Peppa Pig (2004) s02e18 Episode Script

Foggy Day

Peppa and George are going to
the playground today
Should we drive to the playground?
No, let’s walk
Look. It’s just over there
The playground is quite close
OK, let’s walk
This way, everyone
We’re going to the playground!
We’re going to the playground!
Oh. Where has the sky gone?
Don’t worry, Peppa. It’s just fog
What’s 'fog'?
Fog is a cloud that is on the ground
instead of in the sky
It’s very thick fog
I can’t see a thing
Mmmm maybe we should go back home
Yes, we’ll go to the playground another day
It is too foggy to find the playground,
so Peppa and George have to go back home
Now, which way is home?
Are we lost, Daddy Pig?
Don’t worry. I know exactly where we are
This way
Oof! Who put that tree there?
Daddy Pig has walked into a tree
Are you okay, Daddy Pig?
Yes, I’m fine
This way
Daddy Pig, do you know where you’re going?
Yes, of course I do
I don’t think we’ll ever
find our house again
I’m sure we will, Peppa
We’re only in our garden
Quack, quack, quack
Oh, it’s the ducks
Quack, quack
Hello, Mrs Duck. Have you lost your pond?
We’re lost too
We are not lost.
I know exactly where we are
See you later, ducks.
Good luck finding your pond Whoa!
Daddy Pig has found the duck pond
That’s lucky
Yes, what a stroke of luck
Quack, quack
Daddy, Mrs Duck says, “Thank you”
You’re most welcome, Mrs Duck
Now, let’s find our house
I’m sure it’s this way
Did you hear something?
Yes. I thought I hear someone say
It’s Mummy Rabbit with Rebecca and Richard
Hello, Peppa. We’re lost
Hello, Rebecca. We’re lost too
We wanted to go to the playground
So did we, but it’s too foggy to get there
Come on, everyone.
Back to our house until the fog clears
Daddy Pig, do you know where you’re going?
Yes, of course I do
This way
Yes, Daddy Pig
Aha! I’ve found our little hill
We’ll soon be home
Our house should be just about here
Daddy Pig has found a ladder
That’s strange.
We don’t have a ladder in our garden
Goodness me!
Can you see where we are, Daddy Pig?
Yes, I can
Daddy, where are we?
Why don’t you have a look?
Wow! I can see everything again
The fog is going away
We’re at the playground
We’re at the playground!
We’re at the playground!
Seesaw. Seesaw
Daddy! Mummy! We’re at the playground
Well, that’s lucky.
But I thought we were trying to get home
So did I
Maybe we did get a bit lost after all
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