Payback (2023) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

- Oy!
- Oy, youse, come here.
It seems that your husband was
helping himself to my money.
£28 million in total.
We know that you were part
of an orchestrated attack
on a man called Jared Noble.
Didn't know it was going
down till it happened.
- A mate just said he needed some bodies.
- What mate, Connor?
Everyone calls him Tab. I
don't know his real name.
A kitchen knife, same as Noble.
The other lad - Connor Ridley
- seems he's disappeared.
Could be someone tying up loose ends.
That street's just around
the corner from a hotel -
the same hotel that was on
Jared's credit card statement
the date this footage was taken.
You need to speak to your
dad if you're struggling.
Mum, I'm CEO. I'm not gonna run to
Dad every time there's a problem.
What does that mean,
"missing, presumed lost"?
Is it missing, or is it lost?
Aaron was talking about a
delayed shipping container.
He left this on the desk
and I took a photo of it.
At the moment, that woman is
a valuable source of intel,
so what she does or doesn't
believe cannae be my problem.
Withdrawals from Previte Holdings,
all made payable to the
same chain of auction houses.
I'm just I'm calling
all these private dealers
to find someone Jared worked
with, but no-one'll call me back.
I'm sorry, can't help you.
Jared stole money from me,
and if he bought something,
then he bought it for you.
Jared had someone else.
There was another woman.
He bought earrings and hotel rooms.
Keith Davies here, Venwell Shipping.
If I were you, I would ask your
client to check the departure bay.
Ten to one it's still
just sitting there.
Oh, look, look, it's Mummy!
Oh, we thought Mummy
had got lost, didn't we?
Where's Mummy been
all day? We don't know.
I think you two should get in the bath.
- Ah!
- Is it bath time?
- I don't wanna go in the bath.
- Come on, it's late.
- Let's go.
- All right, go and get clean.
- Fine.
- Bath time.
Go up to go and get clean.
- Come on, then.
- Night-night.
So where have you been all day?
I found the antiques dealer.
I went to speak to him.
He didn't tell me anything.
He was banging on about confidentiality,
but I know that he was the one,
'cos he recognised Jared's name.
- Give me the details. Does he have a name, an address?
- Yeah.
His name is Gregor Beaumont and
he's got a shop in the New Town.
Next time you go rogue
and decide to meet someone
by yourself, you ask me.
I just thought you'd
want me to get on with it.
You ask me.
I've got some business
I need you to look at.
Aaron will pick you up tomorrow.
I called again this morning.
Shipping guy's got the message,
he's just he's on a site visit today.
Well, if he doesn't call
you by the end of the day,
- you'd better get down there.
- OK.
What are we doing? Where are we?
It's my girlfriend's shop.
- Lexie. Manda.
- Hi.
Is that what you're wearing?
Well, I can get changed.
It's too late now. We've gotta go.
Hi, this is DC Khan calling
from the Economic Crime
Unit for Mr Gregor Beaumont.
Can you call me back
when you get this, please?
It's vital that I get hold of you.
- Morning.
- Hi.
Was actually your turn,
not that I'm counting.
You all right?
I think I may have
put someone in danger.
- Can you fix it?
- I'm trying.
Come on.
- What's going on?
- Site visit.
Treasurer for the community group
doesn't know his arse from his elbow,
so as our acting accountant,
Dimitri needs you to
go through their books.
Well, does it have to happen in person?
- You got a problem with that?
- No.
- Good. Get on.
- OK.
- Aaron?
- Yeah.
What's the score with these containers?
It's fine. Talked to the shipping guys.
Exciting, isn't it?
Erm I wanted to say
I'm so sorry about Jared.
He was a really nice man.
Thank you.
- What is she doing here?
- I've no idea.
- Are you OK?
- Yeah, just, er, waiting on a call.
- George.
- Mr Monk!
- How are you?
- Welcome back to the Eris Arms.
We've a buffet lunch
laid out, as requested.
Oh, wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Please, come through.
- No-one has any allergies, I
hope? - Oh, I don't eat dairy.
- Since when?
- Since about five years ago, Dad.
You could have a Scotch egg.
Yes, I could. Thank you.
- Pass us a plate.
- Sure.
Take it you'll be knocking
this place down, then.
I think the owner might have
something to say about that.
Yeah, but if you're the landowner,
that makes him your tenant, so
Yeah, but I don't own the whole island.
- You don't?
- No.
