Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e02 Episode Script

The Contractor's Key

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
This room can only be found by those bound to sign a certain contract.
Your power has now awakened, in all of its glory.
Please take this.
This is a key given to one who has signed a contract.
From this day forward, you are a customer of the Velvet Room.
Your Persona power is "wild".
This is a special power, which is different from the others.
Like the number zero, it harbours infinite potential.
Allow us to accompany you on your journey, to wherever this newly awakened "wild" power may lead.
Glaciers of ideas importing to my friends then exporting to the next Keeping it open we want no closing Even without doughs our thoughts can be dope and This mind train no one can stop And act of thinking is terrible to stop We just wanna change up, not drop And my crew can rock it, like uprock Life is tedious, if it ain't flowing Copy and paste? Constant defaulting? Put my courage to it, begin showing off That's the way we wanna live Keep going Yeah What was so much of transparency Turned into bright expectation My instinct tells me to keep going together Going together It's breathtaking moments in life Addicted to it, minds craving more and more I'm believing you and I can do anything We can change the world Hey, sky's the limit, we can spread wings Through roadless travel, together we go Satonaka! Satonaka! Hey, Satonaka, snap out of it! Satonaka Are you okay? T-Those monsters They're gone.
Gone? He took care of them.
What? Seriously?! You're pretty amazing, you know that? You called that thing a "Persona", right? I don't really understand it myself, but Forget about that! Let's get out of here before something else shows up! You say that, but How are we supposed to get out? An exit? We finally found you.
You seem to know a lot about this place.
More importantly, how did you get away from the Shadows? "Shadows"? You mean those monsters? That's right! Don't tell me Did you set them on us? Don't be stupid! Do you know how much trouble you humans have caused me, coming in here and riling them up?! Televisions? Come on, time to leave.
Get going.
I'm really busy! Wait! What are you doing? Watch it! Look out! Ouch That damn bear We're back! All right! It's so good to be alive! Hey, quit taking advantage of me when I'm vulnerable! What's wrong? I saw this same poster back there.
The long awaited album from the young queen of enka The Enka Way Misuzu Hiiragi Misuzu The long awaited album from the young queen of enka The Enka Way Hiiragi You're right! Hiiragi Misuzu She's been on the news a lot lately.
They say her husband had a fling with Yamano, that newscaster who died recently.
So you mean that this weird room back there It might have had something to do with Yamano's death.
Stop! Stop! My heart can't take any more of this.
More importantly, the toilet! The toilet! I need to pee! I feel kind of cold, and a bit queasy, too.
Let's go home already.
Yesterday was a total nightmare, by the way.
What happened? I'll tell you all about it later.
Though you might not believe me.
You're Yukiko, right? I've been waiting for you, Yukiko.
Who are you? Hey, how about we go somewhere together? Hey! You're scaring her! Come on, Yukiko! Hey, what school is that guy from? Doesn't he know that Amagi's a lost cause? Are you coming or not? Make up your mind! I'm not.
Forget about it! Damn girl Yo! Good morning.
Oh, good morning! That boy I wonder what he wanted.
What do you mean? He was asking you on a date! Really? Do you even need to ask? Man, you really are a heart breaker, Amagi.
You shot me down pretty brutally last year, too.
Really? I don't remember doing anything like that.
Then how about we go out? No thank you.
Right It's fine, though.
I have someone I like.
Konishi-senpai, was it? Yeah.
Though I've been mailing her since yesterday, and she hasn't responded.
Geez Another accident? Huh? Where's Amagi? She left.
She got a call from home.
She said she had to help out at the inn.
"Inn"? Oh.
Yukiko's family runs the oldest and most famous inn around here.
She's going to take over there when she's older.
Senpai What could she be up to? I haven't received a single response.
Right then.
The principal's going to address you now, so shut your mouths and listen! If you talk, you're going right on my shitlist! Now listen up.
I'm afraid that I have some bad news for all of you.
