Peaky Blinders (2013) s06e06 Episode Script

Lock and Key

1 Please be aware, Mr Shelby, that the deaths of your people are your own responsibility.
Since my mother passed away four years ago, Tommy and I haven't even spoken.
I'm very much looking forward to working with you again, Michael.
That, my friend, is the finest opium in the world.
- Why would you sell? - The Irish are being difficult.
The Italians are not an option.
- You're going to America? - To Canada, to collect payment for the shipment.
Elizabeth, you are a very lucky woman, to have each day what I have only sampled once.
Mr Shelby, your daughter has consumption.
She's gone, Tommy.
She's gone.
A daughter lost.
A son found.
This is my son.
They call him Duke.
It is tuberculoma.
I am afraid it is inoperable.
- How long? - Perhaps 18 months.
My associates are going to take care of Thomas Shelby, and you are going to give us his brother.
What are Michael's real intentions towards me, Gina? And if you lie, I will know.
It is my intention to kill Tommy Shelby.
It was the ambitions and strategies of one man that caused this.
I will take revenge on Tommy Shelby.
Do you want a drink first or a whore first? I want to see my wife first.
After you've fucked your wife, you're going to kill a man, right? [DOOR OPENS.]
The smoke from your daughter's funeral is still in your clothes and you slept with someone.
Not just someone.
The enemy.
Every enemy we ever had in one woman.
There are some things that I do, Lizzie, that I You're not so good at lying any more, Tommy.
These days, the truth gets in your eyes.
I have to go to Canada, Lizzie.
- I need to know where you will go.
- See? You just accept it.
You don't fight it.
You ARE cursed, Tommy.
Never to understand the limits that other people will accept.
Never to be allowed in where everybody else is.
A curse never to be lifted.
I will be away, Lizzie.
And while I'm gone, I know a place where Always gone, always away.
Well, now your rings are gone, your rings are away.
I'm already packed.
Now leave me to say goodbye to Ruby.
I have to go away for a bit, Charlie.
Look at me.
Look at me.
Mum already told me she's leaving and she told me why.
Mum, where are you going? A hotel.
And then your father will get me a house.
Mum, I'll come with you.
I'd rather be with you.
Wherever it is.
You're not my mum but you're more my mum than he's my dad.
He's never here.
I'd be on my own here.
Oh, Charles, love I don't think your father would allow that.
You can go.
You can go, son.
I know a good place.
Lizzie, I'll arrange that place.
And, Charlie, you can take him, eh? They have stables at this new place.
After a while, he'll He'll listen to you.
He'll forget about Ruby.
That's how horses are.
And you'll be here all alone.
I'm buying land, Lizzie.
I'm buying up land.
This place I've bought I was going to knock down, but you can go there.
Dad Where will you go? [KEYS CLANK.]
This is the Peaky Blinders' armoury.
We have a very good relationship with the BSA factory in Armoury Road.
Two dozen machine guns, half a dozen sub-machine guns, BSA sniper rifles, three boxes of hand grenades.
For what purpose? For eventualities like the one that is about to occur.
When men come to us with bad intentions, the family come together.
Tommy says it's time you join the family.
But you're not just going to be a soldier.
You're going to be a general some day.
So, I need to ask you some questions.
What have you ever fired? Shotgun.
What have you ever killed? Few rabbits.
Pheasant, partridge.
A stag.
Arthur tells me when they were taking care of some business at the betting shop, you ran away.
It was unfair.
Fairness is not a soldier's concern.
You do what you do.
I already have done.
Fair and square.
I have killed a man.
Tommy's always right.
We were outside a hospital in Bridgnorth.
In the Black Country.
My mother was dying.
And the orderly wouldn't give her a bed cos she was a Gypsy, she had no insurance.
She never saw the sunrise.
Nor did that man who denied her.
Just one more thing we need to know about you.
Can you keep a secret? I know, brother.
I know.
I know.
I stole your keys.
In your brain.
But I still have time to do what I need to do.
