Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e07 Episode Script

Suspicious Tropical Paradise

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
I see you have bonded with a new friend, which has allowed you to obtain the High Priestess Arcana.
The disaster that shall befall you is stealing human lives as it draws near.
But there is nothing to fear.
You already possess the power to fight back.
When you truly need us, the door will open, and we shall offer you our assistance.
I am looking forward to it! Glaciers of ideas importing to my friends then exporting to the next Keeping it open we want no closing Even without doughs our thoughts can be dope and This mind train no one can stop And act of thinking is terrible to stop We just wanna change up, not drop And my crew can rock it, like uprock Life is tedious, if it ain't flowing Copy and paste? Constant defaulting? Put my courage to it, begin showing off That's the way we wanna live Keep going Yeah What was so much of transparency Turned into bright expectation My instinct tells me to keep going together Going together It's breathtaking moments in life Addicted to it, minds craving more and more I'm believing you and I can do anything We can change the world Hey, sky's the limit, we can spread wings Through roadless travel, together we go I'm hot! I'm on fire! Analogue What should I do with my melting hot body? I'm so hot, I'll just have to thrust Deeper in! So here I go! Hey, did you see that? I did.
So you saw I sure did.
Want a copy? Hell no! Incredible! We actually went inside the TV.
Oh, yeah.
This is Yukiko's first time coming in on her own.
What? You can't tell where Tatsumi Kanji is, right? Yeah, I can smell that someone's here, but I can't figure out where.
Why not? I bet it's because I've got so much on my mind! Where'd I come from? Who am I? I can't seem to figure it out.
How could you? You're totally empty inside.
But what now? Our hands are tied if Kuma can't find him.
So you want to call it quits for today? Of course not! We can't Wha- Narukami-kun?! Maybe I could be able to find him if you gave me a hint.
Got anything with you that bears his scent on it? I'm sorry, but he hasn't been home since yesterday.
It's been dangerous out there lately, so I notified the police.
You must be worried.
Indeed! He always leaves without saying a word but it's the first time he hasn't come home.
That's surprising.
I thought he'd usually be out at night fighting.
Hey, watch it! It's okay.
I admit that he can be a little rough.
A while ago he got into a fight with some biker kids.
You mean he's beaten up an entire biker gang? But that was partially my fault.
I haven't slept for days because of their loud bikes.
That made him angry, so he beat up a biker gang for his mother's sake? Talk about an aggressive son! Can I help you? Um, is Onii-chan here? Does "Onii-chan" live here? Yeah! Well, you see this? That's I was borrowing Sana-chan's cell phone strap with a doll on it.
But I lost the doll and couldn't find it anywhere.
And then Pipe down! There's no point crying over spilt milk! Tsk! What's it like? Huh? I can't make an exact copy, but I could try to make something similar.
Really? Yeah! Apologise when you give it back to her and ask for her forgiveness.
I'll go with you.
He even made one for me to match Sana-chan's.
Does that mean Tatsumi Kanji made that strap from scratch? Yeah.
May I see it? Yeah.
Amazing! It doesn't even look handmade.
I-It's so cute! I'm not sure what to think of Kanji making something like this No way! It defies the image I've got of him.
Everyone has their thing.
Sana forgave me because of him, so I wanted to thank him.
Say, could I ask a favour of you? Those kids His scent should be on it if he made it.
Yeah! Huh? Didn't we see him yesterday? So we meet again.
Yeah, what a coincidence! Did you hear? Tatsumi has gone into hiding.
Y-Yeah Come to think of it, what did you and Kanji talk about yesterday? Why do you want to know? I'm just curious Fair enough.
I'll tell you now since you seem to be in a hurry.
All I did was ask him about his recent activities.
What? It was just small talk? Pretty much.
But thinking back, he was acting a little strange.
Strange? Right, so I bluntly told him as much.
I said: "You're behaving a bit strange.
" That made the colour drain off his face.
I'm surprised.
He doesn't look like the type who cares about such things.
You can't judge others by their appearances.
He might be struggling with some sort of complex.
A complex Sniff, sniff, sniff.
Sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff, sniff! This bear is acting like a dog! I've got Kanji's scent down perfectly! Now lets pick up the trail! Howl, Oh Nose-Sensor! Sniff, sniff! Sniff, sniff! Oh, I found something! I bet I'm dead on! Is this it? Follow this bear! H-Hey! Is Kanji here? Isn't the fog different than usual? My glasses are fogging up.
