Persona (2019) s01e02 Episode Script


Since the first time I saw you, I knew you were special and had many secrets.
COLLECTOR How have you been? Good.
Really? Well, it was nice to have some time for myself.
And it wasn't the first time you did this.
I'm sorry for disappearing suddenly like that.
No, it's fine.
It's okay.
But why haven't you contacted me? I'm just curious.
Do you want to hear something that would comfort you? Or the truth? Stop joking around.
I want the truth.
I went on a trip.
Did you get me any presents, then? It's nothing much, but Wait.
Open it after I leave, okay? Don't worry.
You'll never forget this day.
I'll make sure of it.
Really? Did you go on the trip by yourself? No, I went to an island with my foreign friends.
Two of them.
Are they guys? Yes.
I needed to get something from there.
Which island did you go to? - It's called Phi Phi Islands.
- Oh, DiCaprio? Yes, one of his movies was filmed there.
Youngsters doing drugs and having sex and stuff That was a bizarre movie.
By the way, do you speak English? Well, there was really no need to talk much.
Then, what did you do? I surfed and snorkeled.
It was so fun and exciting surfing with my friends.
Surfing? Yes.
Just giving myself to the waves made me feel like I became sugar.
It was so exciting.
It was fascinating.
And I did some reading.
It must have been a valuable experience.
Your body and mind must have gotten healthier.
You're really awesome.
You're not acting jealous.
Anyway, what kind of book did you read? The Kama Sutra of PataƱjali.
What? I mean the Yoga Sutras of PataƱjali.
It's just a yoga book.
It wasn't really interesting.
What did I tell you? I told you she wasn't human.
You should've been good to me when we were together.
Being plain and simple is the best.
That's why it's hard to be that way.
You even broke off our engagement.
Were you that eager to be with a young and pretty girl? - Jeong-u.
- Yes? What's with that face? Are you thinking weird stuff again? No, I'm not.
So, tell me more about your trip.
I want to hear more.
It's boring for me.
It's all in the past now.
I feel a bit stuffy.
Why don't we walk a bit? Sure.
Do you remember the day you wore the yellow shirt? Was it spring? Or was it summer? You looked really pretty that day.
And under that bridge I was that passionate? It was so entrancing.
Come on.
You said the same thing to other women, didn't you? Oh, right.
There's something I'm curious about.
What is it? What do women mean to you? You know how they say that men talk to women to sleep with them, and women sleep with men to talk to them.
Oh, that makes sense.
Really? Do you really think so? It's not that simple.
Anyway, I've thought that women are much more superior to men since long ago.
Why? If God is in a human form, I think it would be of a woman.
You think so? Well, women can give birth to babies.
They can bear new lives.
And they bleed once a month as Jesus did.
Men can't even imagine how painful and tough it is to go through something like that.
But women endure it all.
And most dominant animals and plants are beautiful.
Just think about the delicate and smooth lines of the female body.
But aren't male peacocks and lions more beautiful than the female? Well Well, what I want to say is that women are more beautiful and stronger and that they give birth to new lives.
That makes them closer to God.
And you know, no matter how tough a guy is, he'll need the love of his mother and a woman.
You know, that man Pablo Escobar.
He became a drug lord to protect his wife and children.
The nature of men It's all about hunting, destruction, and war.
Men are nothing without the love of women.
KIM JIN-U: CAN YOU COME OUT FOR A SECOND? You're the only guy I've met who says stuff like that.
It's so interesting.
Did you even hear what I said? Since it's so fun to talk to you, why don't we just talk on the phone from now on? What do you think? Hang on.
I'm going to use the restroom.
I went on a trip.
- That's a bit erotic.
- Really? You don't like it? I like it.
- Aren't you here with someone? - I am.
I should go now.
All right.
- When can I see you again? - We can meet again later.
You brought it all on yourself.
Just don't do anything.
- Yes? - Do you know him? No.
- Where was it again? - I found this place Look at this.
Who is he? What? Why? You two seemed close.
Yes, he's a friend.
We do yoga together.
He told me something funny.
Something about yoga? Yes.
There's a god named Shiva, the god of yoga.
"Shiva"? So there's even a god of yoga.
If your thoughts are right, Shiva would be a female.
According to my friend, Shiva could talk to fish.
Apparently, if you master yoga, you can stay underwater for a long time without breathing.
If you can really do that, wouldn't it be fantastic? Humans have so many limits.
I just want to be more free and eternal.
Jeong-u, I'm getting bored now.
I'll be off.
It's been a while since we last met.
Why don't you stay with me tonight? What? If that's what you wanted, why didn't you say so before? It's getting late.
Maybe next time.
Don't go.
You can't.
What's up with you? I'm tired.
I really need to tell you something.
I really do.
Let's just talk for a minute.
What more do you have to say? We already talked a lot.
What you want to say is that you want me to stay with you and sleep with you, isn't it? No, it isn't.
All right, then.
I'll hear what you have to say.
Don't you think you're being too harsh on me? What do you mean? Are we even dating? Would you say we are? Well, in some ways.
I went through so much to be with you.
I mean, you just disappeared for over ten days without saying anything to me, and told me nonsense about going to an island with some guys.
And you just kept looking at your phone all day.
You told me you're going to the restroom and kissed someone else.
And now you say you're leaving because you're bored? How can you be so rude? You shouldn't treat your boyfriend like this.
How long should I put up with this? What What do I mean to you? You're talking about that stupid "meaning" again.
Hey! You told me you found me attractive because I had a lot of secrets.
You don't even remember saying that, do you? Hey.
I do not have any legal obligations to you, Jeong-u.
We are in a non-committed relationship here.
Wherever I go, whatever I do, whatever I want to do, and whatever I talk about with anyone It is all up to me to decide.
There are all kinds of strange relationships in the world that you cannot understand.
So what I mean is that B doesn't have to come after A, and two doesn't have to come after one.
Do you get it? I just stayed with you all day to be polite to you, and that time's up now.
I listened to everything you said today.
That stuff about women and God? It wasn't the first time you said it.
I just sat quietly and listened to you when I already heard it several times.
I feel a bit bad for you, and I still have a bit of respect and affection for you.
That's the only reason I stayed with you.
So what is this all about? What do you want from me? What you said is right.
But I love you.
Can't you see how I feel? Can't you? Can't you see how I feel about you? What do I have to do? I don't know.
I don't see anything right now.
You're just not cool.
Can't you be cool? I wish you could just be cool for one second.
You always talk about love, but do you even know what it is? Show me what true love is.
If there is such a thing, show me.
Take your heart out and show it to me.
Come on, take it out.
You can't, can you? I haven't seen anyone who'd do that much for me recently.
Is this enough? I'll salt this properly and preserve it well so it won't rot for a long time.
Your name was Baek Jeong Jeong-u.
Right, Baek Jeong-u.
" LEE JI-HO BAEK JEONG-U I told you that you'd never forget this day.
I love you.
Subtitle translation by Ju-young Park