Fuck you, Tommy.
I don't need anyone to know, Arthur.
No, you don't, do you? You don't need anything, do you? No, I don't need anything.
I don't need anything.
How long have we been dead for, eh? You and me, how long? At least now I'll have a certificate.
Wherever it is, I'll get the drinks in and I'll wait for you.
- Fuck's sake.
- Yeah.
All them bullets that missed.
- It's funny, Arthur.
It's funny is what it is.
So don't you fucking weep.
Weep! When everyone is taken care of financially, I will take myself away.
On my own.
I don't want anyone anyone who may or may not love me to have to see me crawl or grow insane and helpless.
It would be a cruelty to me and to them.
By the time people know the truth, I will be gone.
What about Lizzie? I have some papers I need you to sign on behalf of the company.
Told Lizzie? I'm working with the housing minister.
I will be allocating contracts, construction contracts, worth £10 million.
You haven't told Lizzie? Some of the contracts I will be allocating are with companies in which we have an interest.
Fuck you and your contracts! So the Shelby Company Limited will continue to earn money.
But mostly, Arthur, I'm doing it because it's a good thing.
- Building houses.
- Oh Yeah, for ordinary working people Oh, yeah, good for you.
Fuckin' in the interests of a fairer future.
And before that, I will be going to Canada to collect payment for the shipment, £5 million! Oh, five fucking million? Which I will share among the Shelby family.
And that will be my legacy.
Instead of me, there will be money.
Because for most of the people who are close to me, that is what I am! Fucking money.
That is my agency.
Is that all you think you are, eh? Hmm? Stand up.
You heard me.
Stand up.
On your feet.
- On your fucking feet.
- Arthur On your feet, Soldier.
On your feet.
Stand the fuck up! Come here.
No! No.
You hear me? Enough.
Enough! Now you know.
You tell no-one else until I am gone.
Until you're gone, yeah? When the time comes, I'll call you.
I'll tell you where.
It'll be a wagon.
Fuck your wagon! You light the flame.
You bring Charlie and Curly and no-one else.
Get drunk.
Rake the ashes for silver and gold.
Fuck you! And your fucking plans! That time, I did let you fucking win.
John Fuckin' you, John.
Fuckin' both of you.
Arthur Arthur.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Let me see your eyes.
I'm clean, man.
The dragon's fucking gone.
Thanks to you.
Fucking Fucking thanks to you.
You all right? Come on.
- Fucking - Hey, I'm still fucking here.
Pull yourself together, come on.
We have work to do.
Come on! [DOOR OPENS.]
You're sure you want Billy? I had to shut up the shop.
We want Billy.
Sit down, Billy.
Thank you for inviting me, Mr Shelby.
Good to see you again, Billy.
Mary says not until after six o'clock.
He said to tell his father he feels OK about it.
Shut the door, Duke.
Now, we are all gathered and those TRANSLATION FROM ROMANY: Apologies, Mr Shelby, I still don't speak the lingo.
Well, Finn here never even bothered to learn it.
I heard "tachipen".
You said something about the truth.
The truth is I called men here that I could trust because I will be going away.
I have to collect payment for a shipment of goods - which left Liverpool ten days ago.
- Payment from who? South Boston Irish, Finn.
Are you going alone? Johnny Dogs has already sailed for Canada.
Michael will be there.
Michael is family.
Michael will be my guarantee of safety.
But while I'm away, I have a job for you all.
I need you to go to Arrow House.
I will be leaving Arrow House for good, and there are things that need removing.
I need men that I can trust.
There is cash, there is valuables.
There is information about important people that has more value than gold.
There are also bodies buried in the grounds which need digging up before the contractors start moving earth.
Isiah, you will be in charge.
In Arrow House, there is a wine cellar.
In that wine cellar, there are fine French wines that are worth more than a man's life.
You are welcome to them, boys, it'll be like a be like a farewell party.
Are you ready for the party, son? Tachipen.
The fucking truth again.