I'm just a silent partner.
In fact, if you look at the paperwork,
this island belongs to the community.
Oh, right. Oh, didn't realise that.
It's like I've always said: it's
minimum outlay, maximum return.
You know that.
Mr Roberts? Archie Brown.
Hope you didn't have far to come.
Right, Lexie, let's get
on with this, shall we?
- I can't keep my hands off
- Right. You got the map?
- Er, yeah.
- Well, let's go.
Come on.
These hills, they mark the
edge of the laird's land,
or as it now is, our land.
Where's all the trees?
There are no trees because of the wind.
What are you talking about?
You're not getting this, are
you? Bianca, stop with the phone.
Now, you're the business brains
of the family. What do you reckon?
I don't know, Dad. I mean
Bianca Morris?
- Hello? Hello?
- Oh, for God's sake, Cal,
it's blowing a gale. Can you just
tell us what we're doing here?
This gale is worth a fortune.
- What?
- Sustainable energy.
One year from now, Connie, there
will be 50 wind turbines here.
That's two million per
annum on a 30-year lease.
- Wow.
- Exactly. You hear that? Wow.
Are you serious?
I'm deadly serious.
I thought you wanted us to live here.
Why would I wannae come and live here?
Let's go.
Yes, of course, I'm
just trying to ascertain
if there's a couple more weeks on that.
Yeah, just a just
an extension, please.
OK, thank you for your time. Thanks.
Shit. Shit.
What the hell is going on?
They're calling in the loan.
- What are you talking about?
- The bank.
They won't extend their
financing agreement.
Why didn't you say something?
Because I thought we
owned this island outright.
I thought I could use it as leverage.
OK, calm down.
OK, what does this mean?
Mum, I need help.
I know. OK.
Let's talk about this outside.
We'd better be quick. Don't
want them to leave us behind.
No, I just came in for a little
time out.
It's a lot, isn't it?
Your hair's great, by the way.
Thank you.
I was actually thinking
about going blonde again.
- Are those sapphires?
- Sorry?
Are they?
- Did Jared give you those?
- No.
They were a gift from Aaron.
I don't believe you. Manda,
were you fucking my husband?
No. No, no, no, no.
I can explain this, but I can't
I genuinely can't talk about this now.
If Aaron hears what you're saying
You two, let's go.
I'm in here.
You look like shit.
Yeah. Been to the Isle of Eris.
The where?
- Doesn't matter.
- Oh, Rowena called.
She said she will try again tomorrow.
- OK.
- And the woman from Foundation called.
She said she was aware
of your bereavement
and would like to discuss donation.
It seemed important.
If people like that call, hang up. OK?
And, er DI Royce called.
Jared's body is ready to be released.
Someone from mortuary
will call tomorrow morning.
- OK.
- You OK?
Yeah. I'm just gonna go for a shower.
Thought you would be pleased.
You should have told me
what you were planning.
I wanted everything in place first.
You know, I thought
I was losing my mind.
I thought you were pensioning me
off to some Hebridean shithole.
You have been shutting me
out for months now, Cal,
and then, to make matters worse,
you bring that little tart with you.
What are you talking about,
"little tart"? She's our accountant.
Her husband stole our fucking money.
You know what? I don't
even care about that.
What I care about is Bianca.
You've given her all this
responsibility, and then you just
you just leave her to struggle.
Occupancy's down, the
grants have dried up
and the bank's calling in the loan.
- She never told me any of this.
- Well, she wouldn't, would she?
'Cos she's her father's bloody daughter.
- She has to do everything herself.
- Fine. I'll talk to her.
You need to do more
than talk to her, Cal.
You need to bail her out.
She needs quarter of a million, or
we'll be heading into receivership
before the end of the year.
It's not that simple, you know that.
The hotels, the restaurants,
that money has to be clean.
Well, a fat lot of good
that'll do us if they go under!
Stop being a shit father and help her!
It's no trouble.
I'll call the undertakers and
speak to the school chaplain.
Do you need me to call Jared's parents?
No, no, that's OK His
dad's already booked a flight.
- Ro, I've gotta go. I'll call you back, OK?
- OK.
Did he hear us?
Is that why he hit you?
He's just stressed about
work and I was winding him up.
Oh, Manda, come on.
He's not like this.
Was it about Jared?
There genuinely wasn't
anything with Jared.
He was a nice guy. He
was, like, my friend.
Cal had asked him to help me
with the books for the boutique.
