Peaky Blinders (2013) s06e05 Episode Script

The Road to Hell

1 And since you have proven your commitment Boston is now officially open for the importation of your merchandise.
Jack says just a few more weeks and you will be free.
Stories about you come up the canal.
Once you walked fine alone, now you need a stick.
You stay clean for two weeks, I'll write Linda another letter.
Have you recently suffered seizures? It is Tuberculoma, I am afraid it is inoperable.
Mr Shelby.
I only gave opium to your brother because he give me big trouble.
He attacked my wife.
I would like a pot of green tea, please.
It has taken me ten years to build this business.
Your business will be safe, if you do what I say.
How much opium do you have in your cellar? Five pounds.
Bring it to me.
Four minutes against the clock.
As member of Parliament for this constituency it is my duty to take responsibility for the welfare - of my constituents.
- Mr Shelby, the clock is still ticking.
The consumption of opium is very prejudicial to health.
Women give it to their children so they can leave them untended while they work in the factories.
Men lose their jobs when they become addicted.
From now on, you will sell only cigarettes, cake and tea.
If I hear that you are selling opium again, time will indeed run out very quickly for you.
Do you understand? Yes, I understand, I will stop.
Mr Shelby, the clock is still ticking.
Please tell your suppliers and your customers that from now on there will be no more opium in Small Heath or in Bordesley.
Thank you for the tea.
You can let them through now.
Yes, sir, Mr Shelby.
You tell the pub and cafe owners in Montague Street if there is any further trade in powder, there will be no more Montague Street.
I will have it demolished and replaced by apartments.
By order of Birmingham Urban District Council.
Sorry I'm late, they closed Montague Street.
There's a gas explosion or Right.
Well, it would be nice if just one thing could happen in Birmingham that wasn't our fault.
I have gathered you all here today because there is news and it is of interest to the whole family.
First of all, I would like to welcome Finn's new wife Mary to the family.
Well, I'm very glad I dragged myself out of bed for this.
There is one more item of business.
Come on, come on, hurry up.
Everyone this here is Erasmus.
Nobody calls me that.
They call him Duke.
20 years ago, at Apple by horse fair I met a girl.
We shared the shade of a hazel tree.
Nine months later this lad was born.
This is my son.
His mother died on the road.
Up until now I never tried to find him.
But I am trying to look at life in a different way.
A child is a precious thing.
So I am bringing him Into the fucking family with a snap of his fingers.
No, I am bringing him into the fold.
He'll have to earn membership of the family.
For the moment, welcome, son.
You have a seat.
Go on, sit down here.
There are some mistakes I've made that I can never address and some I can.
Some wounds I can try to heal.
And new wounds you can open up.
Anyway that's the business of the day.
Is it too early for whisky? There you go.
Shelby breakfast for you, son.
I don't drink.
And I'm not a Shelby, all right? I'm a Duke.
Ooh, hoo, hoo, hoo.
You're a fucking Shelby, all right, don't worry about that.
Mm, I think we will need Curly and a strong rope to break this one in, Tom.
Arthur, open up the shop, put the kid here on the blackboard, writing up the odds.
I can't write.
Put the kid on the blackboard, wiping off the chalk.
Go on, son.
Come on then.
Lizzie, come on.
My father was the Duke of the Saxon Shore.
My mother was a Romany Queen.
Who told you that, your mum? I don't allow people to talk about my mother.
Good for you.
So let's get this right then, you can't read, you can't fucking write, there's nothing wrong with that.
What can you do, eh? I can tell the time.
You can tell the time.
Here, he can tell the time.
Ain't that clever.
It's a lot more than you can fucking do.
What did you just say to me? What time is it, Mr Shelby? That's what I can do.
You little bastard.
Here, keep it.
Stop you from being late in the future.
Is there forgiveness in your heart for Arthur Shelby? No.
But maybe there will be forgiveness from God.
And you will do God's work? God is interested in you as well, Tommy.
And God will be with you on your journey every step of the way.
He may not need to take many steps.
Tell me this, Linda is God interested in me or in my money? I believe you run a foundation and that your foundation has many missions across the world but in these times of financial crisis, funding is hard to come by.
