Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e16 Episode Script

Although the Case Was Closed

Welcome to the Velvet Room.
Dear guest, I sense a lack of caution in your demeanour.
The fog is preparing to grow dense once more.
Your ordeals are not yet over.
No In fact, they may grow more unforgiving than ever before.
But you still have a great deal of time left.
You should proceed at your own pace.
This is becoming most fascinating Hide and seek, it wants to play again.
Like a detective, I won't let it get away.
Its constantly costuming with loads of fake.
I will strip-search if I have to.
No I’m not afraid to know it no, no, no.
I am so determined.
To chase after what's hidden, and seize this day, this moment.
Wanna know! And I keep accelerate.
Wanna go! Ignition, turned on.
Its both the time to drive to truth.
Wanna seize! Stranger than any movies.
Wanna seize! Ignorance is not bliss.
They say that truth will out! Can't keep on hiding.
There's no turning back now! I'm gonna go on, I'm gonna go get what I want! News EYE! Today's special program features the high school student and private detective, who assisted with the case of serial murders in Inaba where the bodies were found upside down.
His innocent mask is enough to draw attention.
Here's Shirogane Naoto-san! Thank you for having me.
So then, is it true that this mystery-laden case is finally closed? Not yet.
When viewing the case as a whole, I just didn't reach the same conclusion as the police.
W-What do you mean? I cannot make a concrete statement yet, but something feels off.
Uh, well, um Shirogane-san? Huh? I met him at the festival.
There were three victims in this case.
I believe we should pursue even the slightest inconsistencies.
I was kinda surprised.
By what? Naoto-kun! The distinguished detective prince? Oh, you mean that program last night? Yeah I didn't think he was the type who would want to go on TV.
Indeed, I prefer not to go on TV.
Naoto-kun! Do you have a Moment? SOUZAI DAIGAKU Just like Mama's Cooking Thanks! Come again.
I was hoping to share my current thoughts on the case with you.
Hey, now! The case is closed already.
Didn't you say something felt wrong? Right.
First, there are the similarities between the victims.
They were always kidnapped before they were murdered.
They were locals who'd suddenly obtained fame through a certain degree of media attention.
In any case, I believe the victims' personal traits were of minimal importance.
There are several of you who fit this profile, aren't there? How do you figure that? There was a lengthy gap between the second and third murders.
But there wasn't a gap between the number of disappearances that fit these criteria.
Amagi Yukiko-san, Tatsumi Kanji-san and Kujikawa Rise-san.
All three of you went missing after you were featured on TV.
But somehow you managed to survive.
Or perhaps you disguised yourselves as victims to avert police suspicion.
What are you getting at? Some of you were in contact with the victims, so perhaps one of you was Whoa, hold it! You- Yousuke! Hey, look! Isn't that the detective prince? Let's discuss this elsewhere! So you think that one of us was the killer? I considered that to be possible, but now I believe the exact opposite! The opposite? You weren't the killers, but rather, you were somehow able to go after the culprit.
You obtained a new ally each time you rescued someone.
If I look at it from that angle, all of the dots connect.
But if that's the case, then something isn't right with Morooka-san's murder.
He didn't get media attention nor did he go missing.
Above all else, there was an inconsistency with his corpse.
How so? He was hung upside-down just like Yamano and Konishi-senpai! True, he was found in a similar position.
We were unable to identify the cause of death for the prior two cases, but we discerned that Morooka-san died from a strong blow to the head.
The police are unable to satisfactorily resolve this issue, but they are desperate to close the case.
So? As a result, actions must be taken to obtain conclusive evidence! How will this pan out? H-Hey, where are you going? During our school trip, you mentioned something rather intriguing.
"We went into the TV to rescue people after they were kidnapped.
" Oh, well I don't think of this as a game! Wasn't that Naoto-kun on the Midnight Channel last night? It definitely resembled him.
I asked Kuma and he said there's no one on the other side.
But didn't we already catch the killer? If the case is closed, why did he show up on The Midnight Channel? Ultimately, what the heck is The Midnight Channel? Good evening, everyone.
I am the detective prince, Shirogane Naito.
Welcome to the experiment of the century: The Genome Project I shall hereby undergo a body-altering operation.
A what? I will use a glorious, yet forbidden secret method! Everyone will get to see as I embark on my new journey.