I don't know, Jared saw the way that
Aaron could be with me sometimes,
and he said that he didn't
want me to be in a relationship
where I felt scared.
Did he give you those earrings?
No, they were from Aaron.
Then I lost one, and I knew
that Aaron would be mad,
so Jared said that he'd
help me replace them.
- Did Aaron find out?
- No.
But about a month ago,
Aaron just lost it over nothing
and he smashed a table in my flat.
I just didn't know what
to do, so I rang Jared.
He came and got me in a taxi,
and he said that he'd got me
a hotel so that I'd be safe.
He said that I shouldn't
go back to Aaron.
I don't know, when I spoke
to him in the morning,
he sounded really upset
about what he'd done.
Did Aaron know that
Jared took you to a hotel?
Well, I told him I stayed with a friend.
What if he didn't believe you?
No, genuinely, like, there's no
way that he'd be capable of that.
Thank you. Mrs Noble?
DI Royce, I think I know
who got Jared killed.
I think it was Aaron Morris.
So, you're saying Aaron suspected Jared
of having an affair with his girlfriend?
Yeah, and he's really controlling.
He's, like, he's been tracking
her movements, he's been violent.
But you're also saying
there was no affair.
It-It doesn't matter!
Aaron thought there was.
You appreciate how that
makes it more difficult
to establish motive, right?
Yeah, I get that, I get that,
but it's enough for
you to investigate him.
You have the boys that attacked
him. You can just go to them.
- Yeah, well, that just got a lot more difficult.
- Why?
One of Jared's attackers -
the boy that we think
might have killed him -
he's been found dead.
Now, we are trying to find the others.
And if, as you say, Aaron was behind it,
then there might be a chance
that one of them will admit it,
- but if they don't
- So he's gonna get away with it.
That is not what I said.
It's what you mean, though isn't it?
Lexie, what's going on
with the shipping container?
You talked to the guy?
He's gonna look into it, but he
said they've had a lot of accidents.
He was talking about, like,
overloaded ships and bad weather
and doesn't look
good. I'm really sorry.
Listen, you can't say a
fucking word about this, OK,
to anyone.
Cal, Malky - anybody.
Not a fucking word.
Got it.
I spoke to Bianca and she
said 250 grand should cover it.
Are you sure about this? I mean,
you realise the risk you're taking?
Well, it's either that, or risk divorce.
- What's happening with Billy?
- Er, he says he'll meet you tonight.
I need you to transfer 25,0000
from my accounts to MCG,
and do it in such a way
that it's not traceable.
Just explain it all to my man, Dimitri.
What's happening with the containers?
- What do you mean?
- He's getting grief over the ETA.
As far as I can tell, it should
have arrived in China by now.
Yeah, there's There was a delay,
OK? Something about bad weather.
I don't know. It's
gonna be there in a week.
Hello? Yeah. You're talking to Lexie.
Mrs Noble, I just need
to clarify something.
The payment to the
Morris Constance Group,
this should also be made
through CVB Investments,
the company used for the
purchase of the Isle of Eris?
- Is that correct?
- Is that what Mr Morris requested?
As I understand it.
Of course, for issues of security,
we wouldn't usually use an
existing shell corporation.
If that's what Mr Morris wants,
that's what you should do.
I'll take care of it, Mrs Noble.
So I've had people tracking
this bloody container
halfway around the world,
and now you're telling me it's the
wrong one? So where's the right one?
It never left Scotland.
It's sitting in Leith Docks.
And you haven't told Aaron this?
Called you as soon as I found out.
Right, well, don't tell him,
till I can get a team down there.
I'll give you a call when we're ready.
Again, I have given you what you need.
What about my family?
What about our safety?
- Yeah, yeah, we're nearly there.
- When? WHEN?
You will have it in the next 24 hours.
Do you know who I am?
- Aye.
- Did you know the man you killed worked for me?
No, I swear down, I didn't have a clue.
I-I just bumped into him.
That was all, you know.
Yeah, you bumped into him
so your mate could stab him.
I never knew he was gonna do that.
I lied to the police when I
said that Tab set it all up.
I mean, he did, but he was just
He was just getting told what to do.
- Do you know what I mean?
- Who told him what to do?
I've no idea. Some bigshot he'd
done a few jobs with in the past.
What bigshot?
I've no idea. I never met the guy.
Did you ever see this guy?
No, no, he just spoke
to him on the phone.
