Payback (2023) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- Oi!
- Oi, youse, come here!
Did you know your husband
was robbing me blind?
£28 million in total.
And unless you get me my money,
I'm gonna be taking a lot more from you.
We know that you were part
of an orchestrated attack
on a man called Jared Noble.
Didn't know it was going
down till it happened.
- A mate just said he needed some bodies.
- What mate, Connor?
Meet Michael "Tab" Moray.
I've found something.
So, all the money ends
up in this shell company.
Right, get two flight
tickets to Vilnius.
I'm a suspect in a murder investigation.
If the police think
I'm fleeing the country,
they're gonna put me in prison.
I've got kids. I can't take that risk.
Guys, this isn't funny!
You don't say no to me.
Let's not jump to conclusions
about the kids' whereabouts.
No, but I heard her on the phone
You didn't hear a
definite threat to life.
All we know for certain is
she's going to the airport,
which means either
she's planning a runner
or she's gonna do a job for Morris.
You stay calm and you'll get them back.
You see, there is an
account here in Lithuania.
The bank may be able to assist you.
Contact the Lithuanian authorities.
Tell them we're gonna need
surveillance on their end.
Can anyone hear me?
Can you hear me?
Who are you talking to?
I asked you a question!
No No-one.
Have you got a phone?
Get up.
I haven't, I haven't got a phone.
I haven't got one, I swear to God!
Well, who were you speaking to?
Have you got one in your coat?
- Hm?
- No.
If you don't have a phone,
who were you talking to?
I was just talking to
myself. I'm freaking out.
- You were talking to yourself?
- Worrying about my kids.
I was just talking to myself.
You know what?
You don't talk to
anyone unless I say so.
Go to bed.
And keep these doors open.
Wait, so the whole time I
was investigating Lexie Noble,
you were talking to her behind my back?
The arrangement was
agreed by DCI Scanlan.
She knew?
But as soon as we learned about
Noble's record, we ended it.
Did you
Did you tell her to withhold
information about Cal Morris?
Sir, Aaron just caught
her talking into the mic.
She talked her way out of it,
but she's clearly in trouble.
- OK, so what now?
- We do nothing.
But if Cal Morris has her kids
She's a covert source
in a high-risk situation.
We will not do ANYTHING that
will compromise her safety.
We watch, we wait and we assess.
Nice to meet you, Mrs Noble.
My name's Adomas. Er,
please, come to my office.
So how may I be of assistance?
We know that her husband set up a
company account with a Latvian bank.
Yes, that's correct,
but the account he held with us
functions as a main company account.
The Latvian account is
funnelled into this one.
Great, well, can we access that now?
That should be possible,
provided you can answer
the security questions.
Ask away.
Can you tell me your
husband's mother's maiden name?
And the name of his first pet?
And the first street he lived on?
Crockfield Road.
So, in January this year, the
balance of the account stood
a little over 27.5 million in sterling.
But as you can see, since then,
a series of large
withdrawals have been made.
The balance now stands at around 10,000.
What? Hold I don't understand.
Oh, no Who made the withdrawals?
Your husband.
A series of banker's drafts were issued,
each for several million pounds,
all made payable to the
same Swiss holding company.
Who owns the holding
company? Did Jared own it?
No, ma'am.
It's a very well-known institution.
They own some of the most
important auction houses in Europe.
Fine arts, antiques,
jewellery, that kind of thing.
So what was he buying?!
I'm afraid there's no way of telling.
Nah, that's all the guy said.
What do you want me to do?
Bring her straight to the airport.
- Aaron
- Yeah, no. I'm here.
Be at the airport for 11 o'clock.
What did he say?
He wants us on the first flight back.
Subject's just boarded a flight to Riga.
Connecting flight should get
them to Edinburgh by 7:00pm.
OK, so what now?
She's obviously done what Morris
wanted, and she's coming home.
The kids and the nanny have
been missing for 42 hours.
Soon as she lands, I want
someone to follow her home
and then bring her in
when it's safe, yeah?
And can we get eyes on the house?
And when the kids come back, I
wanna know about it immediately.
On it.
Do I just get a taxi now?
Nah. We'll go pick up my car.
