Person of Interest s04e18 Episode Script


We are being watched.
The government has a secret system.
A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.
I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything.
Violent crimes involving ordinary people.
The government considers these people irrelevant.
We don't.
Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.
You will never find us.
But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.
Professor Whistler.
Beth Bridges, hello.
I've been eager to meet you.
You're sure you installed it in her computer? Quite sure.
Elizabeth Bridges.
Samaritan is becoming very interested in her algorithms.
We're eager to meet you.
See you in a month.
Twenty thousand buy-in.
Welcome to the game.
- Let me get you a drink.
- Thanks a lot.
I raise you 50,000.
- Hi, Ray.
- Welcome.
We raise 60.
- I call.
- Cards.
Full house.
I confess to some relief, Mr.
I was starting to wonder what we'd do if you lost all our money.
Relax, Finch.
Trust the poker face.
Congratulations, sir.
I was hoping you'd beat Toby.
The girls tell me he's a terrible tipper.
Meet our new number.
Francesca "Frankie" Wells, born and raised in Hammerton, Florida.
Population 8000.
She arrived four days ago and tonight is her first turn as hostess at your semi-illicit card game.
- And her new boss? - Ray No last name, man of mystery.
Oh, jeez, I am so, so sorry.
Um - You are so fired.
- Let me get you a shirt.
- Stop.
- I really need this job.
Come on, come on.
Let's go.
He's got a temper.
- Please, please.
- It's okay, everybody.
We just found our perp.
We're taking a ride, Ray.
Frankie, you okay? Back off.
He's mine.
Let him go.
- Enough.
- Drop it, drop the gun.
Oh, thank God.
Easy, now.
I'm a cop.
I'm just reaching for my badge.
She stole my badge.
I've missed you, Harold.
Long time no see.
Is something going on? - You seem distracted.
- Not distracted.
Going to have coffee with someone that Professor Whistler met at a conference in Hong Kong months ago.
A female someone, judging by the color in your cheeks.
Good day, Ms.
Thank you.
Flint, this is good news.
When will you begin the field test on your system? As soon as you send us a completed algorithm.
My employer is very pleased with your progress, Ms.
The next tranche of funds has been wired to your account.
Thank you so much.
Nine-fourteen, Harold.
You're a minute early.
Just in time to hear some good news? I was just talking to my angel investor about my situational analysis project.
Your so-called predictive algorithm, yes.
We are finally going live.
As soon as I give them this drive they're going to install my algorithm in their system.
In the system? Congratulations.
When are you gonna be sending it to them? Oh, day after tomorrow.
I still have a little final tinkering to do.
Have dinner with me tomorrow night.
We'll celebrate.
Oh, I'd like that.
I promise to tease you about precautionary principles all night.
Oh, Dr.
Detective Riley, hi.
Are you all right? - Sure, you? - Yes.
Well, I just I've been wanting to talk to you, actually, about our therapy sessions.
John, I have to end them.
I'm referring you to Doug Trujillo.
He's terrific.
You're firing me as a patient? Look, does this have to do with our last session? I told you about some violence in my past.
Maybe you're just upset.
The reasons for this are not important.
What is important is that you continue the work we've started.
- What aren't you telling me? - Nothing.
I'm sorry, detective.
- Ouch.
How many guys? - Oh, it was just the one woman.
Also, she stole my badge.
Oh, that's real bad, partner.
They suspend you for that kind of thing.
So let's go find her.
Frankie Wells.
Which may be an alias.
All the information Finch and I thought we had turns out it's all been faked.
Pretty good fake to fool Glasses.
One bright spot, though.
She did drop her phone.
This is her boss.
Guy goes by Ray.
She tried to kidnap him.
Good surveillance job.
Yeah, and these photos go back days before Frankie started working for Ray.
She's hunting him.
Skilled at surveillance.
And she fights like a pro.
Could be he's at one of these places.
Six addresses, couple of bodegas, a bar.
All sketchy spots.
Where someone with a badge can get all the cooperation she needs.
Let's reach out and see if Detective Riley has happened by any of them.
Did you text me a new number earlier? Yeah, can you handle that? - I'm a little busy right now.
- This is very important.
The new number, when did it come in exactly? About 9:15 this morning.
Why? - Finch? - I'll call you later, Mr.
Detective Riley.
I'm looking for a girl called Athena.
She's with a guy named Ray.
And I'm looking for my badge.
