Person of Interest s04e19 Episode Script

Search and Destroy

We are being watched.
The government has a secret system.
A machine that spies on you every hour of every day.
I designed the machine to detect acts of terror, but it sees everything.
Violent crimes involving ordinary people.
The government considers these people irrelevant.
We don't.
Hunted by the authorities, we work in secret.
You will never find us.
But victim or perpetrator, if your number's up, we'll find you.
Pick it up, Finch.
It's about time.
Is this really why I was summoned first thing in the morning? Beats a cup of coffee.
Who knows? You might even enjoy it.
While I appreciate the utility of a firearm, Mr.
Reese I don't see the pleasure in firing lead projectiles at inanimate objects.
This isn't pleasure, it's business.
You've had some close calls recently.
Think of it as a machine.
You like machines, right, Finch? Or maybe a handgun is more your style.
I won't be around forever.
I just need to know you can protect yourself once I'm gone.
When the time comes for me to pick up a firearm, all will truly be lost.
Boss? Mr.
Why haven't you picked up your phone, Sul? Sul, wake up.
- Turn on the TV.
- What're you? If you are just joining us, an update to our top story.
- Officials have yet to release a statement - You've been hacked.
even as hundreds of private documents have been made public.
- What did they get? - Corporate accounts, financial records.
Salary, bonuses, every e-mail you ever sent.
How bad? The leak proves you were embezzling funds.
- What? That's ridiculous.
- The board's meeting in an hour.
- They're moving to fire you.
- Okay, call Mark.
Tell him to stall.
- What networks are covering this? - All of them.
- Uh-huh.
- Fox News, Huffington, The Journal.
CNN already has a hashtag for it.
TMZ just posted how much you lost in the stock-market flash crash.
Internal Revenue Service.
We need to talk to Suleiman Khan.
What do we do? Buy me some time.
I gotta get to this meeting.
I gotta fix this.
Got eyes on him, Finch.
As do I.
Our new number has become infamous overnight.
Meet Sulaiman Khan.
CEO of Castellum Security Incorporated a pioneer in computer anti-virus software.
What started out in his garage has now grown to be the leading security software company in the entire world.
And judging from his home, it's made him a few dollars.
More like billions.
Although, Mr.
Khan's personal finances took a huge hit in the stock-market flash crash.
He's lucky his company is still standing.
Khan's anti-viral software comes pre-installed in 86 percent of the network devices now sold around the globe.
Entire divisions within the government are using versions of his product which makes him a prime target for hackers.
They all wanna take a shot at the sheriff.
It'd be quite a feat to infiltrate the man who built the ultimate firewall.
Explains why I haven't been able to bluejack him.
It's extremely difficult to access him remotely.
His security measures are rigorous and virtually unassailable.
Only the paranoid survive.
Right, Finch? It's not paranoia if they're really after you.
Whoever got to him is very good.
Just so we're not flying completely blind, I went ahead and bluejacked his assistant.
I'll attempt to access everyone in his inner circle.
You stay on the number.
Oh, he's not going anywhere, Finch.
His key no longer works.
Hackers may have accessed his car and voided the smart key.
They could just be getting warmed up.
He's sure determined to get to his meeting.
- He's about to do something rash.
- I need to gather more info about this advanced persistent threat, see how he was doxxed.
Can't you get Root on this? Sorry.
Miss Groves and I are not on the best of terms.
Better kiss and make up, Finch.
We could use her on this one.
How are you? Are you sure the item's intact? Please, it's custom-made with a built-in GPS tracker.
I've got a guy.
Could drop this from an airplane, not even a dent.
Another mimosa, miss? You may wanna sit down.
Thank you.
Meeting's well underway.
Time is running out if he plans to intervene.
Hello? Finch, I can't get close enough to overhear his side of the conversation.
Taken care of.
While Mr.
Khan may take extreme security measures, his wife does not.
Linda, this is not a good time.
I'm walking into a meeting.
You disgust me.
- You swore you deleted them.
- Deleted what? The pictures from Cabo.
Oh, no.
Oh, my.
- You gave me your word.
- I did, okay? It's not my fault.
