Peppa Pig (2004) s01e17 Episode Script

Frogs and Worms and Butterflies

Peppa and George are helping
Grandpa Pig in his garden
What a beautiful butterfly
Grandpa, why do butterflies like flowers?
They get their food from flowers
They have very long tongues
Longer than mine?
Oh, yes, the butterfly's tongue
is even longer than yours
She uses it to drink from the flower
Peppa, the butterfly thinks you're a flower
I'm not a flower! I'm Peppa Pig!
She is so pretty. I want to be a butterfly
Peppa is playing at being a butterfly
I'm a little butterfly!
George wants to play, too
George, I'm the butterfly.
You have to be something else
I know. You can be a wriggly worm
Look, look! I'm a butterfly
Oh dear. George does not want to
be a worm. He wants to be a butterfly
George, when I was a little piggy,
I used to like playing at being a worm
It's very easy to be a worm.
I'll show you how
First, you have to lie down on the ground
Then, you wriggle around
I'm a wriggly worm!
George and Grandpa Pig are having
such fun being wriggly worms
I'm a little butterfly.
I'm a little butterfly!
Look, look. I'm a butterfly
Yes, Peppa, you're a beautiful butterfly
Grandpa, George, what are you doing?
We are wriggly worms
I want to be a wriggly worm, too
I'm a wriggly worm
I'm a wriggly worm
I'm a wriggly worm
I'm a wriggly worm
How do you do? I love you.
I'm a wriggly worm
That was fun. What animal
do you want to be now?
Hmm. I don't know
Look, Grandpa! There's a little frog
Why don't you play at being frogs?
Hmm, frogs are not as pretty as
butterflies or as wriggly as worms
But frogs do play a game you like
Hmm. Do frogs play dolls' houses?
Silly Peppa. What's your favorite game?
Jumping in muddy puddles!
Yes. Frogs love jumping in muddy puddles
Yes, George! Let's play frogs
I'm a little froggy. I'm a little froggy
The froggies have found a nice big
muddy puddle to play in
Peppa and George love jumping up
and down in muddy puddles
Everyone loves jumping up
and down in muddy puddles
Butterflies and worms are very nice.
But I like frogs the best
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