Payback (2023) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

You have access to information
that would be very useful
to my investigation.
Why are you telling me this?
'Cos I think you and
I can help each other.
Jared told me it was a new piece
of software where I could look
at all my accounts in one place.
He could never have created this.
Did Jared ever deal with the IT guys?
Erm, no, I don't think so.
He usually just gave me his laptop
and asked me to ring someone.
Lexie was convicted for conspiracy
to commit serious assault.
She only had her
boyfriend beat up her dad.
Your father could have died.
Not because of me, Mum.
And you both knew that.
It was for your own good.
Having you take the blame
may have seemed harsh,
but you had to learn a lesson.
Lexie Noble is now the prime
suspect in this murder investigation.
I can't use your
evidence against Morris.
I can't help you any
more. You're on your own.
What am I supposed to do now?
I don't think they
qualify for the grant,
which leaves the path
clear for you to buy it.
The community group found
a last-minute backer.
She's screwed us over, and I swear
to God she's gonna pay for it.
My girlfriend's so sick of me
asking where she is all the time,
she just sends me these.
Paranoid. Surprised you
haven't put a tracker on her.
Oh, I thought about it.
Now I just check her satnav.
- See you tomorrow.
- See you.
Starting route to 43 Cranmuir Street.
Can I, er, get you a tea or a coffee?
No. Kathleen
were you and Jared having an affair?
No. Why would Why would you say that?
Because your address is
in the satnav of our car.
Jared asked us to help
him with some work
off the books.
Michael's a web designer.
You made the banking software. Right.
He said he needed to
buy himself some time,
that he'd made a mistake
and he didn't want the client to panic.
- Did he tell you who the client was?
- No.
He just gave me the information
he needed Michael to input.
Jared kept saying there
was nothing to worry about,
but after he was killed
We thought we might be next.
There's something that you need to have.
Jared asked us to hold on
to this for safekeeping.
OK, look, this client,
he doesn't know anything
about you right now,
and that's good.
So please, please, just
keep your heads down.
Are you OK?
It was Jared's.
Don't ask.
They'll be client accounts.
Don't ask.
Is Mrs Noble in?
- Yes.
- We need to speak to her. Can we come in?
Mrs Noble, we need you to come with us.
Do you know who this woman is?
It's the back of someone's head.
But you agree that's Jared with her?
They clearly seem to know each other.
That street's just around
the corner from a hotel,
the same hotel that was on
Jared's credit card statement
the date this footage was taken.
Also these. They were
on the statement too.
The earrings Jared didn't buy you?
Now, we know she isn't
called Sarah Blaine,
because that's a fake name,
but it's just a matter of
time before we track her down.
Come on, Lexie, you can't
deny there's a pattern here.
You get angry with your dad so
you persuade someone to hurt him.
I didn't.
You find out your
husband's having an affair.
Those boys deliberately targeted Jared,
and I'd bet money they
were paid to do it.
I agree with you, so why haven't
you found out who paid them?
You need to think very carefully, Lexie.
If you were involved in
any way in Jared's death
For God's sake.
as I'm sure your
solicitor will confirm,
a confession at this point will
still work strongly in your favour.
I can't confess to
something I didn't do.
Mrs Noble has been
more than co-operative.
Now, given that it's getting late,
and if you have nothing
else to discuss ?
Interview terminated 23:34.
I hid box.
Thank you.
Lexie, are you in trouble?
Erm I said that I would
find something for someone.
It's a It's a client of Jared's.
What happens if you cannot?
This is not your problem.
Where did you put the box?
No good?
No, look, there's this one
account, Previte Holdings,
that I'm trying to access.
It's a Latvian bank,
but there's no company
called Previte Holdings
on the Latvian register.
You can just tell this person that.
It doesn't work like that.
What's that?
I've no idea.
Jared left you in shit.
OK, so what am I looking at?
I've been checking the CCTV
round the area Jared Noble was stabbed.
This boy fits the description.
It's the right time,
and he's coming from
the right direction.
OK. All right.
Let's get a photo of the other boy out.
Someone's gotta recognise that jacket.
I picked up a new name
on the Noble intercept.
Previte Holdings.
Is it one of Morris's shell companies?
If it is, it's not
one we've come across.
Has she set it up for him?
Well, according to the tape,
she's trying to access it for him.
And I've done a search
for Previte Holdings
and it's not registered in
any of the main territories.
She's the money man.
- If she is, not willingly.
- That doesn't matter.
If she's his new accountant,
we've got him, and she's
going down with him.
So, planning permits, all that?
Yeah, and it can all go
through the same company.
You could use CVB Investments,
but I think it would be cleaner
if you establish a dedicated
entity, separate name.
