Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e06 Episode Script

I'll Beat You, and Beat You Good

Oh? My deepest apologies, but the master is currently out on business.
Still, since you've come all this way Welcome to the Velvet Room.
I've always wanted to say that.
With that out of the way It appears you have forged some new bonds.
Moon and Strength.
I wonder what sort of future these two arcana will lead you to? Please visit again when the master returns.
Or perhaps you prefer it when it's just the two of us? Glaciers of ideas importing to my friends then exporting to the next Keeping it open we want no closing Even without doughs our thoughts can be dope and This mind train no one can stop And act of thinking is terrible to stop We just wanna change up, not drop And my crew can rock it, like uprock Life is tedious, if it ain't flowing Copy and paste? Constant defaulting? Put my courage to it, begin showing off That's the way we wanna live Keep going Yeah What was so much of transparency Turned into bright expectation My instinct tells me to keep going together Going together It's breathtaking moments in life Addicted to it, minds craving more and more I'm believing you and I can do anything We can change the world Hey, sky's the limit, we can spread wings Through roadless travel, together we go Hey, have you heard about that first year? Yeah.
Is it true, though? They say he took on a whole biker gang.
Seems like it.
By the time he was done, a hundred of them were in hospital, or even half dead.
They say he took over as leader of the gang he smashed.
They're supposed to be making a TV program based on him and everything.
Eat this! Why do we have to go to the same school as a guy like that? Wish he'd just get lost.
Is this This fried chicken's good, huh? It might be Dad! Hello? Yeah, we're fine.
Huh? Okay He wants to talk to you.
Hello? Is that you? Sorry, but I'm going to be late today.
You should just lock up and go to bed.
And about our holiday on the 4th and 5th One of the younger guys here has fallen ill.
We can't afford to leave the case he was on unattended.
So I'm going to have to step in.
It looks like I might get my long-anticipated holiday this Golden Week.
Really? This just came out of nowhere.
I'd appreciate it if you tried to cheer Nanako up.
I understand.
See you.
Hiya! Satonaka? Hey.
Are you free today? Huh? If you're free, want to go out? Yukiko's coming too, and I don't mind if you bring along that ass Hanamura.
Sorry, today's no good.
Are you Nanako-chan? Do you want to come as well? Um but Let's go.
Is it okay? Of course! Why wouldn't it be? Can you leave right away? Yeah! Steak is served! Wow, it looks really good! Here.
Get a move on! Eat up, Nanako-chan! Don't be shy! Yeah! Thanks! Chew it well.
It's not very good meat.
Did you hear that? She went for it and said it right in front of me! Don't you have work to do? I'm finally on my break.
But anyway, what gives? Golden Week finally arrived and you guys are here? There's nowhere else to go.
Poor Nanako-chan, being dragged to a place like this.
Yes, poor Nanako-chan, being dragged to a place like this.
You didn't have to repeat it Everyday young life Junes! I love Junes! Nanako-chan! We were all supposed to come together and bring lunch boxes, though.
Lunch boxes? Can you make them? No.
Huh? You know how to make them? Well enough.
Hey, you're trusted to make lunch for the family? Not bad.
It's pretty cool that you can do stuff like that.
You're a lot handier to have around than Satonaka.
What's that supposed to mean? You think I can't cook or something?! Huh? You can? Can you? It sounds like you're challenging me to a duel.
A duel? Sounds good.
How about we let Nanako-chan be the judge? Huh? Should I participate too? I'll treat you to even better food than what your mum makes! I don't have a mum.
Dad said she died in an accident.
I-Is that right? Sorry.
No, It's fine.
Even if I don't have a mum, I have my dad and O-Onii-chan Today I got to go to Junes, so I'm really happy! Nanako-chan, we'll hang out with you any time you like! Yes, let's! Thanks! I'm home.
Dad! Hey, Nanako Huh? I'm sorry.
I broke my promise to you.
You know, Onii-chan took me out! Really? Thanks.
No, I had fun.
Hey, what's that? Oh, it's the 5th of May today, TL Note: The 5th of May is Children's Day in Japan.
so I bought you a present.
Wow, awesome! Hey, clothes! It's got a weird picture on it! It looks funny! There's one for you, too.
Huh? I don't mean to treat you like a kid, but I figured it was only fair.
These swimming trunks are pretty stylish.
Really? Glad you like them.
Dad, Onii-chan! Let's eat together.
Right, it's time to eat.
It's been a while since we all sat down for a meal together.
Yeah, you're right! If you don't eat your steak quickly, it'll get cold! Sorry, sorry.
