Peppa Pig (2004) s03e27 Episode Script

Freddy Fox

Peppa and her friends are
playing at Rebecca Rabbit's house
Let's play hide and seek
We'll all hide, and Peppa can find us
One, two
Everyone must find a hiding place
before Peppa counts to ten
Danny and Candy are hiding in
the branches of a little tree
Zoe, Pedro, and Rebecca
are hiding behind a fence
Suzy and Emily are hiding behind a bush
nine, ten!
Ready or not, here I come!
I know where you are!
Peppa cannot find anyone
This is impossible!
Freddy Fox has come to play
Hello, Freddy!
Hello, Peppa! What are you doing?
We're playing hide and seek,
but I can't find anyone
Shall I find them for you?
You can try, but it's impossible
Watch this
Found you!
Oh! Hello, Freddy!
Aha! There you are!
Freddy Fox has found everyone!
How did you do that?
I'm good at smelling
What's smelling got to do with it?
I can find you by sniffing your smell
I'm not smelly! I had a bath last night!
I know! You smell nice!
I could even find you with my eyes closed
Go on then. Find Suzy
with your eyes closed
Hide, Suzy!
One, two, three
Suzy is looking for somewhere to hide
six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
Ready or not, here I come!
Freddy is looking for Suzy
with his eyes closed
He is sniffing where Suzy has walked
Around the tree, behind
a little bush, and back up the hill
Found you!
All thanks to my nose!
It's a super nose!
Yes, it is!
Has everything got a smell?
Oh, yes. Everything has a different smell
What do I smell of?
You smell of flowers and Wellington boots
What do I smell of?
You smell of wet grass and biscuits
What do I smell of?
Bananas and jam
What do I smell of?
Milk and fish fingers
What do I smell of?
Pedro, you smell of toothpaste
What's your favorite smell?
What is the worst thing
you have ever smelled?
Blue cheese
Phoo wee!
It's nearly dinner time
How do you know?
I can smell carrot soup
I can smell carrot soup, too
And me!
Dinner's ready!
Come and get your carrot soup!
Everyone is enjoying
Mummy Rabbit's carrot soup
This soup is yummy!
Who can that be?
Mr. Fox is coming to take Freddy home
Mmm. I can smell dinner!
Oh! Mr. Fox, hello!
Hello, Mummy Rabbit!
Hello, Dad! I've just had my
dinner down the rabbit hole!
Good lad!
And can you guess what's for pudding?
Smells nice. I'd say strawberry jelly
That's right!
Mr. Fox loves smelling things
Everyone loves smelling things
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