know, you should
really come to me next time.
This is just dull.
Oh, mate, hold on.
I need you to track the IP address, OK?
Find out where it's hosted.
That's what I was just doing, bro,
but it bounced it around
all over the place.
Proxy servers and all that shit.
Someone knew what they were doing.
Sorry, man.
Fine. Let's go.
Ma'am. Ma'am, have you got a minute?
Er, hm, not really.
I've got a court booked at 7:00.
Lexie Noble's got a conviction
for conspiracy to
commit serious assault.
What? Why am I only
hearing about this now?
There's also concerns
regarding her whereabouts
- at the time of her husband's murder.
- Oh, for God's sake.
So, in light of this new evidence,
I'm really gonna need to
bring her in for questioning.
The thing is, will you tell
DCI Guthrie, or shall I?
Bed for you, mister.
I'll get it.
- I'll get it.
- I'll get it.
Hello, Alex.
And this must be Donny.
I just want to meet them.
How did you get my address?
Well, the policewoman asked
if I needed a lift home
- What policewoman?
- DI Royce, I think her name was.
She asked me to come down to the
station to answer a few questions.
Right. I was
I was too embarrassed to tell
her I didn't know where you lived.
What would she have thought?
She'd have thought I
didn't want to see you.
Oh, Alex. Do we have to do this?
- Does Dad know you're here?
- Of course.
Your father is a good man,
and he has never stopped loving you
despite everything.
You mean, despite him telling the police
I was an evil little bitch
that needed to be locked away?
Your father could have died.
Not because of me, Mum,
and you both knew that.
And yet you let them
put me in a secure unit.
You were out of control.
I mean, we had to do something.
I was just a 15-year-old girl.
It was for your own good.
Having you take the blame
may have seemed harsh,
but you had to learn a lesson.
What do you want, Mum?
Your father and I
We read about what happened
to your husband in the papers.
His name was Jared. He
was the man that I loved.
But we'd never been
allowed to meet him, had we?
The thought of those poor children
being dragged through all of this,
- well, we have a right
- Ah-ah-ah,
you don't have any rights here.
- Don't be silly.
- My children have got nothing to do with you.
- Well, your dad and I, we thought we could help.
- Just go.
- Will you calm down?
- No.
I would like you to leave my house now.
You have to pull the plug.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Did you not just hear what I said?
There are direct parallels
between her husband's death
and her previous conviction,
and that's not to mention the
mountain of circumstantial evidence
that's piling up against her.
Lexie Noble is now the prime
suspect in this murder investigation.
I understand that.
Which means that any
intelligence she provides
will be considered tainted.
You use that, you'll be
risking a cracked trial.
You promised me.
And I meant it.
But that was before we learned
about your police record.
I was a kid.
And it wasn't even true.
I didn't have anything
to do with what happened.
Even so, you were convicted of a crime
which has some very
worrying similarities
to the way in which your husband died.
Up until now, Royce
has been a lone voice.
She's had you down as her prime suspect,
but the powers that
be weren't convinced.
An existing conviction changes that.
She can now push forward
and charge you with murder.
This is insane.
Fact is, we are where we are.
I can't use your evidence against Morris
because it could cause the
collapse of any future trial.
I'm sorry, but I can't
help you any more.
You're on your own.
What am I supposed to do now?
What happens when Cal finds
out I've been working for you?
There's no reason that he will.
I have led him straight into your trap.
Because of me, you can
tie him to that island,
so if you act on that, he
is going to know it was me.
Like I said, I'm sorry,
but given the situation,
my hands are tied.
You bastard.
So, why bother?
Why not just buy it myself as planned?
Well, it's a smokescreen.
It's an extra layer of protection
in case there's an investigation.
And it'll really
strengthen your position
when it comes to planning permission,
issues with the local authority,
anything you wanna do moving forward.
Look, it's gonna save
you a load of money.
What do you reckon?
It certainly has its merit.
A clever way of disguising ownership.
Can we do it on time?
Deadline's 9:30, Monday.
I mean, it's possible
if we move now.
Better get yourself
on a ferry, Malky boy.
It's "their" with an E-I, not T-H-E-R-E.
Doesn't matter, does it?
They're meant to be Dutch.
If they're Dutch, they'll
speak better English than we do.
You talk like they actually exist.
- How long?
- Meeting's any minute.
He's gonna need to have
something to show them.
And he will do. Be calm, man.
Thank you for coming.
A partnership like this is
a very exciting opportunity.
So I really appreciate you meeting me
to discuss our potential
investment in your island.
And given the situation
I know that time is of the essence.
Yeah, OK, this is good, this is good.
And it's up.
Excuse me.
So, let me begin by telling
you a little about my clients.
CVB Investments.
An exciting startup
from the Netherlands.
So, what, that's it? We just dump her?
- We don't have a choice.
- But you read the transcript.
Her mum practically
admitted that she lied.
It doesn't matter. Noble
was still convicted.
It's only a matter of time before
Royce finds enough to charge her.
You know what Morris will do to her.
Well, once this deal goes through,
we'll still have a way in to him.
God, I'm getting bloody déjà vu.
DC Khan.
Hi. We tracked the solicitor.
Has it gone through?
The purchase has, but not with Morris.
The community group found
a last-minute backer.
Some investment group
from the Netherlands.
But what about Morris' bid?
He withdrew, the laird
accepted the lower offer.
- He withdrew it?
- I know. It doesn't make any sense.
Yeah, it does.
She's screwed us over.
Don't you think it's a coincidence
that the community group suddenly
found this mysterious backer?
- Do you think it's Morris?
- I know it's Morris.
Here's to us.
And I know just who put
the idea in his head.
And I swear to God,
she's gonna pay for it.
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