- You ever hear him?
- No.
Invoice for a helicopter
round trip to the Isle of Eris,
paid for by Isle of Eris Services,
a subsidiary company of CVB Investments.
Just look who the lead passenger was.
Can this get me an
unexplained wealth order?
No, but it's a start.
It shows a definite link
between Cal and CVB Investments,
but it's it's a process.
How long?
I-I don't know, sir.
I really needed this to work.
Picking up Aaron Morris for
this shipping container in Leith,
and now I'm gonna have to
rely on him flipping his uncle.
- He's not gonna do that.
- I know he's not gonna do that,
but what else have I got?
If you wanna start a money
laundering investigation,
what you need is proof of foreknowledge
of the criminal activity,
and you can get that, but
It has to come from Cal himself.
Is this real?
I told you I'd come through for you.
- Oh, my Thank you.
- You're welcome.
There's one last thing I need you to do.
Before we seize the container,
we need Cal on tape admitting
he knows what's in it.
Are you insane?
We get that, and we can bring
down him and his whole network.
It would be a tiny magnetic bug.
We will put it in the
lining of your jacket
I-I He would kill me
before I left the room.
Without it, Aaron does
maybe a year inside,
and Cal is still out there,
and you'll always have
a target on your back.
I have moved heaven and Earth
to make sure you and your kids are safe.
I've offered you a
new life, a new start.
Think long and hard before
throwing that all away.
I've placed the listening device
inside the lining of the sleeve.
It's pretty effective
within a limited range.
Just try and steer clear of
thick walls, metal structures,
that sort of thing. That
can block the signal.
let's go over it one last time.
You call Cal, tell him
you need to see him.
Once you're face to face,
you have to get him talking
about that container,
and once he has demonstrated
knowledge of its contents,
call Aaron, let him know
you've located the container
and tell him he needs to
get down there straight away,
or they're gonna move
it. At which point
I text you the word "delivered".
And don't worry, we don't get
that text, we won't make a move.
That way, if something doesn't go
to plan, we don't blow your cover.
Just text the word "delivered"
the minute you let Aaron know.
Got it.
It's gonna be all right, you know.
You can do this.
Cal, it's Lexie.
Er, sorry-sorry to bother you.
I-I wanted to speak
to you about something.
Um, it's about your
shipping arrangements.
What about them?
I know that Aaron was dealing with that.
I didn't really wanna
talk about it on the phone,
so I wondered if we could meet.
I'll text you an address.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Hang on a second.
He's waiting for you in there.
Why can't I hear anything?
Something's blocking the signal.
Thick walls, no windows.
You've put her life at risk. You
should have done this another way.
What did you do with the money?!
Mr Beaumont's about to tell us
what Jared did with my money.
So what did you buy?
He bought nine exclusive pieces.
Exclusive pieces of what?
How much?
Three million.
Three million each, or
three million for all of it?
Then what did you do with them?
I offered to help organise insurance,
but he said it wouldn't be necessary,
'cos he was gonna give 'em to charity.
He said he was gonna
give each individual piece
to a different charity.
- Are you winding me up?
- No.
Are you telling me he gave 27
million pound worth of jewellery
to charity?
He might have changed his mind.
I fucking hope so!
I hope he changed his fucking mind
for your sake.
Whoever killed your husband
was doing me a favour.
We're gonna get the
details of every item,
lot numbers, delivery addresses,
and you're gonna find every
item that bastard stole from me.
UNICEF. Gave my money to charity.
I need you to go upstairs
and get as much detail
- off of that wee prick as possible.
- Absolutely.
Er, Aaron was having this problem
with a shipping container, right?
It didn't arrive where it was
supposed to and he couldn't find it.
- Come on, what's happening?
- Don't know.
He gave me the details of the company.
He asked me to locate it
and I did.
Well, it's still just sitting
over there on the dock in Leith.
Does Aaron know about this?
He told me not to tell you.
What else did he tell
you not to tell me?
Well, just that, but I assumed
that that's because the contents
of that container are yours.
You would assume right.
Please tell me that's enough.
- Yeah, she got it.
- Yes!
Thank Christ for that.
Ha! Ha-ha!
So she's done, yeah? She is out.
Yeah, yeah, she'll, er Yeah,
she'll get everything she asked for.
What is it, Lexie?
I spoke to the guy from the
shipping container company.
Found your container.
Are you serious?
Never left Scotland.