Watch as I am born anew! It will be the day I start walking down a completely different path in life.
I would like to share this commemorative day with all of you.
Be sure to tune in.
Hel- Senpai! I-I just saw N-Naoto crystal-clear! Calm- What's going on?! Didn't we catch the killer?! This proves that Naoto's gut feeling was right.
What good's that if he gets himself kidnapped?! Damn, he pisses me off! Want me to gather the group? Please.
Got it! There's definitely someone in here.
And this world is growing larger.
Way to go, Rise-chan! My snout's burnt out.
Want me to rub your shoulders? Don't distract her! What's going on? Does this mean the case isn't over? So it's still going on like before.
It's the same.
I see! That's why Naoto-kun suddenly decided to go on TV.
I bet you're right.
Only locals who were aired on TV have been kidnapped.
He made himself bait? He wouldn't He could get killed! That moron! The least he could've done was warn us! He said this wasn't a game.
What should I do? It's my fault.
Because of what I said Rise It's no use.
I can tell he's here, but I can't find him.
It's too dangerous to wander around blindly.
We'd become lost lil' cubs! Damn it! It can't be helped.
Let's leave for now.
So, if the case isn't over, what was his purpose? You mean Kubo? Didn't he kill Morokin? Remember what Naoto-kun said? It's weird how they could only identify Morooka-sensei's cause of death.
Right! And he's the only one who never entered the TV.
The killer didn't change his methods with Morokin.
It was a different killer to begin with.
So the person who kidnapped Naoto-kun is the real culprit? But Kubo confessed that he killed the others, remember? So he took the rap for someone else? Isn't that weird? And there's something else bugging me.
It's uh Who cares about someone behind bars? If we don't hurry, that idiot's going to die! Sorry, but I need more information so I can get a better picture of him.
More info, huh? Damn it! We don't know shit about him! Let's split up and gather information on Naoto.
I don't know if this is related to Naoto or not, but doesn't the town seem rather weird lately? Weird? Everyone seems strangely happy They're always talking about others.
There's really nothing new about that.
Isn't it their way of showing that they're relieved that that icky case was closed? But still, it doesn't feel right It's like they're afraid of something.
Diligence Strong Understanding Motherly Expression Touching Knowledge Expert Courage Daring Courage Daring Expression Touching Understanding Motherly Diligence Strong Knowledge Expert The detective prince? Doesn't he have like, seven secretaries? It's so cool that he gets a different one for every day! Isn't it? In that case, would you care to make me your secretary for each day of the week? Shut up! T-Thanks He was awful! Talk about gross.
She's remarrying again! Okay, got it.
Satonaka hasn't had any luck, either.
Shit! This town's friggin' puny, so why can't we find any useful info?! He stands out like a sore thumb! Hello.
I'm busy right- What?! What is it? My old lady is at the hospital! Inaba Municipal Hospital What?! You brought someone here, not the other way 'round?! Don't shout in a hospital.
B-But I saw the poor boy get hit by a bicycle right in front of me! Since he hit his head, I wanted him to see a doctor.
But they said he's fine.
Isn't that wonderful? Cut the crap! You're shouting again.
Damn it! I'm fine! I won't go down without a fight.
It's not like you to worry.
Shut up, ya old hag! Oh, yes.
Those stuffed animals you made to aid store profits are quite popular.
Thank you.
They're knitted animals, not stuffed animals.
I swear, everyone's driving me nuts.
Sorry 'bout that.
I'm glad it wasn't anything serious.
Let's make up for lost time after we eat.
Dammit! Pullin' stunts and never considering how others might feel! Do you mean your mother or Naoto? Huh? Well, both.
Here's your nikudon.
Oh, right.
Since you go around town makin' deliveries, have you heard anything about Naoto? The detective prince got in a fight! A fight?! With whom? He was arguing with an officer? Why? Supposedly, he frequently criticised how they were handling the case.
At any rate, Naoto's obsession with the case seems abnormal.
I wonder why he's so fixated on it.
The way the police treated him like a kid might have something to do with it.
Aika-chan knew all that? No, she only told us that he was fighting with an officer.
You know That lame cop! Oh, Adachi-san! I see So he's super stubborn.
And he's surprisingly emotional.
I'm getting a picture of him.