What truth? You'll need shovels, you'll need boxes, and you'll take the bones to Mr Patches to put in the furnace at Greenham's.
Got it? Right.
Any questions? Yeah.
If it's a party, can we bring girls? [BILLY CHUCKLES.]
No, Billy.
All the fun will be laid on for you.
So, when is the party, Tom? Mr Shelby.
Party's next Sunday, Billy.
You mean this Sunday? Yeah.
And while you're digging fucking holes, I'll be here drinking champagne with my wife.
It's our wedding anniversary.
Oh, and, Finn, by the way, please explain to, erm, what's her name? - Mary.
- Mary? - Yes.
- Is it Mary? Please explain to Mary that you are a Shelby.
It says it here on the back of your watch.
Have a look, Shelby.
This means you own the watch, the watch doesn't own you.
The clock strikes six when you fucking tell it to.
Have a whiskey.
Enjoy the party, boys.
Want a drink, baby? No.
Drinking water like Tommy, huh? Until this thing is done, I need a clear head.
Leave it.
Yeah? Good.
That's good.
Look, I've got to go.
Good news, Michael.
That was our informant in Birmingham.
The Shelby men will all be together on Sunday.
But Arthur will be having dinner with his wife at the bar at the Garrison Tavern.
As I recall, the Shelby table is right next to the windows, correct? - Every table's a Shelby table.
- Yes, but maybe our people could just drive by and shoot Arthur through the glass without even getting out of the car.
Michael we've talked about this, there's no other choice.
This business is between me and Tommy.
Yes, and when you kill Tommy, Arthur will come after you.
He has to die too.
If Arthur's in a bar, he'll be drunk.
Or worse.
At least he'll die without pain.
Who'll do the killing? Tommy's working with a faction of the IRA.
Connor has connections.
They made a deal.
A favour in return for guns.
But, Michael whilst the assassin's in this city Tommy has a son.
He's a kid.
Kids grow up.
We don't kill women and we don't kill kids.
The informant also mentioned a new boy named Duke.
Do you want a fucking bloodbath, Gina? I know about the new boy.
I've decided that the illegitimate son is not a threat.
My decision.
Only Arthur.
Michael, baby everything's been agreed.
Everybody wants the same things.
How many men do you think they killed with bullets and blades? That's how Tommy became king.
And in three days' time, that's how you will become king.
Deep down, Arthur and Tommy want to be dead anyway.
On Sunday, we'll just give them what they want.
Oswald was called away.
He sent me instead.
Actually, that's not true.
I sent Oswald away and elected myself to be his representative.
What was it you wanted? I'm planning on bringing my housing bill before Parliament.
You'll need to start drawing up a list of all your land-owning families with gambling debts, drug addictions, any other drain on their resources.
I will deliver offers to buy the surplus land using Treasury bonds.
Thomas, why don't we fuck here, on these benches? Right now.
We wouldn't be the first.
I hear your wife left you.
Over the last few months, I've had some associates of mine break into some of your pals' houses.
They stole paperwork.
Letters, bills, bank statements Are you not upset? This is a list of all land-owning families facing foreclosure.
And to answer your question No.
No, I'm not upset that my wife left me.
And, yeah, if you want to fuck, I'll fuck.
But you'll have to cross the floor cos I refuse to fuck on Tory benches.
Mr Shelby.
I was going to have this delivered to you, but I decided to bring it in person.
It's an invitation to mine and Diana's wedding.
It's in Berlin.
We're going to get married in the presence of the Fuhrer himself.
Were you having fun? Making paper aeroplanes.
I'm afraid, er I have business.
I will be in Canada.
Oh, and, er the other reason I wanted to bring this in person was to tell you that, after our wedding, you must understand, Mr Shelby, that if you so much as look in my wife's direction, I will have you killed.
Come, Diana.
Just think very soon crumbling old institutions like this one will be swept away and become a thing of ancient memory.
Fly safe.
Be careful with this baby.
You see any potholes, you drive round them.
