Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e17 Episode Script

I Want to Know the Truth

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
Today, I believe, I shall tell you a tale regarding a Persona! It's the Persona: Jack Frost.
You see, he lived by himself for thousands of years.
One day, he want to Heaven and asked the gods a favour.
He asked for a friend.
The gods gave him a friend for a single day.
Jack Frost frolicked through the fields with his friend.
But when the time came, his friend vanished Jack Frost lamented that he never should have made that wish.
If only he knew how lonesome it would make him feel.
So Jack Flo- Jack Fu- It's not what you think.
Hide and seek, it wants to play again.
Like a detective, I won't let it get away.
Its constantly costuming with loads of fake.
I will strip-search if I have to.
No I’m not afraid to know it no, no, no.
I am so determined.
To chase after what's hidden, and seize this day, this moment.
Wanna know! And I keep accelerate.
Wanna go! Ignition, turned on.
Its both the time to drive to truth.
Wanna seize! Stranger than any movies.
Wanna seize! Ignorance is not bliss.
They say that truth will out! Can't keep on hiding.
There's no turning back now! I'm gonna go on, I'm gonna go get what I want! Come on Let me alter your bodies already! Here it comes! I don't want wrinkles! I'd rather die! Oh, no, no! Hey, Yu You've been so good to me, Yu.
Don't lose heart! I feel as if we've been friends for decades.
That's just your imagination.
It feels like just yesterday we entered the TV looking for Naoto.
That was today, not yesterday! No! Uh-oh! Oh, no, no, no, no W-What the heck?! He's getting shaggy! I-Is that a mushroom?! Ew, he smells like mold! He's changing colours! No way! Those sows are terrible Sorry for the wait.
Now then, let's begin the operation.
Don't forget about me! Kanji-kun! Izanagi! I see there's another annoying fly! Narukami-kun! Yu-senpai! Fairly Strong Naoto-kun's Shadow She's going for a repeat attack! She's going to repeat that attack.
Senpai, change Persona! Arahabaki! Naoto-kun's Shadow Fairly Strong Next up is a fire attack! She's going to attack with fire! Abaddon! She's so fast! Senpai, a lightning attack's coming up next! Mot! Senpai, your attacks won't hit home with her zooming around.
You need to slow her down first! Oh no! It didn't work! Damn it! You're so annoying! Narukami-kun! No! Yu-senpai, you're cool even when you're old! Yu, you still up and kickin'? I'm just getting started.
Mashter, I shink I'm forgetting shomething.
Try to remember.
Finished already? Stop it Stop hurting these kids! They have to sit still.
Otherwise, I can't fill their bodies with holes.
I've been bad at making friends since I was little.
Even after my parents died in an accident and my grandfather took me in I never made any friends.
Grandfather would secretly let me help with his client's cases.
Before I knew it, I was the boy detective! Now that it's come to this, I should fuse How do I fuse them again? Shenshei! I wish we didn't have to get old! At first everyone was interested in me.
But then people started frowning down on me because of my age and gender.
With time, I can become an adult! But But I can't do anything about being a girl! That'll never change, even after I grow up! That's why I am going to give you a new life as my present to you.
Cut the crap, dammit! I suck at making friends, too! So friggin' what?! I hate crude simpletons! Oh, youth If only I could be young again.
Oh, I just remembered! I can become young again! You should have remembered that important tidbit sooner! It's rude to make your elders wait.
We're counting on you.
Let'sh get our youth back! Now I face out I hold out Use Energy Shower! I reach out to the truth of my life Re-energize! Seeking to seize on the whole moment, yeah This is awesome! I feel full of life! Beelzebub! Yeah flooded apple pie Left until somebody cries Goddamn always talking shizzle behind man get left behind Come on and quit that shizzle tell me what you really want What is that? Louder ladies I can feel nothing in the tone of your voice A fly?! No way! It's huge! Closer it gets y'all know how everything reflects Your soul and spirits lost pretends gets rejects you are one who actually you detest I guess they're good reasons why you can't see next Now I face out, I make head I bleach out cock and bull of this globe You're one huge fly! Thinking to seeking on the whole moment now it's on! Fairly Strong Naoto-kuns Sadow What you did slowed her down big time! She's definitely hurting.