What is this place? Doesn't it look like a secret base from an action show? I've heard filming those is tough.
It's all dusty and hot as hell with the bright lights.
What's wrong? Kuma, aren't the buildings and events in this world made from people's repressed emotions? Do you remember what Naoto said on the Midnight Channel? It will be the day I start walking down a completely different path in life.
I thought Naoto was rejecting his life as a boy detective.
So what of it? This secret lab It looks like one of those old sets where boy detectives or heroes solve cases.
You have a point.
But if this came from Naoto's mind, he's got kind of a cute side to him.
I dunno 'bout any of that, but I do know one thing! What's that? He's running away from something, too.
Warning! Intruders! Wow! Looks like you're right.
Naoto! Oh, I was getting tired of waiting.
I've just about had it with this child.
No, no no! Don't go! That's Naoto's Shadow? It looks like a little kid! Senpai, look up! They're below us too! Here they come! Speaking with you is meaningless.
I'm going home.
Why? Why do I always get left behind? Why am I always left all alone? I'm lonely So lonely! We share the same face It's as if you are trying to say that you are me.
But as long as you act like a child, we are nothing alike.
Who are you trying to fool? You know the truth, don't you? I am you! UP! BURNING Persona! I'm not "acting" like a child.
This is the true you.
Naoto-kun, don't argue with him! No! He has to face this! Haven't we all had to go through this? Remember what everyone says? "You're just a kid!" "Just a measly kid!" People only want your brains.
Once they're done with you, they send you back home.
There's nothing you can do about the world's dual expectations.
You're a lonely child.
I want to become a man right now.
I want people to see me for who I am! I want a reason to exist! Stop it.
I can determine my own reason for existence! You can't! How will you change the fact that you are just a child? Stop it Don't you admire those cool, strong men in detective novels? If you flip it around, it's proof that you consider yourself a child deep down.
You're lying! Shirogane Naoto Isn't it a cool, masculine name? But Don't! You can't change the truth.
Stop it! You can't overcome the gender barrier.
You aren't even a guy! You could never become a strong man someday! Eh?! Eh?! Whoa, I can't believe my ears! You aren't a dude? I dont intend to whine about it.
That wouldn't resolve anything.
People have told you that many times, haven't they? "Whining won't resolve anything, Naoto-kun.
" Didn't that make you cry? And here you are, saying that same thing.
What are you trying to protect? You don't have to push so hard anymore.
I know exactly how you feel.
After all, I am you.
No! Don't do it! No, let her get it out.
Kanji! Otherwise, she'll continue to suffer! You You aren't me! We I am a Shadow, your true self.
We just gotta do our thing and kick some serious ass! How dare you act so almighty! I loathe violent guys who let their emotions get the better of them! Come on! It's body-altering time! No! Stop it! Let's do it! Yeah! What? More people who are sick with their lives? I'll just have to give you a special operation! Yousuke! Did she modify my body? No, this isn't a modification.
She didn't modify you, but she aged you! She what?! You serious?! Oh, Yo-Yo-Yousuke! T-Those wrinkles! His teeth! Liver spots! Now for the operation! No! No! Kimi to arui ta tsuugaku ro I walked on the road to school with you, 君と歩いた 通学路 looking at the scenery spread out before us.
開いた景色 見つめて hirai ta keshiki mitsume te At the campus in spring, at the floodplain, 春の校庭 河川敷 haru no koutei kasenshiki natsu matsuri minna de waratte 夏祭りみんなで笑って at the summer festival, I spent my days laughing and bumping shoulders with everyone.
肩寄せ 過ごしてた日々 kata yose sugoshite ta hibi I spent my time watching these casual, ordinary days, kono nanigenai nichijou nagame te この何気ない日常眺めて 過去から今まで過ごしてきたよ from the past to the present, kako kara ima made sugoshi te ki ta yo from today to tomorrow and from tomorrow to the future.
kyou kara asu ashita kara mirai e 今日から明日明日から未来へ minna to kizui ta kizuna hime te arukidasu みんなと築いた絆 秘めて歩き出す Keeping the bonds I built with everyone hidden in me, I'll start walking.
Let me alter your bodies already! Narukami-kun! You've been so good to me She's one crazy lady.
Don't forget about me! No one needs me anymore Everyone, run for it! I feel full of life!