Persona 4: The Animation (2011) s01e21 Episode Script

Don't Save Anyone Anymore

My, your journey has proven to be quite a long one.
Will you be able to solve the riddle without any incidents? You do not have much time left.
Will you be able to discover the truth? You could call these the final moments of truth.
Hide and seek, it wants to play again.
Like a detective, I won't let it get away.
Its constantly costuming with loads of fake.
I will strip-search if I have to.
No I’m not afraid to know it no, no, no.
I am so determined.
To chase after what's hidden, and seize this day, this moment.
Wanna know! And I keep accelerate.
Wanna go! Ignition, turned on.
Its both the time to drive to truth.
Wanna seize! Stranger than any movies.
Wanna seize! Ignorance is not bliss.
They say that truth will out! Can't keep on hiding.
There's no turning back now! I'm gonna go on, I'm gonna go get what I want! I'll take you! I'll take all of you.
I looked into it to the best of my capabilities, but I couldn't find anything that indicated the sender's identity.
I see Thank you.
Since he personally left it in your mailbox, it is highly likely that the culprit is closer to us than we had thought.
We should probably check that area out.
Wow, you're on the ball, Master Detective! Naoto, you really glow when you think about the case.
Huh? Y-You think so? Who cares?! That doesn't matter right this second! A dangerous criminal found out where Senpai lives.
Who knows what'll happen if we don't act?! You're right.
This is disconcerting.
Disconcerting You're right.
You're absolutely right.
Be careful, Yu.
Give us a call if anything happens.
Yeah, I know.
I may be looking at this differently than everyone else.
What do you mean? What Tatsumi-kun said earlier explains it perfectly.
Considering the situation, I should be concerned about your safety first and foremost.
But I I probably have no right to be your friend Not when I hold solving the case as top priority.
That's not true Well, I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, Onii-chan! Welcome home.
Now for the next piece of news.
Some of the citizens in Inaba have voiced rising concerns that the frequent fog may cause health issues.
Have you lost your appetite? In response, Mr.
Kozai served as representative of the Environmental Concern Society Not at all.
I'm fine.
as he visited a local elementary school, where he conducted an on-the-scene investigation.
Investigation Held to Identify the "Mysterious Fog" in Inaba Oh, he came to my school! Is that right? I spoke with a student today who was not swayed by rumours and spoke her own mind.
What are the facts? An Interview with Mr.
Kozai of the Environmental Concern Society Honeslty, we adults could learn from her.
My head hurts.
You're hot! It's because it was cold today.
I hate the cold.
It will be Spring soon enough! Then it will warm right up.
But aren't you leaving in the Spring? That's right I'm going to make snowmen with you when it snows! Yeah! Let's make a big one.
Promise? Promise! Okay! Let's play a lot! Yeah, let's play a whole lot! Who is that? It's impossible to tell who it was based off that Let's be sure to watch the Midnight Channel tonight.
Yeah, seriously! Something up? Actually, Onii-chan- Are you okay? It looks like your fever's gone.
But it's still cold outside, so you should go to be early tonight.
But I want to watch TV! I feel fine.
You need to hurry and get better.
Oh, yeah! I see! You had a kotatsu.
Dad said we could use it if we got cold.
I wonder if it's broken.
Sure looks like it.
Let's go buy a new one later.
Really? Then let's go to Junes! Okay.
We'll have Yousuke cut us a deal.
Yay, Junes! Oh, Dad's back! Welcome ho- This was in the mailbox.
It's for you.
Oh, thanks.
Narukami Yu Narukami Yu If you don't stop, the next to go in and die will be someone dear to you I'd like to hear what this is all about.
I see.
So you don't want to discuss this here, huh? We're heading out.
Dad! Onii-chan It's okay.
We're just going out to talk.
We'll be back soon.
Okay, I'll be waiting Yu, I think of you as a member of the family.
That's precisely why I should have done this sooner.
Oji-san You're going to tell me everything.
Everything, from what you're involved in to how you got involved! I also think of you as family.
So I'll tell you the truth about everything.
We are involved with that case.
We rescue the people who get kidnapped by going inside the TV.
Inside the TV? There are enemies called "Shadows", which we fight using Persona- I can't become your real father, but I thought I had earned some trust.
What a pity.
Oji-san, please believe me! Send this to the lab.
Uh, okay.
Oji-san! Stay here for the night.
Well, look, Doujima-san's just worried about you.
