Persona (2019) s01e01 Episode Script

Love Set

Left! All right.
Don't make strange noises when you play tennis with other guys.
What noises? - Noises like this? - Yes.
Don't do that.
Don't marry that woman, Dad.
Why aren't you answering me? Do you want to play a match with me? Go on.
You two look good together.
If I win, end things with your dad.
And if I win? If you win, I'll end things with your dad.
If I win, just marry your boyfriend.
He's not my boyfriend! What's the problem? You just have to win.
You We're not We're not - I called him here to seduce her.
- Don't worry.
- You'll lose.
- I told him to seduce her, - not act like my boyfriend.
- Father.
This idiot can't understand anything I tell him.
If you go around saying you are my boyfriend, there's no way she'll get seduced by you.
You never do anything right when I ask for a favor! It's my fault for calling you here.
What an idiot! Oh, no! Hold on Please, I can't accept this.
You already agreed to it.
No, I mean I won't marry your dad.
Thank you.