Are my kids already at home?
Yeah. Sure.
Subject's vehicle is leaving Edinburgh.
Alpha team are following.
Where the hell is he taking her?
Aaron, where are we going?
Are we gonna be able to
maintain a clean line of sight?
They don't have much cover.
Need to keep their distance.
What's that place?
A farm. At least it was.
It was purchased two years ago
by the Morris Constance Group.
Could the kids be in there?
Aaron, what's happening?
- I did everything I could out there
- Lexie, stop.
Are my children here?
Jared stole money from me.
And if he bought something
then he bought it for you.
He left me with nothing.
I've got nothing.
I swear to God,
I don't have anything except
what you have given me.
You own me.
You see that man there?
He's brought a nail gun.
He's gonna set about
your face with that thing.
Give me something.
I don't have anything to
I don't know what to do.
Where's my money?
Jared had There was someone else.
He had someone else.
There was another woman.
The police have CCTV of
him with a blonde woman,
and he He bought tickets
plane tickets
to go to Miami, and, and, and he, erm
he bought earrings
and hotel rooms, and
You said that you would you
anything that happened
in the police station,
you, you could find out. Ask them.
Ask them. They have CCTV of him.
If he bought something with that money,
he probably bought it for her.
She could be telling the truth.
Why don't you shut the fuck up?
Why are you telling me this now?
Why not before?
I was ashamed.
He was gonna leave with her.
I didn't know anything.
I looked like a fucking
idiot. I was ashamed.
Aaron, help me.
Not since Morris's car arrived.
You have to send in Alpha team.
And what would you know about it?
Have you been on one of these before?
We make a move like that,
best case scenario - we blow our cover.
Worst case - she's dead.
And if the kids ARE
in there, so are they.
So do you want that on your conscience?
'Cos I sure as hell don't!
Tell Alpha team to hold their
position and keep observing.
Alpha team, stand by.
Copy that. Alpha team standing by.
You gonna get rid of her?
You lie to me, you're dead.
Yeah. Cheers.
Our source confirmed
the CCTV and the tickets.
They've also got credit
card charges for a hotel.
Why the hell am I just
hearing about this now?
Yeah, that was my question.
We've had a PI on Jared for weeks,
and I never heard a fucking
word about any fucking mistress!
Did you know about this?
Do we have anyone that can
get us into an auction house?
Not easily.
But anything Jared bought at auction
will now be part of his estate
which means it goes to his next of kin.
She's our quickest way in.
How would you track what Jared bought?
I'd contact the
auction houses directly,
and I'd tell them that I'm Jared's wife.
What about my kids?
My kids.
Watching TV, eating pizza.
They barely noticed you were gone.
Aaron Morris's car's
just left the property.
Lexie Noble confirmed as passenger.
They're headed back into Edinburgh.
Right, that's er
Yeah, that's good.
Confirmed, I have the
nanny and the children.
No, nobody does anything
till Noble gets back home.
Copy that.
The nanny and the kids
have returned unharmed.
Are they here? Are they OK?
They're, they're fine. They just play.
- Mummy!
- Oh, my sweetheart!
Why didn't you come?
We were waiting for ages.
I told you, Mummy had to help police.
I'm sorry.
But I'm here now.
Where's your brother?
He's playing in the kitchen.
You play with Donny for a
minute, and I'll be right in, OK?
Mm, OK.
Some men come to the door.
They say they are police officers.
They say they have to do more searching,
- and they took us to a flat.
- Did they hurt you?
No, but they keep saying
you're on your way,
and when you do not come, I
know something's not right.
Oh, my God. Doris, did
you call the police?
This was him.
Jared's client.
He took us.
I need you to lock the
doors and stay with the kids
until I sort this out, OK?
- Mrs Noble?
- Doris, please.
Mrs Noble, can I have a word, please?
Mrs Noble.
I believe you already know DCI Guthrie.
Now, we can wait until
your solicitor is here,
but given the unusual circumstances
I am willing to treat this
conversation as non-evidential.
So that means that
you're not under caution.
OK, sure.
OK, so, first of all, I need to ask -
are you OK?
And Donny and Esme?
You got my message?
I did. Eventually.
