Peppa Pig (2004) s02e24 Episode Script

George Catches a Cold

Today it is raining a little bit
Peppa, George, put your rain clothes on
When it rains, Peppa and George
must wear their rain clothes
George does not like wearing his rain hat
George, you must keep your hat on
Because you must keep dry
Because you might catch a cold
George, do you want to play in the garden?
Then keep your hat on
Come on, George!
Peppa and George are going to
jump in muddy puddles
George does not want to wear his rain hat
Peppa! George!
Come inside!
The rain's too heavy to play in now!
Oh, George. Where's your hat?
George has caught a cold
Oh, poor little George.
You don't sound well
Don't worry. I'll ring Dr. Brown Bear
Dr. Brown Bear speaking
I see
Put George to bed,
and I'll be straight round
Thank you, Dr. Brown Bear. Goodbye
Will George be taken to
hospital and given medicine?
No, George just has to go to bed
Oh, so George is not really, properly ill?
Eugh! That's disgusting!
Poor George. Let's get you straight to bed
George, you have to stay in bed for a bit
George does not want to stay in bed
George, you have to stay in bed
until you are better
Because you have to keep warm
Uhh, because Dr. Brown bear said so
Hello. Where's my patient?
Open wide and say, "Ahh"
George is a little bit worried
Hmm. Peppa, you're big and brave.
Can you show George how to say, "Ahh"?
Of course
Mm. George has caught a cold
Does George need medicine?
No, but he can have some nice,
warm milk at bedtime to help him sleep
Thank you, Dr. Brown Bear
You're welcome. Goodbye!
George has been in bed all day.
Now it is Peppa's bedtime
George, are you better?
George is not better
George, please don't sneeze so loudly
Ugh! This is impossible!
George, here's some nice,
warm milk to help you sleep
The warm milk makes George
feel very, very sleepy
Goodnight, my little piggies
It's so nice and quiet
It is morning
George has slept very well
George is better
Come on, everyone. It's a lovely, sunny day
George is wearing his rain hat.
He doesn't want to catch another cold
Oh, George, you don't need to wear your hat
Because it's hot and sunny
George, can you stop saying
"why" all the time?
George certainly is better
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