How the hell did you find me? Crap.
- You're under arrest.
- Arrest? Idiot.
I'm after Ray Pratt.
That sleazeball from the poker game.
He skipped bail in Florida on conspiracy charges.
- And I'm taking him back.
- You're a bounty hunter.
Yeah, what did you think? Why would Ray Pratt come here? Because thanks to you, he knows I'm onto him.
He'll be trying to leave the country, and for that he needs falsified papers.
Good ones.
The list on your phone? Six of the best places to get counterfeit IDs.
I hear the real expert is the one who works out of this bar.
Her online handle is Athena.
- She's gotta be around here somewhere.
- You two need a room? Shut up.
Ray! Ray, get in.
Athena? Hey, Riley.
You know her? Yeah, and her name's not Athena.
Come on.
So Athena's real name is Harper Rose? Not exactly.
Harper's not really her name.
We just call her that.
She, uh, likes the sound of it.
Likes the sound of it? Are you impaired, Johnny? I like you, but you're the one who needs to answer questions.
And prove who you are.
Bail contract's in my pocket.
Ray Pratt, skipped bail three months ago.
Charged with conspiracy to commit various crimes with one Carlton I.
Worthy's a casino mogul who's into gambling and prostitution.
Ray Pratt ran all of his operations, but Pratt got caught.
He's due in Broward County Court on Wednesday.
Or his bail is forfeit and I owe the court a million bucks.
I don't have a million bucks, gentlemen.
I'll lose everything.
I'll go broke.
Now I'm gonna have to start all over and track down this Harper chick.
I'll see you later.
Hold up.
I'm not letting you go out there alone.
We have reason to believe that your life's in danger.
Danger? Oh, jeez, whatever will I do? - I'll put you in a cell.
- Heh.
You'll try.
I am the best hope you have of finding Harper.
Usually you're the one sneaking up on me.
I was surprised you called, Harry.
What's up? Hmm.
Elizabeth Bridges.
- She looks nice.
- My breakfast companion.
Her number came up at the moment I sat down with her.
You triggered it somehow.
Think it's possible that the threat could be Samaritan? No, because if it were, you'd be dead.
I can't protect Ms.
Bridges alone.
I need your help.
Anything you're not telling me? Of course not, so will you assist me or not? You know I'd do anything for you, Harold.
Anything- She goes by Harper Rose or maybe Fiona Dubois.
Anything? No recent arrests.
Oh, thanks anyway.
Yeah, I owe you one.
I didn't see you there.
Who's the ginger? Nobody.
And no luck with Harper.
- Nobody's seen her.
- How'd you meet? She stole medical-marijuana cash.
Pissed off one of the cartels.
- So Harper's got game.
- Harper, Athena, Fiona.
She's got dozens of identities.
A different scam for every name.
It's tough to chase someone like that.
I need data.
What else do you know about her? We've come a long way since our first field trip together, haven't we? When you kidnapped me and killed two people? A bit.
Even then I was in awe of you.
The man who created God.
- I never thought - What? We'd be friends.
Now I can't imagine what the world would be like without you.
What I would be like.
- I'll go bluejack her phone.
- No, no, too risky.
I've learned Ms.
Bridges' research has attracted the interest of other parties.
Like Greer.
Flag on the play, Harold.
She's in business with Samaritan's sock puppet? An unfortunate coincidence.
That you neglected to mention.
You yourself said our foe was irrelevant here.
- Yes? - Hi, Harold.
Tomorrow how do you feel about trying this new sushi place in the village? That's That'll be fine, Beth.
Pick you up at 8.
You like her.
What are you doing here? Are you following me? Liz, I just want to talk.
We may have found our threat, Harold.
- You should go.
- Absolutely not.
What if she sees you? I'll get close to listen and report back.
Don't worry, I've got this.
Hey, hey.
Anybody seen Isabel? Heard she has bottle service with a dozen hedge-fund dweebs.
- Opportunity knocks.
- Hi, Fiona.
Isabel couldn't make it after all.
Good night.
Hello, Harper.
- Where's Ray Pratt? - No idea.
I told him to hide out and not tell me where.
Until you have his ID ready? The high-end fakes take time.
Gotta pay off DMV guys.
Maybe even someone at the post office regarding passports.
When Ray gets his ID, he'll flee the country for good.
Little girl, believe me when I say I won't let that happen.
It's just business.