Mr Shelby called to say to expect you.
Yeah, we've come to do a bit of gardening.
We're hearing so many rumours about what's happening to the house.
Tommy says your second best quality after your baking is you don't ask questions.
Get everybody away from the house until Monday.
OK, let's find these bottles of wine worth more than a man's life.
There's only one guest here.
The rest of the rooms are free if you want to use them while you wait.
Our friend will be here by the time it gets dark.
There was a storm last night.
Last of a hurricane.
Boats all came in.
He's not coming by boat, he's coming by plane.
Then your friend is dead.
Wind was like [HE WHISTLES.]
Maybe God's done your job for you, Mickey.
My name is not fucking Mickey, there is no fucking God, and Tommy will be here.
Another one.
POLLY: There will be a war and one of you will die.
Which one I cannot tell.
NELSON: You're a brave man, Mr Shelby.
Where the fuck were you? She's gone Tommy.
She's gone.
The devils who did this will pay, Ruby.
I am afraid it is inoperable.
- How long? - Perhaps 18 months.
I will change.
And change for good.
What is this good that you have become? Kill and kill.
What's going on? What the fuck is this? I thought it was meant to be a fucking party, lads.
It is now you're here.
Where's the Where's the fucking booze? In the kitchen.
All the booze is in the kitchen.
All right.
God gives a man wealth, possessions and honour, but God steps in and says, "No, this is grievous, mindless evil!" Where is he, Jeremiah? In heaven, looking down.
God tells us that blood is given to him from us.
Why don't you turn the fucking lights on, eh? Well, there's no longer any power in the house of Thomas Shelby.
Why not? What do you mean? What happened? I thought there were going to be girls here.
Who need girls when you're in a house bound for hell? Fuck d'ya mean? Hey.
What the fuck do you mean? [GUN COCKS.]
Fuck! Fuck! We can do whatever we want in this house.
It's got a death sentence.
I don't want a drink.
I want to go dig up those fucking bodies, yeah? - Billy? - Yeah? Got to wait until all the bodies are buried before you start digging them back up.
What the fuck does that mean? I'm a fucking Shelby.
So am I.
He's here.
Step back and give me a bit of light there, boys.
Charge is set to blow in 30 minutes.
That's at exactly 16.
Everybody got that? I'll do it.
This is between me and Tommy.
I'll do it with my own hand.
I'll come with you.
Yeah, don't slam any doors.
It's just a pity you didn't have the guts to shoot him face to face.
My mother was a Gypsy.
She saw the future.
She always said it won't be a bullet that'll kill Tommy Shelby.
Hey, lads.
Over by the bridge.
Big, big fish.
Go on.
Take the gun, Finn.
Arthur says if you don't do it, then you can walk away from this family for good.
What the fuck do you know about family? You're not family! You're the son of a fucking whore! Just take the gun and do it, Finn.
Take the fucking gun.
Now you have the gun, Finn, you have the gun.
Use it on these fucks! [GUN CLICKS.]
- Argh! Charlie Strong told me, "When you give Finn the gun, "make sure the first two chambers are empty.
Good old Uncle Charlie.
You are no longer a member of this Shelby family.
By order of the Peaky fucking Blinders.
I will come for you.
I will fucking come for you! [JEREMIAH PREACHES IN THE DISTANCE.]
That find me faulting them who govern like dogs in Garrison Lane.
Hear this, then came Jesus forth wearing the crown of thorns and the purple robe, and Pilate said, "Behold the man, "he is the man.
" Not the Peaky Blinders! We see them in the automobiles, with their whores and their [PREACHING CONTINUES.]
Order your man to drop it.
Order him.
Empty the fucking gun.
Tell him.
You all right, Charlie? All good here, Arthur.
Let's move.
Take you out to the street cos I don't want to spoil my pub.
You'd shoot us like dogs? No.
I don't shoot dogs.
I shoot fucking fascists.
Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! [LAURA WHISTLES.]