Man, it's hot! It's just like a- My cute pussy cat S-Such strong muscles! There's no need to be afraid.
Now, just relax H-Hold it! I don't want to go in! Yeah, it's too risky.
Hey, Kuma-san.
Is Kanji-kun really in there? Don't underestimate my Nose-Sensor! So we have no other choice than to go in! Wait! I seriously don't want to! It's way too risky! There'll be no turning back! I'll lose something important! Shut up! We're going! Ouch! Let me go! No! I'm not ready to give up my pure body! Just leave him be.
Narakumi-kun, let's go.
Right! It's so hot in here.
This sucks! I really want to get out of here.
Could we split up? Satonaka and Amagi can charge in while Narakumi and I go home.
Great idea! Like Hell it is! You just want to leave us here alone! We're here to save Kanji, remember? Try to keep that in mind! True enough.
He's not as bad as I thought, so we've got to save him.
My, my.
Thanks for your attention! I'm Kanji! Hold it! Not so fast! Screw that! We're going to be crushed if we don't get this over with quickly! We're airing from the Sensuous Tropical Paradise! The hot steam is making my heart go wild! Hey! Not you too, Chie-chan! Sorry.
He was pissing me off.
See? Since everyone's burning up, let's skip to the next segment! NO GIRLS ALLOWED! TAKE THE PLUNGE!? IT'S THE STEAMY PARADISE OF LOVE! This is bad.
This is really bad! It was just like this with Yukiko, too N-No way! It wasn't like this! So, do the people who get thrown in here create these images? Mine was like this? No, it couldn't have been.
Well then, in my hunt for more love, I shall thrust deeper in! Here I go, dammit! Hold it! Here they come! It was like this with me? T-That's That ticks me off! UP! BURNING Persona! You're up, Jiraiya! Youch! No hot moves allowed in here! It's too damn hot! I'm freezing.
Can't we use moderation in here? Now I see what Hanamura was trying to get at.
We'll go crazy if we stay in here for too long.
The next time he creeps me out, he'll be a pile of ashes! Sounds good.
No, it doesn't! That's a no-go! What? Damn it, where is this?! Is someone there?! Show yourself! Tatsumi Kanji's a fight-loving delinquent and a bum.
What was that?! He trashed a biker gang and became their boss.
He thinks he's the King of the Hill! Cut the crap! I never became their boss! Aren't you the one stealing the kid's money at school? No, I'm not! Don't just assume it was me! Clearly Tatsumi Kanji did it.
He's that kind of guy.
Cut the crap! How dare you make that up? Come out so I can kill you! Thus you put on the scary delinquent Kanji act.
"Cut the crap!"? You're such a liar.
Who is it this time? Kanji, the scary, yet strong delinquent.
Talk about manly! That's how you want to be viewed, isn't it? But that's not you.
You're me?! Courage Brave Knowledge Aware Expression Eloquent Understanding Kindly Diligence Persistent Expression Eloquent Knowledge Aware Courage Brave Understanding Basic Diligence Persistent Welcome to Tropical Paradise He's in here, isn't he? Yeah, no doubt about it.
Okay, let's go all out! Yeah, but keep your cool.
You're one to talk! Well, anyway, losing your temper isn't allowed! First we need to rescue Kanji, then we got to save Kanji! Chie, those two objectives were one and the same thing! It was intentional Huh? It was? Obviously! Amagi, I seriously don't get you Why aren't you opening the door? Well, ya know Do we really have to? I bet a scary sight's in store for us.
I can imagine it.
What should we do, Narukami-kun? Let's leave it be.
That's not happening! This is when you guys take the lead! Eh?! Wait! Go on! Wait! Why me?! Go on! I said go! Oh, wow! You're so gentle.
Cut it out, you jerk! It's sublime! I told you so.
Wha- Guys?! Why are you here?! Well, we came to save you.
Why do you sound so unmotivated?! I won't let you interfere! Huh? What's this? Is this supposed to slow us down? Chie! Are you okay? What're you doing? What is this?! It's slimy! It's so gross! I can't get up.
Narukami, did you bring a video camera? Damn.
