Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e03 Episode Script

We Are Friends, Aren't We?

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
Persona is a power governed by one's heart.
And one's heart grows as one forms bonds with others.
You have obtained the Magician arcana by interacting and building a bond with another.
Your power will be nurtured through the bonds you form.
So we pray that you will win a place in the hearts of many.
Well then, until we next meet, fare thee well.
Glaciers of ideas importing to my friends then exporting to the next Keeping it open we want no closing Even without doughs our thoughts can be dope and This mind train no one can stop And act of thinking is terrible to stop We just wanna change up, not drop And my crew can rock it, like uprock Life is tedious, if it ain't flowing Copy and paste? Constant defaulting? Put my courage to it, begin showing off That's the way we wanna live Keep going Yeah What was so much of transparency Turned into bright expectation My instinct tells me to keep going together Going together It's breathtaking moments in life Addicted to it, minds craving more and more I'm believing you and I can do anything We can change the world Hey, sky's the limit, we can spread wings Through roadless travel, together we go What's wrong? So cute! Is that your dog? I found him.
But we can't raise him at home, so I was told to abandon him.
He'll be alone again Hey! I'm Satonaka Chie.
Amagi Yukiko.
Pleased to meet you, Yukiko-chan! And pleased to meet you, too.
Did you watch it too? Yeah.
What's wrong, Satonaka? Is Yukiko here?! Amagi? No, I haven't seen her yet.
No way What should I do? What's wrong? On Midnight Television last night Yeah, we were just talking about that.
I'm pretty sure the person shown was Yukiko.
I've seen her in a kimono like that.
When she was giving that interview before.
I kept mailing her, but she didn't reply.
Did you call her? It just told me she wasn't available.
No way! You mean that Amagi Stop it! Sorry.
It's fine.
She might just be busy with something else.
Or maybe she dropped her phone somewhere.
She could be busy helping out at home.
You're right! That's got to be it! I'm going to the inn.
Now? But the bell's about to ring! Yes? Yukiko?! I'm so glad you're there! Yeah.
Oh, right.
No, it's nothing! I'll mail you later.
Phew! She said a group of tourists suddenly turned up, and she's been busy.
But if it's not Amagi, then Who was that person on Midnight Television? What are you looking at? Man, your handwriting's awful.
They're notes I took for Yukiko.
I-I see Have fun with that.
Soccer Club now looking for members! Come to basketball Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Soccer Club now looking for members! Hey, you're the transfer student, right? Soccer Club now looking for members! That's right, but Have you ever played basketball? Not really.
Hey, let's go! Looks like he shot you down, Ichijou.
Come by whenever you feel like it, transfer student! Even if you're in second year, or haven't played before, you're welcome! It's pretty busy today, huh? Hey, just stick your hand in and try to beckon to Kuma.
What's wrong? Something bit me.
It left a mark! Are you okay? I think I'm going to cry.
I don't see any tears.
That voice is Chie-chan's What sort of game is this? Kuma, can you tell if someone's in there? "Someone" who? I'm all on my own here, and as lonely as can be.
Though I like it that way.
Shut up! Is there really nobody there? I'm not lying! My nose is just as flat as ever! There's nobody there.
Even though someone was on Midnight Television last night.
What's going on? Let's find out tonight.
Good evening! Tonight I, Amagi Yukiko, am going to be turning the tables, and going on a search for men! Why? Allow me to introduce Shock Attack! Girls Flirt With Boys: Princess Yukiko's Search for a Prince! search for a Prince search for a Prince Princess Yukiko's search for a Prince I'm completely serious! And I'm going to be unleashing some secret weapons.
Like my heart! I'll have my own personal host club by the time I'm done! Here I go! Hey, did you see that?! I wish I'd recorded it Amagi \h\h\h\hInn\h\h\h\h Family Oh, good morning.
Good morning.
Where's your dad? He left already.
He said he wouldn't be home until late.
Are you going out? Y-Yeah Just meeting some friends.
Don't worry.
I can watch the house on my own.
A high atmospheric current is coming in, so you can expect sunny weather all day today.
Now let's have a look at next we- Sunny, huh? I'd better put out the washing.
Take care.
See you later.
Narukami! Hey! What's up? I found something awesome in my back garden.
Check these out! Hanamura, are those The blades are fake, of course.
Which one do you want? What do you mean "which one"? Or maybe I'll use both? I've discovered two suspicious looking boys.
They're carrying several bladed weapons.
Requesting backup.
Hey! Hey! Are you resisting arrest? Not at all! We're not suspicious or anything.
We're just two guys who are interested in swords.
Stop saying "we".
They're over there! Excuse me.
Hey! Wait! Hanamura! Narukami-kun! What happened? Yukiko's Understanding Basic Knowledge Aware Diligence No self-confidence Courage Average Expression Odd Understanding Basic Diligence No self-confidence Courage Average Knowledge Aware Expression Odd Geez, don't go pulling stunts like that.
If Doujima-san wasn't your guardian, you wouldn't have got off with such a light warning.
I'm so sorry.
Hanamura! Huh, Satonaka? Yukiko's Amagi? She's gone! She was around last night, but since then, nobody has seen her.
Now that you mention it, we received a search request from Amagi Yukiko's family.
Are you her friends? Yes.
Do you have any idea what might have happened? Maybe she seemed stressed out, or Stressed out? You know, that announcer, Yamano? She was staying at the Amagi Inn before her accident.
They say she was so demanding that the owner collapsed from stress.