Oh, Lord! Time for the chosen one to reveal himself.
CHILD: Let's go and see! Kids, no, come here.
I said, come here! What have I told you about running off? Don't pick up things.
Come here, come on.
Emily! Emily, come on.
If you get lost in the fog, the Peaky Blinders will get you.
Jeremiah let's charm the old keepsake from Passchendaele.
Come here.
Her name was Elizabeth Gray.
She was my Aunt Polly.
My Aunt Polly.
Vengeance is for the Lord Not in Small Heath, it ain't.
Rest in peace, Pol.
Leave us, Uncle Charlie.
We're still in France.
I see him coming out of the fog.
How was the flight? They say it's the future, I'm not so sure.
Hello, Michael.
Give me another.
We want you to take us to where the opium is being stored.
And then we will provide you with a banker's draft for the full amount.
$5 million.
$5 million.
Let's go.
I'll go with Tommy.
You boys follow behind.
Ah, shit.
Forgot my cigarettes.
Mum it's done.
It's over.
And may God forgive me.
Johnny! Johnny, where are you? I switched the ticker like you said, Tom.
Tell me I've done a good thing here, Tom.
Goodbye, Michael.
Goodbye, Johnny.
You're a good man.
I'm going to go look at the fog, Tom.
Speak to me.
Speak to me, Michael.
- You killed her.
- Polly made her own choices, Michael.
No No-one close to you makes a choice without your opinion, Tom.
Not Arthur, not me, not Ada.
We can't escape you.
Your lethal hand is always on our shoulders.
Polly was half of me.
Still visits me in my dreams.
She'll visit me no more.
I have no limitations.
I smell the smell of roasting Irishmen.
Oh, yes, hello.
- I also smell the smell of tobacco, which is forbidden in my presence for all except for one, my new wife, Edna.
The Irish being rendered to smoke and fat, I now own half of Boston, so, out of respect for my restored authority put the fucking cigarette out now, Tommy.
Hello, Alfie.
I heard it was a good wedding.
Yeah, it was, actually.
Thank you.
Edna's from a family circus.
So, after the ketubah and the old swapping of rings and the smashing of glass, we left aboard elephants! Yeah, it was quite a thing.
They had to shut down Camden High Street, and even the Gentile what normally fucking hate me, they waved with their hankies.
And housekeeping.
Long overdue.
Yeah, look at that little cunt ascending, he's ascending to the heavens! Right in front of us.
Before our very eyes.
I can see with this eye.
I'm not blind.
This eye is the eye of a dead man.
Dead men can see through life like it was a curtain that billows with the flicker of truth upon it.
And I can see with this eye, Tommy, that your nephew is ascending, and he will be forgiven.
Unlike you, who, on Judgment Day, is probably truly fucked when the other shoe drops.
Hmm? All right, Tommy? How are you keeping? You know, Alfie so many people, so many times going to so much trouble to kill me.
I'm fucking dying anyway.
We're all dying anyway.
Not a bullet, not a bomb, not a knife.
Is it clap? Is it clap? No, not even that noble.
What are you trying to say? I'm about to sign over half of fucking Camden Town to you as part of this deal.
Are you saying you're just going to die in your bed? I'm not going to die in bed, Alfie.
Who fucking dies in bed? Good people die in their bed, Tommy.
Good people.
- Good people, eh? - Hmm.
Good people.
And yet here we are, Alfie, after all this time, just you and me.
And I crossed the line.
Tommy, if you are about to express profound emotion, you might be better served expressing it to someone who gives a fuck, or perhaps to somebody who is being paid to pretend to have to.
Like a fucking nurse.
Or a priest! Someone.
And as for death, speaking as someone who has been dead for a number of years, I can only heartily recommend it.
Well, Alfie, your opera is complete.
Shall we go and witness the final act? Whenever you're ready, boys.
That's enough.
Thank you all for coming.
Well, at least I can say that, er I am one of those rare politicians who actually makes good on his promises.
Country estate, requisitioned to make way for houses for working people.