Her speed has dropped! Oh god it's enough? Are you satisfied? It's already disgusting to dance with your palms Beelzebub Beelzebub Beelzebub It has massive energy! Save me now last beat in the soul Danger!! Activating Megidolaon Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! Danger!! That's super powerful! Everyone, run for it! Kuma, get running! Now you know the full story, huh? Do you hate being a girl? Is that why you dress like a boy? It doesn't match my image of a cool detective.
If they got any more excuses to slight me, no one would need me anymore.
That's all in your head! You know the truth, don't you? You don't really want to become an adult or turn into a man.
Try facing yourself.
I feigned ignorance and locked away the child in me.
You have always been inside me.
I am you and you are me.
It's my dream to become a cool, hardboiled detective someday.
What I should wish for No, what I wish for isn't to become an adult man.
It's to accept you as you are.
You're all so slick, keeping this a secret for so long.
No wonder the police couldn't do anything Hey! Are you okay? I can't believe you put your life on the line.
I believed that you would come for me.
Damn, you're stupid! You're not a genius at all! You're such a handful! But now we know that the case isn't over yet.
Yeah, you've proven that to us.
I'm back.
Welcome home, Onii-chan! Welcome back! Good evening.
So, like, they found Shirogane! You know, that detective prince.
We attend the same school.
He went missing for days! But apparently they just found him.
He put everyone in a frenzy For real! R-Really? You don't seem very surprised.
You didn't already know that he'd been found, did you? No.
Geez, give it a rest, Doujima-san! I swear, that habit of yours goes bone-deep! Rumours fly out here in the boonies.
But why you think think he went missing? Think he was depressed about getting taken off the case and ran away? He was taken off the case? Yeah.
I was so shocked when I heard he went missing! I was afraid he'd be the fourth victim to get kidnapped and murdered.
Adachi! We haven't found any concrete evidence with that boy.
Can we even prosecute him I bet Doujima-san's hunch is right and the true killer is out- Don't make me say it again! Shut the hell up! S-Sorry! At any rate, don't worry about the case and study like a normal student or else Huh? I'm going to bed.
Sorry, I killed the mood.
It's fine.
But seriously, Doujima-san's absolutely right.
I'd like you to leave the case to the cops.
It'd suck if you got caught up in it, you know? Is there going to be more scary stuff? Oh, sorry, my bad! It'll be okay.
Nothing scary is gonna happen anymore.
Just leave it to me! Believe it or not, I'm the biggest brainiac in the station.
Oh, that was a kinda tough word.
Did you get what I meant? Yeah Well, goo'neight! What does "brainiac" mean? That he's smart.
Hmm Then we'll be okay, right? Yeah Understanding Motherly Expression Touching Courage Daring Knowledge Expert Diligence Strong Courage Daring Knowledge Expert Diligence Strong Expression Touching Understanding Motherly Man, midterms start up next week! Don't bring that up! You'll make me feel blue.
Naoto-kun! Good morning.
Have you fully recovered? I have! Thank you for the other day.
Don't mention it.
But what's with that uniform? After some thought, I decided to stick with what I've been wearing.
Oh, it's the detective prince! That's no prince! He's a she! Huh? N-No way! I'm kinda shocked, but also a little disappointed.
If that's a girl Goodness, rumour certainly flies fast.
Just ignore them.
You heard him! Actually, I was hoping I could discuss the case with you.
Yeah, we've left things hanging since all that happened.
Someone lurking within this town is behind all of these kidnapping and murders.
Let's go into this later.
This is awesome! My old lady couldn't make this if she tried! The vichyssoise you made just recently was amazing, too.
Senpai, you're a genius! Um, are you listening to me? I want more! But I don't want to finish it all.
I'm sorry.
Hey, listen to what Naoto has to say! So you were at home when you got kidnapped, right? It started when my doorbell rang.
But no one was there when I answered the door.
Just as I was growing wary, arms swept around me from behind and my mouth was covered with something.
Immediately after that, I was stuffed in a bag and carried on someone's shoulders.
I'm amazed you remember all that! I was psychologically prepared for it.
You were too calm! It was probably a man going by his physique and methodology.
He never talked to anyone or made any verbal signals, so I believe he's working on his own.
I see After that, my body rammed into something.
That was probably when he threw me into the TV, but But what? Something up? It all happened far too quickly.
About how long did this take? Once he caught me, it was over in a few minutes! So he threw you in the TV right after catching you? It is safe to say that the culprit that attacked me is the same as the one who attacked you.