Credit card records show that Linda has been staying in a hotel for the last month.
They're seeing a marriage counselor.
They are everywhere.
My coworkers have probably seen them by now.
I will never be able to look my boss in the face again.
This will follow me forever.
Someone is trying to ruin me.
Linda, you have Khan embezzled millions upon millions of dollars Mr.
Don't worry, Finch.
We still have eyes and ears in the meeting.
- Did you bug him? - One better.
If anything, this hack, it was a sign from God.
Well, this turnaround guy sure is sanctimonious.
Too bad you can't be here to stimulate the conversation, John.
I'm not much of a public speaker.
But I promise to make an appearance if things get exciting.
Things always get exciting when you're here.
Khan has to go.
This company is far too profitable to let him sink it.
- That's why the board brought me in.
- Khan's on his way into the meeting.
Okay, I know it's bad.
But come on, it's not Zoe Morgan bad, right? Well, if the board hired me, it seems it's worse than you thought.
This is the first meeting I've ever seen him show up to.
It's also your last.
Okay, they're never gonna agree.
Now, listen The vote was unanimous.
You're out.
Hey, come on.
Dean, Gus.
Even you, Mark? Buddy.
I was best man at your wedding.
I mean, you and I came up together.
- Four guys in a garage.
- What did your e-mail say again? "Mark Lee has the backbone of a dead jellyfish.
" Yeah, that was it.
Yes, I wrote that e-mail.
I was angry, I'm sorry.
Obviously, I don't feel that way.
Look, there's a lot of things I've written in private e-mails that I regret.
It's true, I'm embarrassed.
I said it.
But embezzling money from this company? No.
That is an outright lie.
And it is clear that I am being set up.
Well, three teams of analysts say otherwise.
The company needs to distance itself.
It's my company.
Not anymore.
You've been trying to steal my research since day one.
You hear that, Finch? Judging by the hard-coded paths in the malware, whoever's behind this hack had an extensive knowledge of the company's internal architecture.
It appears that the threat came from within.
- You got bored with the core software.
- I created the core software.
Do you have any idea who you're talking to? Hmm? I'm an innovator.
You are nothing more than a glorified accountant.
You're not that guy anymore.
You lost focus.
Draining resources for secret side projects.
- And driving this company to bankruptcy.
- No.
Towards the future.
Listen, can any of you think beyond next quarter's numbers? To stay relevant, we need vision.
Since this guy came along, the software has become bloated, slow.
Frankly, the last update that we had took us backwards in terms of design and efficiency.
But the work I'm doing in digital immunization technology is gonna take this company to another level.
Imagine a chip that can tell you when your vaccine is outdated.
Biotech? That That's what you blew $400 million on? No, no, no.
Whoa, whoa.
Four? Where did you get that figure? From your financial records.
You lost all your money in the crash so you stole from this company to fund your research.
I have not stolen a cent.
I am being set up, and we both know who is behind it.
Are you sure this isn't all in your head? I didn't wanna bring this up, but your medical records were made public.
And the last thing this company needs is a bipolar CEO.
Hey, hey, now, that is privileged infor Look, I got it under control.
I take the meds, okay? Well, judging from your behavior, maybe it's about time to up the dosage.
Escort Mr.
Khan out of the building.
- Guys - And take his ID badge.
Come on.
Hey, this is Get off of me.
You get away.
This is not over.
If Khan's truly unstable, there's no telling how he'll react.
Finch, this takeover just got hostile.
- Ted, last one.
- Hey, hey, hey, come on.
Come on, you can't just take my stuff.
Actually, we can.
Waxman Law Offices.
Where can I direct your call? This is Sul Khan.
Can you tell Ira it's urgent? Mr.
Waxman is unavailable.
Can I take a message? Mandy, would just put him on the phone? I'm sorry to inform you but the firm has dropped you as a client effective immediately.
- Linda.
- The IRS is at my parents' house.
- Something about civil assets forfeiture.
- Okay, I swear, I am being set up.
You got caught, and you deserve everything coming to you.
I can fix this, okay? Even you can't put the pieces back together now.
Are you sure you're ready for a relationship, John? She's not gonna hang around forever.
Those therapist types, they wanna settle down.