Why don't you guys chase that Carlton Worthy dude? It sounds more challenging.
Harper, you will tell us where Ray Pratt is, or I will arrest you.
For what? I saw a crazy bitch chasing Ray, so I saved him.
- Do you wanna go, really? - Stop.
We're leaving.
Say good night, Frankie.
- What the hell? - Trust me.
And then Beth turned in for the night.
And that man? He left right after you did.
I took photos.
Lionel promised to help run them tomorrow.
I do love surveillance.
Oh, dear.
What's going on? Harper has to get rid of the fake papers.
When she does, we'll be following.
You should've let me kick her narrow ass.
God, I hate pantyhose.
I bluejacked two of Harper's phones.
- I couldn't pair the third, though.
- Because I bluejacked her first.
Hey, she's making a call.
Dash, it's Athena.
Have the papers ready.
Heading to your location.
Me and my client.
Harper has Ray with her.
She lied.
Go figure.
There she is.
Go, go, go.
Where the hell is she going? Just stay back and be patient.
Why? We know Ray's there.
Watch and learn, Johnny.
Look out.
- Stay here.
- Yeah, right.
- Don't shoot.
- Pratt's not here.
She told me I could have the car.
Not bad.
I know.
John! Get off me! Ms.
I'm Mr.
- How are you doing? - Unh.
Oh, good.
You're up.
It's a shame Ray wasn't in that car, Ms.
Here I was following you all day, and you let that girl, Athena, trick you.
My bad.
Where's my boy REY? How the hell should I know? You want him so bad you'd risk kidnapping a cop? Ray stole from me.
One hundred thousand dollars.
Can you imagine? There's just no integrity anymore.
And I don't wanna live in a world with no integrity, do you, Ms.
Wells? You should let her go.
Someone like you always has another lead.
Something in your back pocket.
Ray Pratt, where is he? - I don't know, Mr.
Worthy, I swear.
- You're lying to me, Ms.
You've got 10 minutes to change her mind, detective.
Then these gentlemen will kill you both.
Your office break-in, Harold.
Tell me the truth.
I worry that the break-in may be related to a side project of mine.
I knew that Samaritan would become interested in Beth's research.
So in Hong Kong I gained access to her computer.
And installed something.
I built a narrow Al.
One that could provide a back door into our enemy itself.
Transmitting data from the inside.
You used her algorithm as a Trojan horse hoping it would eventually be installed in Samaritan.
Groves, I was right.
It will be installed, mere days from now.
I've left the Trojan horse dormant to avoid discovery.
This activates it.
I need to get it close to her laptop, which I'll do tonight at dinner.
- Harold.
- It can only transmit a tiny amount of data, maybe a few megs.
But it's data from Samaritan's core heuristics.
It's DNA.
You may be able to find a way to cripple it.
The program can only be used once.
Our enemy will trace the data stream and try to destroy whoever is wielding the device but it could make a difference in this war.
Dangerous and bold.
That's my Harry.
But breaking into my office how was that related? - Maybe it's not.
- What's your problem? Our marriage is over.
I don't wanna see you again.
Go back to London and stop embarrassing yourself.
See why you like her, Harry.
This is all good news.
Clearly the himbo trashed your office.
A jealous ex? It's classic.
Beth's number came up because he was watching the two of you have coffee.
Perhaps you're right.
JFK Airport.
An extra 50 if you break every speed limit.
Well, my work here is done.
- I should go.
ls there a problem? Can I help? You're a good friend, Harold.
But this one I have to do alone.
Come on, Lee, go get the hacksaw.
You might wanna work faster.
Blade's too big.
Deke, you let me down.
You name your knives? No, Deacon's my big brother.
He gave it to me.
He in Florida? He's dead.
A mugging gone wrong.
Help me find a paper clip or something, will you? Growing up, we were no-shoes poor.
Kids made fun of us.
This kid Joe used to beat me up every damn day until Deacon broke Joe's arm.
He said, "Some people need to be made truly sorry.
" That's why I like skip tracing.
To catch people who did wrong and make them truly sorry.
- Ah.
Got it.
- They're coming.
- Not bad.
- I know.
What is it with you and me and handcuffs? Aw.
Come on.
Worthy was right.
I am a liar.
And I have to catch Ray myself.
I'm sorry, John.
This is Beth's room, Harold.
Why are you here? I was concerned, Ms.