As soon as we knew, we alerted
the Lithuanian authorities.
They were watching you the whole time,
but we, er
well, we couldn't risk making a
move before we knew the full picture.
As you know, I wasn't aware
that you were co-operating
with DCI Guthrie.
I was, yeah, until he dumped me.
But now that I am aware
it does raise a number of questions
not least about your
involvement with Cal Morris
and his possible connection
with Jared's death.
Have you got Have you
found out something new?
Nothing definite.
We've got one of the boys in custody.
We're still looking for the others.
We do still think that they
were paid by a third party.
Probably somebody involved
in organised crime.
Now, what exactly IS your
relationship with Cal Morris?
I don't have a relationship with him,
he just turned up after Jared was killed
and threatened my daughter until
I agreed to do what he wanted.
Why did he send you to Vilnius?
There was a problem with a company
that they'd incorporated there.
And that couldn't be
dealt with over the phone?
I don't He wanted it
done in person. I don't know.
Actually, sir, I'm not done here.
And that was so important
he took your children?
I said that I didn't wanna go.
He was making a point.
You don't say no to Cal Morris, ever.
All right, Lexie,
so, you need to know that we are
taking this threat very seriously.
DCI Guthrie and I both agree
that we should be discussing
witness protection
for you and your family.
Thank you.
Yeah, I'll speak to the
Assistant Chief Constable
and explain the situation.
But I need to clear up
a couple of points first.
- Actually, sir
- CVB Investments
the company used to
purchase the Isle of Eris,
that was your idea, wasn't it?
That was Cal's lawyers.
Aye, but it was your plan.
OK, look, it was. That was my plan.
I gave that idea to him, but
I HAD to do something to
protect my children and myself,
because you failed to.
I HAD to make myself useful to him.
You can't hold that against me.
OK. That's fair enough.
We've talked before about
immunity from prosecution
regarding money laundering offences.
Well, if you can be useful to
us, that is back on the table.
Do you not get it?
I made myself useful to him,
and he still took my children!
Immunity's no fucking use
to me if they're dead, is it?
Oh, God.
What is going on?
Have you told police they take us?
I Yeah, I told them.
And listen, I've made a deal
with them now, where if I
help them to get HIM,
then they're gonna
protect us, all of us.
How do you know this man?
Because of Jared.
Jared was working for him, and
And then a shitload
of money went missing.
And now I have to find it.
These people you deal with,
I know what they can do
and I cannot be a part of
it. You should not be either!
- I know.
- What if something happens to you?
- What about Donny and Esme?
- Look, I
They're my fucking kids, Doris. I know!
Look, I know what I need to do now.
I just I need a few days.
I can't do this without you.
A few days?
A week.
One week.
Thank you. Thank you.
Try and get some sleep, OK?
I'm sorry.
You're off early.
I wanted to talk to you about something.
That thing you said about us
living on that island of yours.
- That was a joke, right?
- Why would you think that?
- You can't be serious.
- You haven't even seen it yet.
I don't need to see it. I'm
perfectly happy where I am.
Go back to sleep.
No, no, no, you listen to me, pal.
I want an answer, because you
told me it was just delayed.
Now you're saying it
fell off the fucking ship.
Well, what does it mean,
"missing, presumed lost"?
- Is it missing or is it lost?
- Calm down.
No, I won't calm down.
Where's my container?
You OK?
Yes. I'm OK.
I wanted to say thank you for
speaking up for me yesterday.
I didn't speak up for you.
Are your kids OK?
- Yeah.
- Good.
Yeah, I'll wait.
- She come up with anything?
- No.
Nothing so far.
OK. Thank you.
How's it going?
I've been comparing the
amounts on the banker's drafts
with the items that sold at auction.
I found an auction in Edinburgh.
I called the auction house but they
won't speak to me, so I thought
I thought maybe if I go down there
in person they might talk to me.
You go with her.
What, now?
Yes, now.
Just hold on. Just had a tip-off.
Michael Moray.
What, the lad that stabbed Jared?
Billy's heard he might be
hiding out in a house in Bingham.
Want him to head over there?
Yeah, me and him have to have
a meaningful conversation.
- Let's go, come on.