Are you spying on me, Zoe? You know, I never figured you with a redhead.
Jealous? No.
I'll be okay.
She's the one I'm worried about.
You know how this ends.
Let's just focus on the case.
Finch is working to ID the hacker.
We should check in and see if he's made any progress.
You find it odd that the hacker only went after Khan? Not the rest of the company? What makes you so sure? No mention of the accounting scandal in 2011.
How do you know about that? I'm the one they hired to clean up their mess.
When one of the studios got hacked, it was like a shotgun blast.
Whatever they could hit.
This attack on Khan is surgical.
Someone wanted to ruin this guy's life, not harm the company.
I can name a few board members who benefit from Khan being ousted.
Whoever's behind this, it's personal.
I thought you'd be gone.
I'm sure I've said terrible things about you over the years.
You've said worse to my face.
- I didn't take the job because you were nice.
- This is all my fault.
I was so focused on that biochip that I left myself open to an attack.
So fight back.
Isn't that why you started the company? Yes, it is.
Did you get the other thing? How do you know he'll show up? Because Mark is predictable.
If there's one thing I can count on he will not pass up an opportunity to see me squirm.
Is this registered? That would've taken more time and defeated the purpose.
I'm guessing.
Thank you.
Anytime, boss.
The tracker says the case is on this floor.
I know we've had our differences, but I miss the days when you could tell me what to do.
Where's the tracker? All right, if you won't tell me 110 volts should fry it.
I've just lost the signal.
It's got to be in here.
Where's the damn case? Come on.
Let's go.
Could drop it from an airplane.
Not even a dent.
Shady part of town, no cameras.
Khan must have picked this place for a reason.
Khan may have lured his old friend there to take revenge.
You think Mark's behind the attack? He's capable, with plenty to gain by bringing Khan down.
I needed to see you in person.
I just bought this.
What the hell, man? They could be listening to us.
Who? You know I didn't do it, right? Mark, we've been friends for 30 years.
I need you to trust me.
My entire life has gone viral, and I need to find out why.
There's no grand conspiracy here.
You got hacked.
Oh, yeah? Just me? Hmm? No one else was touched? - You're the face of the company.
- This wasn't about sending a message.
Why'd you ask for me here, Sul? I need you to go to the meter room.
I'm not risking my job for you.
We created the world's preeminent anti-virus software.
Don't you wanna know how that thing just got gutted? Hmm? Doesn't that drive you crazy? Because it's eating me alive.
Now, please, I need to see those gauges.
What aren't you telling me? A few weeks ago, when I was working on my gene chip, the entire facility went dark.
All right? Now, it turned out the accounts to pay for the power had been drained.
You know me.
I went down to talk to the accountant directly.
Turns out that the funds were used to pay for a shipment of 25,000 barrels of diesel.
Come on.
When does our company need that kind of fuel? Hey.
Stock market flash crash? That wasn't just random.
It was targeted at me.
Every equity I had went belly up within seconds except for the shares that I had in our company.
They didn't want that touched.
- Finch, does that check out? - Yes.
And those odds are astronomical.
I intend to find out why.
Who has the ability to control the stock market, Sul? There's only one thing powerful enough to systematically destroy Khan's personal and professional life this thoroughly.
Well, this is the crazy part.
It's not a human that's after me.
It's an artificial intelligence.
It's here.
We always knew this was possible.
- Consider what's happened to me.
- Are you this arrogant? Is there nothing that's able to beat you except an artificial intelligence? You and I have gone up against the best.
I'm telling you, this attack was faster and more dangerous than anything I have ever seen.
Okay, let me explore the possible two options.
The first, you're nuts.
The second, you're right.
There's a super-intelligence after you.
Every move you make is being watched.
Either way, best I stay as far away from you as possible.
I need you to check those meters.
Get off of me.
Finch, Khan lured Mark here to steal his employee ID badge.
I've gotta stop him.
If this is Samaritan, he's got a target.
You can't afford to get caught in the crosshairs again.
Yeah, well, he's gonna get himself killed.
There's no way to keep the victim safe if the perpetrator is Samaritan.