You seemed Why are you here? I just wanted to make sure we were right about her ex-husband being the threat.
You should probably hightail it.
Beth could come back any minute.
Really, Harold.
You should go.
The threat to Beth's life is it you? Yes, Harold.
I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kill her.
We have to find Ray.
That's where Frankie is.
I got an idea on that.
Before Ray moved to Florida, he worked for his uncle here.
A dry-dock business down the shore.
Seasonal business, so it's closed now.
Perfect place to hide.
That's Frankie's lead.
We need to move quick.
The cops in Florida have Pratt under conspiracy racket.
But I think he's a killer.
I was looking into Worthy's hotels down in Florida.
Last year, a couple months before Ray got arrested this accountant got his throat slashed.
Brutal work.
Cops said it was a mugging.
No one connected Ray to the death.
- But you did.
- Ray was his boss.
Argued with him.
Next day, the accountant ended up in an alley with his throat slashed.
Frankie could be in trouble.
And Harper.
Hello? Hey, Pratt! Hey, gorgeous.
You got them? DL, passport, birth certificate and ticket to Brazil.
You leave at 5.
Come on up.
You followed me to coffee with Beth.
It was you watching us.
Not her ex-husband.
- And my office? - Trashed it.
I was looking for that activation device.
So you knew before I told you what my plan was.
I knew enough.
You told me the rest.
Only you would have the audacity, Harold.
Sneaking past Zeus to steal fire.
But inevitably, you'll be discovered.
Samaritan will link Harold with Beth, and minutes later it will murder you.
All because you'll see her tonight and activate that program.
She's gonna get you killed, Harold.
That's why she has to die.
Please, you mustn't do this, Ms.
It's a neurotoxin.
I promise I'll make sure her death is painless.
Yeah, Fusco? No luck finding Harper.
And I haven't found anything about the death of Deacon Sanders.
Hang on.
The accountant's name is Deacon? A stupid name, right? Who died in an apparent mugging.
Damn it, none of this is what we thought.
Ray isn't the perp here.
I need you to look into Deacon Sanders' family in Florida.
And do it now.
Nice doing business.
That'll be 50 large.
I got something better.
My insurance against Worthy, every illegal transaction for the past two years.
Names and numbers.
I'm cash and carry, babe.
Take it or leave it.
Hi, Ray.
You should go.
Watch your back, Barbie.
Ray's a sociopath.
I know.
Say goodbye, Ray.
Harold, this is chloral hydrate.
I'm gonna put you out.
Making you watch would be cruel.
Don't do this.
Beth should be back by now.
I bet she stopped at Veniero's.
- She loves their cannoli.
- Why kill her? Why didn't you just tell me not to see her? I knew you'd never stop.
This plan of yours means too much to you.
No, it's It's better to let Beth die of a heart attack.
This won't hurt, I promise.
My plan does mean too much, too much to kill her.
If you do, my program will fail.
This could be a real weapon.
It's worth risking my life.
- You're too important.
- My value to the machine is irrelevant.
You're too important to me.
The machine didn't tell you to do this.
She told me not to.
I thought I could sacrifice everyone, I really did.
Win some, lose some, right? It's for a good cause, but But it turns out I can't lose you, Harold.
Not you and Shaw.
So you will kill this woman to save my life? It will all be over very soon.
No, Harold! There is no need to kill her if I'm already dead.
I'm Frankie Wells, your new bail bondsman.
I have a license to hunt you down.
Contract says I have to get you to court by Wednesday.
It doesn't say I have to get you there alive.
You shot at me, I fired back in self-defense.
And why is it you want me dead? Because you killed her brother.
Deacon Sanders.
The accountant at Worthy's hotel in Florida.
Hi, Johnny.
Hi, Frankie.
After you got arrested, I realized the mugging had to be you.
Deacon found out that you were stealing from Worthy.
Idiot came at me with questions about the books said he wanted to do the right thing.
I was putting together a murder case to take to the cops when you skipped.
That when I realized I had to handle this myself.
Ordinarily I'd ask if you were sorry now.
Truly sorry that you killed my brother.
But I know better now.
A sociopath can't be sorry.
So I guess I'm gonna have to be sorry for both of us.
No, no.
All right.
Ain't this a hell of a thing? - Ray, let her go.
- You should listen to him.
What the hell? Ray! I told you there'd be a reckoning.
You disappoint me, Harold.
- How long do I have? - Hi.