Like what? What kind of name?
Like Isle of Eris Services
or something like that.
OK. OK, do that then.
Did you want me to set it up?
No, I'll let them do
the legwork in Malta.
Just tell them what I want, OK?
You're looking tired. Are
you sleeping all right?
Yeah, it was just a late one.
My wee girl's not been very well.
I've had a call
They suggest we go to them.
Condescending wee pricks.
They'll meet where I tell them to meet.
Shipping containers,
are you on top of it?
Yeah, it's under control.
First shipment's due in China next week,
next one two weeks after that.
Because this isn't just
our money, remember.
And I don't want to be
answering to our friends,
- you know what I mean?
- Yeah, you can relax. It's fine.
You still haven't
given me the paperwork.
I'll get it to you. Don't worry.
It's all under control.
If it's got nothing
to do with the hotels,
why the hell has he bought an island?
All he said was it's a valuable asset.
It looks like he's got
that new accountant on it.
The woman.
Lexie Noble?
I'm just relieved he's
not planning a new build.
Can't afford that at the moment.
- Is occupancy still down?
- Yeah.
Overheads are through the roof.
Listen, darling, if you're struggling
I'm not struggling, it's just
Well, it's been a tough
couple of years for everyone.
You need to speak to your dad.
Mum, I'm CEO of the company.
I'm not gonna run to Dad
every time there's a problem.
I'll figure it out, OK?
OK. Fine.
Seems we got lucky.
Uniform at Turncross Road
brought him in for shoplifting.
The custody sergeant
recognised his jacket.
What did he nick?
Rotisserie chicken.
Come on, Nicky.
- You're right there, talking to him.
- Yeah, I know, bro.
I'm a friendly guy. I talk to everyone.
All right, look, you
clearly know each other.
I don't know.
Maybe I've seen him around.
We need a name.
He's not like a mate or anything.
Yeah? 'Cos, given you were carrying
a fairly large quantity of weed
as well as this stolen chicken
not forgetting the fact
that you're out on licence
you might wanna
think again about that.
His name's Connor Ridley.
I think his mum stays
on Lochbairn Estate.
- Sorry to just turn up.
- Oh, not at all.
I was gonna call you,
but I'm afraid DCI Royce is
still giving me the run-around.
- It's not about DI Royce.
- OK.
I wanna speak to you about Jared.
All right. Er, do you want
a cup of tea or something?
I wanna know if you were
doing any legal work for him.
Anything to do with
incorporating companies, overseas?
It's not really my area, Lexie.
So he never spoke to you about
any business in Eastern Europe?
The only time we've ever
talked about Eastern Europe
is when we had to organise that
bloody awful stag do for Ben.
Where was that?
- Lithuania?
- Not that I saw much of it.
Spent most of the time wandering
the streets of the old town
looking for vodka bars.
Rufus, what?
Well, Jared did duck out
for a couple of hours.
Said he was meeting some lawyer,
somebody that he had
dealings with over the phone.
Thank you, Rufus.
- Wait, Lexie, what's going on?
- I'll give you a call, OK?
He's not here.
Last I heard he was away
up seeing a pal near Dundee.
- Oh, when was this?
- Couple of weeks ago.
Right, well, if he gets in touch
Aye, aye, you'll be the first to hear.
- Mind if I use your toilet?
- Hang on! What are you doing?
You can't come in here.
Get away from there.
- Get away from there! Come here!
- What are you doing?
All right, all right. Oi-oi-oi-oi-oi!
- Stay there. Enough!
- Get your hands off me, you prick!
You all right?
Look, I don't know what
you're talking about.
I've told you, I've done nothing wrong.
Is that why you were about to chuck
yourself out of the window, aye?
Connor, we know that you were
part of an orchestrated attack
on a man called Jared Noble.
Now, the only question is
whether you were the one
that actually stabbed him.
It makes it easier if you're our man.
Means we don't need to
go and find the others.
You cannae do that.
One in four chance we've got it right.
You reckon the Fiscal will
think that's worth going for?
Didn't know what was going
down till it happened.
A mate just said he needed some bodies,
said he'd give me a score
to go and rough this guy up.
Didnae know he was gonna stab him.
OK. What mate, Connor?
Come on.
Everyone calls him Tab. I
don't know his real name.
Oh, brilliant, thank you.
Meet Michael "Tab" Moray.
Jesus, he looks about 12.
Any links to a particular OCG?
Hmm, no.
Seems like he'll work
for anyone who pays.
I'm guessing he was paid
to set up the attack.
Jean, do we really think
that Lexie Noble paid for
this kid to kill her husband?
It got the job done, didn't it?
You know, if you don't
want to build a hotel
we could always do holiday lets.
