Person of Interest s04e20 Episode Script

Terra Incognita

Not content with an atlas of Patagonia he then proceeded to devour a first-edition Gatsby.
If you want him to stop eating your books stop buying them leather-bound.
I'll buy you a new one.
I don't pay you enough to replace it.
You're missing the point.
Some things simply cannot be replaced.
Coffee? They didn't have your cincha-thing, so I got you mint medley.
Oh, I'll go without that.
Thank you.
Hydrating on a stakeout is a double-edged sword anyway.
You forget your water bottle, Finch? Okay, here he is.
Evening, Benny.
Why are we watching him, again? We have credible information that Mr.
Velasco has ran afoul of HR.
A member of that organization may try to kill him.
Or he may try to kill one of them, I suppose, but it seems unlikely.
Credible information, huh? I trust that the two of you have this covered.
We're just gonna wait here to see which dirty cop shows up to kill Benny.
- Then we'll save his life.
- You make our work sound so simple.
Must be, you're leaving us.
You brought home a beast, I have to walk it, and water it, and feed it lest it consume any more of my books.
Reese, detective.
- Uh-uh.
- Come on, this is a classic.
Classic rock puts me to sleep.
I'm still trying to get used to this.
Being early.
- Early? - I'm homicide, John.
Usually, if you're spending time with me, it's because you're already dead.
Just look at him.
Just walking around don't even know what's coming for him.
He ought to.
Stealing from a bunch of corrupt cops.
I've seen a lot of dead bodies.
- You know what they all had in common? - Hm? Not one of them looked like they saw it coming.
Hey, Wonderboy.
Time to pretend to be a detective again.
Two Brotherhood guys shot dead.
I'm not answering any questions.
Elias' guy is sole survivor.
His name is Carlo.
I'll see what I can find out.
Finch, I got two dead Brotherhood guys whose numbers never came up.
- Is there some glitch in the machine? - I certainly hope not.
Perhaps this is a crime of opportunity.
The machine only sees pro-meditation.
Could be Elias ordered the shooting in retaliation against Dominic for disappearing his men.
And we've just received a new number unrelated to Dominic or Elias.
Chase Patterson, 25.
His family slain in 2008.
Chase was the prime suspect at the time.
Was he ever convicted? No.
Before he could be charged or arrested Mr.
Patterson fled the country.
He's just returned to New York City after seven years in Paris.
You and Fusco stay on Dominic and Elias.
I can handle one murderer on my own.
Alleged murderer.
Maybe Chase's case file can help clear that up.
I'll go down to Evidence and take a look.
Congratulations? Don't go buying me that blender just yet, Harry.
With Samaritan hunting down the machine I figured we should start our own search for her.
I tried to get close to someone I thought had inside information.
It ended badly.
Not only am I still on the market but we have no leads to help us find her.
Miss Groves, how would you like to try your hand at stopping a gang war? It would involve determining whether the machine is functioning properly.
When do we start? Must be some mistake.
I just wanted the Patterson case file.
It wasn't in its proper place.
Found it in the primary detective's effects.
Effects? Detective's things are evidence now.
Evidence? - Why? - She was murdered.
You cold? Oh, no, I'm good.
You know what's worse than a stakeout? Going back to the precinct at 5 a.
m doing three hours of paperwork about a stakeout.
There's no paperwork when you're working with me and Finch.
Good thing.
The stunts you pull.
The military wasn't much better.
Lots of red tape to go around there too.
I never cared much for red tape.
My time wasn't like yours, though.
You were an officer, I was a grunt.
Wasn't really good at anything.
Not at first.
But later what were you good at then? - Taking orders.
Got a little too good at that.
You ever think about the future? Doing something else? Sure.
Some days I see so much death.
I just think about putting in my 20 and getting out.
Where would you go? A beach.
Yeah, somewhere where there's no blood.
Not showing up on somebody's doorstep with news that you know is gonna ruin their life.
Just me and a whole lot of sunshine.
So, what's stopping you? Two hours on a beach, and I lose my mind.
That, and I could never take Taylor out of school.
He's doing good, you know.
He's making decent grades decent friends.
And Taylor is very proud of his mom.
I'll bet he is.
Hey, partner.
- What are you working on? - It's just a cold case.
Nothing urgent.
Glasses and Cocoa Puffs are gonna pay a visit to Elias' guy Carlo.
Maybe I should stay here and help with this case.
You're not exactly employee of the month.
- You saying I'm a bad cop? - I'm saying you're a terrible cop.
- Everything okay with you? - Go help Finch.
I got things covered.
Caught a big one.