Check Mail No new mail AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The body of Konishi Saki-san from 3-B was discovered early this morning.
Quiet, please.
Her teachers have determined that she was not a victim of bullying.
They say her body was hung up, just like Yamano's.
This time, it was from a telephone pole.
Hanamura Hey, did you guys watch Midnight Television last night? Why are you talking about that now?! Shut up and listen to me! I had a bad feeling, so I watched it.
And I think the person I saw was Konishi-senpai.
Do you remember? There was that guy going on about how Yamano was his one true love.
Y-Yeah And they were just saying that Senpai died in the same way as Yamano.
Is it just a coincidence? You mean That if a person appears on Midnight Television they'll die? There was a poster of Hiiragi Misuzu inside the TV, right? You think the world inside the TV has a connection to these accidents? Yamano and Senpai might still be in that place! Hanamura, you don't mean Hey, cut it out already! We made it out once before.
And if we go in the same way we did last time, we might meet that bear again.
We don't know that for sure! Okay.
I'll go with you.
Seriously? It'll be a huge help having you along.
Satonaka, hold this.
Hey! Are you guys serious? Stop asking me that.
Okay, let's go! Right.
Hey! Wait! See? I told you.
This is useless! What should I do? Ouch You guys! You came back?! It really is the same place as before.
There's something suspicious about you.
When the fog cleared, someone on your side shoved another person in here.
The fog? When it's foggy out there, it's clear in here.
Now that you mention it It was foggy, both today, and on the day of Yamano's accident.
It seems like you can come here on your own.
I'll bet you can push people in, too! That makes you prime suspects! Cut the crap! Who would do something like th- Perhaps someone threw Yamano and Konishi-senpai into this world against their wills.
And I'm saying that you're the ones responsible! Now, confess! No way! I bet you're the one who brought Konishi-senpai here! Take off that stupid bear costume and show me your face! Stop it! W-What the?! There's nobody inside.
It's empty! What the hell is he?! Thank you Narukami nothing fazes you, huh? I guess I'll believe that you're not the culprits.
That's a pretty sudden change of heart.
But in return, you have to help me find the real culprits! You have to help me stop all of this! The culprits? I just want to live here in peace What's with this guy? I don't have anyone else.
Do you promise you'll help? Why would we want to do th- Okay.
No way! You're actually agreeing?! Well, I feel sort of sorry for him.
I'm so glad! You're too soft-hearted, you know that? Fine, I guess.
TL Note: Kumakichi is a bear character from the Great Detective Usami-chan segments of Gag Manga Biyori.
But you'd better help us, Kumakichi! Hey, you can see really well with these! By the way, doesn't this look just like the shopping district? I think I saw a girl around her- Hey, Kuma! Was it this girl? That's right.
I saw her disappear into that shop over there.
That's Konishi-senpai's house.
Can you hear those voices too? I wish Junes would just go bust! I heard that Saki-chan, Konishi-san's daughter, is working there now.
Even though her own parents are struggling because of it! What a horrible child.
Who's saying that?! Stop it! Hanamura! How many times do I have to tell you, Saki?! You're the eldest daughter of Konishi Sake! Aren't you ashamed?! Working at Junes, of all places! Is that her father's voice? Why can we hear it here? Hey! Is anyone there?! This is I gave this to her.
I could never tell him.
Konishi-senpai?! Senpai?! Senpai! Where are you?! Could never tell Hana-chan that he That I pissed me off.
I only became friends with him because he was the Junes Manager's son.
But he misunderstood and fell for me.
It really pissed me off Pissed her off? Screw Junes! Our store, the shopping district, my parents they can all go to hell! You're lying! You're lying! It's a lie! Senpai wasn't like that! It's so sad.
It's such a shame.
But the truth is, I was the one getting pissed off with everything.
Right, me? Expression Odd Knowledge Ignorant Courage Average Diligence No self-confidence Understanding Narrow-minded Expression Odd Courage Average Knowledge Ignorant Understanding Narrow-minded Diligence No self-confidence There are two of him.