Still in the dockyard in Leith.
Oh, my God!
Oh, you're a life-saver, mate.
Happy to help.
I'll get on it. Thanks.
So what do I do now?
You need to make sure
she was telling the truth.
And what if she was?
Then Aaron took what was
yours and he lied to your face.
Family or not, can you
afford to let that go?
Er, pint, lager.
What have you got?
The woman on the CCTV: the
one in the taxi with Noble.
They tracked down the driver. He said
He said the woman's
name is Manda Willis.
DI Royce said she's
Aaron Morris's girlfriend.
Jared's mistress
it was Manda.
Look, I don't wanna be
the one to tell you this,
but you know how hot-headed Aaron gets.
Billy remembers Aaron
using a kid to run errands
for him a few years back.
Turns out it was Michael Tab Moray.
That's motive and means.
Aaron had Jared killed.
- OK.
- I'm sorry.
Yeah, that's fine.
Talk later.
How'd it go with that kid, by the way?
Was it Connor? Is that his name?
Mm. Yeah.
Yeah, it was helpful.
Is everything OK?
Er, it's getting late.
I'm probably gonna shoot.
Cheers, pal.
Won't be long.
She's done it.
Right, listen up.
Aaron Morris has now been given
the location of the container.
Get onto the team and tell
them to get into position,
but no-one makes a move
until he opens the door.
Yeah, on it.
This is ridiculous.
Morris must have found a way to
get inside without being seen.
What do you want them to do?
They've been there all night, sir.
Tell them to move in.
Jared was a loyal friend,
a devoted son,
and a wonderful father.
Everything he did,
he did for his family.
And whatever mistakes he made,
he never stopped
trying to be a good man.
People say that when you're gone,
no-one'll remember what
you did or what you said,
'but they'll remember
how you made them feel.
Well, Jared made me feel safe.
He was the love of my life
my best friend
and he always will be.
- What's going on?
- Guthrie's brought in Cal Morris.
Hm, right. Well, here's
the files you wanted.
I had to update the summary
on the Morris Constance Group.
- Why's that?
- They just declared a new investor.
- Some Dutch company.
- Dutch?
For the purposes of the tape,
DC Jibran Khan has just
entered the room at 4.15pm.
DCI Guthrie,
your accusations against my client
have never held water in the past,
and it appears this time
will prove no different.
The thing is, we have Mr Morris on tape
claiming ownership of both
the container and its contents,
which we now know to be in the region
of six million pounds in cash.
We also have a restraint
order, which means
all of Mr Morris's assets have been
frozen as we begin an investigation
into money laundering offences.
But there's one company in
particular we wannae talk about -
CVB Investments.
We have evidence that your
client used this company
to purchase a major
stake in the Isle of Eris,
while he also used this company
to make another payment -
a quarter of a million pounds
in dirty money into the account
of the Morris Constance Group -
your client's legitimate business,
which is run by his
daughter, Bianca Morris.
It's now under investigation for
money laundering offences as well.
Guess someone really
messed up there, Cal, eh?
you'd do anything for your kids.
And my colleague, DI Royce,
she wants to speak to you
about the murder of Jared Noble
and Aaron Morris, your nephew.
That it?
Show over?
No, no. It's just getting started.
Are you sure you won't
stay a bit longer?
Ah, I need to get back to Angela.
How is she?
She has good days and bad days.
The nurses at the home
are absolutely wonderful.
And, er, I've got you and
Jared to thank for that, so
'Cos you paid for the home.
Did he not tell you?
He set up a trust in Angela's name.
Purvis Foundation.
He set up several
other charitable trusts.
I believe they're in
the children's names.
Has nobody contacted you about them?
I think someone left
a message, actually.
Oh, and there's a-there's a
parcel for you on the table.
Jared sent it to me before he passed.
But, er, you will bring
the children over soon?
- Washington isn't too far away.
- Course I will. I'll be in touch.
Take care, Lexie.
You, too.
- What's this?
- Er, the compliance officer
from some auction house
was trying to reach you.
Something about jewellery,
and that the buyer donated
all the items to charity.
Everything except one necklace.
That was shipped to the States.
- Wait here.
- OK!
Just give us a minute to
grab everything. Thank you.
Will we get in taxi?
There we go.
OK, Mummy.
We're off. Let me just put this
in first and then you jump in, OK?
Excuse me?
You dropped this.
Oh, thank you.
No problem.
Come on. In you get.
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