Then what about that Kubo guy who killed Morooka-sensei? He was probably a copycat.
But the question as to where he learned about the world within the TV still remains.
That's it! That's what has been bugging me.
What do you mean? Kubo could enter the TV, right? So why didn't he copy that guy and kill Morokin the same way? I bet the real killer has a better grasp on that world than him.
He never considered using his ability to enter and leave that world as a means of murder.
That'd make sense But Kubo's criminal act did verify one thing.
What's that? The killer isn't retrieving the bodies and hanging them upside-down.
That is simply what happens to the corpse when someone is killed over there.
So he isn't trying to make some crazy message, eh? If I could question Kubo in person, I'd obtain more detailed information.
But man, if you were so calm, couldn't you have, uh I don't mean you needed to catch him, but you know? T-To tell you the truth, I was really Really what? Scared.
Scared? I'm sorry! Of couse she was scared! She is a girl! Oh, r-right.
Listening to you talk, that totally slipped my mind! You're one crazy lady.
What?! W-What makes you say that?! A lady! A-Anyway, this case is no longer just a job or someone else's problem.
I want to know the truth.
Please let me help you! Of course.
It would be reassuring if a famous detective teamed up with us.
Thank you.
Tickled pink, eh, Kanji? What?! Don't ask me! I'm counting on you.
Huh? Uh, okay Here are your glasses, Naoto! T-Thanks! Kuma-kun, I know what it's like to search for the true you.
I'll try to help you.
Wow, you're a sweetie pie! May I flirt with you? I won't cooperate with you on that one.
Actually, I have a suggestion regarding Kuma-kun.
Could you spend tomorrow after school with me? You want a doctor to take a look at Kuma? Right! I thought having a doctor take a look at him might be a good first step.
So why us? There's that fog on the other side not to mention our powers.
We should make sure that it isn't negatively affecting our bodies.
Everyone's results appear to be normal.
Well, Kuma? Did you discover anything? We certainly did.
We learned that we don't know anything.
I had them take an X-ray, but What gives? It's so fuzzy! I even had them retake it several times.
Was it wise to take that without getting permission first? Naturally, I intend to return it discreetly.
Tada! Sorry to keep you waiting.
I-Isn't that- It's the results to your physical exams! It'd be too embearassing if I'm the only one who gets fully exposed.
It's time for some thrilling announcements! Kuma, if you wanna announce something, start with the girls' three sizes! Say what?! Are you a total moron?! Let's see What is it? Naoto-kun, is this accurate? Eh? They didn't measure you incorrectly, did they? Say what?! Which way should I interpret that? Cool down, you pervert! A-At any rate, the doctors were unable to find any physical problems! As such, we will no longer be needing this! Wait! Let me take a peek! Give it back! N-No! You can't look! Don't you want to find out? Hey, Hanamura! No peeking! A-About what? Wait, were those sizes legit?! Naoto's bust size.
W-What the hell?! I couldn't care less! I see.
But she's really amazing.
Amazing? You mean Naoto? Women fight to be their own selves, even if their secrets get exposed.
True enough.
Watching Naoto has taught me something.
It's easy to act like a badass.
But when we went to save Naoto and I saw her accept herself and strive to be true to herself, I thought she was friggin' cool! So I've decided to be myself and help others understand me! Keep it down in the hospital.
If you're wondering why I shared this with you it's because you saved my life and you're my best friend! Let's continue being friends.
Yasogami High School What's up? Good morning.
This was in my shoe locker.
The sender was a girl.
She even put down her grade and class number.
Going by the heart seal on the envelope, I doubt this is a commission.
So it's a love letter? In other words.
In other words, there's no need to read it.
I am only interested in commissions for more cases.
I see.
In that case, there is something I would like your help with after school.
I would be happy to accept the job.
Thanks again! Here's our rainy day special.
No one has been able to discern everything that goes in this special nikudon.
This will be a tough case.
You always manage to throw me off, somehow.
When it comes to you, everything is a big deal, whether it be the case or nikudon.
Life is a series of big events.
Beneath the meat is meat.
And more meat and meat Is this based on some sort of set law? I'm counting on you, detective prince.
Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people Stop helping people A hit-and-run near Samegawa, huh? He just can't get over it.
I told you to stay out of this! So you're running away from her again? Do you think I'd go to Heaven if I die? Please protect her!