Home invasion, Park Avenue, quadruple homicide.
I'll show you how it's done.
You're the rook.
You keep the file.
Pattersons got a lot of dough.
Which means they got a lot of lawyers.
Get what I'm saying? - We do this by the book.
- Exactly, and I'll do all the talking.
I'm sorry, sir, but Mr.
Patterson requested not to be disturbed.
It's detective.
I need to take a quick look around this place.
Chase Mr.
Patterson's been staying in a different apartment since he got back.
Just until he sells the penthouse where it happened.
Tell you what, I'll call the building manager.
See if he can show you around.
So we have four victims.
Mom, dad, two of their grown kids.
They found them here this morning, tied up, throats slit.
Do we buy this home invasion in a doorman building on Park Avenue? Could be an inside job.
You said two of their grown kids.
Is there another? Chase Patterson, 18, only son.
Got kicked out of boarding school last year because they found drug paraphernalia in his dorm.
He's the one who found them.
You looking for something specific, detective'? It's just a busy day.
And you were all present last night? He left after dinner was sewed.
And the youngest kid Chase never showed? That's right.
Did he get along with his parents? There was friction there.
So Chase and his parents fought.
But you didn't hear anything the night of the murders? Nothing.
You know what this is? - You got me.
- Pure jade.
Easy to carry.
Easy to pawn for a good 20 grand.
So if Chase killed his family, and stole their things for drug money why leave this behind? Why don't you ask him? What happened, Chase? I went out for the night.
I didn't wanna wake anyone when I came home.
What did you see? Tessa.
Then my other sister and my parents all tied up in a row.
Someone had cut their throats.
So why was your whole family home that night? We had dinner there every Sunday.
And where were you? Come on, Chase, what aren't you telling me? Nothing.
I've already told my side.
So why are you hiding it now? I'm not hiding it.
I told her.
- Her? - The detective.
Carter, that was her name, right? I gave her my alibi.
Now tell me, Chase where were you last night? At our cabin in the Catskills.
Doing what? Relapsing.
Before last night, I had been clean for six months.
Your parents believe that? After my last relapse my morn found me unresponsive in my bedroom.
She told me she held my hand all the way from home to the hospital.
Didn't let it go until I woke up.
That sounds about right for a mom.
I had to go to rehab.
Every day, my mom would walk me to meetings.
I told her, "You're treating me like a child.
" And what did she have to say about that? That I was a child.
Her child.
When I went home this morning I was going to ask her to forgive me.
And then she was gone.
They were all gone.
Okay, Chase, you didn't do it.
Who did? Tell me.
Either charge me or release me.
So junkie kid kills his entire family for drug money.
Then he sneaks off to a cabin so no one could corroborate his alibi? You said it, when was last time you heard of a home invasion in a doorman building on Park Avenue? Why don't you want to arrest him? I looked into his eyes.
He's damaged but there is no way in hell he slit his mother's throat.
Thank you.
The murderer's DNA came back a familial match.
I'm going to the cabin.
See if I can corroborate his story.
- Thank you, Carlo.
- Keep that psycho away from me.
Hey, Harold, did you talk with Elias' guy Carlo? Miss Groves just finished questioning him.
It appears that Carlo went to the deli to cash in a free-sandwich coupon.
While he was waiting for it, Dominic's men entered and headed for the chips and dip.
Should've had a picnic.
It does appear that this was a crime of opportunity which means that the machine is indeed functioning as intended.
Have you determined whether Mr.
Patterson is a victim or a perpetrator? - Not yet, but I'm following him.
- I'll meet you.
You're trying to stop a gang war, remember? So now that you know all of my retirement plans what has the Man in the Suit got planned after he hangs up the suit? I haven't given it much thought.
Don't play with me, John.
I just cleaned my service weapon.
Now, spill.
There is no after for people like us.
No peace for you no retirement for me.
We don't do fairy tales.
That's how we're built.
You don't really believe that.
Tell me something.
How'd you wind up here in the first place? I'm pretty sure you drove us here.
Here in this car drinking cold coffee, stalking a bar owner in the middle of the night.
Where else should I be? You went to law school.
How about a corner office downtown? Thank you for proving my point.
I started off on one path but I changed, because that wasn't the end game for me, John.
You can change too.
No one changes, Carter.
You're here because this is where you were always headed.
No one changes.
Says the man who was a hobo the first night I met him.
You might not have changed, but your wardrobe has.
So whatever path you were on you took a detour.
And I'll get where I'm going soon enough.
And what does that mean? Hey, good news.
Glasses told me to bring you dinner.