I improved my own home with good intentions and 1,500lb of dynamite.
Now I'm back where we began with horses and caravans vagabonds and thieves.
Frances, sit down, please.
I'd like to raise a toast.
A simple toast.
To family.
- To family.
- To family.
Sometimes it is shelter from the storm.
Sometimes it is the storm itself.
I'm planning on going away for a bit.
After I'm gone Ada in this family it was you who was born to be a politician, not me.
Remember that.
And if ever a seat is to become available in this ugly old city, you should run.
Where's Arthur? He went for a walk down the river.
He said he's not good at farewells so he's decided to go catch a trout instead.
He told me to tell you that "Where you're going, Tommy, there will I be ".
very soon.
Love, Arthur.
" How does Arthur know where you're going, Tommy? You watch him, Linda.
You love him.
Charles, I want you to look after your mum.
You tell her I'm sorry, you hear me? I want you to be the bes Exactly how long are you going away for, Tommy? Thanks, Curly.
Tom, the horse.
Shut up, Curly.
Is she hitched, Johnny? Tommy, you tell me right now, where are you going? You have to carry the bucket on your own this time, Ada.
Tommy, you come to me with everything.
- You always come to me.
- Not this time.
Not this one, sister.
What the fuck does that mean? Where are you going? Tommy! My eyes are open wide - And now I see you - Without your robes on [CROW CAWS.]
Without your crown [CROW CAWS.]
I don't want to hate you [HE GROANS.]
I don't want to bear The kind of fascination That gets in my way The door that opens wide My high-up altar Oh, heaven help me Is that the time? Beginning Without end Never lost Never die Unending [HORSE SNORTS.]
A beam of light A tunnel In my mind As it opens wide With a filter on the lens She sees everything I do She sees everything I do And without my shirt on Over broken glass I am dancing for pennies I am staring straight ahead A view that is so wide It's gonna break It's like it holds me in its gaze If I go It's because It's happened once before And now it's starting all again As it opens wide Forget everything you knew Forget everything you knew As it opens wide Wide Like a newborn child Like a newborn child Like a newborn child A child A child [GUN COCKS.]
A child Like a child A child [HORSE WHINNIES.]
In the bleak midwinter Dad Dad, come out, come out! Dad, it's me.
Did Polly send you? Did Polly send you? Or am I dead already? No.
You're not dead.
You're not even sick.
But I am, my darling.
I'm sick.
Sick like you was.
Not true.
I know it.
You've got to live, Daddy.
You let the fire go out.
Light the fire again and get warm, and you will see that you must live.
You're not even sick, Daddy.
Fucking Gypsies.
Have you thrown the tinkers off the top field yet? Well, I went up to the caravan, sir, but there was no-one there.
Well, go back up there and set fire to the fucking thing.
Yes, sir.
Have you filled the car with petrol? I said, have you filled the car up with petrol? How was the wedding in Berlin? I hear Chancellor Hitler himself was the best man.
You've been my doctor now for three years.
Never knew you were so well connected.
Oh, and the doctor at St Thomas's who you sent me to for the second opinion, second set of X-rays? A maid of honour at the same wedding.
All so very well fucking connected.
On your knees, Holford.
I'm guessing you people all decided that the only person who could ever kill Tommy Shelby is Tommy Shelby himself.
You made me believe death was coming.
Let my nature do the rest, eh? You may not have tuberculoma, Mr Shelby, but you are sick.
I know you.
You are sick with guilt.
Sick of death at your own hand.
Sick of who you were.
You are no longer the kind of man who would kill another man in cold blood.
Tommy, you have been on a journey from the backstreets to the corridors of power.
You cannot go back.
You are a different man.
The gun no longer belongs in your hand.
Oh, but I am back.
Back from under the ground.
Close your eyes.
SOFTLY: Close your eyes.
The eleventh hour.
Peace at last.
Peace at last.
All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done? All the tired horses in the sun How am I supposed to get any riding done?
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