Persona (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Kiss Burn

Hye-bok, are you sleeping? Why aren't you at school? Hurry up.
I'm bored.
Why is your phone still off? It's lunchtime already.
Call me as soon as you get this.
You're making me worried.
Is something wrong? I'm heading over there.
BEWARE OF FOREST FIRES You have arrived at your destination.
The route guidance is now finished.
KISS BURN Your foot.
Is this Hye-bok's house? This is my house.
Are you her father? Yes.
Why? What's that look for? Is Hye-bok here? No.
Where is she? At her uncle's.
I can't get in touch with her.
Is there something going on? Her phone's broken.
Why? It fell in the toilet.
What's that sound? Get out.
You get injured often, don't you? Hye-bok told you stuff like that? I know you two are not close.
I can just tell by myself.
Nosy people like you often get injured.
You're just like how Hye-bok described you.
All right.
Just go.
Hye-bok isn't here.
Come on.
Wait Hye-bok.
Hye-bok, it's me, Han-na.
You're in there, right? You just made that sound, didn't you? Is this your room? Oh, my gosh! This is my room.
Now leave.
Hye-bok! Han-na.
Hey, your hair Were you hit? No, I wasn't.
Then what are these? Are these from allergies? They are hickeys.
Hickeys? Yes.
Don't you know what that is? You know, the marks you get from kissing.
You're old enough to know that.
I know what they are.
The stuff you get from kissing.
The question is where you got them.
At the beach.
- At the beach? - Yes.
You went to the beach? When? Last night.
I go there from time to time when I get lonely.
Who did you do it with? Some guy.
You aren't seeing any guys, though.
There are guys when you go to the beach at night.
So you had your first kiss with a stranger? Yes.
He attends Dongil High School.
So he's a delinquent? He's not exactly a delinquent Is he? But delinquents are usually handsome.
Well, you're right.
Then why is your hair like that? Oh, right.
My hair.
What do I do? My hair It's okay.
Don't look at my hair.
- It's fine.
- Close your eyes.
- Don't look at my hair.
- It's really fine.
I already saw it, anyway.
My dad got drunk and cut my hair like this when I was sleeping.
How can I live like this? Just forget it and live on like you used to.
How can I forget this? All you did was kiss each other? Well, we went a bit further.
A bit further? How much? Did you sleep with him? How could we? We were outside.
It would be hard to do it outside.
Thinking about that jerk makes me angry, though.
How could he do this to you? Did he do this on purpose? I did the same thing to him.
I bet he has similar marks by now.
- You did this to him, too? - Yes.
Does it just come naturally? Well, you might not know yet, but when you're kissing, you can't keep a straight mind.
- You can't? - No.
So, my hands just naturally - slide - To where? And my body just moves naturally.
Move how? I just move my body unconsciously.
- You do? - Yes.
It relieves all my stress.
I didn't know you get stressed.
I guess I do.
But that guy would go to school even if he has hickeys.
Guys like him would just show it off.
Gosh, that pisses me off.
We can't just sit back.
Let's get revenge.
On who? Him? But I don't even know his name.
What? I don't have his number, either.
You didn't even get his number? Why would I? I can't believe you.
Then who would we get revenge on? Your father.
My dad? This is just unbelievable.
What kind of father would do this to his own daughter? Why do you put up with all this? Well, I have you.
I won't let him get away with this.
SESAME OIL Spread it out thinly.
- Like this? - Yes.
Spread this over there.
Is it enough just to make him slip? Yes, it's enough.
What if he gets hurt, though? He should get hurt for once.
All right, I'll be off.
- Bye.
- Bye.
- Be careful on your way back.
- Okay, bye.
HOW TO FILE A LEGAL COMPLAINT ON YOUR OWN It's falling over now? It should've fallen over a while ago.
We can't just sit back.
Let's kill him.
It's like an ice skating rink.
It's so slippery.
- Look.
- This is really slippery.
He's doomed now.
He's here.
SUMMONS NOTICE TO THE DEFENDAN Why would he come inside with his shoes on? It's hard to get revenge.
It is.
Try one.
This is one way to get revenge, you know.
Why are you getting scared over nothing? It's not a big deal.
Come on.
Should I try one? Blow into it.
That's right.
What do you think? Can you feel anything? - It feels - Yes? like it's making me brave.
You're totally suited for this.
- It's my dad! - What? Is there a road ahead? No, there isn't.
Go back.
All right.
Gosh, why did he have to get lost here? He really scared me.
You coward.
You're no better.
Hey, I'm not as bad as you.
I smell something nice.
You're right.
I guess I'm really hungry.
It's about time we got hungry.
- Fire! - What the hell? Fire! Oh, gosh.
What do we do? - Water! Get some water! - Right, water.
- Hurry! - There's no water.
Where can we get water? Move over.
Come on.
Hey, it's dangerous! What do we do? - Hey, use dirt.
- The dirt? The chickens Oh, no.
We could have all died.
Oh, my gosh.
- Han-na, let's stop this now.
- Oh, gosh.
Okay? Let's stop this.
That was close.
Why did you throw your cigarette here? I don't know why I did that.
Don't cry.
It's okay.
You're the one who told me to try it.
Why did you get a shovel? A shovel? Why did you bring that shovel? - Why would you - It's better than bringing flour! We almost died! I'm exhausted.
You were clueless, too.
That was so funny.
Are you stressed? Yes.
Do you want to go to the beach, then? The beach? You said going to the beach helps relieve stress.
I'll take you there.
Do you want to go? - Should we go? - Okay, let's go.
- Really? - Let's go.
- We're going now? - Yes.
- Let's go.
- Let's go.
Let's go to the beach and relieve some stress.
I feel like my stress is going away already.
I really smell something nice.
You're right.
Isn't this the smell of fried chicken? - Do they sell fried chicken at the beach? - Of course.
They sell everything at the beach.
Really? That's amazing.
Of course.
By the way, what does your dad do? My dad? He's a forest fire lookout.
A forest fire lookout KISS BURN Subtitle translation by Ju-young Park