Am I interrupting something? No, but hotdogs aren't dinner, Fusco.
Not for normal people.
Guess it's the thought that counts.
You don't want my help? No problem.
I got better places to be.
Good luck with this one.
What did you mean, John? I just meant things tend to work out the way they're supposed to.
All right.
Whatever you like.
And what does that mean? It means there are two kinds of friends.
Ones you talk about the game with, and ones you share your life with the real stories.
Up to you which one you want me to be.
But you need to decide.
Because for a spy lying isn't your strong suit.
Someone here? Chase.
I just came here to talk.
Why don't you come out where I can see you? - Carter.
- You better get back here.
- I can't.
I think Chase was here.
- Not unless you're at JFK.
The kid took off on a flight to Paris an hour ago.
We caught a new one, domestic gone wrong, Lower East Side.
- No, what about the Pattersons? - I'm sorry, Carter, you're breaking up.
Aah! It isn't wise to sneak up on people.
I wasn't sneaking.
This is my place.
- But those drugs aren't mine.
- What do you mean? I mean someone must have put them there.
Someone? Who? Phil.
What's going on? It's Gil.
Not Phil.
And that's the last time you're gonna make that mistake.
- Brother? - Not that I'm proud to call a drug-addict loser my brother.
Probably got that from your mother's side.
- You're saying my father? - Our father! He knew my mom in high school.
He was real nice to her until he knocked her up.
That's who our father was.
Because of that you killed him and my entire family.
What about my family? When my mom died, I had nobody.
So I tracked my father down.
But he had a new family.
And he tried paying me to go away.
Any father who would give up his son twice doesn't deserve to have a family.
Why not kill me too? Oh, I planned to.
But you went away.
I had to bide my time for seven years.
And now I get to watch you kill yourself.
Pick up the pills.
Swallow them.
I give you about eight hours to live.
There's no need to be scared.
I'll be sitting right here with you.
I'll be watching every minute of your death.
You cops sure have a knack for showing up at the wrong time.
Your colleague.
That, uh, lady detective.
Well, she interrupted me too.
Back then I was too scared to kill a cop.
You know, she got shot last year anyway.
Goes to show I should have killed her when I had the chance.
When your number is up Well, you know the saying.
I can't dig a hole without a shovel.
Don't you go anywhere.
You're not cold? I am freezing here.
So we're talking about the weather now? Fine.
What do you wanna talk about, Carter? It's not what I want to talk about.
It's what I'm willing to talk about if you want to.
On the night we met transit picked you up on the J train at Canal.
So maybe you were going to pay a traffic ticket at 3 a.
Or maybe you were going to take a walk on the Brooklyn Bridge.
Is that the path you were talking about? Her name is Jessica.
Although I think you already know that.
She liked the rain.
Sleeping in.
She told really bad jokes.
And called me out when I pretended to enjoy them.
And her laugh God, I loved her laugh.
You can't blame yourself for what happened to her, John.
It's not a question of blame, it's a fact.
She needed me and I left her behind.
Can I ask why? I thought I wasn't gonna make it back alive.
She deserved a better life than waiting to become a widow.
She deserved happiness.
Not quite how it worked out, though.
I'm sorry, John.
But I'm not buying it.
You may be able to fool your police shrink with that version.
Maybe even yourself.
- But not you, huh? - No.
You're forgetting I was over there too.
You'd already been deployed once when you broke things off.
Hell, you were already active military when you met.
So you wanna tell me what really happened? Why does it matter now? It matters because I'm afraid you're gonna use this poor woman to shut everybody out.
Right until the bitter end.
Whatever it is you're not telling me, that's the real reason why you're alone.
And because time is running out.
Hell, we got all the time in the world.
Benny is asleep.
It'll be hours before Finch brings us breakfast.
No, listen to me, John.
Your time is running out.
You're dying, John.
What? I don't understand.
You got him, John.
The monster that killed Chase's family.
And he got you pretty good too.
You managed to get to Chase's car.
You need to get help.
And if you don't, you're going to die.
And so is Chase.
I've lost some blood but I don't think I'll bleed out before they get here.
Before who gets here? Fusco.
Maybe Root.
Are you forgetting? You didn't tell anybody you were coming up here.
True to form, you didn't reach out.
Afraid it's just you and me, John.
But you're right.
You probably won't bleed to death.
It's the cold that will kill you first.
Unless you do something about it.
You need to get those keys, John.
Hey, Glasses.
- That info from Carlo lead to anything? - Sadly, no.
I've been trying unsuccessfully to reach Mr.
Yeah, well, good luck.
Haven't seen or even heard from Colombo since this morning.