That damn Hanamura.
He gets us together for a study session and then falls asleep.
When I think about it, there haven't been any incidents during Golden Week.
What was that?! Are we talking about that now?! Your eyes are suddenly full of life again.
You look pretty alert.
I know, right? I've been thinking about the incidents a little myself.
Announcer Yamano Amagi Yukiko Konishi-senpai The first victim, Yamano the announcer.
Next, Konishi-senpai.
Then third, Amagi.
It wasn't coincidence that those three people were targeted.
I'm sure there has to be a reason behind it.
A reason? Behind that random collection of people? It's not random.
There's a connection between the three.
Firstly, Konishi-senpai was the first person to discover Yamano's body, Konishi-senpai Amagi Yukiko Announcer Yamano and Yamano stayed at your inn, right Amagi? Yes, that's right.
Amagi Yukiko Konishi-senpai Announcer Yamano Konishi-senpai Announcer Yamano Konishi-senpai Announcer Yamano Announcer Yamano Konishi-senpai Then how does this sound? Konishi-senpai The killer is targeting any girl who had connections to Yamano.
You're right! But why? I haven't thought that far ahead.
But unless we gather up these little hints, we'll never solve anything.
I can remember my doorbell ringing and someone calling me, but as for a face sorry Don't apologise.
It's fine.
The only other thing we have to consider is Midnight Television, right? Yeah.
Thinking about it now, it's sort of like the killer is showing trailers for his crimes.
Trailers, huh? Then we better be sure to watch Midnight Television the next time it rains.
If we do that, we might just be able to stop the crime from happening.
Okay! Now that that's sorted, I guess the meeting's adjourned.
He didn't spend a single minute studying.
Yousuke's Seat Yousuke's Seat Yousuke's Seat Hey, you guys are finally finished! Yeah, we're finished.
Where did you go? I was pretty sure I'd get the same grades whether I was in the room or not.
It's nice that some people don't have to give a damn about their grades.
Hey, how did you find it, Narukami-kun? Not bad.
What a convenient answer.
That voice Don't broadcast this, you shitheads! So he's still at it? Do you know him, Dad? Through work, yeah.
Tatsumi Kanji.
A problem child who's always spoiling for a fight.
Understanding Kindly Diligence Persistent Courage Reliable Expression Rough Knowledge Aware Courage Reliable Diligence Persistent Understanding Kindly Expression Rough Knowledge Aware Okay then.
Let's call to order this meeting of the special investigations team for Inabashi's serial abduction and murder case.
Too long.
So this is our secret headquarters? Quite right! Well said, Amagi! More importantly, the person who was on Midnight Television It was Tatsumi Kanji, right? It was good timing.
I had just seen him on the news.
I had it all wrong, though.
I thought the killer was only going for girls.
He doesn't seem to have any connection to Yamano, either.
Kanji-kun, huh? He really wasn't like that when we were little Huh, Yukiko? You know someone that dangerous? Yeah.
His parents run a dye house.
We often buy souvenirs for our guests from there.
I haven't spoken to him for a long time, though.
This will be easy, then! Let's go to that dye house right away.
If someone on Midnight Television is sucked into the TV That's right.
Senya The next target will be Tatsumi Kanji.
Excuse us.
My, Yuki-chan! Welcome! Right, I'd better be going.
I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help to you.
Not at all.
This has been most interesting.
What was his problem? Yuki-chan, you look lovely, as always.
You're too kind.
Is Kanji-kun home? He hasn't come back yet.
Ah, I see I think I've seen this scarf somewhere before Which one? I've got it! Inside the television! In that room with the headless poster! You mean Yamano's room?! Are you friends of Yamano-san? I wouldn't say friends, but She had that scarf custom-made.
Hello? I have a delivery for you.
Oh, yes! I'm sorry, I have to step out for a moment.
Not at all.
We were about to leave.
Tatsumi Kanji.
This is bad! Let's hide! You want to talk to me? Yes.
You interest me.
Fine, whatever.
Then I'll meet you after school tomorrow.
I i-interest him?! We're both guys, and I interest him? What the hell are you looking at?! Retreat! What a pain in the ass That was a shock We couldn't hear a word he said.
Guess we're just going to have to stake out both Tatsumi Kanji and the dye house.
If the culprit is really after Tatsumi Kanji, he'll have to either come for him, or come to his house.
Then it's decided.
Can you give me your number, Amagi? Don't tell me that was your plan all along?! Of course not! I just figure I'll probably need it one way or another.
By the way, quit calling me late at night to tell me sex jokes and stuff.