My friend needs to get to the hospital in 11 minutes or he's dead.
I won't go.
When they come, I won't go.
And legally, they can't force me.
Worthy doesn't care if the girl gets caught in the cross fire.
Okay, I got this.
You wanna get out of here alive, Pratt? Careful.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
Everybody ready to make a deal? - A deal? - That's right.
You want Ray dead.
But what you need is your freedom.
This is Ray's insurance policy against you.
Puts you in prison for 10 years.
What if I give it to you and you get to walk out of here? I'm listening.
You wanna go to Brazil, but believe me, that ain't happening.
What's happening in the next 10 minutes is you'll either be dead or under arrest.
You get to pick.
And, Detective Riley, you wanna arrest Pratt and Worthy.
But you are gonna take Ray alone and let Worthy go.
He hasn't killed anybody.
That we know of.
Worthy can walk out of here.
So just one more piece of the deal.
Okay, Frankie.
You want Pratt dead, and you've got good reason.
But he's gonna go to jail for a long, long time.
So no killing.
- No.
- Yes.
To save the girl's life.
I know it's not what you want but it's what I'm asking of you.
All right.
Nice doing business with you.
I'm not going to jail.
I said don't kill him.
Harold, stop this now.
If I'm dead, you won't kill her.
There won't be a need.
Do you really care that much about this woman? If she dies, it's my fault.
And I will not be responsible for one more friend's death.
Shaw's not your fault.
Even if she does turn up dead, it's not your fault.
I asked her to help us that day.
I did, Harold.
I suppose we're both just trying to save one more friend from dying.
You win.
I won't kill her.
I give you my word, Harold.
Beth will live.
Just please believe me.
All right, I believe you Root.
Okay, then.
Come on.
Have a good day.
Give it.
The real thumb drive.
There's no way you'd strike a bargain where you weren't the big winner.
It's mine.
Fair and square.
It's worth some serious coin.
How'd you get in touch with Ray in the first place? Actually, I thought I had you and Harold to thank.
Right after the thing with the cartel, this guy reached out to me.
Highly encrypted texts, and every one a great opportunity.
Real rich deals.
I probably made Thornhill? That's the alias of an acquaintance of mine.
So you do know him? Well, actually, some say it's a her.
Get out of here.
Yes, sir.
Hey, Harold.
Call me.
Harper's getting texts from the machine.
Beth, I got your message canceling dinner and thought I'd come by.
- May I come in for a moment? - Are you kidding? No.
"To the editor of The Journal of the International Mathematical Society.
" It's a letter claiming I falsified data on a project I did five years ago.
The e-mail contains electronic proof that it came from your university account.
- A hacker could forge such proof.
- Please.
I know that we disagree about technology, Harold.
But to do this just to discredit me, it's despicable.
Was it all just a fake? Hong Kong everything? - No.
Not everything.
Goodbye, Harold.
Good bye.
picked up Carlton Worthy and his men at the G.
I promised he could leave the building, not the state.
You tell them, Crockett.
I'm gonna miss you.
So, John, you gonna lock me up too? Maybe next time.
Because, you know, I got handcuffs.
Call me when you're a free man.
My office.
You were right.
I should've been honest with you about why I had to stop our sessions.
I told myself it was for your protection.
But really, I was just being a coward.
So just tell me.
John, hear me.
It's not because of anything in your past.
There's nothing you could tell me in a session that would make me run.
- So you're not afraid of me? - Oh, I am.
I have feelings for you, John.
- Oh.
- Which is inappropriate.
Completely unethical.
I can't have a relationship with even an ex-patient.
It's so wrong.
It's like a cop dating a fireman.
- It's that bad.
- Okay.
I've tried to stop it.
I could lose my job, for God's sakes.
A job I love.
And I tried, but I kept finding that every time I'm with you I just feel l Oh, to hell with it.
Actually I'm pretty good at keeping secrets.
It had to be, Harry.
You hurt a good woman.
Didn't kill her.
And you're alive too.
Despite your best efforts.
- The activation device, give it to me.
- Can't.
I destroyed it.
Then it was all for nothing.
Months of planning, Hong Kong, Beth.
The Trojan horse was important.
It could've given us a chance.
It's okay if we're not friends anymore.
You being alive is enough.
I don't wanna see you for a while.
Of course.
It was a brilliant plan, Harold.
The Trojan horse.
But it would've gotten Professor Whistler killed.

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