What's he looking for? If that system is drawing that much power it's doing a lot more than just scanning for viruses.
We need to find out what he knows.
- I'm making a move, Finch.
- No.
has arrived on the premises.
Detective Riley has no business being there.
Samaritan will see through your cover instantly endangering you and everyone you're close to.
Put your hands behind your back.
Up against the wall.
He's clean.
We just lost the number, Finch.
I believe an exception to the no smoking policy is in order here.
Named after the Nepalese warriors, whose undying bravery made a lasting impression on the British soldiers.
Over $50,000 a box.
Extravagant, even for you.
I believe a small celebration is called for.
Our online search is drawing to a close with our query in sight.
Khan is still a loose end.
Unfortunate inconvenience.
His insatiable curiosity will be the death of him.
He's forced our hand.
Why haven't I been activated? Samaritan wanted to handle this matter personally.
Then let me take care of Miss Groves.
You've already had your chances with her.
Then let's leave nothing to chance as my directive.
It's time for her to go.
I suppose you're right.
Shame, really.
If only because she had the misfortune of honoring the wrong god.
That's impossible.
What's the guy doing over there? Guy was picked up for a simple trespassing.
I don't care what the computer says.
Khan was sent to Rikers.
He was arrested 20 minutes ago.
There's no way he got processed that fast.
- Someone's got it in for this guy.
- We gotta get him out.
Good luck.
Captain wants me on that other case.
That guy's dead.
This one's about to be.
Come on.
I should've intervened when I had the chance.
Khan's being railroaded.
Any attempt to hack the police database may alert Samaritan to my presence.
Samaritan's trying to bury this guy in a deep dark hole forever.
And his insatiable need to confirm that fact will be the death of him.
I know my rights.
I get a phone call.
I didn't get my phone call.
Says here you already got it.
What? No, I didn't.
What're you talk? I didn't get a phone call.
I didn't get a phone call.
Hey, who did I call, okay? I didn't get a phone call.
What're you? Just listen to me, okay? Where am I going right now? What are the charges against me? Huh? That's my witness on a joint case with the feds.
So where are the feds? Start typing.
I better be walking out of here with Khan.
This guy's got bigger problems than trespassing.
Six open warrants in five states.
Khan's looking at a half-dozen serious felonies.
Do the charges hold any water? Yeah, an ocean.
Someone greased the skids on this guy.
Where did they find a judge this time to deny him bail? I'll take it from here then.
- What the hell was that? - Plan B.
I gotta go back to work.
Let me out of here! Open the gate.
Here, check this out.
Samaritan's cut the security feeds form the entire cell block.
It doesn't want anyone to see what's about to happen.
Where are you, Mr.
Reese? Cool, man.
You've been granted early release.
I got him.
Samaritan is surely coming for you.
Stick to the shadow map.
This van's a little big for that and half the guards in Rikers are after us.
I know you.
You were at the bar tonight.
You were following me.
It sent you to get me.
Hang on.
You need to get out of there.
Samaritan's coming.
Hey, John.
Need a ride? Pass the orange chicken.
This mean you've forgiven me, Harold? At the moment, we have more pressing matters.
This safe house won't stay that way for long.
He needs to go.
Where does a man hide when a god wants him dead? Finch, this guy's brilliant.
Maybe we should just read him in.
No, he already knows too much.
He's not Simon Lee or Claire Mahoney, and there's no convincing him otherwise.
The longer he stays around, the more questions he'll have.
Wanna really blow his mind? Tell him there are two of these things.
Best in the city.
They sent you.
They sent you to get me.
Right idea, wrong machine.
Not helping, Miss Groves.
Who are you people? The only ones keeping you alive.
You almost killed us.
Just a little fender bender.
Answer our questions and you will be released.
All right.
Why did you need to see those meters? Company was using 1 O times the power that it's ever used before.
It wasn't being used by the servers inside.
It was powering something else.
It's quite a leap to jump to an Al.
Stock market flash crash, cyber-attacks, traffic lights changing at whim.
That is the work of an invisible hand that is strangling me.
If you're being targeted, we need to know why.
- My research.
- New software? Biotech.
You wouldn't understand.
Try me.
I'm a fast learner.