- What's the deal?
She gave me a list of all the
dealers that have made proxy bids.
What, just like that?
I told her I was going through a divorce
and that my husband was hiding
assets by buying things at auctions.
Nice one. How many
names are on the list?
There's, like, 30.
Could have been worse.
Listen, do you reckon
you could do me a favour?
I'm having a run-around
over this shipping container.
I'd go down and sort it out myself,
but I can't be linked to the contents.
I can I can try.
What have they told you?
First they said it was delayed and
now they're saying it's missing,
might even be lost.
- Do you have like a number? Do you have a shipping ?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's all here, look.
Phone number, container,
shipping reference.
- Hello, Venwell Shipping?
- Hi, my name's Lexie Norton.
I'm from, er, Johnson McKay Insurers.
Could I speak to your head of
shipping and logistics, please?
- I'm afraid he's not in right now.
- OK. Can I leave a message, then?
- DCI Guthrie.
- Not now. I'm late for a meeting.
- With the ACC?
- No.
- Well, are you gonna see him?
- At some point, yes.
Only, that I heard something on the
Noble wire that I wanted to query.
She seems to think that her
getting witness protection
depends on co-operating
with our investigation.
Well, so, eligibility for protection
depends on the ACC's assessment of risk.
It's not contingent on
providing us with intel.
Well, if that's what she believes
So, are you Are you
gonna tell her that?
Listen. At the moment, that woman
is a valuable source of intel.
As soon as she goes into
witness protection that ends.
So what she does or doesn't believe
cannae be my problem right now.
Round the back.
It's Tab Moray.
- You seen him before?
- Nah.
Billy took a look around.
No sign of anyone else.
A kitchen knife.
Same as Noble.
Told him to call it in.
An anonymous tip.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I want to know what their
forensics come up with.
- So you tell your source to get his finger out.
- Will do.
The um
the other lad
Conor Ridley.
He's been released on
bail pending his hearing.
Seems he's disappeared.
When did this happen?
I just heard. Don't worry.
I'm on it.
Think it was him?
Could be someone tying up loose ends.
Either way, we need to find him.
I asked around about
your banker in Vilnius.
Turns out he's not
exactly squeaky clean,
so my friend, who covers the Baltics,
was able to apply some pressure.
He confirmed that
Lexie Noble visited him,
but he said it was to access a
corporate account, not close it.
What was the name of the account?
It's in the name of Previte Holdings.
- It's a shell company registered in Latvia.
- How much was in it?
Originally just under 28 million.
- Christ.
- All withdrawn in banker's drafts
over a six-month period by Jared Noble.
My friend's gonna
forward you the details,
but I'm thinking if Cal sent Lexie
all the way there to
access the account
Can't have known it was empty.
Sorry, ma'am? Are you still wanting me
calling these minicab companies?
Just, it's taking forever.
Well, have you found the
woman in the CCTV with Noble?
Well, no, um
Then keep calling.
- Hi.
- Um, Tab Moray.
Ah, good. Have we got an address?
A crime scene, I'm afraid.
He was found dead in a house in Bingham.
Stabbed with a kitchen knife.
Forensics won't officially
confirm that it's the same weapon
- used in the Noble murder, but
- High probability?
Right, so, what, an
argument gets out of hand,
Tab's killer grabs
for the nearest weapon?
Yeah, or whoever hired him
was worried he might talk.
Well, certainly sends
a message, doesn't it?
Killing him with his own knife.
Right, there you go.
Thank you.
Keep chasing that shipping guy,
yeah? I need an answer yesterday.
- Yeah.
- All right. Oh, here.
That's the invoice,
in case he asks for it.
Lexie, call me as soon
as he calls you, yeah?
I will, I will.
- You said you've got
something for me? - Mm-mm, yeah.
But I want something from you first.
I want a guarantee, in
writing, for me and my kids.
I've already spoken to the
Assistant Chief Constable.
- But it's still gonna take a week or so
- No.
to draw up a rough
Then how long? Then how
long until I'm out and safe?
Well, once the agreement is in
place, things can move quickly.
But you need to
remember that this is all
still contingent on your co-operation.
Aaron was making phone
calls from the office.