- Really? - Why? Something got you worried? Nothing in particular.
- Where was he last time you guys talked? - Following Chase Patterson.
- That's the case Wonderboy pulled? - I'm afraid so.
If you do hear from him, will you let me know? Yeah, sure thing.
You worry too much, Harry.
I'm sure wherever he is, the big lug can take care of himself.
All right, keep it moving.
You know how this works.
You stop, you die.
Come on, you've seen worse than this.
You didn't really survive all of that to just wind up dying now.
Out here, alone.
At the hands of a psycho who got off one lucky shot.
I didn't think so.
Attaboy, John.
I knew you could do it.
You sure you were an interrogator and not a drill sergeant? I thought you liked following orders.
Now, you think you can make it back? If I'm gonna bleed to death at least I'm gonna listen to some good music.
At least we can agree on this one.
I've missed you.
That's good.
Being missed means you meant something to people while you were here.
So, heh, heh you're a cop now? Ha-ha-ha.
- Not a real one.
- No? Well, that shield looks pretty real.
And so does the dead bad guy in the snow.
Even got you a partner.
Poor Fusco.
What are we still doing here? I could drive us back.
John, listen to me.
- There's something wrong with this.
- No, there's not.
- I'm burning up in here.
- Why can I see your breath? It's not too hot.
It's too cold.
Engine won't start.
Cars don't like the cold.
Come on, John.
You know this.
The heat you're feeling is a hallucination.
The last symptom of hypothermia.
You're freezing to death, John.
John? John.
You gotta stay awake.
Where are you going? The highway.
I can flag down a car.
That's the hypothermia talking.
- You're confused.
- I'm not.
Look, here comes one.
Step out of this car, and you die.
But the light That's not headlights.
That's the moon.
The moon.
The storm passed.
No one's coming.
He's really got you worried, doesn't he, Harry? John has always maintained a certain distance.
But this is not like him.
So have you found anything? I managed to isolate the location of his phone's last connection to our mesh network.
Unfortunately, the signal was lost soon after.
And I have no other means of determining his location.
I'm sorry, Harry.
Beautiful, isn't it? No noise.
No people.
May as well tell me why you really left her behind.
No point taking secrets where you're going.
Trust me.
First tour.
We were outside of Herat.
Making our way through the mountains at night.
We heard shooting.
Group of rangers stumbled into the Taliban in the dark.
By the time we got there, they were all dead.
Both sides.
Just one of those things.
We had to be over the mountains by sunrise.
So we searched them.
Took their tags, their water, their ammunition, and we just kept moving.
Then I noticed something.
They all had a picture.
Girlfriend, wife, kid.
After a while I realized everybody I found on either side had a picture.
They were fighting for something.
They were dying for something.
I figured maybe if I didn't have a picture to carry around with me I'd be better at my job.
So when I got back I broke things off with Jessica.
Maybe you're right, then.
Maybe this is the path you've been on all along.
The path that led you right here.
Don't reach out to anyone.
Shut everybody out.
Not everyone.
What? I didn't shut you out.
We had a connection.
I could talk with you.
About important things.
The things that really mattered.
But John you never did.
What? Of course I did.
That night.
We were staking out the bar.
- We talked.
- Yes, we talked about music, our jobs.
- And Jessica.
- No, John.
Listen, I told you about her.
How she liked the rain and sleeping in.
I wish we'd had that conversation but we never did.
Here, this picture.
Remember? You kept this.
Then you gave it to me when we talked about her that night.
I kept the photo but I never gave it to you.
You were talking about a path you were on.
I asked if you wanted to talk about it and you didn't.
- I did.
- No.
You cracked a couple jokes and then you turned the radio up.
And that was it, we never got to Jessica.
I kept that photo to give to you at the right moment.
When you were willing to share that part of yourself with me.
But you never were, John.
It's like you said.
You're here because you were always headed here.
I wanted to talk to you about her.
- I just wish we had more time.
- Heck, well That's something we never get enough of.
You're right.
I don't let people in.
That's not why I didn't tell anyone about the case.
I wanted to close this one myself.
- Just me.
- Why? It was a chance to be close to you again.
I don't wanna share that with anyone else.
There's another reason why I kept that photo.
It was a side of you I hadn't seen.
In love.
You can feel that way again, John.
You just gotta hold on.
There are people who care about you.
Who could love you.
You just gotta let them in.
It's like what you told me before.
Whether I liked it or not I wasn't alone.
Neither are you.
Will you stay with me? Just for a little bit.
Yes, of course.
Just hold on, John.
Joss we made it.

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