That's all! That was probably just tough love.
Well, I'll be just outside this room.
Call if you need anything, okay? Jeez, why am I stuck here helping you? We gotta clear up my tab, so we're stuck working.
I really shouldn't have gotten this for you.
Gotten what? Here, this is it.
Keep it.
It's for you.
I would be worried if you didn't have one.
Thank you, Yousuke! You use it by- forget it.
Just watch and learn.
I guess I'll give Yu a call.
I'll try his home phone.
Hello? Oh, Nanako-chan? Is Yu around? Nana-chan?! If it's Nana, give the phone to me! He's not home He got a weird letter.
Dad got mad when he saw it and took him to see the police.
The police? Gimme the phone! Gimme the phone! Someone's at the door.
Nana-chan, it's your beary good friend Kuma! Later.
Okay, sorry to bug you.
Lemme talk! See you later.
Gah, you hung up! A letter? It couldn't be Nanako?! Diligence Persuasive Expression Enthralling Understanding Saintly Knowledge Professor Courage Heroic Courage Heroic Understanding Saintly Expression Enthralling Diligence Persuasive Knowledge Professor Why is he after Nanako-chan?! She hasn't been on TV! No, she was on TV.
Nanako-chan wasn't shown on TV, but she was mentioned on air.
Huh? What do you mean? Do you recall when the news mentioned how a politician visited a school? He spoke highly of one of the students he had spoken with.
Oh, yeah.
I remember watching that The student became well-known despite remaining anonymous.
That child was Nanako-chan! No way! A newspaper took interest in this, and released her photo and an interview using her real name in today's evening paper.
This is a small rural town.
I imagine people caught word of who it was well before this.
Damn it! I should have realised sooner! I was so confident that only those shown on TV would turn up on that station.
W-What would we do? Isn't Nanako-chan home alone right now? I'm on my way to confirm that she is okay.
Please let me out, Oji-san! Aren't you there?! Adachi-san, open the door! Damn it! Nanako Nanako is in danger! H-Hey! You can't! You're such a pain! You can't open that door! We have to talk to Yu! Hey, wait! Don't open that door! Yu! Yousuke?! What are you doing here?! Nanako-chan Nanako-chan has gone missing! What are you talking about? It's Shirogane.
Shirogane? Hey, what's going on here?! I just stopped by your house.
The door was wide open and no one was home.
I believe that the serial killer has kidnapped Nanako-chan.
Doujima-san, you knew this deep down! The case is still on! We are currently unavailable.
If you like, you may leave a mess- Damn it! Why?! Why Nanako?! Oji-san W-Wait! Where do you think you're going? To find her, of course! That's impossible! Do you even know where she is? I'll make a checkpoint by the highway.
T-That won't help! Shut up! I'm going! No! Wait! Let go of me! You know I can't let you go! Yu-kun, don't be unreasonable! Be quiet! Open the door! Nana-chan's in a beary dangerous situation! We need to go and save her! Nana-chan's in danger! You going to take responsibility if something happens to Nanako?! I'm going to call back-up! Narukami-senpai! Their numbers keep growing! Narukami-senpai! Naoto? Senpai, did they lock you in there? Adachi-san, please release Senpai and the others! No, you know I can't do that Move aside, Naoto-kun! I-I know how you feel, but I can't let them go when I don't know what's going on! So you'll let them go if we explain the situation? Huh? I can't promise that Naoto, we don't have time for that! Please calm down.
Let's review the situation since we're all here.
That should also clue Adachi-san in on everything.
But! Narukami-senpai, we must keep our cool at times like this.
First off, it is safe to assume the kidnapper is the same man as before.
The front door to Nanako-chan's house was left unlocked.
There was no indication that anyone had picked the lock.
So Nanako-chan opened the door? In other words, the culprit boldly entered through the front door.
Just like he did with us.
Uh, the same as with you? But the situation was different with Tatsumi-kun and Amagi-senpai.
When we were in the hot springs together, Nanako-chan said, "When I'm home alone, I don't open the door to any strangers.
I hold down the fort!" Then Nanako knows the culprit Huh? Why? How'd you figure that out? It feels like we're closing in on who it is.
But we need more information.
Then let's take a different angle.
His swiftness is what stood out to me when he caught me.
You said he threw you in right after he caught you.
I believe the crime was conducted right in front of the house.
Meaning he had a TV out front.