So perhaps your God's plan is a practical one.
Perhaps he would like me to make a donation to your foundation, and in return, he would like you to help my brother on his road to redemption.
Now, I know that in a place of worship such as this, you would never ask how much.
So I will tell you plainly.
I will write your foundation a cheque for £10,000 Praise the Lord.
if you agree to look kindly on Arthur and to help him.
I need to look after everyone in the family.
Do we have a deal? Your money will be spent to do good around the world.
And a mission will be named after you.
But I am only agreeing to help him not sleep with him.
Now, I imagine the negotiation for that particular favour would take a considerable amount of time and I have an appointment.
God bless.
Apologies for the initial misunderstanding.
My brother dealt with it.
For the care you took.
Even though I succumbed to temptation.
Part of the reason my brother is back dealing with it, is down to you, you spoke to him.
As a comrade.
The beating is still owed to you.
Do you still do that kind of work yourself, Thomas Shelby, MP? Mr Stagg, see, I can use men like you.
I have friends that are in need of guns.
Soon, there will be a shipment of Thompson sub machine guns coming here from Boston.
And I need you to unload and store those weapons.
There will also be ammunition like this.
You have a good look.
And I need you to take better care of the guns and ammunition than you did of the powder.
You understand? Previously, all of my import and export went through Belfast docks.
Now we're dealing with Boston I am considering shifting my supply line to Liverpool.
You'll be a very rich man.
Don't you ever say thank you? Thank you.
Is that why you do it, Mr Shelby? Is that why you keep all this going? To have people say thank you? You could close all this down.
You could leave the sport behind.
You could live like an ordinary mortal man.
On your gravestone, "an ordinary mortal man".
But, instead, you still go round collecting "please" and "thank you" and "sorry" and "forgive me, Mr Shelby.
" Is that what it's all for? You want to know? You want to know why I've carried on all these years? It's so I can do this.
And then do this.
Feel it? I feel it.
Junk doesn't even come close.
Soon, Mr Stagg when my last piece of business is done I will indeed be an ordinary mortal man.
You have a good day.
Arthur, we've got a problem with a referee.
He's not taking the money.
He's fucking religious or something.
Jesus Christ.
With Tommy away, you're in charge of gambling, Arthur, what shall we do? "And this they said to him, "that they may have some charge to bring against him.
" Arthur, this referee, he's threatening to go to the police.
"Jesus ".
bent down, "and with one finger, he wrote on the ground" Arthur, brother people are laughing at you.
So I just phoned our Holy referee, again.
He basically told me to fuck off.
Not even basically, actually, he literally told to me to fuck off.
Is that right? So, do you know? Oh, for fuck's sake.
Do you know what he wrote on the ground? Hmm? - No.
- Do you know? You don't know, do yer? No, I don't.
Billy, do you know what he wrote on the ground? - I - Hmm? Do you know what Jesus wrote on the ground? He bent down, and with one finger, he wrote on the fucking ground.
You know? Do you know what he wrote? - Come on, Billy.
- No.
Arthur, what should we do? Go and get me the referee.
Bring me the fucking referee.
I know she's here with us.
But still, it's just you and me.
I thought it would be good if we were in a different place.
I hate that house now.
I wish I could blow it up.
There was a time when we'd say nothing afterwards because we didn't have to say anything.
But now we've got nothing left to say.
There's business.
What business? The American.
He's coming to Birmingham.
He's stopping over on his way to Liverpool.
He is staying with us tomorrow night.
Frances knows.
She's making up a menu.
And then we have to make a move.
Do you want to know what that move is, Lizzie? No.
I know enough.
Your book of regrets.
23, 24, 52, 55.
The combination to the safe.
And I'm on there.
I'm on the list.
On the very top of the list.
Yes, you are.
I regret marrying you, Lizzie.
Cos I've put you through so much.
I've put you through all of this.
Everything that is to come.
When you married me, you married a man and you married a curse.
You have shared my fate.
That is my regret.
But know this, Lizzie.
In this moment, in this room I love you.
You sound like you're ticking a fucking box, and I don't know what's inside the box.
Never have you let me in.
Even though I know the combination to the safe.