You come off like a total pervert.
You stay out of this.
It's fine, right, Amagi? Oh, I forgot.
I have to go home.
I was supposed to bring some tofu home.
No fair! What the hell am I doing? He's here! Sorry.
Have you been waiting long? No.
I-I just got here as well.
There's something fishy going on here.
Fishy? What do you mean? No, I guess maybe it's just my imagination.
Satonaka and I will chase Tatsumi.
You and Amagi stake out his house.
Let's go! Senya Do you think the killer will come? Are you scared? A little.
But right now I think it's more important that I do something.
I'm sure that even I can be of help somehow.
Don't get too worked up.
Huh? Do I look that way to you? I guess maybe I'm a little nervous after all.
You should just relax.
We don't know for certain that the killer will show up.
No, it's not that.
I'm nervous for a different reason.
I've never really talked to a boy my age on my own like this before.
With the sort of personality she has, Chie makes lots of male friends.
But even she seems to have fun with you and Hanamura-kun.
Really? I'm fun too, you know.
I made things a little awkward there.
Not really.
I wonder if the other two have seen anything? I'll try calling Chie.
No good.
It's engaged.
And I don't know Hanamura-kun's number.
I don't either.
Hanamura's number? Yours.
No, I just figured it'd be useful for our investigation Y-You're right.
We'll need to contact each other.
You- This is a bit sudden, but can I ask you some questions? Satonaka-san, Satonaka-san.
Do you read me? Over! I read you.
The target is standing 200 metres ahead.
Over! Hey, why do we need to do this? If we're in the same place and they catch us, it's game over.
And you didn't say "over"! You don't really need to at this kind of distance.
In that case, I think we need to spread out a little.
Over! This is so pointless.
This is just the way he walks home.
More importantly, I'm getting hungry.
Like I care! If you're hungry, order takeaway or something! Takeaway? Even though we're outside? Don't you know Aiya Takeaway? They're famous for delivering anywhere.
Seriously?! Then here goes! Hello? I'd like to place an order for two beef bowls! I don't need one! Who said it's for you?! They're both for me! Is that so? Um, the place is Hey, assholes! What are you playing at? We're just a dumb couple passing by! As if! Stupid! You're making us look suspicious! I don't want to be dating you! Huh? Ain't you the same guys from yesterday? W-We're not trying to get in your way or anything, and we don't think you're up to anything strange! Strange? You idiot, Satonaka! Quit your blabbing! Let's get out of here.
Hey, Hanamura! He runs away so damn fast! Hey, hold it! It's nothing like that, damn it! You've got it all completely wrong! Sorry.
We're bringing trouble your way! Sorry, Yukiko! Is he chasing them? Let's get out of here! Wait, damn it! Wait, you assholes! I'll beat you, and beat you for good! Crap, at this rate, we'll all get caught.
This calls for a decoy! Satonaka! Why me?! You remember the guy who always says "go on without me", right? This is your chance to be that guy! Now that you mention it Chie, don't be a hero! Don't run, damn it! What? Sorry to keep you waiting.
Here's your delivery.
We're on the move! How'd you know where to find us? That'll be 1800 yen! Not really the time! Sorry, do you have change? You're actually paying?! Chie, I have 100 yen! Save it for later! I'll leave your bowls here, then.
Where?! We made it somehow.
Chie, is it good? How to put it? It's so warm! Man, I'm beaten.
I can't believe I've been pulled into this.
Let's call it a day.
What about Kanji-kun? He'll be fine if we leave him alone.
You think he's the type who'll just stay quiet? Let's keep an eye on him a while longer.
We'll leave it here for today.
Where do I put the bowls? No time to waste, but make your pace No time to waste, but make your pace It's okay to remove copy and paste I'm doing my way.
You do it your way Don't just follow your left, find the right way Stereotypes Too many hypes I'm the epitome of new types Having the fear is power to my soul Cuz I overcome them That's how I roll Expose your thoughts Don't be afraid of making mistakes Rules prevailing in That may be your greatest rival Believe in faith and your heart Your true soul Stop being in the shades Come on out in the open sun Beauty of the child of destiny Delightful days are rich with density of love Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny Good evening, everyone! I'd like to introduce you to a facility that welcomes those looking to cross the boundaries of gender for one wonderful night! And your host there will be none other than myself, the fabulous Tatsumi Kanji-kun! way.
W-Wait a sec, I don't want to go in there! This really pisses me off! Calm down, Yukiko! You idiot You've got to snap out of it! This is going to be a big finish! I-I'm burning up