Who are you? I'm you.
Me? I know everything about you.
You said you came here for Konishi-senpai? Drop the act.
You just wanted a little excitement, right? You're bored to death out here in the sticks.
No, I would never You thought maybe, if all went according to plan, you could be a hero.
And you could just say that you were worried about your beloved senpai! What are you?! What are you talking about?! I am a shadow Your true self.
I am your shadow.
Shut up! You're nothing like me! Here it comes! The power! You're not me! Indeed! I'm my own self now! I'm not you any more! He turned into a Shadow! Persona! Are you okay, Hanamura? That was amazing! I didn't know you had that sort of power, Sensei! No There's no way that I'm someone like that Those feelings came from your heart to begin with.
You're lying! You play the fool because you're scared of being abandoned.
It's so sad to be left all alone, isn't it? No! That's not me! Those aren't my thoughts! It's starting to resonate with the other Shadows in the area! Sensei! If you don't stop it soon, it'll be too late! I know everything about you! You're truly pathetic.
Why don't we ask Hanamura? The prince of Junes? He's the manager's son.
Everybody uses him.
What a joke.
You knew you were being used, but you just played along with it to make yourself look good, didn't you? Stop it! Here it comes! All right! But he misunderstood and fell for me.
It really pissed me off You were bored to hell in that dump, right? You just wanted a little excitement! You're wrong! Stop it! You're wrong! You're wrong! I'll put you out of your misery! It's not like that! Izanagi! Oh.
Wrong one.
What're you doing?! You liked her, right? Senpai.
Yeah I really did.
Then surely that's all that matters? I guess so.
You're blushing! Shut up! I knew it all along, really.
But it was so embarrassing, and I couldn't admit it to myself.
I tried my best to get along with everyone, and to make myself look good.
But there were people who just found me annoying.
Still, my feelings toward Senpai were true, at least.
So that thing's a part of me, huh? Which means that I'm not really me without it.
You're starting to piss me off! It's off balance.
Now's your chance! Izanagi! You're me, and I'm you.
This is my Persona.
Narukami I wouldn't have made it through this without you.
Ouch You're back! What's wrong? Don't give me "what's wrong?"! The rope broke, and I didn't know what to do.
I was so worried! You make me so mad! I hate you! I can't believe this.
You guys are the worst! I'm sorry, Satonaka.
Ten steaks.
What? Ten steaks.
We'll treat you to steak as an apology.
Right, Narukami? M-Me too? Narukami-kun has to buy me beef noodles.
O-Okay Then I'll forgive you.
I'm completely beaten.
So Yamano and Konishi-senpai were thrown into such a dangerous place The people who are thrown in always end up being attacked by their own shadows, like Yousuke was.
If someone forced Senpai in there, I'll never forgive them.
We have to find the culprit, and put a stop to it.
We promised, after all.
Guess we did.
You know I feel like if I'm with you, we can find the culprit and solve this case.
I'm counting on you.
Right No time to waste, but make your pace It's okay to remove copy and paste I'm doing my way.
You do it your way Don't just follow your left, find the right way Stereotypes Too many hypes I'm the epitome of new types Having the fear is power to my soul Cuz I overcome them That's how I roll Expose your thoughts Don't be afraid of making mistakes Rules prevailing in That may be your greatest rival Believe in faith and your heart Your true soul Stop being in the shades Come on out in the open sun Beauty of the child of destiny Delightful days are rich with density of love Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny So, what's it like being a high school student and an inn manager? Well, I'm really just standing in for my mother You look beautiful in a kimono.
What?! N-No, I It's true that Yamano stayed at your inn right before her death, isn't it? Y-Yes Dad's so late.
I have to do the dishes.
I'll help.
Okay! Hanamura! Narukami-kun! What's wrong? Something bit me Good evening! What's going on? What the heck is this? See you later.
No! Don't come any closer! Don't look at me!