What was that?
On the island.
There must be cottages or
outbuildings or something.
I don't know.
Well, you must have some
idea what you wanna do.
You've gone to all this
trouble to buy the bloody place.
I don't know, Con. I just
told you I don't know.
Maybe we just live there.
Melyna Jura.
You have reached Melyna
Jura Legal Services.
We are closed at the moment,
but our opening hours are
eight to five, Monday to Friday,
and Saturday seven to 11am.
Please leave a message after the tone.
What's up?
Word from our source at Muirbridge.
They've brought in one
of Jared's attackers.
Connor Ridley.
And there's another name.
Michael Moray.
According to Ridley,
Moray had the knife.
Do we know this guy?
No, I don't think so.
And there's something else.
It seems Mrs Noble hasn't
been entirely honest with us.
I've found something.
You lied to me.
You said you were looking
after your sick kid
when you were talking
to the police. Why?
I I didn't know what you would think
if I told you I was in the
police station all night.
What were you talking about?
I mean, it's DI Royce.
She thinks I'm involved, so
my solicitor said
she's getting desperate.
It's because they still haven't
identified Jared's attackers.
They've already identified two of them.
How do you know that?
Because I know everything.
Do I need to remind you
what you stand to lose
if you're messing me about?
Cal, I'm the prime suspect
in my husband's murder.
If you want me to share
every question she asks me,
I'll do that.
So it's just routine.
It's just the same old shit.
So what have you found?
Well, there's, er
this little lock-box of
Jared's that he left in the office.
One of the junior
accountants gave it to me.
I got it open, and there
It's got all the bank cards.
All the passcodes, everything we needed.
Show me.
So, all the money ends
up in this shell company,
and I think this is
the incorporation lawyer
that Jared will have used,
so he'll be our best bet to
access the company account.
So all you've actually
found is a lawyer.
Yeah, so far.
I've tried calling him.
You won't get anything over the phone.
It has to be in person.
How long for you to get
hold of your passport guy?
Two hours. Three tops.
Right, well, get it sorted,
and then get two flight
tickets to Vilnius.
What, for me? Why do I have to go?
You're the next of kin.
I'm a suspect in a murder investigation.
If the police think
I'm fleeing the country,
they're gonna put me in prison.
Police won't know.
Look, I'm sorry,
I will do everything I can
from here, but I've got kids.
I can't take that risk.
Then you may as well take her home.
Let's go.
Guys, this isn't funny!
Where are they?
Shut up and listen.
Be at the airport for 7am.
Take your passport and
your marriage licence.
No phones, and don't use your own car.
Aaron will be waiting at departures.
Now, do you understand?
No phones.
Yeah, send a unit car,
but tell them to hang back.
We're assessing a
potential threat to life,
so they mustn't make a
move until you hear from me.
Are you absolutely sure?
Yeah, she was talking about departures.
- Right, has she left the house yet?
- Not yet.
I've sent a unit car.
- Why the fuck have you done that?
- Well, I had to do something.
It sounded like her
kids could be in danger.
Jesus Christ, Jibran.
We need surveillance,
not bloody uniforms.
She sounded genuinely scared.
Let's not jump to conclusions
about the kids' whereabouts.
No, but I heard on the phone
You didn't hear a
definite threat to life.
All we know for certain is
she's going to the airport,
which means either
she's planning a runner
or she's gonna do a job for Morris,
so get your lot out of there.
Subject on the move.
Copy that. Subject has
entered the check-in hall.
Alpha One following on foot,
requesting further instruction.
Do we want to intercept her?
- Not yet.
- No.
Let's get CCTV up there. We
need to see what she's doing.
Aaron! What's going on? Where are they?
- Where have they taken them?
- Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.
Look at me.
All I know is, you stay
calm, get the job done,
and you'll get them back. Understand?
Take this. That's yours.
Let's go.
Freeze. Full screen, top right.
- That's Aaron Morris with her.
- Do we know where they're going yet?
Nothing from passport control.
She's not travelling under her own name.
Right, stay on them.
We need to find out what flight
they're planning to board.
We have to step in. I mean,
if she's under duress
You don't know that. We
keep our options open.
Yeah, yeah, hi. I'm trying
to find out what's happening
with my shipping container.
Hold on, what kind of time lag?
'Cos I've been tracking
it on your website.
It says it's gonna
be there in two weeks.
OK, so how long are we talking?
What do you mean, you can't tell?
Wait, listen, listen. I'm
gonna call you back tomorrow.
You'd better have more
information for me, OK?
Let's go.
Gate 17, flight BL134
to Vilnius, Lithuania.
Why would Morris be
sending her to Vilnius?
I've no idea.