Oh, this is him, is it? The one who likes to be fucking difficult, eh? When I leave this place, I am going straight to the police.
- You are? - This man pointed a gun at me.
- Who, him there? - Yeah.
Well, let's phone the police, eh? Don't worry.
We'll have this sorted out for you.
Hello? Yes, get me the police.
Reports of a man with a revolver on Watery Lane.
There you go.
And you ask for Inspector Moss.
Chief Superintendent Moss.
He's in charge of Watery Lane and Bordesley Green.
That's right.
And you see this? That's his betting credit with us.
He makes a lot of money from football matches.
Because we give him the results before the match.
On Saturday afternoon, you take this whistle, and you blow.
You give a penalty to Birmingham City in the final minute.
The goalkeeper will let the penalty go by him, and Birmingham City will win 1-0.
All you got to do is No.
I won't do it.
If the police won't listen, I'll go to the newspapers.
I'm not afraid.
I was in France.
Phone Tommy, Arthur.
You shut up.
I am not phoning fucking Tommy.
I am dealing with this, OK? - I'm leaving.
- You are going fucking nowhere.
It's time one of us stood up to you people.
It's not right what's been happening.
I will not take money to cheat.
Fucking hell.
In France, I ran at the wire.
And I was not afraid.
I am not afraid.
I won't do a bad thing.
I have seen too many bad things.
A beating will make no difference.
I know that, cos I can see it in your fucking eyes.
In the bleak midwinter Holy Mary, mother of God.
Ah! Right, Billy Boy.
You've been in the family long enough.
It's time for you to get bloodied.
- Arthur, you can't.
- Arthur, please.
You've been with us long enough.
Arthur, fuck, Jesus Christ.
I can't be that man.
Arthur, please.
Either two men die today, Billy or one.
You fucking decide.
You hate him, Billy.
You hate him.
You don't know him Billy.
He's fucking laughing at you.
Come on, hate him.
Look him in the eyes, man.
Look him in the eyes.
- I can't.
I can't.
- Look him in the eyes.
I'm sorry sorry.
A a a a ah! Enough.
Enough, enough, enough.
All right.
Billy B, come on.
Come on, sh Sh, sh It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's all right.
Look at you.
Look Look at you, look.
Huh? You're bloodied now, Billy.
You're bloodied now.
You're not going to heaven no more.
They won't let you in.
Isiah, you take him to the foundry.
And you ask for Mr Patches, all right? You tell him we got some fuel for the furnace.
Who the fuck are you? Ah! Ah! - I hear - Please.
you're the informant inside the Shelby organisation.
And who the fuck I am is the man who you now work for.
Please, please I have some things I need you to do, and I want to impress upon you - To IMPRESS - Ah! Ah! upon you the seriousness of my intent.
Cos, you see, I used to do this kind of thing for a living.
And sometimes I kind of miss it.
Just like Mr Shelby, I miss the the wave of electricity you get under your scalp.
I miss the taste like metal on the tip of your tongue.
I am about to give you an instruction.
You do as I say, you stay a man.
Fail, and I will send people to serve your balls to you on a china plate.
I'll do what you say.
A decision has been taken.
My associates are going to take care of Tommy Shelby.
And you are going to give us up his brother, Arthur.
Do you understand? Yes Yes.
Fucking yes.
Only information leading to the murder of Arthur Shelby will save you from an Italian death.
Cos it was the Italians that taught me that above God, above children, above his wife and above his mother most of all, a man loves his balls.
Oh Hello, Arthur.
I think we should pray.
That's how we begin this.
You'd like to pray? The prayer I have chosen is the Act of Contrition, version two.
So, you're Catholic now, Linda? You're Catholic.
Quakers don't pray.
Bow your head, Arthur, and close your eyes.
And recite the prayer.
You know it well from when you were boy.
Oh, my mind's all dried up with junk, though, and shot full of fuck Shot full of holes.
Linda, please.
It's in there somewhere, Arthur.
It's like a song.
Together, we'll find it.
Digging for the words will help clean your soul.
I'll begin it.
Forgive me my sins, oh, Lord, forgive me my sins.
The sins of my youth.