And Yukiko-san She's her daughter.
There are some people who think that maybe she's disappeared for a reason.
What's that supposed to mean?! Are you saying Yukiko's the culprit?! No, it's just that there are rumours going around that There's no way that's true! Satonaka! Calm down! I-I'm not saying I believe it.
Hey! What's going on?! Saying that Yukiko's done something like that! Let's go.
Come on, Satonaka.
Yukiko's Yukiko's What did you say? N-Nothing We have to save Yukiko.
This is the place that was on Midnight Television.
You should wait outside, Satonaka.
I'm going.
I'm definitely going.
It's pointless trying to change your mind once it's made up So Amagi's in here? There's no doubt.
My nose is twitching.
Hey, don't go in on your own! Geez Hey! Don't leave me here! Yukiko! Yukiko! She's not watching her back at all.
Hanamura! Okay! Persona! Here it goes! Persona! Just what I'd expect from Sensei! Jiraiya! Yousuke's still got a long way to go Hey, who said you could call me Yousuke?! Let's move! Yukiko! Yukiko! This is Yukiko's room? You told me red suited me.
Yukiko? I hated my name.
Snow is cold, and it melts before you know it.
TL Note: "Yuki" means "snow" in Japanese.
It's fleeting and meaningless.
But it suits me perfectly.
Yukiko! Where are you? Where are you? For someone like me, whose life has no meaning, other than to inherit an inn.
Answer me, Yukiko! Yukiko! But you, and you alone, told me that red suited me.
You, and you alone, gave my life meaning.
You were cheerful, strong, and could do anything.
You had everything I didn't.
I'm Compared to you, I'm You protected me.
Even though I was completely worthless.
Kind Chie Yukiko, I "Kind Chie", huh? Don't make me laugh.
W-What?! Me? Who are you? I'm Satonaka Chie.
What are you saying? I'm Satonaka Chie.
I'm Satonaka Chie too.
What is this? I don't get it Yukiko That Yukiko She said that I protected her? That she's completely worthless? That's just how I like it! What are you saying? Yukiko's beautiful, sexy and feminine.
Boys are always swooning over her.
To have a girl like that look up to me! I couldn't get enough of it.
It made me so happy.
Yukiko can't do anything without me.
I'm I'm I'm so much better than her! You're wrong! I've never Are you okay?! Satonaka! That's! No! Stay back! Don't look at me! She's wrong.
She's wrong.
That's not me! Satonaka! You idiot! Run away! There are too many of them! You're wrong You're wrong Stop pretending that you don't see it.
I'm you.
Shut up! You You Satonaka! You're not me! I am your shadow.
I am your true self.
Satonaka! Stay out of my way! You too? This might just get interesting! Sensei, you're so cool! Hanamura! Are you still here? Hurry up and die already.
I'll be sure to take good care of Yukiko once you're gone.
I can't lose such a precious footstool, after all.
Foot stool I'm the one who's really worthless on her own.
Useless little me.
But Yukiko made me feel needed.
That's why I became her friend.
I won't let her go! No! I Sato naka don't let it trick you! Silence! Hanamura! There are no tricks.
This is how I truly feel.
How I truly feel! Yukiko's beautiful.
The boys swoon for her.
I That's right.
This is how you truly feel, in the depths of your heart.
She can't do anything without me.
She owes everything to me.
No! No! No! This is how I truly feel? No Does it really matter if it is? You're friends anyway, right? Yukiko That's right, Yukiko.
We are friends, aren't we? You're the me that I keep locked away inside.
I pretended I never noticed you.
I didn't know what else to do.
But I'm me, right? Sato naka Ridiculous! You think I'll just go away if you accept me?! Narukami-kun! Damn you! I'll tear you limb by limb! Hanamura! Oh no! Yousuke! Hanamura! You possess the power to obtain new arcana via the bonds you forge.
The power to command multiple Personae.
The "wild" power.
You are the chosen one.
Chosen one Change! Jack o'Lantern! Now I face out I hold out I reach out to the truth of my life Seeking to seize on the whole moment today You know the stake is high stardom is near What? He can use two Personae? Those who sympathised you die killers pass by Do it! Do not waste your time in hating flirting guys Use your might to AIs do justice to them all Now I face out I hold out Hanamura! Right! I reach out to the truth of my life Seeking to seize on the whole moment to now break away Oh God let me out, can you let me out Can you set me free from this dark inner world Save me now last beat in the soul You are me.
This is A Persona.
You mean Yeah.
My Persona They seem busy.
I'm so pathetic Even though Yukiko could be dying as we speak, my body won't respond.
I hate this That's not pathetic.
I'm sure we'll need your power to help us save Amagi.
Thank you.
Let me show you a special something as thanks.
Show me? We're taking care of him.
He's really fat now, and he smells awful.
But it's because of him that I met Yukiko, and made a dear friend.
Yukiko No time to waste, but make your pace It's okay to remove copy and paste I'm doing my way.
You do it your way Don't just follow your left, find the right way Stereotypes Too many hypes I'm the epitome of new types Having the fear is power to my soul Cuz I overcome them That's how I roll Expose your thoughts Don't be afraid of making mistakes Rules prevailing in That may be your greatest rival Believe in faith and your heart Your true soul Stop being in the shades Come on out in the open sun Beauty of the child of destiny Delightful days are rich with density of love Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny Chie! Get out of my way! Let's go, partner! Yeah, let's do it! This is from back then I won't run away.
I'm sick of those damn shackles!