If they're going in person,
it's got to be something big.
Alpha One has a visual.
Should they intercept?
You can't let her get on that plane.
She is a murder suspect.
Tell Alpha One to stand down.
Contact the Lithuanian authorities
and explain the situation.
Tell them we're gonna need
surveillance on their end.
You're not serious.
This is my call, OK? We let it play out.
This is nice, innit?
Let's go.
Lexie Noble.
Oh, I'm Tomas Bantius.
Hello, come in. Please, sit down.
- Thank you.
- Please, come in.
So, how exactly can I help you?
Erm, I think that you knew
my husband, Jared Noble.
Are you here on his behalf?
We're here because he's dead.
I'm sorry to hear that.
Erm, I'm organising his affairs,
and there's one company,
er, Previte Holdings.
I think that you were
the incorporation agent.
If I may stop you there.
My apologies, but
before we go further
I must ask you to provide proof.
I have my passport and my,
er my marriage certificate.
Your husband should have provided
you with a particular item.
It is a matter of security, you see.
Hold on.
Hold on.
She just told you that she's his wife.
Hang on, I
I have I have this.
I found it in Jared's things.
Is that what you need?
Are you serious? That's your security?
It cannot be duplicated, and
only the owner knows its value.
And should either party need to
send a proxy, it acts as a guarantee.
I'll fetch the file.
Thank you.
The office is registered
to Melyna Jura Services.
As far as I can see, they
specialise in company incorporation.
Maybe he's got her setting
up more shell companies.
- You could do that from here.
- Sir, I have DI Royce on the line.
She said she's been trying to reach you.
It's about a unit car being
called into a suspect's residence.
Right, erm, put her
through to my office.
I'm gonna put you through. Please hold.
This is your fault.
This should be everything you need.
Thank you.
You'll see that Previte Holdings
is currently in the names
of two Lithuanian associates,
but they already signed the
document transferring ownership.
- I just need to date it.
- OK.
Sorry, what are all these contracts?
Your company has been doing a
very good trade in computer chips.
Each time money comes
in, I make a new contract.
Different companies,
different signatures.
All very convincing, yeah?
How do we access the bank account?
Erm, we we think that Jared
opened a company account in Latvia.
He may have, but the main
account is held here in Lithuania.
The bank may be able to assist you.
Is the bank nearby?
Unfortunately, no, and
they closed already.
You will need to wait until tomorrow.
Aaron, I can't stay
here. I have to go home.
You wanna go home without the money?
Let's get a hotel.
Right, you can take the
bedroom. I'll take the sofa.
You don't go anywhere or
call anyone without me, OK?
OK. Aaron, can you call Cal now
and find out if my kids are OK?
Oh, for Christ's
sakes, will you stop it?
If you piss him off,
this is what you get.
What did you expect?
Just be happy they're still alive.
Would you get in there?
Look, I'm sorry.
Let's go down and have a drink, yeah?
Come on, what else are we gonna do?
Come on, let's go.
Sir, as I was trying
to say on the phone,
if there is a threat to life
you should have pulled the plug,
'cos otherwise, if there's no threat,
then you just let a murder
suspect leave the country.
We know exactly where she is,
and if necessary, the
Vilnius police can intervene.
She's travelling under a false
name with a known criminal.
At what point did you plan
on asking them to intervene?
If we pick her up, Morris
will know we're watching her.
Now, we are done here.
Sir, with all due respect
Sir, they've checked into a hotel.
Vilnius police are standing
by to start surveillance.
Can we get, er, two whiskies?
Not for me, thanks.
- Two whiskies.
- Of course, sir.
Come on, it'll take the edge off.
You look like you could do with one.
Is it Cal?
No, it's just some shipping thing.
Look, we'll go to the bank
tomorrow, we'll get it sorted.
You'll be back in Edinburgh for dinner.
How do I even know if they're OK?
'Cos I'm telling you
that they are. Trust me.
Aaron, my little boy is two.
My daughter is seven.
They just lost their
dad. I'm all they have.
They don't even know where I am.
I know this is hard for you.
I get that.
Fuck knows I don't wanna be here either.
- 'Scuse me.
- Yeah?
Same again.
Gonna take a piss. Back in a minute.
You not gonna drink that?
Knock yourself out.
Well, I mean if
it's going to waste
Call it a night?
- Cheers, mate.
- Good night.
- I'm gonna go to bed.
- Yeah.
Chuck me a pillow, will you?
- Good night.
- Night.
Can anyone hear me?
Marie, can you hear me?
What's she doing?
- And who's Marie?
- I don't know.
OK, you need to tell
me what is going on.
If you can hear me, he has my children.
Who the fuck are you talking to?
I asked you a question.
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