The sins of my youth, the sins of my age, the sins of my soul.
The sins of my body.
The sins I know, the sins I know not.
The sins I have concealed for so long.
For so fu For so long.
I caught him stealing a car.
And he's got a stack of cash from the betting shop.
Steal from who you want, but don't steal from me.
Here you are.
Get a train to wherever the fuck you want to go.
Get out.
- I don't ride trains.
- Is that a fact? Well, Curly has a two-wheeled wagon.
What am I, a tinker? I need four wheels.
And a horse for the hills.
Which hills? All of them.
All the hills of England.
Why do you want to leave? I didn't take to that work in the betting shop.
Well, you heard him, Charlie.
Get my dad's old four-wheeled wagon and two strong ponies.
Curly! Get here.
Before you go, do you want to know the truth about yourself? No.
Who does? Well, I am going to tell yer.
That spring at Apple by Fair, your mother stole my watch and chain.
You're from a long line of thieves.
The watch had the words "Saxon Shore" carved in it.
I stole it myself from a drunk when I was a kid.
I imagine she told you your dad was the Duke of the Saxon Shore.
Well I am the Duke, it was my watch.
I am your father.
That's the truth.
When her dad found out, he shot me in the chest with a squirrel gun.
A scar and a stolen watch and a story she made up.
That's all you need to know about yourself before you get on the road.
Esme told me the spirits favour you.
That the spirit is in you.
She tried to sell me like one of those horses, didn't she? How much did she pay for me? I have no use for gold any more.
But if you're a horse, you're in the right place.
Curly! Curly.
Hurry up.
This boy has hills to climb.
I remember that watch.
Oh, yeah? She used to wear it over her heart.
We buried it with her.
The old wagon's right front wheel is fucked, Tom.
It's standing in the wet.
Put a new one on, Curly.
They fix wagons here.
Good families come from the New Forest to have their wagons fixed and get fresh horses before the fairs.
Yeah, I like it here.
I like it better than that betting shop.
Why? People.
People piss me off.
There are a lot of people in that betting shop.
So far, here I've only counted two.
Charlie and Curly, the rest is dogs and horses.
Curly's half horse himself.
Dogs are OK.
Horses are better than people, mind you.
There's work here for a man who knows horses.
I want to remain completely unknown.
Well, you'd be in the right place for that as well.
No-one knows anyone here.
Hey, mister.
Save that wheel a minute.
Where would I stay? Stables, with the other stallions.
Now that Finn is married off, there are plenty of girls round here.
Their fathers are mostly unarmed.
I have a future for you, Duke.
You already have a son.
My business has two sides.
Light and dark.
I'll need someone for each.
And I'm dark, am I? I have realised we don't get to choose which one we are.
Dark knows dark.
And my affairs, both light and dark will need settling soon.
Curly? Find a shovel for the Duke of the Saxon Shore here.
Get him shovelling shit.
And put some petrol in the boat.
I'm off to meet a lady in Solihull.
Take a look at her.
Now imagine ten people living on side.
Step on.
Have a look inside.
I've had a response from the Guinness Trust about building charitable housing at two sites along the canal network between London, Birmingham and Liverpool.
This lock here would be the one of the sites.
I have the permission.
We just need the finance.
I know that you and your husband, Bryan Guinness, are estranged, but I understand you still have influence in the Guinness family.
Your support might help them make their decision.
Will you help me? I've booked a suite in a hotel a mile from here.
My chauffeur will take us there.
You look quite the thing dressed like that, dressed like a working man.
They'll probably show you to the coal house to make your delivery.
Yep, they probably will.
Oswald has fucked your wife, so my suggestion is about balance and proportion.
It would be only fair.
Can I assume I have your support? This isn't about charitable housing, this is about changing the world.
It's about a different kind of trust.
Absolute trust.
We have important work ahead of us.
It's much harder to lie with your body than with your words.
This, I have learnt.
Mostly, I do whatever I want to do.
Sometimes, I do things for the cause.
In this case, it's both.
In the interests of absolute clarity, that is simply the English aristocracy's way of shaking hands.
So Welcome.
If you do this thing the possibility of war, you have to consider.
It was the ambitions and strategies of one man that caused this.