No! What are you think- Bastard! Why don't you stop with the lies? Huh?! What's wrong with stating what you want to be? I'm everything you wanted to be.
Not true! No, don't listen! Jirai- whoa! Hanamura! Master, I'll help- Oh, dear! I hate women.
Whenever I was sewing or drawing, they would rudely say, "You're gross" or "But you're a guy".
Punk, if you don't shut up "But you're a guy! You're a guy! You're a guy!" What's it mean to be manly? Aren't women scary? T-They don't scare me! I prefer men! They don't say, "But you're a guy.
" That's why I prefer men! That's not true! But it is.
You are me and I am you.
Like Hell you are.
No! Don't say it, Kanji! There's no way you'll ever be me! I am you! I'm you! I am a Shadow, your true self.
That's enough nonsense coming from you! Don't interfere! Kanji! Are you okay?! Hang in there! I want to be honest with myself.
And I'll get rid of anyone who gets in my way.
I can't believe this is how Kanji-kun truly feels This isn't how he feels! His emotions are just going haywire.
UP! BURNING Get him! Oh, yeah! Hey! Come on, baby! W-What gives?! Oh, nice! No way! What's going on? Hey, Kuma! What's the big deal? We've got some weirdoes here! They're probably part of Kanji's Shadow.
My, what a stud! C-Change! H-Huh? Hmm? Hold me tight! C-Cha- I could eat you up! You, too! I'm dead He's toxic! He killed their spirits! Crap! They're down! It's okay.
They aren't interested in us, I think Humph! Eh? What is it? Mismatching red! What?! Feels so good! Calm down, Yukiko! What is it? Say something! Keep it up! Guys! Cool down! They weren't any trouble at all.
What a hoot! You sound lovely! It's making my heart race.
But you're an eyesore! You're Well, time to finish this! At this rate I've been waiting for you.
The time has finally come.
It is time for you to awaken your Wild card's true power.
Amazing! They merged together! Oh, my God! I don't dislike this! Not at all! Ecstasy! Oh, no! I'm so cold! Isn't that Didn't you make it? What? Got a problem with that? I made it even though I'm a dude No, I think it's cute.
Huh? It's cute.
Cu-?! I-It's cute?! It's super-duper cute! I love anything cute! You're so persistent! Yeah, that's right.
What is? I love cute shit! Accept me! He defeated his own Shadow! It made me happy when you called it cute and accepted me.
H-He's come back for more! You must really find him unbearable! Someone, anyone, accept me! Accept me! I said to cut that crap! For Christ's sake, the mere thought of this thing inside of me is disgraceful.
Kanji It ain't about men or women.
I'm just scared shitless of getting rejected.
I'm a bloody chicken who tries to push people away! So I already knew that you're me and I'm you, you damn idiot! That's Kanji's Persona.
It's pretty masculine! Persona Are you all right, Kanji?! Are you okay? Kanji! Really, the boys and girls would creep out if they knew you made this.
Drop it! I'm over that already! Right.
I owe you.
I'm surprised you're being so polite.
Well, you are my senpai.
More importantly, who was the idiot that threw me into the TV? That's what we're looking into.
Hunting for the culprit? May I help you out with that? I want to pay him back ten times over! For real? That's great! You'll be a huge help.
Yeah! Is that okay, Narukami-kun? Of course.
Thanks! I, Tatsumi Kanji, will risk my life for you! No time to waste, but make your pace It's okay to remove copy and paste I'm doing my way.
You do it your way Don't just follow your left, find the right way Stereotypes Too many hypes I'm the epitome of new types Having the fear is power to my soul Cuz I overcome them That's how I roll Expose your thoughts Don't be afraid of making mistakes Rules prevailing in That may be your greatest rival Believe in faith and your heart Your true soul Stop being in the shades Come on out in the open sun Beauty of the child of destiny Delightful days are rich with density of love Thorny path, there's no easy way for real bliss So I keep on fighting for beauty of destiny Adachi was telling me that you were out by Tatsumi Textiles.
What were you doing? A friend took me there.
You aren't getting into any funny business, are you? Are you fighting? No, we're just talking.
Really? This is really good! Tada! It's our new early summer release! Senpai, didn't you accept me? Not at night.
Done already? Narukami-kun! We've lost something important again