Peppa Pig (2004) s01e21 Episode Script

Mummy Pig's birthday

Today is Mummy Pig’s birthday.
Daddy Pig has made
Mummy Pig breakfast in bed.
Happy Birthday, Mummy Pig.
Peppa and George have made
Mummy Pig a birthday card.
Happy Birthday, Mummy.
Oh, what a lovely birthday surprise.
And there are more surprises to come.
Enjoy your birthday breakfast.
Take your time.
Mmm, yummy.
Quick, we have to get
everything else ready.
Daddy Pig has made
a birthday cake for Mummy Pig.
We’ve just got to
put the candles on.
One, two
Here I come.
Mummy Pig has finished
her birthday breakfast.
Mummy’s coming.
Oh, no. We’re not ready yet.
Who is it?
It’s Mummy. Can I come in?
No, no.
Is there something secret going on?
No. Nothing’s going on.
But you can’t come in.
I see.
Mummy Pig,
why don’t you relax in the sitting room?
That sounds nice.
Well, it is your birthday.
OK, Peppa.
I think I know where the sitting room is.
Here’s a nice magazine.
Thank you, Peppa.
And here’s some pretty music.
Thank you, Peppa.
We need the same number
of candles as Mummy’s age.
One, two, three.
Oh, dear.
We haven’t got nearly enough candles.
Daddy, how old is Mummy?
I’ll whisper it in your ear.
Wow! Really old.
You know,
I think three candles will be fine.
Mummy Pig’s birthday cake is ready.
We just have to put up
the decorations in the sitting room.
Hello, Mummy.
Ah, there you all are.
I was getting a little bored.
Mummy, would you like to have
a nice walk in the garden.
Do I have any choice?
Bye-bye, Mummy.
Have a lovely walk.
We’ll call you when it’s safe
to come back in.
I’d forgotten what hard
work birthdays were.
Daddy Pig, Peppa and
George are decorating the sitting room.
This is fun.
Granny Pig and Grandpa Pig
have arrived for Mummy Pig’s birthday.
Happy Birthday, Mummy Pig.
Aren’t you coming inside?
Oh, I can’t come in yet.
Daddy Pig, Peppa and George
are doing secret things for my birthday.
How lovely. See you later.
Mummy, would you like to come inside now?
I’d love to.
Close your eyes.
Keep your eyes closed, Mummy.
One, two, three open your eyes!
Happy Birthday, Mummy Pig.
What a lovely surprise.
Blow the candles out, and make a wish.
Mummy, Mummy, open your present.
Can you guess what it is?
I’ve no idea.
Open it and see.
It’s a beautiful dress.
You’re beautiful, Mummy.
Now you just need
somewhere nice to wear it.
What’s this?
Two tickets to the theatre. Tonight.
Thank you.
Mummy Pig loves going to the theatre.
And Granny Pig and I are going to
babysit the little ones.
What a super birthday.
I’m the luckiest Mummy in the whole world.
And the most beautiful.
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