There will be a war in this family.
And one of you will die.
We need to leave early to catch the first train to Liverpool, yes? Yep.
So eat early, finish early.
You changed the combination of the safe.
Why? Have you got new secrets? With the new business at hand, there are some things that I cannot share.
What things? What are those tablets? The doctor gave them me.
Pain killers? - Yeah.
- What pain? Any pain that comes, Lizzie.
When you're ready, I want you to tell me everything that's going on.
It's like the clock's stopped ticking and I'm waiting for the bomb to explode.
We are in that quiet minute.
Tommy? That's where we live now.
When I know everything I will tell you everything.
Oh, no, Gina's running wild, y'see.
Harrods, dope, amphetamines, lords and ladies, you know, the whole English aristocracy thing.
Fuck wine, whiskey.
Shelby, you having whiskey? I'll stay on wine.
Fuck wine, more whiskey.
I'm celebrating.
Celebration, you know.
Getting off this fucking island.
You see, the thing with England, the currency here, it's not money.
You got bored of money a long time ago.
Cos you know anyone can have money, you can fucking you can fucking find money in the mud.
You can forge money.
Mr Shelby, you can steal money, am I right? The currency here, it's blood.
And Mr Shelby knows that better than all of them.
Blood here is like wine, like the vintage wine in that bottle.
It's the label, it's the terroir, it's the grape that makes the wine.
Who fucking cares about the glass around it? And you, my friend, you're an American.
You fucking smash the glass, you spill the blood and you spend their currency to get what you want.
Am I right? When you come to America, I will show you things.
You're going to America? To Canada, Lizzie, to collect payment for the shipment.
I need to do it myself.
And who will be going with you? Michael will be there to watch his back.
Another journey, Tommy? $5 million, Mrs Shelby.
It's worth a little cruise, don't you think? You know whiskey does talk, Mr Nelson, and sometimes whiskey is very eloquent.
But $5 million, Mr Nelson Now, that is a legacy.
And when I come back, I will know everything.
I see myself so clearly in you, Thomas Shelby.
You are a man with a bright and glittering future.
Mr Shelby, there's a car coming up the drive.
A Rolls-Royce.
Were you expecting more guests? No.
Excuse me.
We were on our way to my constituency in Smethwick and I heard our American friend was in Birmingham and that he was coming here, so we came to say one last farewell.
We have much to celebrate.
It isn't that I wasn't sure Mr Shelby would give you an excellent send-off, I just felt, since telegrams and wires and letters can so easily be intercepted, we might confirm all that we've achieved during your visit over champagne.
It is remarkable how quickly our relationships have developed.
So many triangles in this room.
Everyone except from Mr Nelson is the point of a triangle.
How am I part of a triangle? Mr Nelson, you have all that you came for? I have confirmation that the future of Europe is in the hands of men like yourselves.
And that urgent conversations between Washington, Rome and of course Berlin can now begin.
A two-week visit that may have changed the course of history.
We have all got what we wanted.
And I got what I have wanted from the moment I set eyes on it.
Elizabeth, you are a very lucky woman to have each day what I have only sampled once.
Forgive us, Mr Nelson, that was a necessary bit of housekeeping.
We do so hate to be indiscreet, but we have told you many times, if you are to seek power in these days of shiny magazines and society photographs, sooner or later, you will have to find a spouse who is more suitable.
A woman with Lizzie's past and personal history really isn't suitable.
She doesn't deserve you, Mr Shelby.
You know the thing is, Mosley you're right.
You're right, she doesn't deserve me.
She doesn't deserve what I am.
She doesn't deserve what I will become.
What will you become? The truth is, I belong here, at this table.
With fuckers like you.
She doesn't.
For all I try to hide it I'm just one of you.
Could there be a sadder ending, eh? I'm here on behalf of your wife, Gina, and Jack Nelson.
Mr Nelson's prepared to get you out of here.
But first he needs an answer to the question.
If the answer is yes you'll be released.
If the answer is no you'll stay.
I have consulted my mother.
Your mother's dead.
Never the less, I have consulted her.
And yes.
When I'm released, it is my intention to kill Tommy Shelby.

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