Digital immunization chip.
We're all ready to go into production next year.
I think my company was hijacked so that they could steal my research and build a prototype without me.
Finch, remember that quaint little town that made transponders? Could this be the next generation? I know an artificial intelligence is trying to kill me.
I just don't know why.
That's what we're trying to figure out.
You believe me? But you don't work for it? Is that my computer? Harold, the port used to hack Khan's system set a small amount of data back to an off-site IP address.
I was able to determine its location.
- What's there? - Woods.
The trees form a canopy blocking any overhead images.
Any idea what else is out there? Road trip.
What do you think? C4? Overkill? Well, better safe than sorry.
Try not to hit any bumps.
Khan, just wait here and let us handle this.
Please stay inside as instructed.
I am not gonna wait for lightning to strike twice.
I need to know why it chose me because whatever is out there, it ruined my life.
We're here.
Are you sure this is the place? I was expecting something more.
Any idea what your company would be doing out here? It's not my company anymore.
We're sitting ducks out here.
- What is it, Root? - My cochlear implant.
I hear something.
Picking up Wi-Fi signals.
Data images.
- Where? - Coordinates.
Just tell me where to aim.
My 5 o'clock, 250 meters.
Eleven o'clock, 340 meters.
Matter of minutes before the cavalry gets here.
Middle of nowhere.
What were those cameras installed to protect? We're in the right place.
What's that? Not sure.
But we're standing on it.
Get up.
- Easy, easy, easy.
- What is that? What? It's diagnostics.
Diagnostics of what? Anti-virus software.
It's just scanning for viruses all over the grid.
There's a couple hundred new ones every day.
Samaritan has siphoned off the resources of your company.
The diesel fuel's being used to run generators around the clock.
That is my anti-virus software.
All your company's servers have been hijacked.
It's running a scan of epic proportions, a global search.
But the results were sent out here.
Why? It's not searching for a virus.
That code, do you recognize that? We need to leave.
- Is there another exit? - No.
One way in, one way out.
Finch, take it.
Then you stay close.
What is that? Hey.
That was my software.
- Yeah, but it's elevated.
- And then some.
We should hang back.
Draw them out.
It's Martine.
I'm sorry, John.
Places to be, people to kill.
Damn it, Root.
That was the work of an artificial intelligence.
What does it do? Who built it? Can it see the future? How does it function? Tell me.
You have the answers.
I liked you better as a blond.
I need to know what this thing is.
It destroyed my life.
Yours is not the first life it's ruined.
Where's Khan? It seems my answers were unsatisfactory.
- They're coming.
- I'm gonna kill her! No need to thank me.
You should've let me kill her.
It won't bring Shaw back.
You're right.
I should've let you kill her.
That's a nice case.
Some kind of carbon fiber Kevlar weave.
What's inside it? She hasn't told me yet.
Well, get some rest.
I need you ready for battle.
You sure? Hmm.
Seems like a waste.
But that's why you're the boss.
There's still no sign of Khan.
Hopefully he's safe, sitting on a beach somewhere.
Khan went searching for answers that you wouldn't provide.
What did he see down there, Finch? My own creation.
When I built the machine, I didn't use any existing operating system or language.
The code was one of a kind.
Samaritan knew that.
So if Samaritan started to search for unrecognizable code using traditional means the machine would've been alerted instantly.
So Samaritan found something that the machine would never detect.
Khan's software.
Installed in every network device.
A means and an access already in place.
It's a brilliant stratagem, really.
This program running in the background of your computer, checking every file.
But instead of viruses, Samaritan was using it to search for the machine.
Did it find the machine's location? It's only a matter of time.
It's a pleasure to finally meet you, Mr.
Sorry we had to resort to rather drastic measures but you've been awfully persistent.
Who are you? A man who knows the answers.
Why me? Your anti-virus software helped me search the grid to finally track down their machine once and for all.
Unfortunately, it determined it's not on any network devices in the world.
Machine? What? An artificial intelligence.
A god.
One of the two among us.
I knew it.
- Is that it? - This is merely the mountaintop.
Does that answer all your questions? I wanna see it.
I wanna look in its eyes.
Very well.

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