He was talking about a
delayed shipping container.
He left this on the desk
and I took a photo of it.
I thought you weren't allowed
a phone on the premises.
Yeah, Aaron gets distracted, OK?
This is good. Send it
to me and delete it.
- You find anything else like this, I want to see it.
- No.
You're not getting anything else
until I get my guarantee. Clear?
I'm on it.
The banker's drafts you
wanted me to look at.
Withdrawals from Previte Holdings,
all made payable to the
same chain of auction houses.
Looks like your guy was making
some pretty high-end purchases,
presumably using a dealer
to hide his identity.
There's a name here in
Edinburgh, one Gregor Beaumont.
Do you want me to chase it up?
No, that's fine. Leave
it with me. Thanks, Penny.
Just, I'd really appreciate
if somebody would call me back.
Thank you.
- Is everyone OK?
- Fine. They're fine. They watch TV.
OK, good.
And you? Are you OK?
I'm just I'm calling all these
private dealers to find someone
Jared worked with, but
no-one will call me back.
Is there something I can do?
No, no, you just
you just keep doing what you're doing.
I'm gonna sort it, I promise.
- Hey, guys.
- Hi.
Hi, how was your day?
- Good.
- Did you go to school?
- Yeah.
- Good. What did you learn?
We learned some maths
First, we need to know who he's
shipping it with and where to.
Once we have the destination
I want real-time info
on that container's location.
We need everything in place
well before it arrives.
Sir, have you got a minute?
I've got some new intel
- on the Previte Holdings account.
- We're gonna have to park that.
- We've a lead on one of Morris's containers.
- For you, sir.
- Thanks.
- And this came from?
A reliable source.
And as long as I provide
her with a written guarantee,
that intel is gonna keep coming.
Christ, I'll type it
up myself if I have to.
Er, wasn't it bedtime, madam?
Let's go together.
Shall we take toy to bedroom?
- You get in bed. I'm gonna come
- Yes?
- and tuck you in in a second.
- Good boy.
- OK, Mummy.
- Up you get.
- Mr Beaumont?
- Yes?
Um, I'm Lexie Noble.
I left you a voicemail.
- Oh, yes, you called regarding your husband.
- Jared, yeah.
He died recently.
Can I ask what this is concerning?
Jared bought some items in an auction,
and he used a private
dealer. Was it you?
Mrs Noble, I sympathise with
your situation, I really do,
- but I can't divulge
- He would have used a private company.
Previte Holdings.
Yes, but that's not the issue.
I can't disclose the
identity of a client
who I may or may not have represented.
I wouldn't have any clients left.
I already know that it was you,
but I need to know what he bought.
Without a warrant I can't
share any information
about items purchased
by anonymous bidders.
- My husband is dead.
- I'm sorry.
- Can't help you.
- Please!
- Hello?
- Lexie Norton?
Yeah. Yes.
Hi, it's Keith Davies
here, Venwell Shipping.
You were chasing a status confirmation?
Yeah. Um, yeah, I was.
My client, um, he wanted to
claim for a missing container,
but I was trying to explain to
him we actually have to prove it.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
Look, Mrs Norton, I'm
afraid your clients
are going to have to be patient.
Well, does that mean it's missing?
Between you and me, the entire
tracking system crashed last month.
We've got it showing
containers being discharged
before they've even been
loaded. You're kidding.
I wish I was. Look, if I were you,
I would ask your client
to check the departure bay.
Ten to one, it's still
just sitting there.
OK, I'll do that. Thank you.
No problem. Thanks very much.
Says here that it was
shipped last month.
Yeah, the shipping company think
there might have been an error.
I just wanted to check
if it was still here.
Well, you're gonna have to
come back in the morning.
I'm on my own here.
I could just go and check myself.
I'll be five minutes, just in and out.
- I'll be really quick, I promise.
- Oh, OK.
- Try the berths along the fence.
- Thank you.
Have you got a fire engine?
Esme, how are we getting
on with that fire engine?
Er, so, the fire engine is red.
Looking good, looking good.
The lion kill dinosaur.
Oh look, look, it's Mummy.
Thought Mummy got lost, didn't we?
So where were you, Mummy?
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