The culprit is taking a TV with him? Precisely.
In other words, it is highly likely that he drives to the scene of the crime.
And it would take a car large enough to hold a fairly big TV.
A large car However, no one ever reported any suspicious vehicles.
This is strange considering the fact that he generally acted in broad daylight.
Someone she knows who drives a car But you can't see the car No, it's one you wouldn't notice even if you saw it A delivery truck.
Now I remember! A delivery truck came when I got thrown in! No one would think a delivery truck looks suspicious.
If it was a local company, you'd always get the same delivery man.
So that explains it! Adachi-san, does this ring any bells? Eh?! I really couldn't say Your guess might be dead on! Doujima-san said he was going to redo the investigation, and one of the suspects for the Yamano murder was a delivery man.
I think he was a city council secretary before becoming a delivery man.
A secretary? That's Namatame Taro.
The guy who had the affair with Miss Yamano? Adachi-san! W-What? I have to rush to the scene of the crime since we made headway in the case.
Whatever happens while I'm away is none of my concern! Thank you.
Wait for me, Nanako! Doujima-san, where are you?! On a road by the highway! If this isn't urgent- The perpetrator! I know who the culprit is! It's just as you suspected! The delivery man's our guy! It's Namatame! Namatame Taro! Let's leave Namatame's car to Doujima-san and Adachi-san for now.
Take us to Junes! Nanako He's headed for the highway via the Inaba Shopping District's main street! I'm not letting you get away! Doujima-san! Stop the car! Doujima-san, hang in there! Oji-san! W-Where's Nanako Please send an ambulance over.
What the hell's going on? Where's Nanako? And Namatame? Please find them.
You got it! You can't! We have to preserve the crime scene! Then leave that to me.
Hanamura-senpai, pay him! Gah! I swear, I'm not your sugar daddy! The door's open.
He's gone! I found this.
Look! There really is a TV inside! Narukami-kun?! Wait, Sensei! I have to go rescue Nanako! You'd be in danger if it took you somewhere creepy! Even so! Senpai, if we fail her now, who will save Nanako-chan? This dairy They're doing their own thing again It probably belonged to Namatame.
"I discovered a whole new world.
As such, I must save others.
" Save us? What's he talking about? This is Tatsumi Textiles, Inaba Konishi Liquors, Inaba Marukyu Tofu, Inaba Kujikawa Rise Central Shopping district Amagi Yukiko Tatsumi Kanji central shopping district Staying at the Amagi inn Konishi Saki Central Shopping District Lives at the Amagi Inn Yamano Mayumi a list of where the victims live! Yamano Mayumi, Konishi Saki, Amagi Yukiko, Tatsumi Kanji and Kujikawa Rise! It lists all the victims, including his failed attempts from the third case on down.
And he doesn't have Morooka-sensei's address listed.
Amazing! That proves it's him! The last page says, "I can't believe this small child appeared on the TV.
" "At the very least, I must rescue this child.
" Did he mean Nanako-chan?! Congratulations on getting the highest test grade! Onii-chan, ~Nanako Yu! It's your uncle.
Oji-san! Y-Yu Nanako Nanako is what makes life worth living.
You can save her, can't you? Please Please save Nanako! I swear, I will save her! Kimi to arui ta tsuugaku ro I walked on the road to school with you, 君と歩いた 通学路 looking at the scenery spread out before us.
hirai ta keshiki mitsume te 開いた景色 見つめて 春の校庭 河川敷 haru no koutei kasenshiki At the campus in spring, at the floodplain, 夏祭りみんなで笑って at the summer festival, I spent my days natsu matsuri minna de waratte 肩寄せ 過ごしてた日々 laughing and bumping shoulders with everyone.
kata yose sugoshite ta hibi I spent my time watching these casual, ordinary days, この何気ない日常眺めて kono nanigenai nichijou nagame te kako kara ima made sugoshi te ki ta yo from the past to the present, 過去から今まで過ごしてきたよ from today to tomorrow and from tomorrow to the future.
kyou kara asu ashita kara mirai e 今日から明日明日から未来へ minna to kizui ta kizuna hime te arukidasu Keeping the bonds I built with everyone hidden in me, I'll start walking.
みんなと築いた絆 秘めて歩き出す You'll be okay now.
Now I shall You're just killing people! We just have to believe in them.
Senpai, run! I'm a hero of justice! Onii-chan Stop it.
Stop it!